21 Perfect Gifts for Preppers | Give the Gift of Prep [2023 Edition]

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Discovering the ultimate present for an ardent doomsday enthusiast can prove to be quite a perplexing task. The moniker “prepper” speaks volumes about their preparedness, as they possess an abundance of tools, provisions, and apparatuses to sustain themselves indefinitely in isolation from society. Thus, what could possibly be an ideal gift for such individuals? Utilize this compilation to bestow upon them a surprise they never fathomed they required.

After conducting thorough research, seeking advice from experts, and rigorously testing, we present to you a carefully curated collection of survivalist gifts. These extraordinary offerings are not only practical and indispensable but also possess an element of surprise, distinctiveness, and an assurance to bring sheer joy.

Continue reading to discover the top presents for individuals who are prepared for emergencies.

Don’t overlook the fact that our One of Everything Jerky Sampler Box is among the most splendid presents for survival enthusiasts. And we remain impartial! Boasting an assortment of 11 distinct long-lasting flavors, this conveniently bundled box is flawlessly ideal, ensuring the tranquility sought by the prepper in your midst.

21 Perfect Gifts for Preppers | Give the Gift of Prep [2023 Edition]

1. Titan SurvivorCord / Tactical Bracelet from Warrior 12

Titan SurvivorCord / Strategic Wristband from Warrior 12

Bracelet, containing an impressive 15 feet of meticulously braided paracord, embodies an exceptional present for preppers. In times of crisis, its unravelling potential becomes a lifesaver, enabling the construction of shelters, the creation of cunning snares for capturing petite creatures, and even functioning as resilient thread for mending garments. Rest assured, this extraordinary offering will be cherished by your prepper comrades when the moment of necessity arises.

Warrior 12 offers an excellent alternative—a tactical bracelet infused with three feet of paracord. Additionally, concealed beneath the buckle lies a secret compartment, ideal for safeguarding matches and other essential survival tools. This ensures their safekeeping during daring escapes or intense battles against the relentless horde of zombies. And speaking of survival, we’ll delve into the remarkable new survival knife soon.

There are multiple color choices available, including black, pink camouflage, and even camo.

Store: SurvivorCord – Starting at $34.98.

Titan SurvivorCord / Strategic Wristband from Warrior 12

Preppers understand the importance of having nourishing, protein-packed snacks readily available. However, the quest for a snack that can withstand the test of time has often proven to be quite a challenge. Fear not, for People’s Choice Beef Jerky has come to the rescue.

Our traditional-style jerky undergoes a meticulous drying process that results in an impeccable texture, enabling it to retain its freshness and delectable flavor for well over a year. This exceptional longevity makes it an ideal choice for inclusion in any emergency kit. Rest assured, the avid survivalist in your circle will wholeheartedly embrace our beef jerky.

You should take additional supplies because they may consume it before placing it in the emergency kit!

Store: All-inclusive Jerky Assortment – $84.99.

3. Solar Charger

Solar Charger

If your survivalist buddy enjoys disconnecting from the conventional power supply, then a solar charger would make an excellent present for them.

In case of an urgent situation demanding communication with loved ones back home, this nifty device enables hikers or campers to conveniently power up their phones and tablets during their outdoor escapades.

Store: BigBlue 3 USB Ports 28W Solar Charger – $69.96.

4. Emergency / Tactical Backpack

An emergency/tactical backpack is a versatile and durable bag designed to provide essential supplies and equipment for emergency situations or tactical operations.

A must-have for every prepper is an exceptional emergency backpack that should always be within reach. In reality, preppers often find themselves in need of multiple packs, as their abundance of essential supplies is simply unmatched.

In this space, they can securely stow away belongings from their bug-out bag, alongside various indispensable items that could prove invaluable in times of crisis. Think: a refreshing supply of potable water, a cutting-edge LED flashlight, a top-notch water filtration system, reliable AAA batteries, a robust military-grade compass, a trusty emergency whistle, additional sustenance, and a wide array of indispensable tools tailored specifically for ardent doomsday preppers.

Store: 5.11 Tactical Backpacks – Starting at $20.

5. Essential Tools on Survival

Essential Tools on Survival are necessary to ensure one's safety and well-being in challenging and unpredictable situations, providing the means to procure food, create shelter, and navigate through various terrains.

Amidst the vast array of survival tools available, a premium knife stands unrivaled. A remarkable survival knife possesses the perfect balance of weight, enabling effortless wood chopping, while boasting an exquisite sharpness that effortlessly skins animals or fells petite trees for kindling purposes. Alternatively, one could consider bestowing upon them the pinnacle of survival gear: an ax ingeniously concealed within a fashionable bracelet.

Should your companion possess an assortment of blades, it may be prudent to surprise them with a distinctively extraordinary gift like a bottle opener hatchet. At first glance, it appears to be an ordinary baseball cap, but when the occasion arises to enjoy a refreshing brew after an arduous day conquering the wilderness, its true purpose is revealed!

Store: Emergency Survival Kit and First Aid Kit – $65.44.

6. Wilderness Survival Kit

A wilderness survival kit is an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts, providing necessary supplies and equipment to ensure safety and survival in remote and challenging environments.

This is an excellent present for preppers because it encompasses all the essentials they will require during an unforeseen circumstance.

Is the prepper in your circle craving a touch more guidance? This thoughtful present caters to individuals who lack substantial proficiency in survival skills, possessing only rudimentary knowledge or even none whatsoever. This comprehensive set will equip them with meticulous, easy-to-follow instructions on navigating through various emergency scenarios, ensuring their safety until assistance materializes.

Shop: Outdoor-Survival-Gear Tool Emergency Survival Kit – $25.74.

7. Food Dehydrator

Food Dehydrator

For those prepper pals who possess a culinary flair and an affinity for foraging flavors from the wild, behold this splendid offering! Equipped with a food dehydrator, they shall transcend ordinary ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and more, transforming them into delectable provisions that endure the test of time. Thus, ensuring their sustenance amidst the most challenging of circumstances.

Store: COSORI Food Dehydrator – $69.99.

8. SAS Survival Handbook

The SAS Survival Handbook is a comprehensive guide to wilderness survival techniques, offering tips and advice on everything from building shelters to finding food and water.

Embark on an extraordinary literary journey with this remarkable masterpiece, destined to impart a profound wisdom on the art of conquering the untamed wilderness. Within its captivating pages lies a treasure trove of enlightenment, revealing the secrets of foraging sustenance and discovering refuge amidst the majestic realms of camping or traversing mystical woodlands. Unveil the arcane knowledge of healing wounds through the bounties of nature, unravel the enigmatic techniques of preserving warmth in icy climes, discern the line between perilous creatures and benevolent companions (and the art of engaging them when circumstances demand), and a myriad of other captivating revelations that await your eager exploration.

This exceptional guide is a must-have for beginners venturing into the world of prepping or those seeking guidance in developing outdoor survival skills.

Store: SAS Survival Handbook: The Ultimate Manual to Surviving Anywhere – $14.49.

9. Tactical Pen

Tactical Pen

For those who appreciate the beauty of versatile pens and the joy of having handy gadgets at home, this extraordinary present is a true gem.

Crafted from premium aircraft-grade aluminum, this tactical pen seamlessly combines durability and lightweight design, rendering it ideal for self-defense scenarios. Its inconspicuous presence on a keychain or backpack ensures that users remain unaware of its weight.

Equipped with a tactical pen, your friend will possess the power to jot down thoughts amidst unforeseen crises, while simultaneously being armed with self-defense capabilities to combat potential threats during moments of vulnerability, like the darkness of night.

For preppers who embrace their introverted nature, this gift is a magnificent treasure, instilling them with unwavering assurance in their capacity to safeguard themselves amidst the bustling crowds of public spaces.

Store: ​​TAKEFLIGHT Tactical Pen Survival Equipment – $21.97.

10. Food Storage and Stainless Steel Water Storage

Food Preservation and Steel Water Containment

Offering a prepper this gift is incredibly resourceful, as it empowers them to amass a supply of nourishment and hydration to tackle unforeseen crises.

These barrels are an excellent solution for friends who are tight on space in their homes or garages. Moreover, they offer a sense of tranquility that persists until every aspect is set in motion!

Shop: Gearland Canteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle – $34.99.

11. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a collection of medical supplies and equipment that is used to provide initial treatment in case of an injury or illness. It is essential to have a well-stocked and easily accessible first aid kit in order to respond effectively to emergencies and provide immediate care.

The individual who is prepared for emergencies in your life may own multiple first aid kits that need to be updated because of their expiration date.

Within this comprehensive first aid kit lies an array of resources catering to both minor and major emergencies. From antiseptic wipes to a diverse range of bandages, it leaves no stone unturned. Moreover, it houses a remarkable CPR mask, a potential lifeline for those grappling with breathing issues caused by injuries or unforeseen circumstances.

Store: Surviveware Survival First Aid Kit – $79.95.

12. Emergency Radio

Emergency Radio

In times of crisis, the possession of emergency radios becomes invaluable as it bestows a profound sense of tranquility upon individuals residing in solitude, assuring them that pertinent updates regarding natural calamities or unforeseen perils (like acts of terrorism) shall unfailingly reach their ears.

These convenient hand-cranked radios also offer various methods of recharging, ensuring they will not lose power during an outage.

Store: Emergency Radio Hand Crank Solar 5000mAh – $29.99.

13. Water Filtration Straw

The Water Filtration Straw is a portable and innovative device that allows you to drink safely from any water source by filtering out harmful bacteria and impurities.

This exceptional prepper gift guarantees the ability to enjoy a refreshing, worry-free beverage even in the absence of clean water, safeguarding against the perils of consuming contaminated liquids.

The Lifestraw water filter is a remarkable invention as it operates solely by immersing the straw in water and sipping, without any reliance on chemicals or additional components.

Store: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – $17.47.

14. Emergency Blanket and Emergency Sleeping Bag

The Emergency Blanket and Emergency Sleeping Bag are essential items for survival situations, providing insulation and protection against extreme weather conditions.

Providing preppers with survival gear for sleep is an exceptional gesture, as it empowers them to snugly brace themselves against the frigid elements of cold regions, even in the absence of any warm provisions.

In times of need, a cozy sleeping bag and a trusty emergency blanket have the power to bounce back one’s body warmth, ensuring safety and a decent level of comfort until aid arrives or the dawn of a new day.

Store: Timok Emergency Sleeping Bags/Blanket Thermal – $12.59.

15. Hand Crank Radio with Flashlight and USB Device Charger

Manual Rotate Wireless with Torch and USB Gadget Charger

With a plethora of practical tools and essentials, this remarkable prepper present stands out as an invaluable asset, guaranteeing their resilience in the face of unforeseen crises.

In addition to featuring a handy flashlight and USB device charger, this radio boasts the remarkable capability of charging your cell phone, ensuring you can reach out for aid whenever required!

Store: Sangean MMR-88 Emergency Radio/Hand Crank/USB/Flashlight – $65.81.

16. Fire Starter

Fire Starter

Any prepper would truly appreciate having this nifty gift at their disposal. With this remarkable fire igniter, they can easily spark a flame whenever the need arises. Whether it be for a basic task like preparing meals or ensuring warmth during the chilling winter months, when temperatures stoop to freezing levels, or even in dire emergencies where alternative options are scarce, this tool will prove to be an invaluable asset!

Regardless of the circumstance, a fire igniter is an essential item in every preppers’ gear.

Store: Swiss Safe 5-in-1 Fire Starter – $14.99.

17. Mini Solar Charger with Flashlight

The Mini Solar Charger with Flashlight is a compact and portable device that harnesses solar energy to charge your electronic devices while also providing a convenient flashlight feature.

Concealed within a compact design, this ingenious solar-powered charger remains inconspicuous, only revealing its presence when the need arises. Thus, it becomes an impeccable asset for individuals seeking perpetual readiness, ensuring their preparedness throughout the year.

Apart from its capability to charge USB devices, this nifty gadget also boasts a versatile flashlight feature, proving invaluable in dire situations where one finds themselves stranded and in need of illumination to navigate their path.

Store: 20000 mAh Portable Solar Charger Power Bank & Flashlight – $25.99.

18. Solar Radio and Cell Phone Charger

The Solar Radio and Cell Phone Charger is a portable device that utilizes solar energy to power radios and charge cell phones, making it a convenient and eco-friendly solution for outdoor enthusiasts or in areas with limited access to electricity.

For those friends who thrive on readiness for the unforeseen, behold a remarkable offering. Behold a radio adorned with a solar panel, a symbol of resilience. In times of power outages or dire circumstances, should their cellular devices or other gadgets thirst for power, this nifty contraption shall serve as their tether, restoring vitality with a solitary charge.

Wherever your friend may find themselves, be it within the comfort of their home, amidst the bustling atmosphere of work or school, or even amidst the serene embrace of nature during a captivating hike, their safety and well-being shall remain assured, all thanks to the impeccable gift you bestowed upon them!

Store: Solar Handcrank Emergency Radio & Cell Phone Charger – WITH USB Connector! – $49.45.

19. Bug-out Bag

Bug-out Bag

This is another amazing prepper present because it will provide your friend with the capability to endure in nearly any circumstance.

In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, a bug-out bag is equipped with an array of essential tools, ensuring that individuals are well-prepared to tackle any challenges that come their way. Rest assured, this pack contains an extensive assortment of resources to ensure personal safety and security until assistance arrives.

Store: Solo Streamline Survival Kit – $89.95.

20. Ohuhu Mini Portable Wood Stove

The Ohuhu Mini Portable Wood Stove is a compact and lightweight camping stove that is perfect for outdoor adventures.

Preppers will find this to be an exceptional emergency offering as it grants them the ability to remain cozy and prepare meals, regardless of any unforeseen circumstances that might hinder their cooking abilities.

Equipped with all the essentials, this wood stove offers an array of pots and pans, utensils, and a generous supply of fuel, ensuring your friend can comfortably settle down at their table and indulge in its warmth.

Store: Ohuhu Compact Portable Wooden Stove – $19.99.

21. Multi-Tool Cutter

Multi-Tool Cutter

This is another excellent present suggestion for preppers because it combines two primary functions into a compact and portable package.

In case your pal finds themselves in a tight spot or requires a swift solution, the versatile multi-tool wire cutters come to the rescue. Not only can they effortlessly slice through various materials, but they also serve as a trusty seatbelt cutter, window breaker, and so much more!

Store: Ariver Multitool Camping Gear – $21.99.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Amidst the anticipation of an impending societal breakdown, a swarm of zombies, or simply preparing for thrilling escapades in the great outdoors, numerous preppers aspire to possess skills beyond idly awaiting doomsday.

Let this compilation empower them to achieve exactly that. Oh, and remember! Beef jerky embodies the quintessential snack choice for the avid prepper. It boasts a nourishing composition, abundant in protein, and possesses an impressive shelf life – all qualities that undoubtedly resonate with any prepper. Furthermore, its delectable taste is simply unparalleled.

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