10 Awesome Gifts for Piano Teachers to Show Your Thanks

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Music teachers hold a special place in our hearts, as they selflessly devote their time to impart the art of piano playing upon eager students. Occasionally, it is prudent to express gratitude towards those who have invested in our growth, as a gesture of sincere appreciation.

In order to accomplish this feat, I propose that you cast your eyes upon this assemblage of presents curated specifically for piano instructors. This assortment is bound to provide you with an array of exceptional concepts that will undoubtedly astonish and delight the esteemed educator in your life.

They’ll surely value the kind gesture. And it’ll make you feel equally wonderful, too!

Music Journal

Music Journal

Revolving back to the concept of sticky notes, this suggestion is tailored for piano teachers seeking a bit more organization amidst the chaos. Instead of adorning every feasible surface with sticky notes, those educators would prefer a consolidated solution like a music journal (or notebook) to keep everything in order.

Depending on the website of your choice, you can even avail the option of personalizing it with their name beautifully imprinted on the cover. This ingenious concept is perfect for those who crave extra room for their thoughts and ideas!

The piano teacher’s perfect present, ideal for those who instruct young pianists! The colossal floor keyboards cater to kinesthetic learners, as they grant children the freedom to step on distinct keys and explore their surroundings, prior to attempting to play intricate melodies on the piano.

This is definitely something that many teachers desire. They are also quite reasonably priced, starting at approximately $35.

Piano Ornament

Piano Ornament

A piano ornament can be a splendid choice, offering versatility that matches the season. While they are often affordable, the possibilities are endless. Personalize a standard ornament by adding their name with a stenciled touch, if desired.

If your teacher has made a significant impact on you and you wish to express it, you can consider having a concise message stenciled on this gift. The possibilities are plentiful, ensuring you will undoubtedly discover a gift that will resonate with your teacher’s preferences.

Piano Tote Bag

The Piano Tote Bag is a stylish and practical accessory for musicians, providing a convenient way to carry sheet music, books, and other essentials while on the go.

For teachers who are constantly on the move, the burden of carrying their belongings can become quite overwhelming. If your piano instructor lacks a dedicated studio or classroom, it is likely that they are constantly shuttling various items such as notebooks, sheet music, personal belongings, piano textbooks, and more. This accumulation of weight can become quite burdensome. A beautifully crafted tote bag would make an ideal present for them.

At the inception of my teaching journey, my father bestowed upon me a custom-made music bag as a delightful birthday present. It has undeniably become an indispensable companion, faithfully accompanying me on my daily commute to school, safeguarding my lesson plans and laptop. This versatile bag serves as a repository for all the essentials I must remember to bring for my students, preventing any inadvertent omissions.

When it comes to this matter, there is room for flexibility. You have the opportunity to customize certain fabric pouches, which are of commendable quality. However, the superior the quality, the higher the price will be. It is up to you to determine the level of expense based on your teacher’s requirements and your budget. Nonetheless, it should be noted that a piano tote bag can be surprisingly affordable. Additionally, leather bags of exceptional quality are an excellent alternative, as they have a longer lifespan when properly maintained.

Piano Keychain

Keychains make for timeless presents, cherished for their simplicity, compactness, and sentimentality. With a vast array of choices at your disposal, you can opt for a modest design or explore captivating alternatives that catch the eye.

Feel free to personalize the back with an engraving of your choice, allowing you to express gratitude towards your teacher in a unique way. Let’s explore an alternative possibility:

Digital Picture Frame

A splendid gift idea for your teacher could be a state-of-the-art digital photo frame, capable of effortlessly preserving an infinite number of cherished moments. As an ardent music educator, I cannot stress enough the significance of memories we accumulate throughout our journey, making a beautifully framed snapshot of teacher and student an ideal keepsake to express heartfelt appreciation.

A digital picture frame is a modern device that displays multiple photos in a slideshow format, providing a convenient and stylish way to showcase cherished memories.

A lone gift expresses a lot, indicating your decision to preserve a valuable moment and give it to them.

Music Note Throw Blanket

Personally, I can never seem to shake off the chill, regardless of the number of cozy blankets at my disposal. In fact, my collection is ever-growing as I eagerly embrace the opportunity to incorporate yet another snug layer.

The price range of these items varies, with prices starting from around $25 and going up to $100. The final cost depends on factors such as the quality and the graphics, making them quite affordable for most people. For a more personalized touch, you also have the option of having their name embroidered onto the gift!

Music Post It Notes

Sticky notes make for an excellent present. While a few piano instructors may possess exceptional organizational skills, I, on the other hand, am far from that. My life is adorned with sticky notes; they adorn my computer, desk, desktop, and even my microwave.

In addition, I employ these handy tools to jot down student tasks for practice or make annotations on compositions to research on their behalf. Generally, I opt for the affordable, single-colored ones from the local store, but it’s certainly delightful to possess some official ones for moments when I must swiftly provide information to a parent or student. Moreover, they enhance the joy of writing!

If there’s one thing piano instructors always require, it’s adhesive pads. Believe me.

Travel or Portable Piano

Many piano instructors do not solely engage in private tutoring. Frequently, these lessons serve as an additional source of income, while their primary occupation revolves around music education or performing for religious institutions or other establishments. A remarkable addition, particularly for those who teach on the go, would be a portable keyboard.

A travel or portable piano is a compact and lightweight musical instrument that allows musicians to enjoy playing music on the go, making it ideal for those who love to travel or perform in different locations.

The presence of a portable piano, like the budget-friendly Alesis Prestige Artist showcased earlier or maybe even the Yamaha P-45, has the potential to revolutionize a teacher’s existence, and I say this without exaggeration. Given the current state of arts funding in educational institutions, numerous music instructors, including piano teachers, find themselves lacking the necessary financial resources to acquire or uphold vital equipment.

I was compelled to initiate my inaugural sessions on an upright piano adorned with merely fifty operational keys out of the full eighty-eight. Employing a keyboard, albeit a provisional solution, would grant the instructor additional leeway to devise a more enduring arrangement, and simultaneously simplify the process of commuting to unofficial lessons or performances.

Many of these fall within the range of $50 to $100, making them slightly more expensive. Nevertheless, if your piano instructor has truly been exceptional and happens to possess additional opportunities that call for their remarkable piano expertise, this undeniably becomes a splendid notion.

Gift Your Teacher an Apple or Flowers

Alright, let’s embrace the nostalgia. We’ve all indulged in those classic films–or perhaps even stumbled upon the delightful Little Rascals TV series, where a pupil gracefully approaches their esteemed teacher, tenderly presenting a vibrant crimson or emerald apple as a token of appreciation.

Although not the most thrilling present a teacher could receive, it is a budget-friendly option for students to offer. Moreover, it serves as a delightful reminder of the era when students used to present their teachers with useful gifts.

Or, you can always opt for the tried and tested option – presenting your teacher with a bunch of exquisite flowers.


Let me begin by acknowledging that this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Countless possibilities exist when it comes to selecting presents for piano instructors, contingent upon their unique preferences and requirements. Prior to embarking on any decision-making process, it would be wise to inquire whether they possess a wishlist that you could peruse.

Nevertheless, in this instance, the true value lies in the sentiment. Simply dedicating your time towards exploring and acquiring a present to express your heartfelt appreciation for your music instructor will effectively convey the depth of your gratitude.

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