Best gifts for drummers 2023: 48 brilliant ideas to treat the drummer in your life

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Acquiring an exceptional gift for drummers can prove to be an incredibly daunting endeavor. The realm of drums and their accompanying accessories is expansive and frequently bewildering. Hence, it is wise to ponder upon a few inquiries before finalizing their grand present for this year. What precisely is their requirement? Will they derive pleasure from a quirky and unconventional gift? Or do they desire something more profound or practical that won’t swiftly be relegated to the trash?

Then there’s the question of whether you want to get them something that’s likely to result in excessive noise in the house!

If you’re seeking a convenient solution for their upcoming birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion, gifting them a set of drumsticks might just be the ticket. However, tread carefully, as drumsticks come in a myriad of variations including diverse shapes, sizes, materials, and tip sizes, hailing from numerous brands. It’s important to note that not all sticks are created equal. Drummers often have their personal preferences regarding brand, size, and style, so be prepared to put in some effort if you choose to embark on this path.

However, when it comes to purchasing for an aspiring percussionist, you can hardly err with a set of Vic Firth 5As – an esteemed brand and an exceptional choice to commence with, considering their optimal balance and size.

Need some inspiration? Look no further than this comprehensive guide on finding the perfect gifts for drummers. Packed with an array of unique ideas spanning various price ranges, it guarantees to help you discover the ultimate value. To top it off, we’ve also included our top picks for budget-friendly yet exceptional acoustic and electronic drum sets.

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  • Best gifts for drummers: Under $20/£20

    (Image credit: RTOM)

    1. Moongel

    The timeless blue substance.


    Reasons to buy

    Enables rapid adjustments of drum and cymbal tones.

    An essential accessory for drumming.

    Able to be washed and used again.

    Every drummer’s stick-bag yearns for a touch of dampening, and Moongel stands as the ultimate choice. These sleek, azure rectangular gels possess the power to eliminate undesirable overtones from both drum heads and cymbals, bestowing upon your drums a harmonious and crisp resonance while cleverly concealing any minuscule tuning mishaps.

    Say goodbye to the era of plastering drum heads with gaffer tape, resulting in unsightly residue tarnishing your prized equipment. Moongel offers a hassle-free application and removal process, leaving no mess behind. Plus, when it begins to accumulate dirt, simply wash it with warm soapy water. This set of six is ample enough to treat an entire drum kit.

    (Image credit: MusicRoom)

    2. Drum books

    Acquire skills and melodies without using a screen.


    Price: diverse, starting from $12/£12 at MusicRoom.

    Reasons to buy

    Books are a concentrated method of acquiring knowledge.


    Variety of subjects discussed.

    Undoubtedly, YouTube has emerged as a remarkable treasure trove for expeditious drum tutorials. However, one cannot help but question the reliability of the instructor and the organization of the conveyed material. Our suggestion is to adopt a well-rounded approach to drumming education by combining video lessons with the wisdom bestowed in books. MusicRoom serves as an exceptional haven where one can acquire a diverse array of drum books, catering to various aspects such as mastering rudiments, reading musical notation, and attaining proficiency in replicating beats from beloved albums.

    Our suggestions include the , and, for more experienced players, this written by Austrian drum icon and expert technician Thomas Lang.

    (Image credit: Remo)

    3. Remo QuickTech drum key

    The drum tuner of champions and a fantastic gift for percussionists.


    Reasons to buy

    The rubber handle makes tuning effortless.

    An internal magnet maintains the tension rods in proper alignment.

    Cordless drill attachment with a hex stem.

    In addition to your drumsticks, a drum key should be deemed a vital companion for every drummer. If you haven’t already purchased a top-notch key, why not opt for the epitome of luxury in drum keys, like the Rolls Royce?

    The QuickTech key from Remo possesses a robust and substantial feel when held, empowering you to confidently make precise adjustments to your tuning. With its elevated stature and rubber grip, it effortlessly simplifies your life. The QuickTech key’s secret weapon lies in its concealed high-pull neodymium magnet, which effectively thwarts the annoying rattling or accidental falling of tension rods.

    The QuickTech key, similar to all drum keys, has a knack for mysteriously disappearing – however, fortunately, they come at an affordable price, allowing you to indulge in a few spares.

    (Image credit: Cruz Tools)

    4. Cruz Tools GrooveTech GTDMT1 Drum Multi-Tool

    What tasks or actions will it not perform?


    Reasons to buy


    Super convenient.

    Genuinely useful.

    Discover the epitome of frustration when preparing for a gig, only to uncover a loose component on your kit or hardware. Whether it be those pesky rattling lugs, an obstinate kick pedal, or a mere need for a head replacement, fear not! Embrace the power of the 14-in-1 Cruz Tools multi-tool, the ultimate savior in the face of stressful gear predicaments. With this exceptional tool at your disposal, you can swiftly return to your true passion: playing music.

    Cruz Tools, in their generous spirit, have outfitted this tool with a plethora of flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, accompanied by an assortment of various hex drivers. Not to mention, it also comes with a reliable drum key, naturally. Crafted from durable S2 alloy, these tools are built to withstand years of relentless use and abuse. However, it’s worth noting that they unfortunately cannot assist you with the predicament of running out of beer during a live performance.

    (Image credit: Meinl)

    5. Meinl Ching Ring

    Enhance the sound of your cymbals by adding some jingle.


    Reasons to buy

    Enhances your cymbal sound with delicate tambourine tones.

    Conveniently fits in a drumstick bag.

    Added or removed immediately.

    This compact yet powerful add-on features a 6″ steel hoop adorned with five sets of stainless steel jingles perfectly distributed across its circumference. The Ching Ring is the epitome of perfection when it comes to draping it over a set of hi-hats, but its versatility extends to any cymbal with remarkable results. For those seeking audacious tones, this accessory can even be utilized on drums.

    The Ching Ring, with its sleek design and compact size, occupies minimal space and conveniently fits into a stick bag, ensuring easy accessibility. Additionally, an alternative variant, featuring a foam ring instead of steel, is offered, which generates a mellower and more resonant tone.

    (Image credit: Evans)

    6. Evans EQ Pad Bass drum Muffler

    Effortlessly manage the tone of your bass drum.


    Reasons to buy

    Manages assault and maintain.

    Stays securely in position using Velcro strips.

    Easily removable.

    Yearning for a powerful, earth-shaking thud is a common desire when it comes to our bass drums. However, achieving the perfect balance can prove to be quite challenging. An essential element in achieving that desired sound is employing some sort of dampening method to absorb any undesirable frequencies. Instead of resorting to ordinary items like comforters, pillows, or sweaters, Evans presents a sleek and innovative solution with their EQ Pad Bass Drum Muffler.

    The inner drum shell is adorned with Velcro strips, granting the freedom to position the pad in the most optimum spot for an exquisite sound. This exceptional feature facilitates precise adjustments to the level of dampening on the batter head, resonant head, or even both. Additionally, it boasts a sleek black color, surpassing the coolness of a regular bed pillow or your mother’s treasured cushion.

    (Image credit: ZIldjian)

    7. Black Zildjian drummer’s towel

    Keep yourself dry while playing the drums with Zildjian’s drummer towel.


    Reasons to buy

    Stylish. black on black color scheme.

    Created particularly for percussionists.

    Integrated hook for suspending from drum stands.

    An essential accessory for those sweaty gigs, rehearsals and long practice sessions; the Zildjian Drummer’s Towel is made from soft cotton for optimal absorbency. Created particularly for percussionists., the small black towel features a built-in hook for hanging conveniently from drum or cymbal stands, so it’s close to hand whenever needed. A large black Zildjian logo adorns the front while a small ‘Z’ badge can be found sown into one corner.

    In situations where sweat is not a concern, the Zildjian Towel proves to be a versatile accessory. It effortlessly doubles as a drum maintenance tool, ensuring the pristine condition of drums and cymbals. Moreover, it adds a touch of nostalgia by serving as a drum dampener, producing classic, vintage sounds.

    Although a regular bath towel would be enough, we believe that this Zildjian-branded choice is much more impressive.

    (Image credit: Snareweight)

    8. Snareweight drum dampener

    A sleek and fashionable cushioning substitute for gels or adhesive.


    Reasons to buy

    Magnetic adaptability for swiftly altering configurations.

    Five various damping configurations.

    Suitable for drums of all sizes.

    Our initial encounter with the Snareweight occurred when Zac Farro, the renowned drummer from Paramore, introduced us to this ingenious dampening device. By effortlessly attaching itself to the hoop of any snare drum or tom, it grants the musician the ability to swiftly alter the tone. This is made possible through the utilization of a supple leather strap that gracefully rests on the drum head. Embedded with petite magnets at its core and both extremities, the strap can be elegantly folded to either diminish or intensify the overall dampening effect.

    In a stroke of brilliance, this ingenious system offers an impressive array of five distinct dampening choices, all cleverly contained within a single compact accessory. Moreover, the versatile leather strap not only allows for effortless reversal to achieve diverse tones, but it also grants the freedom to interchange with straps of varying types and weights.

    Best gifts for drummers: Under $30/£30

    (Image credit: Vic Firth)

    9. Vic Firth Essentials stick bag

    Travel effortlessly with this stylish baton case from Vic Firth.


    Reasons to buy

    Can accommodate 4-5 tools.

    Offers a hook-and-strap mechanism for secure suspension from either the floor tom or snare drum.

    Constructed using waterproof nylon.

    Adding to our list of essential gifts for drummers, we have the incredible stick bag. Vic Firth’s Essentials Stick Bag offers a sleek and compact design, perfect for storing four to five pairs of sticks, brushes, rods, or mallets securely between gigs. As the name implies, this streamlined bag focuses on carrying only the necessities, catering to the needs of most drummers.

    It also features small internal pockets for keeping all-important accessories such as drum keys, earplugs or headphones. Constructed using waterproof nylon. the bag can be suspended from a snare or floor tom using a hook and strap system, keeping your sticks close to hand.

    (Image credit: Evans)

    10. Evans torque drum key

    Make adjusting effortless with this function-filled key.


    Reasons to buy

    Fine-tune your drums with greater precision.

    Comfortable ergonomic handle for optimal comfort.

    Magnetic head with slip-resistant properties.

    Tuning drums can be quite a hassle and mastering it can take a significant amount of time; even years. Fortunately, the market offers a plethora of tuning aids to alleviate the effort required to achieve the perfect sound for your drum.

    With the ingenious Evans Torque Key, achieving uniform tension at every lug becomes effortless, playing a vital role in achieving impeccable tuning. Its handle features a convenient dial, allowing for quick and precise torque adjustments.

    The key boasts an exquisite construction of drop-forged steel, ensuring its durability for the long haul. Additionally, it showcases a cleverly designed socket that not only magnetizes but also resists slipping, guaranteeing a steadfast connection to every tuning rod.

    (Image credit: Vic Firth)

    11. Vic Firth Heritage brushes

    A traditional Vic Firth Broom.


    Reasons to buy

    Retractable wires.

    Thin gauge wire.

    Soft rubber grip.

    Carrying a set of brushes in your bag is an invaluable move, as they possess the power to unlock a myriad of varied sounds, propelling drummers towards uncharted sonic territories. The Vic Firth Heritage Brushes, a timeless choice adored by countless percussionists over the decades, are a testament to their unwavering quality and appeal.

    Besides exuding a captivating aesthetic, the texturized lavender rubber handles provide an unparalleled sense of comfort when held. The delicate gauge wires seamlessly retract into the handle, ensuring their longevity and protecting them from rust. Moreover, this feature enables the wires to be adjusted into various positions, allowing for an array of distinctive sounds and a personalized playing experience.

    (Image credit: Zildjian)

    12. Zildjian Drummer’s Survival Kit

    All the replacement components you could require in one convenient bundle.


    Reasons to buy

    The complete spare parts kit.

    A great sense of tranquility during a gig.

    This includes a drum key, cymbal felts, wing nuts, and other accessories.

    In a world overrun by zombies, this survival kit from Zildjian may not be of much help, but it is perfect for your upcoming performance or practice session. Packed with an array of essential spare parts, this ingenious kit ensures that you have everything you need to quickly repair your drum set, especially those tiny and easily misplaced components.

    Within this pack, you will discover a plethora of musical essentials to keep the rhythm flowing effortlessly. Unveil six velvety cymbal felts, three sleek cymbal sleeves, two luxurious hi-hat clutch felts, and a single hi-hat cup felt. Additionally, you will find three 3.8mm wing nuts, eight tension rods (equally divided between the floor tom and snare drum), a dozen nylon washers, a trusty drum key, and two resilient snare wire cords. With these treasures within reach, rest assured that the pulsating beat shall persist harmoniously.

    (Image credit: Vater)

    13. Vater VAVDH drink holder

    Stay properly hydrated with a little assistance from Vater.


    Reasons to buy

    Keep your drink conveniently accessible behind the drum set.

    The holder’s internal diameter measures 8.9 cm.

    The clamp is suitable for nearly all tube sizes.

    Vater’s ingenious mountable drinks holder caters to drummers’ every beverage preference, be it a refreshing bottle of water, a stimulating can of energy drink, a steaming flask of coffee, or even a crisp, ice-cold beer.

    The clamp arms boast stylish rubber covers, and the clamp itself can easily adapt to accommodate a wide range of tube sizes, making it a breeze to attach to cymbal or mic stands. With a robust thumb-screw, rest assured that your beverage will remain secure throughout your performance, eliminating any concerns of accidental spills.

    (Image credit: Tama)

    14. Tama Cymbal Mate 4-pack

    The basic accessory you were unaware that you required.


    Reasons to buy

    Easily attach or detach from cymbal stands using a quick release feature.

    Precise modifications to the swinging motion of the cymbal can be achieved by rotating the device.

    A pack contains four items.

    Pause and contemplate the sheer amount of time invested in adjusting the minuscule wing nuts on your cymbal stands during the process of assembling or disassembling your drum set. It might be peculiar to us, but when you calculate the cumulative duration, it appears to be an overwhelming abundance. And that’s not even considering the additional time spent searching for the ones that inadvertently slipped from our grasp and landed on the floor…

    Introducing the Quick-Set Cymbal Mate by Tama – a revolutionary device that effortlessly clamps onto the cymbal stand thread with its innovative quick-release mechanism, allowing for instant attachment or removal. Once experienced, there’s no turning away for those who truly understand its brilliance.

    (Image credit: Vater)

    15. Vater Vintage Bomber Beater

    A wolf in sheep’s clothing….


    Reasons to buy

    A partnership between Vater and Otis Brown III.

    Classic appearance and melody.

    An economical method to alter your sound.

    Discovering new soundscapes and adding a dash of flavor to your drumming is a delightful endeavor. It’s common to become entrenched in familiar tunings, drumheads, and sticks, but venturing into uncharted territory can unveil captivating textures and tones. This audacious exploration may ignite fresh inspiration for drum compositions or elevate recording sessions to a whole new level of brilliance.

    Vater’s Vintage Bomber bass drum beater offers an affordable and effortless means of infusing your bass drum sound with enhanced warmth and depth, courtesy of its cork center and fluffy, sheep-like coating. Crafted in partnership with Otis Brown III, renowned drummer for jazz icon Joe Lovano, this beater exudes a distinctly jazzy tone while remaining versatile for various musical contexts.

    (Image credit: Vibes)

    16. Vibes High Fidelity earplugs

    Protect your hearing while maintaining the quality of sound.


    Reasons to buy

    Three sizes that can be easily swapped.

    Compact hardshell case for convenient storage.

    A decrease in volume of 22 decibels.

    Drums, being one of the most thunderous musical instruments, demand utmost care for our auditory well-being. With an array of hearing protection options, each differing in quality, selecting the perfect one becomes an intricate endeavor.

    Vibes, unlike conventional foam earplugs that merely obstruct sound, are ingeniously engineered to filter it, allowing the essence of the original frequencies to shine through while effectively reducing the decibel level that reaches your eardrums. With three interchangeable ear tips included, each pair of Vibes Hi-Fi plugs guarantees a perfect fit. It’s no coincidence that they hold a prominent position in our comprehensive guide to the .

    (Image credit: Vic Firth)

    17. Vic Firth steel stick caddy

    Keep your drumsticks conveniently within reach with Vic Firth’s stick caddy.


    Reasons to buy

    Can be connected to any drum or cymbal stand.

    Achieve the ideal perspective with the help of a tilting mechanism.

    Can accommodate up to three sets of chopsticks.

    Ah, the familiar scenario unfolds – you find yourself in the midst of preparing to perform that monumental fill or mesmerizing drum solo. It is the critical moment where anticipation intertwines with nervous excitement. However, fate intervenes as butterfingers takes charge, propelling their drumstick with astonishing force, sending it soaring through the air, gracefully gliding across the entire expanse of the stage. Instead of persisting with a one-handed approach, a far more prudent resolution would be to swiftly seize another stick directly from your meticulously placed stick caddy, thoughtfully provided by the ingenious minds at Vic Firth.

    Say goodbye to missed beats forever with the versatile steel cylinder. This ingenious device effortlessly attaches to any drum or cymbal stand, offering you the freedom to pivot it to your desired angle. With the capacity to accommodate up to three pairs of sticks, you’ll always have your drumming essentials within reach. However, be cautious not to drop all three pairs in a single song, unless you’re aiming for an unconventional rhythm.

    (Image credit: Meinl)

    18. Meinl Cymbal Care Kit

    Maintain the gleaming brightness of those pies!


    Reasons to buy

    Contains cleaner and preservative.

    Meinl is considered one of the top companies in the industry.

    Meinl, renowned for their exceptional cymbal craftsmanship, consistently delivers an impressive array of accessories and maintenance solutions. Explore the abundance of products showcased in this delightful compilation of gifts for drummers.

    The ingenious package they’ve curated comprises a potent cymbal cleanser and a safeguard, ensuring your precious instruments receive ample playtime while minimizing the need for tedious polishing or premature replacements due to neglect.

    No need for strenuous effort, simply spray the miraculous cleaner and effortlessly wipe to revive your cymbals, returning them to their former majestic splendor. In addition, Meinl presents a remarkable Cymbal Care Kit featuring a splendid polish instead of a conventional cleaner, enabling you to proactively maintain your cherished possessions without delay. Moreover, the kit provides an alluring pair of gloves, ensuring the prevention of unsightly fingerprints.

    Best gifts for drummers: Under $50/£50

    (Image credit: Vic Firth)

    19. Vic Firth double-sided practice pad

    Practice can be done anywhere.


    Reasons to buy

    Two surface variants with authentic touch and reaction.

    Practice with reduced sound intensity.

    Convenient for practicing while on the move.

    Enhancing your drumming abilities requires dedicated focus on your rudiments and hand technique. Luckily, with the remarkable Vic Firth, you can engage in limitless, noise-free practice sessions regardless of your location. This extraordinary tool features a dual-surface design, consisting of a gentle gray rubber side that replicates the authentic drum head feel, while the opposite side boasts a firmer black rubber surface, offering heightened volume, swift rebound, and precise articulation.

    Positioned on either side of a sturdy 12″ ebony foundation, the playing surfaces are adeptly poised to steadfastly hold the pad in position, even during intense gameplay.

    (Image credit: Evans)

    20. Evans Soundoff Drum Mutes pack

    Maintain good relations with your neighbors by using Evans SoundOff mutes.


    Reasons to buy

    Acoustic drums can be reduced in volume by 95%.

    Non-slip design.

    Ultra durable.

    Striking a delicate equilibrium between maintaining good relations with neighbors and family, while also devoting ample time to practice, can pose quite a challenge. This struggle is one that drummers are intimately familiar with. Enter Evans’ timeless SoundOff pads, a widely adopted remedy for minimizing noise levels. Just position a mute atop your acoustic drum head and witness a remarkable reduction in volume.

    The ‘Standard Kit’ pack encompasses a collection of four resilient rubber mutes designed to prevent slippage on a 14″ snare drum and 12″, 13″, and 16″ toms. However, the versatility of these mutes allows for customization to accommodate any drum setup. Additionally, there is an assortment of cymbal mutes available, as well as a universal bass drum mute that perfectly fits bass drums ranging from 18″ to 26″ in size.

    (Image credit: Tama)

    21. Tama Rhythm Watch Mini RW30

    Tama’s traditional metronome has a new addition in the form of a baby sibling.


    Reasons to buy

    Compact for convenient carrying.

    LCD display with backlighting.

    The built-in clip enables the attachment to stands.

    For numerous years, drummers have relied on the Tama Rhythm watch to refine their timing. The latest compact edition not only provides similar features as its predecessor, but also comes in a conveniently portable design.

    Offering a delightful blend of versatility and convenience, the RW30 boasts an impressive tempo range spanning from 30 to 250bpm. With a myriad of sound options, a back-lit LCD display, tap tempo functionality, mesmerizing LED lights, and an array of time signatures and subdivisions, this compact battery-powered unit proves to be an absolute must-have for drummers who find themselves constantly on the move. To add to its allure, apart from its built-in speaker, it also graciously accommodates a mini-jack headphone output.

    (Image credit: Kickport)

    22. Kickport

    Revitalize your bass drum.


    Reasons to buy

    Improve the audio quality of your bass drum.

    Enhance your look with a variety of color choices.

    The Kickport is a revolutionary device that aims to elevate the tactile experience, amplification, and sonic characteristics of your bass drum. Its purpose is to concentrate the sound and enrich the low-frequency range. This remarkable innovation not only safeguards and adds a touch of elegance (available in a delightful array of colors) to your ported bass drum head, but it also effectively directs the airflow out of the drum shell upon every strike, resulting in an intensified and impactful auditory sensation.

    The Kickport comes in a vibrant array of colors including black, blue, chrome, gold, red, and white, ensuring a seamless match to any color scheme or customized bass drum head. Additionally, there is a specialized option curated exclusively for cajons, as well as the FX Series which features delightfully petite ports crafted for snare drums and toms.

    (Image credit: Ahead)

    23. Ahead Switch Kick two-way bass drum beater system

    Maintain flexibility with Ahead’s fast-release beater system.


    Reasons to buy

    Select from a variety of more than ten beater alternatives.

    The system without the need for tools enables quick changes of beaters.

    There are nine levels to adjust the volume, sound, and speed.

    Unlock the profound ingenuity of this remarkable device, granting you the power to swiftly alter your bass drum beater at a moment’s notice, be it during a set or amidst a captivating melody. Crafted from top-tier aircraft grade aluminium, the versatile switch kick adaptor seamlessly integrates with any existing setup, enabling the seamless transition between a plethora of ten distinct beater choices.

    Alongside felt and plastic beaters, the collection boasts Wire and Nylon Brush kicks, Leather Slap Kick, and fleece-style Boom Kicks. With a convenient tool-less quick release mechanism, the beater can be effortlessly swapped, flipped, or adjusted across nine notches, enabling you to discover the ideal harmony of velocity, force, and resonance.

    Best gifts for drummers: Under $100/£100

    (Image credit: Meinl)

    24. Meinl MYO-CAJ Cajon Construction kit

    Have you ever desired to construct your own cajon? Now you have the opportunity!


    Reasons to buy

    A collapsible cajon from a trustworthy percussion manufacturer.

    Crafted using Baltic Birch.

    Save some money on a ready-made model.

    The current trend of flat pack furniture has inspired the idea of flat pack musical instruments. While a complete drum kit may be too ambitious, a cajon provides an excellent starting point. Enclosed within the package are the essential elements of a stunning Meinl cajon, crafted from Baltic Birch and adorned with a delightful natural finish.

    With a little bit of wood glue, a knack for following instructions, and a dash of creativity, you’re all set to embark on this exciting journey. And why stop there? Let your imagination run wild as you add your personal touch through painting, staining, or varnishing. Whether you’re seeking a thrilling DIY adventure or aiming to be thrifty, the Meinl Cajon Construction kit might just be the perfect solution.

    (Image credit: Big Fat Snare Drum)

    25. Big Fat Snare Drum studio 4 pack

    Immediately change the sound of your drums.


    Reasons to buy

    Dramatically change the sound of your drums.

    Sufficient pads for a complete set.

    Perfect for capturing.

    Take off undesired ring.

    The groundbreaking inception of the Big Fat Snare Drum dampening pad a few years ago left musicians astounded. This innovative contraption delicately positioned itself on the snare drum head, instantly metamorphosing it into a resounding, velvety snare reminiscent of the groovy vibes from the ’70s.

    Say goodbye to the hassle of using permanent tape, struggling with Moon Gel, or worrying about accidentally hitting the wallet you’ve placed on your drum head. With this innovative solution, you can easily add or remove it between songs, providing a delightful playing experience. This fantastic bundle includes the classic 14″ snare drum model, along with versatile sizes of 10″, 12″, and 16″ for your toms. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible transformation it brings to your sound.

    (Image credit: Zildjian)

    26. Zildjian 13” cymbal clock

    Keep track of time with the Zildjian cymbal clock.


    Reasons to buy

    Authentic Zildjian cymbal.

    An excellent addition to any percussion studio.

    Wall hanging is made easier with the built-in hook.

    Indulge the meticulous time guardian in your existence with the impeccable timepiece. What greater desire could a percussionist have than this Zildjian cymbal clock? Bid farewell to tardiness in rehearsals and gigs – an extraordinary enhancement to any domestic or studio space.

    The authentic 13″ cymbal showcases a striking black Zildjian emblem, with the clock hands elegantly positioned through its central aperture. At the rear, the timekeeping mechanism requires 2xAA batteries and boasts a convenient built-in hook for effortless wall mounting.

    (Image credit: Vic Firth)

    27. Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones V2 (SIH2)

    The perfect headphones for percussionists.


    Reasons to buy

    Cushioned for additional comfort.

    Great sound.

    Multiple applications.

    Should endure for a long time.

    Reasons to avoid

    Fairly large and cumbersome.

    No matter if you’re strumming on an acoustic or rocking out on electronic drums, these are the ultimate choice. The latest edition of the SIH2’s boasts an enhanced and bigger 50mm dynamic driver in each ear cup, delivering an intensified bass, pristine mid-range, and crystal-clear highs. Whether you’re grooving to tunes in your cozy abode, jamming on your electronic drum kit, performing live, or laying down tracks in the studio, rest assured, you’ll experience nothing short of exceptional sound quality.

    Whether you find yourself immersed in the game for hours on end, rest assured that the cups and headband have been meticulously crafted to provide ultimate comfort. Additionally, these accessories are accompanied by a generous 190cm detachable cable, allowing you ample freedom to enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest, regardless of the size of your gaming setup.

    (Image credit: Overtone Labs)

    28. Overtone Labs Tune-Bot Studio

    Alter your melody.


    Reasons to buy

    Colour display.

    Save configurations for five sets.

    Fast and effortless adjustment.

    In the realm of drumming gadgets, behold this exquisite gem that reigns supreme in the realm of precise tuning. While relying on your auditory senses is commendable, mastering this skill can demand an eternity of dedication. However, if you seek rapid and unwavering tuning for all your drum heads, especially in times of haste such as when rushing to set up for a performance, the Tune-Bot Studio is an esteemed choice.

    Effortlessly unleash its power: attach it to the rim of each drum and strike the drum skin, whereupon the Tune-Bot bestows upon you a measurement, either in Hz or as a melodious note. Exploit this valuable information to achieve harmonious tension across every lug and elevate your drum’s sonic prowess.

    (Image credit: Shure)

    29. Shure SE215 Pro in-ear monitors

    An exceptional introduction to the realm of in-ear monitors.


    Reasons to buy

    Crisp audio and profound bass.

    Offered in a variety of hues.

    Choosing sleeves for a cozy and well-fitting experience.

    A performance’s success hinges on a stellar monitor mix, prompting numerous drummers to choose a reliable set that guarantees clear audibility of each instrument. However, the challenge lies in the vast range of options available, varying greatly in terms of quality and price. For instance, acquiring a high-end pair of customized molds could easily set one back a couple thousand dollars.

    The Shure SE215s are an exceptional pair that provides professional-grade capabilities at a fraction of the price. Not only do they effectively cancel out external noise by up to 37dB, but they also deliver crystal-clear audio accompanied by a rich and powerful bass. Additionally, these headphones come equipped with a detachable cable, a convenient carrying case, and a variety of sleeves to guarantee a comfortable and personalized fit.

    Best gifts for drummers: Under $150/£150

    (Image credit: Soundbrenner)

    30. Soundbrenner Pulse Metronome

    When you desire to experience the beat.


    Reasons to buy

    Tap Tempo is a helpful function.

    Application for additional features.

    Appears extremely impressive.

    Embracing our passion for drumming, we frequently encounter criticism for our thunderous volume. Immersed in the rhythm, we relish in playing with intensity. However, this becomes futile if our own beats are drowned out by our powerful strokes. Enter the Pulse – a remarkable wearable metronome measuring 50cm in diameter. It can be comfortably worn on the wrist or effortlessly draped across the body using an optional extended strap.

    The Soundbrenner Pulse pulsates and illuminates with the aim of assisting you in maintaining an impeccable tempo. You have the option to adjust the tempo by rotating the outer wheel or tapping it out. Furthermore, it comes with a sleek companion smartphone application, allowing you to customize the LED color, modify the intensity of vibration, and synchronize multiple Pulses simultaneously, ensuring even your guitarist can effortlessly stay in rhythm.

    (Image credit: Meinl)

    31. Meinl Drum Rug

    Let’s dance.


    Reasons to buy

    Looks really amazing.

    There are plenty of cool options to choose from.

    Stops that dreaded bass drum pattern.

    All drummers have experienced that heart-wrenching sensation when their drum set inches closer to the edge of the stage during a performance. Bid farewell to that concern once and for all, and do it with an abundance of flair, by acquiring one of Meinl’s remarkable drum rugs.

    With an abundance of designs to choose from, ranging from skulls and oriental patterns to simple black, these magnificent straps will securely hold your gear throughout the entire performance. We believe that the zebra print design stands out as the most daring among them all.

    (Image credit: Roland)

    32. Roland NE-10 Noise Eaters

    Vibration mitigation for electronic kits.


    Reasons to buy

    Minimizes pedal oscillations transmitted through walls and floors.

    The design with a low profile does not impact the sensation or usability.

    Provides excellent traction and remains stable during gameplay.

    The primary allure of an is its ability to diminish sound intensity, be it for the sake of harmonious neighborly relations, ensuring undisturbed slumber for the little ones, or preserving tranquility in our relationships. The possibilities are endless.

    In numerous instances, the truth remains that they continue to produce an astonishing level of noise as a result of vibrations transmitted through the floor, especially originating from the pedals. Roland’s Noise Eaters are ingeniously crafted to tackle this issue by efficiently absorbing the vibrations through dome-shaped rubber dampers located beneath a sturdy platform, significantly diminishing the pedal noise that resonates in adjacent rooms. If tranquility and serenity are what you seek, this is undoubtedly the perfect present to choose!

    (Image credit: Alesis)

    33. AlesisSample Pad 4

    Epic, budget-friendly introduction to the hybrid realm.


    Reasons to buy

    Load samples or utilize the pre-installed library.

    Loyal exemplar noise.

    Adjust the audio settings and incorporate reverb effects.

    The SamplePad 4 is the perfect companion for drummers seeking to broaden their musical horizons with electronic elements. It also caters to performers who desire a seamless method to incorporate percussive tones, sample triggering, or backing tracks into their live acts.

    Discover a treasure trove of 25 invaluable sounds already embedded in the device, while the presence of an SD card slot empowers imaginative percussionists to unleash their own boundless creativity. Seeking an all-encompassing drum set? Delve into our comprehensive manual on the .

    Best gifts for drummers: Under $250/£250

    (Image credit: DW)

    34. DW Go Anywhere practice kit

    For when one training pad is simply insufficient.


    Reasons to buy

    A complete set of portable practice solution.

    Decreased volume for extended practice sessions.

    Easily fits onto a single stand.

    It’s widely acknowledged that practicing on a pad is a brilliant notion, yet a drawback is the restriction of playing on a solitary surface when we return to a complete drum set. However, the DW Go Anywhere kit ingeniously addresses this concern by providing a versatile multi-pad arrangement that emulates a full-fledged drum kit configuration with greater fidelity.

    Enclosed in this set are a pair of 8″ pads, a pair of 10″ pads, and a single bass drum pad, all ingeniously affixed to a singular central stand. Its remarkable portability and ability to produce minimal sound render it perfect for pre-performance warm-ups in the wings. Numerous renowned drummers have been observed practicing on one of these remarkable contraptions prior to taking the stage.

    (Image credit: Tama)

    35. Tama Speed Cobra single pedal

    Similar to an Iron Cobra, but with greater speed.


    Reasons to buy

    A vast array of characteristics.

    Stylish. appearance and excellent usability.

    Sturdy carrying case provided.

    Emerging from the triumph of Tama’s renowned Iron Cobra pedal, the Speed Cobra is a remarkable testament to ingenuity, brimming with a myriad of innovative attributes. Crafted with unparalleled swiftness in mind, this pedal of brushed steel showcases an expanded and steadfast construction, accompanied by a refined hinge mechanism that exudes seamless fluidity, all thanks to its cutting-edge two-piece bearing hinge design.

    The Accu-Strike rubber beater boasts a featherweight design, enhancing the clarity of its sound, while the Rolling Glide LiteSproket, weighing an astonishing 40% lighter than its Iron Cobra predecessor, ensures an incredibly responsive and nimble experience. To further enhance playing stability, the footboard has been extended slightly, allowing for a more secure and confident performance.

    (Image credit: Ahead)

    36. Ahead Spinal-G throne

    Maintain the health of your back with the Spinal Glide chair.


    Reasons to buy

    Helps relieve back discomfort for percussionists.

    Prevents compression of the spinal cord and encourages a more organic range of motion.

    Thick memory foam padding and velour seat cover.

    Drummers often encounter the troublesome issue of back pain, especially when they engage in prolonged playing sessions. Fortunately, Ahead, an esteemed American drum accessory brand, believes it has found the remedy with its innovative Spinal Glide (or Spinal-G) drum throne.

    Embracing a spine-conscious approach, this innovative design boasts a central channel in its seat, ingeniously preventing any unwanted compression on the spine. This ergonomic masterpiece not only grants the pelvis increased freedom of movement but also facilitates a more organic motion for the legs, lower back, and shoulders. In addition to its thoughtful design, the 18″ seat is adorned with a lavish velour top and generously padded with memory foam, ensuring unparalleled comfort. Supported by a sturdy four-legged base, this seat is the epitome of both elegance and wellness.

    Best gifts for drummers: $250/£250+

    (Image credit: Alesis)

    37. Alesis Strike Amp 12

    Specialized electronic drum monitoring from Alesis.


    Reasons to buy

    A strong 2000 watt speaker in a small size.

    The 12″ woofer provides powerful bass.

    Multiple inputs with individual volume controls.

    Crafted by the renowned e-drum manufacturer, Alesis, this compact yet powerful 2000 watt speaker is tailor-made for electronic drums. Bid farewell to headphones and amplify your beats with this ingenious solution.

    Featuring a dual XLR/jack combination input setup, complete with individual volume controls, contour EQ control, and an XLR pass-through option for seamless speaker integration, the PA style cabinet speaker truly stands out. Not to mention, it boasts a bass boost and ground-lift switch, ensuring optimal audio performance. With its powerful 12″ low frequency driver, prepare to experience a truly immersive sound that effortlessly fills the air around you.

    (Image credit: Future)

    A highly proficient initial electronic drum kit.


    Reasons to buy

    Ideal for novices.

    Affordable. mesh heads options.


    Good price.

    This sleek and versatile eight-piece set reigns supreme as our top choice among entry-level electronic drum kits, boasting mesh snare and tom pads that elevate the overall playing experience. The economic bundle comprises a resilient rubber kick drum pad, a cutting-edge dual-zone 8″ mesh snare, three dynamic single-zone 8″ mesh tom pads, and three vibrant single-zone 10″ cymbal pads (with one featuring a thrilling choke function for a crash effect).

    Within this module, a plethora of 40 kits await, housing a remarkable collection of 385 individual samples. These samples possess the power to transform pre-existing kits or pave the way for the birth of unique user kits. Furthermore, an ensemble of 60 preloaded MIDI sequenced playalong tracks adds to the module’s charm. For those seeking an alternate avenue, drummers can effortlessly connect their smartphones and engage in an exhilarating jam session alongside tracks from popular platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

    Check out the complete review of the Alesis Nitro Mesh.

    Check out the top Alesis Nitro Mesh offers.

    (Image credit: Zildjian)

    Quietness is valuable.


    Reasons to buy

    Amazing training instrument.

    Great feel.

    Zildjian’s revolutionary ‘L’ models are perfect for drumming scenarios that require minimal noise, such as practice sessions, teaching sessions, or even intimate performances. Every cymbal is adorned with countless minuscule holes that can decrease the volume by approximately 80 percent, earning them their fitting name. Remarkably, these cymbals maintain the familiar sensation of playing traditional, high-volume cymbals, ensuring an uninterrupted experience.

    L80s can be found as standalone cymbals in various sizes, or as comprehensive collections including hi-hats, a crash, and a ride. Without hesitation, we would choose these over the dullness of rubber cymbal mutes.

    Read the complete Zildjian L80 evaluation.

    (Image credit: Toontrack)

    40. Toontrack Superior Drummer 3

    Immerse yourself in top-notch studios.


    Reasons to buy

    Seriously top-notch drum sample collection.

    Can be performed in real-time using MIDI.

    Wide-ranging editing choices.

    There are countless exceptional options available, yet Superior Drummer is frequently hailed as the epitome of perfection that can be purchased with currency. Virtually any electronic drum set has the potential to generate MIDI data, enabling its connection to a computer where SD3 resides, infusing it with a revitalizing surge of vitality courtesy of Toontrack’s unparalleled samples.

    With the SD3 software at your fingertips, you gain access to an extensive collection of drum sounds meticulously captured in prestigious studios by renowned engineers and skilled musicians. Delve into the vast mixing possibilities and explore the limitless editing options for setup, tuning, and individual articulations. Brace yourself for an e-drumming journey that will elevate your experience to unparalleled heights.

    (Image credit: Yamaha)

    Transform any acoustic drum set into an awe-inspiring sound.


    Reasons to buy

    A piece of cake to set up.

    Multifunctional equipment.

    Turbocharge rehearsal and documentation.

    Reasons to avoid

    Can sometimes feel a bit daunting.

    Looking for a gift that oozes creativity? The Yamaha EAD10 is an all-in-one powerhouse designed to process and capture the essence of your acoustic drumming, while seamlessly blending in additional triggered sounds. This extraordinary piece of equipment combines the functionalities of a sensor/microphone unit, acting as both a stellar stereo microphone and a bass drum trigger.

    Enhance your acoustic drum sound with the versatile bundled module, offering the ability to incorporate reverb and captivating effects. Unleash your creativity by layering up 700 on-board sounds, providing endless sonic possibilities. This formidable device serves as an indispensable practice companion, an essential module for electrifying live performances, and a convenient tool for effortlessly capturing your musical prowess, irrespective of your skill level. It’s no surprise that our review awarded it a stellar 5-star rating.

    Read the complete Yamaha EAD10 assessment.

    (Image credit: Ludwig)

    If Questlove is willing to endorse it…


    Reasons to buy


    Great sound.s



    With Questlove’s seal of approval, the possibilities for this drum set are boundless. Featuring a sleek 16″x14″ bass drum, a nimble 10″x7″ rack tom, a resonant 13″x13″ floor tom, and a versatile 14″x5″ configuration, it not only excels in larger venues but also thrives in intimate club performances or captivating audiences on bustling street corners.

    The package comes equipped with a riser that elevates the bass drum to pedal height and plush gig bags that also serve as stylish drum mutes. Now, the burning question arises – how does it sound? Prepare to be blown away, as the answer is a resounding tightness, a punchiness that defies its miniature stature, and a mightiness that exceeds all expectations. And let’s not forget about the plethora of dazzling finishes that are up for grabs.

    Check out the complete Ludwig Breakbeats review.

    (Image credit: Roland)

    Ready to upgrade to your next drum set?


    Reasons to buy

    Fantastic price.

    Mesh pads.

    The Roland assurance of quality.

    The TD-1DMK is an exceptional kit for practicing at home, or a splendid option if you’re upgrading from something a tad more rudimentary. Roland produces some of the finest instruments, so anything from this esteemed brand will surely be a delight.

    The kit features an innovative arrangement of musical components, including an 8″ snare pad with dual-zone mesh technology, three 6″ tom pads with single-zone mesh, and three 10″ cymbal pads that can be choked for enhanced versatility (hi-hat, ride, and crash). Additionally, it includes a hi-hat controller pedal and a bass drum pad. What sets this kit apart is its newly-designed rack system that incorporates a rubber bass drum trigger pad on the leg, resulting in a remarkably compact setup.

    Despite its simplicity, the TD-1 module boasts an array of 15 preset kits, playalong tracks, and convenient aux-in and USB/MIDI functionalities for seamless integration with external sources or computer connectivity. For those yearning for enhanced capabilities, the Roland TD-07DMK seamlessly merges this kit with the commanding TD-07 module, delivering a truly formidable combination.

    Read the complete review of the Roland TD-1DMK.

    Best gifts for drummers: Last minute ideas and subscriptions

    Best gifts for drummers: Cards and gift wrap

    (Image credit: Etsy)

    In the realm of gift-giving, it is widely acknowledged that a truly exceptional present is just the beginning of the tale – its packaging plays an equally vital role. Imbued with charm and thoughtfulness, a beautifully wrapped gift adorned with a delightful gift tag and accompanied by an elegant card elevates the entire gifting experience. When seeking distinctive and artisanal alternatives that champion the ingenuity of independent creators, our foremost recommendation would undoubtedly be Etsy. Within its virtual marketplace, a treasure trove of music-inspired designs, such as the one showcased here, awaits your discovery.

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