19 Gifts for Crafty Moms

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19 Gifts for Crafty Moms

As a soon-to-be mother myself, I thoroughly enjoyed curating this collection of gift ideas for artistic mothers. I must confess, I am completely smitten with every single item on this list (naturally, I am the brains behind it!). However, there are a few gems that hold a special place in my heart, such as the personalized “made with love” stamp, the adorable pincushions, and the embroidery kit. Crafting can be quite pricey, especially if one wishes to explore different creative avenues. Take embroidery, for instance. Although I already possess a sewing machine, rotary knife, and most of the sewing essentials, I haven’t delved into the world of embroidery yet. The reason being, I would have to start gathering materials from scratch, and that can certainly put a strain on the budget.

With that being said, when selecting a present for the artistic mother in your life, aim to enhance something she uses in her current crafting realm or consider introducing her to a new form of crafting. Are you aware that your mom would thoroughly enjoy creating her own candles, yet she hasn’t ventured into it yet? Gift her a starter kit and you might just ignite a newfound passion within her. The convenient starter kits, such as the Circuit bundle, candle-making kit, and other assortments mentioned in this compilation, offer an effortless way to kickstart mom’s journey into a fresh craft.

19 Gift Ideas for Crafty Moms

Discover an extensive compilation of extraordinary gifts for crafty moms that will surely delight your mother this year. Crafting endeavors can often be financially demanding, thus we have curated a diverse array of options to accommodate various budgets. Rest assured, any gift you select for your crafty mom is bound to elicit a radiant smile upon her face.

Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine Bundle

The Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine Bundle is a versatile cutting and crafting tool that includes various accessories and materials, allowing users to create personalized and professional-quality projects with ease.

Purchase this Cricut package here.

Cricut machines, oh boy, they’re like a treasure trove of possibilities! I mean, is there anything these magical contraptions can’t do? This mighty cutting machine is a true gem in the world of crafts, offering an array of creative wonders. It’s the perfect present for crafty moms, a delightful indulgence they wouldn’t typically treat themselves to, yet it promises endless hours of joy and entertainment through the art of crafting.

Embroidery Scissors

Embroidery Scissors

Discover these exquisite needlework shears at this location.

Whether your mother is skilled in the art of embroidery or not, these exquisite scissors would undoubtedly bring joy as a present for moms who love to create. Their sheer beauty is simply breathtaking, and the nostalgic appearance would effortlessly enhance the ambiance of any craft sanctuary.

Cactus Pin Cushion

The Cactus Pin Cushion is a popular and practical sewing accessory, designed to hold pins and needles securely in place while working on sewing projects.

Obtain this pin holder here.

Every tailor requires a pin cushion, so why settle for an unsightly one? Take a look at these fantastic cacti pin cushions available on Etsy.

Handmade Pin Cushion

A handmade pin cushion is a small cushion used to hold pins and needles, often crafted with love and creativity, making it a practical and decorative accessory for sewing enthusiasts.

Acquire this handcrafted pin cushion at this location.

In search of a timeless pin cushion present for a crafty mother? Behold the adorableness of this bumblebee pin cushion! Currently accessible on the user-friendly platform, Easy.

Project Journal

Project Journal

Discover this project diary available on Amazon!

Ever begin a DIY project, only to abandon it halfway through? I assure you, your mother is no stranger to this. Craft Journals offer a practical and impeccably structured method to document your creative endeavors and capture your imaginative ideas all in one place. Moreover, having a written account to complete could potentially rekindle the drive within the crafty mother figure in your life, inspiring her to revisit and complete her unfinished projects. This journal is not only budget-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing, making it an excellent choice for a foolproof present.

Artist Pencils

Artist Pencils

Purchase this exquisite collection here.

Is your mother a skilled creator with pencils? What about a splendid collection of artist-grade colored pencils? It’s truly astonishing how much of an impact a high-quality set of colored pencils can have on an artist’s creative process. These exquisite tools serve as delightful and dazzling presents for artistic mothers.

Paint By Number Photo

Paint By Number Photo is a popular art form that involves using pre-printed canvases with numbered sections, allowing artists to easily fill in the colors and create a beautiful and detailed image.

Order a personalized paint by number picture here.

Lately, the internet has been flooded with these fascinating paint-by-number images that evoke a sense of nostalgia within me. They transport me back to the enchanting color by number pages we used to find in our childhood coloring books. However, I must confess that these portraits are on a whole new level of personalization and yield breathtaking masterpieces. Prepare yourself for your mom’s astonishment, as she beholds the sheer beauty of this remarkable painting.

Candle Making Kits

Candle Making Kits are perfect for those who want to explore their creativity and create beautiful, customized candles at home. These kits come with all the necessary materials and instructions, making it easy for beginners to get started. Whether you want to make scented candles, decorative candles, or even personalized gifts, these kits provide everything you need to get started on your candle making journey. With a wide variety of colors, scents, and molds to choose from, you can let your imagination run wild and create unique candles that reflect your personal style. So why not try your hand at candle making with one of these convenient and fun kits?

Obtain this set at this location.

Candle making is an incredibly fascinating art that has captured my interest. I am eagerly yearning to embark on this creative journey myself. However, it requires a multitude of intricate components and materials to begin. Fear not, for this exquisite candle-making starter kit is an impeccable present tailor-made for imaginative and resourceful mothers.

DIY Glass Mosaic Kit

The DIY Glass Mosaic Kit is a fun and creative way to create your own beautiful mosaic designs using colorful glass pieces and adhesive.

Obtain the necessary materials to create this mosaic of a hummingbird at this location.

I am utterly captivated by this exquisite mosaic kit. It exemplifies a craft that she will ardently enjoy engaging in and genuinely cherish upon completion. As crafting enthusiasts, we are all too familiar with the exhilaration of crafting, yet often find ourselves pondering the fate of our finished projects. However, this particular masterpiece seamlessly integrates into any garden, making it an ideal acquisition.

Sunflower String Art Kit

The Sunflower String Art Kit is a DIY craft project that allows you to create a beautiful piece of string art featuring a vibrant sunflower design. It includes all the necessary materials and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in string art, this kit offers a fun and creative way to express your artistic side and decorate your home with a stunning sunflower masterpiece.

Obtain this set at this location.

String art is an incredibly enjoyable and fashionable activity that never fails to impress. Moreover, it serves as an impeccable option for a one-of-a-kind customized present. Personally, I am enamored with this effortlessly convenient string art kit as it eliminates the possibility of a disappointing attempt at creating this exquisite craft from scratch in the confines of your garage. By presenting this kit to your mother, you will undoubtedly set her on the path to string art success, making it an absolutely ideal gift for moms with a passion for crafting.

Custom Embroidery Kit

A Custom Embroidery Kit is a perfect tool for anyone looking to create personalized and intricately designed garments or accessories. With this kit, you can unleash your creativity and add a touch of uniqueness to your creations.

Grab this embroidery set at this location.

Oh, how utterly mesmerizing! This cunning mother is sorely tempted to acquire it for her own enjoyment! Behold, an exquisite embroidery kit awaits on the enchanting realm of Etsy. An absolute marvel, it presents the ideal opportunity for dear mom to gracefully venture into the world of embroidery.

Rolling Craft Organizer

The Rolling Craft Organizer is a convenient and versatile storage solution for all your crafting supplies, allowing you to easily transport and access everything you need for your creative projects.

Obtain this craft storage solution here.

Does mom possess a designated space for crafting? Aid her in achieving optimal organization with the assistance of this versatile cart! Despite the absence of a dedicated crafting room, her ingenious pastimes seem to be gradually encroaching upon the entire household. Surprise her with a well-equipped crafting cart, meticulously designed to accommodate and arrange all her artistic essentials! And to elevate her organizational prowess even further, consider the inclusion of labeled drawers! For your convenience, a label maker is conveniently provided below for your perusal!

Label Maker

Label Maker

Get your mom a label maker to tag all her crafting materials.

Like I mentioned earlier, a label maker is a fantastic tool to assist mom in maintaining an orderly crafting area! In fact, it may even ignite her enthusiasm to label and arrange various sections of the house! The possibilities are truly limitless when it comes to these ingenious little devices.

Crafting T-Shirt

Crafting T-Shirt

Obtain this shirt at this location.

This is self-explanatory. The ideal presents for artistic mothers, a t-shirt that expresses it all! Too adorable!

The Martha Manual

The Martha Manual is a comprehensive guidebook that provides step-by-step instructions and helpful tips for various household tasks and DIY projects.

Buy The Martha Manual Here!

Brace yourself for the ultimate crafting bible, curated by none other than the reigning monarch of creativity, Martha Stewart! (Because, let’s be honest, who else could it be? LOL) Elevate your mom’s crafting game with an indispensable compendium of ingenious hacks and cutting-edge trends, carefully crafted by the one and only Martha Stewart.

Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun is a versatile tool used for various crafts and DIY projects, allowing for precise and strong adhesive bonding.

Purchase this essential crafting item for your mother here.

A must-have for any craft enthusiast. If she’s missing one, it’s high time she got her hands on it, and if her hot glue gun predates you, it might be time for an overhaul! Personally, I adore the 2-temperature glue guns that come with regular-sized hot glue sticks, as they come in handy for a multitude of tasks. While some individuals believe that super glue is the ultimate fix-all, I’ll remain loyal to the versatility of hot glue.

Craft Room Letter Board

The Craft Room Letter Board is a versatile tool that allows you to create custom messages and displays for your crafts and projects. It is perfect for adding a personal touch and creative flair to any space.

Discover a letter board at this location.

Adorably charming, incredibly Instagram-worthy! I absolutely adore this delightful present as it allows mom to infuse her crafts with captivating captions during photography sessions or pen down endearing messages. Let this be the gift that keeps on giving, enabling you to sprinkle your creative mom with cute notes all year round. Although not precisely a craft in itself, it undeniably serves as a splendid offering for crafty moms.

‘Made With Love’ Custom Stamp

The 'Made With Love' Custom Stamp is a personalized stamp that adds a special touch to any item, showcasing the care and thoughtfulness put into its creation.

Get your mom a personalized stamp from this website.

Does mom enjoy giving her handmade creations as gifts? Whether she embodies the spirit of Mrs. Weasley with her annual tradition of knitting sweaters for the family, showcases her baking skills, or indulges in various crafting hobbies, this personalized stamp offers her a delightful means to create custom gift labels for her crafts. I’m absolutely captivated! (I may even consider adding this to my own Mother’s Day wishlist this year!).

Yarn Tote

Yarn Tote

Purchase this charming yarn bag here.

Do you have a mother who is obsessed with knitting? Well, I happen to be a mother who adores knitting (although I mostly use a circle loom), and I must say, this fabulous yarn tote would be a godsend. Yarn becomes a complete disaster once it begins to unravel and ends up scattered all over the room, gathering dust and dog hair. This incredibly charming tote serves as a delightful and portable storage solution, making it the perfect gift for artistic moms. I can already envision myself during our family vacation next winter, cozied up indoors with this adorable tote filled to the brim with my beloved yarn, while the snow gently falls outside.

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