21 Gifts For Executive Assistants In 2022

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The backbone of any business lies in the executive assistants who tirelessly juggle organization, vitality, and leadership. These versatile individuals consistently exceed expectations, propelling the company forward.

That’s precisely why we compiled a compilation of the top presents for executive aides in 2023.

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Now, let’s directly delve into this compilation of present suggestions that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your executive assistant’s face!

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1) Executive Assistant Unicorn Mug

Is the executive aide in your life a unique and enchanting creature?

Do they complete the task with great success?

These enchanting beings thrive on coffee and this vibrant patterned mug will energize them throughout the day!

Mug with the design of a mythical creature that assists executives.

2) Muse Illuminate

Muse Illuminate is an art exhibition that showcases the works of contemporary artists, illuminating the creative process and inspiring viewers with its innovative and thought-provoking pieces.

Muse Illuminate is a magical monthly treasure chest crafted to ignite the spirits of both aspiring business moguls and ordinary individuals. Should your trusted right-hand desire to blossom into their most remarkable version, this handpicked assortment shall pave their path to greatness.

Executive assistants are enamored with this exquisite gift as it encompasses a treasure trove of New York Times Best Selling literary masterpieces, along with a plethora of personal growth accessories and tools. Moreover, it includes a collection of activity sheets and workbooks designed to foster goal-setting and enhance productivity.

Muse Illuminate.

3) Unplugged Box

The Unplugged Box is a trendy and innovative device that allows users to disconnect from technology and enjoy quality time without distractions.

The Unplugged Box is Caroo’s newest innovation, specially crafted to assist your team members in revitalizing themselves after dedicating their utmost efforts throughout a hectic workweek. Numerous executive assistants are frequently tasked with juggling multiple projects simultaneously, all while ensuring their executives adhere to a jam-packed schedule.

A delightful surprise awaits your hardworking executive assistant at the end of a hectic day – an elegantly packaged gift box awaits, containing a soothing cedwarwood candle, a captivating gradient puzzle, and a rejuvenating activity. And let’s not forget the delectable assortment of eight mouthwatering snacks, ready to be savored with pure delight.

Unplugged Box.

4) A Little Pampering Gift Set

A Little Pampering Gift Set is a thoughtful present that includes various self-care items, perfect for indulging and unwinding.

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The executive assistant, who has been tirelessly managing tasks throughout the week, will find solace and tranquility in the essential oil-infused candle and assortment of calming aromatherapy products, boasting fragrances of citrus and lavender.

A Small Luxurious Gift Set.

5) The Next Right Thing Journal

The Next Right Thing Journal is a helpful tool for self-reflection and decision-making, providing prompts and guidance to navigate life's challenges and make positive choices.

Perhaps you’re familiar with this famous saying: When you find yourself in a state of uncertainty, simply focus on the next right step. Well, guess what? There’s now a remarkable journal designed specifically for this purpose. Developed by the incredibly talented Emily P. Freeman, the Next Right Thing Journal is an invaluable tool that assists administrative assistants in finding clarity, tranquility, inspiration, and support.

Unlock the potential of this remarkable gift journal, brimming with wisdom, practical exercises, introspective musings, and ample space for expression. Empower your EA to navigate the tumultuous sea of distractions and disarray, honing their decision-making prowess and acquiring invaluable expertise.

The Journal for Taking the Following Correct Action.

6) Marble Mouse Pad

The Marble Mouse Pad is a stylish and elegant addition to any workspace, providing a smooth and comfortable surface for effortless scrolling and navigation.

The Marble Mouse Pad is the perfect present for your colleagues who work remotely or constantly enhance their office space. Crafted with a sleek fabric surface and complemented by a stylish marble design, this mouse pad exudes elegance.

Marble Mouse Mat.

7) Succulents Monthly

Succulents Monthly is a subscription service that delivers a variety of beautiful and low-maintenance succulent plants right to your doorstep each month.

Experience the awe-inspiring wonders of nature with Succulents Monthly, where your esteemed executive assistant will delight in receiving a captivating succulent plant every month.

This gift box inspired by plants also includes a mix for growing succulents, instructions for potting, containers and pots, and enjoyable projects!

Succulents Monthly.

8) Wooden Rocker Board

A wooden rocker board is a versatile and fun piece of exercise equipment, perfect for improving balance, coordination, and core strength.

The Wooden Rocker Board dares individuals to maintain their equilibrium, mimicking the sensation of surfing or snowboarding. This delightful present for administrative assistants is especially beneficial for those confined to a chair throughout the day, as it amplifies strength and aids in posture correction.

Wooden Rocking Board.

9) DIY Organic Bath Bomb Kit

The DIY Organic Bath Bomb Kit is a fun and creative way to make your own luxurious and all-natural bath bombs at home.

Transform your employees’ bathrooms into luxurious spas with the remarkable and eco-friendly DIY Organic Bath Bomb Kit. This exceptional all-natural gift is designed to rejuvenate and provide ultimate relaxation.

Infused with natural elements such as authentic rose petals, soothing chamomile, revitalizing witch hazel, invigorating eucalyptus, and calming lavender, our fizzy bath bombs emanate a delightful aroma. Moreover, this set comes complete with a furoshiki cloth, allowing your executive assistant to beautifully wrap it as an eco-friendly present should they wish to create a bath bomb for a loved one!

Do-It-Yourself Organic Bath Bomb Kit.

10) Epicurean Picnic

An Epicurean Picnic is a delightful outdoor meal that is focused on indulging in delicious food and enjoying the pleasures of dining al fresco.

Indulge in the Epicurean Picnic, a delectable selection of Italian delicacies that will transport your executive assistant to a sun-kissed feast in Tuscany. This exquisite package includes a beautifully crafted wine stopper, elegant stemless glasses, a rustic maple appetizer board, expertly cured salami, flavorful tapenade, artisanal Tuscan crackers, and luxurious premium chocolate.

Epicurean Picnic.

11) Lap Desk

A lap desk is a portable workspace that allows you to comfortably work or write on your lap, providing convenience and flexibility.

The Lap Desk is an ideal solution for providing your colleague or collaborator with a convenient way to work or enjoy movies on their laptop while lounging in bed. This innovative corporate gift boasts ample room to accommodate a 17-inch laptop and features an LED light, a compact fan, a mobile phone holder, a drawer, and even a cup holder. Moreover, its collapsible legs ensure portability and effortless storage.

Lap Desk.

12) Toasted Coconut Sugar Scrub

The Toasted Coconut Sugar Scrub is a luxurious skincare product that exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and rejuvenated.

Indulge in the delightful, aromatic experience of the Toasted Coconut Sugar Scrub, a whimsical and completely organic bath treat. Immerse yourself in the captivating tropical aroma, as the sweet fusion of vanilla and coconut wafts through the air, tempting even your most discerning executive assistant to take a bite!

Coconut Sugar Scrub with a Toasted Twist.

13) CoachCrate


CoachCrate, the ultimate catalyst for personal development, caters to individuals yearning to unleash their true potential. Every month, an exquisite selection of handpicked treasures is meticulously assembled and dispatched, fostering serenity, joy, confidence, and a profound sense of self-worth!

Experience an array of captivating videos, captivating items, and enriching coaching content meticulously crafted to empower your executive assistant to transcend mere survival and embrace the realm of flourishing.


14) Speed Agility Ladder

A Speed Agility Ladder is a training tool used to improve speed, agility, and coordination in various sports and fitness activities.

The Speed Agility Ladder is a remarkable token of gratitude for athletic executive assistants or EA’s with fiery personalities and a relentless drive.

Enhance your footwork, coordination, speed, and reaction time with this impeccable gear. Moreover, this equipment boasts portability, being featherweight and effortlessly packable, allowing you to take it along wherever you manage to squeeze in your workout sessions.

Quickness and Agility Ladder.

15) PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

The PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer is a device designed to effectively clean and sanitize your phone, eliminating up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, ensuring a safer and healthier usage experience.

Did you ever ponder upon the fact that the surfaces of cellphones can be as filthy as a thriving petri dish filled with bacteria? Fascinatingly, this is precisely why the PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer exists, as it is ingeniously crafted to purify your executive assistant’s phone by harnessing the power of ultraviolet light.

Moreover, it possesses an integrated rechargeable battery, enabling users to conveniently charge and sanitize while traveling, lasting for a maximum of 45 sanitization cycles.

Smartphone Sanitizer.

16) Trivia & Treats

Trivia & Treats is a fun and interactive event that offers interesting facts and delicious snacks for everyone to enjoy.

Is your executive assistant a walking encyclopedia? Trivia & Treats presents an entertaining challenge to put their knowledge to the test while indulging them with delightful treats such as Himalayan salt-infused rainbow popcorn kernels, a delectable Belgian chocolate brownie, irresistible bite-sized triple chocolate cookies, tangy dried mango, and delectable pecan toffee.

Fun Facts & Snacks.

17) Wine Lovers Gift Set

The Wine Lovers Gift Set includes a selection of premium wines, along with accessories such as a wine opener, wine stoppers, and a wine pourer, making it the perfect gift for any wine enthusiast.

Indulge in the perfect evening ritual with this remarkable wine lover’s gift set. Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life, this ensemble ensures that every sip is an exquisite experience. With its sleek stainless steel wine bottle and tumblers, it effortlessly preserves the ideal temperature, allowing the wine’s captivating flavors and intoxicating aromas to linger on your palate.

Treat your diligent executive assistant, who effortlessly manages and oversees countless responsibilities each day, with an exquisite employee gift set that allows them to unwind and savor a delightful glass of wine while basking in the serenity of their balcony.

Wine Enthusiasts Gift Set.

18) 3-In-1 Apple Charging Station

The 3-In-1 Apple Charging Station is a convenient and versatile accessory that allows you to charge multiple Apple devices at once, providing an organized and clutter-free charging solution.

Transforming chaos into harmony, the remarkable 3-in-1 Apple Charging Station brings about a sense of order. This innovative dock stand serves as a sanctuary for your executive assistant’s array of gadgets and electronics, ensuring they remain impeccably organized. With its unique compartments designed specifically for an iPhone, AirPods, and an Apple Watch, this charging station also provides a convenient home for all of your devices. Additionally, it includes lighting cables to effortlessly power up your devices.

Apple Charging Station with 3-in-1 functionality.

19) The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal

The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal

The Gratitude Journal of 5 Minutes serves as a guide to cultivate gratitude, amplify joy, and enhance overall well-being through engaging and thought-provoking prompts. With each exercise and affirmation, the fortunate recipient of this exceptional token of appreciation will discover the profound emotional and psychological advantages of embracing positivity. What sets this journal apart is its remarkable feature – every activity is masterfully crafted to be completed within a mere 5 minutes, ensuring that even amidst the chaos of one’s already bustling life, there is always time for self-reflection and gratitude. When the desire arises to momentarily escape the captivating realm of reading one’s beloved EA blog, this gratitude journal becomes the ultimate sanctuary, offering solace and rejuvenation.

Journal of Gratitude in 5 Minutes.

20) Bibliophile Excursions

Bibliophile Excursions offers curated trips and experiences for book lovers, allowing them to explore literary landmarks, browse unique bookshops, and immerse themselves in the world of literature.

Bibliophile Excursions offers a captivating journey for avid readers. Simply choose an expedition and you’ll be provided with a meticulously selected assortment of books, tailored to a specific theme. Moreover, this exceptional present for book enthusiasts includes charming keepsakes, delightful goodies, and exquisitely crafted book chests — all contributing to the cause of promoting literacy among children in the local community.

Bibliophile Excursions.

21) Rubber Medicine Ball

The Rubber Medicine Ball is a versatile fitness tool that can be used for various exercises and workouts, providing resistance and improving strength and coordination.

With every passing week, an abundance of studies emerges, unveiling the undeniable connection between engaging in physical activity and enhancing one’s mental well-being. This is precisely why the Rubber Medicine Ball presents itself as an exceptional choice when considering a thoughtful present for your diligent executive assistant.

Weighing between 4 and 12 pounds, the ProSourceFit Medicine Balls can assist in enhancing coordination, stamina, endurance, power, and even grip!

Rubber Medicinal Sphere.

22) Sweet & Savory Grand Sampler

The Sweet & Savory Grand Sampler is a delectable assortment of both sweet and savory treats, perfect for those who enjoy a variety of flavors in one delicious package.

Indulge in an exquisite array of delights, including meticulously cured mole salami, artisanal flatbread, velvety butter cookies straight from the oven, a tantalizing dipping mustard, and decadent dark chocolate coins. Experience the perfect harmony of sweet and savory flavors with this extraordinary assortment.

Not only does this gift offer an exquisite taste, but it also champions sustainable practices, ethically sourced ingredients, empowers women battling poverty, and advocates for various causes!

Sweet and Savory Grand Platter.

People Also Ask These Questions About Gifts for Executive Assistants

Q: Are there any great places to get a gift for an executive assistant?

  • Luckily, the realm of executive assistant gift ideas is vast and abundant. In our exploration, we have discovered a plethora of exceptional gifts for executive assistants on various platforms such as Etsy, Cratejoy, Amazon, UncommonGoods, ProsourceFit, and Packed with Purpose.
  • Q: How much should I spend on an assistant gift?

  • When it comes to valuing the indescribable worth of a remarkable executive assistant, attempting to assign a monetary value becomes a challenge. As a general guideline, when it comes to selecting the perfect gift for your assistant, it is wise to not hold back on the expenditure. The spectrum of assistant gifts spans from inexpensive trinkets to lavish splurges. However, the true essence of gift-giving lies in ensuring that the chosen present truly resonates with the recipient’s passions and pastimes.
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