25 Best Gifts for Priests (To Show Your Appreciation For Them)

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The task of purchasing presents for priests can be quite overwhelming. All too frequently, we overlook the fact that these individuals, who dedicate themselves to the well-being of the community, possess the same human nature as everyone else.

Exploring the realm of suitable presents for your esteemed clergyman unveils a multitude of options, spanning from reverential to comical. The perfect choice shall be contingent upon the unique persona of the recipient. Allow us to present a few notions to aid you in discovering the impeccable gift for your beloved priest.

1. Rosary

A gift with a timeless charm for your beloved priest. Whether journeying among parishioners or immersed in the sacred Mass, there’s always a moment to utter a decade.

This rosary uses beautiful Jasper beads for its spacers and decades and a lovely antiquated cross and medallion combination at the base.

2. Wall Cross

This lovely wall crucifix is another fantastic present for priests, and it is significant without being excessively costly.

Etched upon the cross, the sacred words of The Lord’s Prayer breathe life into its very essence, infusing it with an ethereal significance, while simultaneously crafting an unexpectedly enchanting tapestry of language.

Although lacking a doxology, it doesn’t imply that you cannot present it to an Anglican priest. On certain occasions, Protestant priests may choose to exclude the doxology, and it serves as a magnificent artwork suitable for any rectory, manse, or vicarage.

3. Olivewood Rosaries

In a previous discussion, we touched upon the idea of presenting beaded rosaries as a priest’s gift among various options. However, an alternative and widely favored choice is the exquisite olive wood rosary. Originating from the sacred grounds of the Holy Land, these rosaries hold an added significance, rendering them truly exceptional for the beloved priest in your midst.

They are also highly touch-sensitive, and many priests find the dense wooden cross a superb spot to concentrate during meditation.

4. Bible Verse Cushion

Every great clergyman combines humor with their faith, and that’s why those theological jokes about replacing light bulbs continue to exist.

This throw pillow is an ideal gift for a priest who appreciates wit. Marketed as a compilation of ‘Emergency Bible Verses,’ it provides a scripture for every conceivable situation.

However, it transcends mere playful banter. The intricately crafted verses perfectly align with the respective occasions, seamlessly transitioning from lighthearted whimsy to a profound source of solace and reassurance.

5. Cross Keychain

Cross Keychain

Offering an unrivaled blend of affordability and visual allure, this particular gift for priests proves to be truly unparalleled. Behold a keychain delicately shaped like a cross, exuding both elegance and minimalism. Furthermore, it serves as a poignant symbol, allowing priests to bear their profound faith with them on every journey they undertake.

What better way to keep tabs on car, church, and side chapel keys?

6. Yearly Planner

Yearly Planner

Throughout the changing seasons, a truly remarkable gift for priests can be a meticulously crafted annual organizer. Given their inherent responsibilities and the intricate web of commitments they must navigate, it would be utterly inconceivable for them to seamlessly coordinate the timing of the bustling charity event, such as the jumble sale, and the enlightening Lenten Bible Study without the unwavering support of a trustworthy planner.

This unique planner boasts the incorporation of significant church dates, ranging from Advent I – marking the Church’s New Year – all the way to Easter, Ascension, and the perpetuity of Trinity Sundays.

7. Compass


Most clergy members will inform you that God is their ultimate guiding principle, and this present serves as a beautiful reminder of that belief.

The inscription on this compass bears a poignant verse from Joshua, serving as a constant reminder that amidst adversity, God’s presence remains unwavering. Be it encircled by foes, battling the challenges of Covid-19, or navigating the intricate dynamics of vestry politics, His guidance prevails.

It is a sophisticated present that recognizes the strength and significance of faith.

8. Ostheimer Guardian Angel

Ostheimer is renowned for their exquisite hand-carved figurines. They offer a comprehensive Nativity collection, which makes for another exceptional present for clergy members.

However, on non-seasonal occasions, we find delight in their celestial protectors. Available in a variety of hues, these guardian angels offer a more cost-effective alternative to the Nativity set. Another aspect that endears us to these heavenly beings is their timeless nature, not bound to any particular season. Currently, we possess three of them and proudly display them throughout the entire year.

The craftsmanship of the carving is exquisite, showcasing impeccable quality, while the vibrant paint boasts remarkable durability, resisting the test of time even under the scorching sun. These marvelous creations make for splendid presents, effortlessly enhancing the aesthetic of any grand residence.

9. Fountain Pen

Fountain pens may not appear as the most thrilling presents for priests, yet they possess an inherent charm. They exude timeless sophistication and can be tailored to suit any budget, either lavish or economical.

In addition, they possess a practical nature. Priests regularly engage in the signing of a multitude of documents, ranging from marriage records to baptismal certificates to the application for heritage trust support to renovate the church roof. It is a gift that eliminates any uncertainty regarding its utilization by your priest.

The only catch? Make sure to verify that your clergyman isn’t left-handed before buying.

10. Anglican Rosary

Anglican Rosary

Not every clergyman adheres to the Catholic faith, and the diversity extends to the rosaries as well. A relatively new creation is the Anglican rosary, boasting a remarkable 33 beads that serve as a reflective journey through the various aspects of Christ’s life. These intricately designed rosaries also present themselves as splendid offerings for Anglican priests.

It’s less rigid than the conventional rosary in its prayers, and there are some exquisite handmade Anglican prayer beads accessible.

11. The Book of Lists

The Book of Lists is a compilation of interesting facts, statistics, and rankings, providing readers with a wealth of knowledge and entertainment.

Finding the perfect gift for priests can often prove to be quite a challenge, particularly when you’re not very familiar with them. On initial impression, The Book of Lists emerges as a rather unique choice, as it possesses a less overtly religious nature compared to the works of C.S. Lewis.

Yet it brims with fascinating morsels of information – precisely what every clergyman requires to maintain captivating sermons. Plus, it offers a refreshing break from intricate theological manuscripts!

12. Acts of the Assassins

Acts of the Assassins is a thrilling novel that explores the dark and dangerous world of covert killings, filled with suspense, intrigue, and unexpected twists.

Endorsed by a clergyman, this book is highly recommended, making it an ideal gift option for priests around the globe.

Richard Beard’s ingenious literary masterpiece transforms the Crucifixion into an enigmatic tale of intrigue, intertwining captivating theological intricacies and clever allusions tailored for the devout Christian audience. Moreover, it flawlessly delves into the profound exploration of faith, unraveling the profound essence of belief in the divine.

It’s not a clear present, but it’s stimulating and captivating.

13. Gammarelli Socks

Gammarelli has faithfully adorned the Pope’s feet with socks throughout the years. If you desire a non-religious present for your clergyman, these socks offer a splendid option. A wide range of colors is available, encompassing both liturgical hues and those of a more secular nature.

They are helpful when the church heater malfunctions on Christmas Eve, and the Mass must continue regardless.

14. Excellent Women

Excellent Women

Without a doubt, books are unparalleled gifts for priests, and this particular one holds a special place in our hearts. Barbara Pym’s literary universe is teeming with clergy members, sacred spaces, and religious gatherings.

Her keen sense of observation knows no bounds, be it when she exposes the choir’s disastrous rendition of ‘Hail Thee, Festival Day’ or empathizes with the overwhelmed priests amidst the bustling holiday season.

Pym, often characterized as ‘comfortably intimate,’ transcends such simplistic descriptions. Her works are an essential indulgence for every clergyman, as she introduces a refreshing blend of human emotions and approachability into the realm of church existence.

15. Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

One of the insightful observations in Pym’s novels is the notion that tea (and occasionally alcohol) play a vital role in the life of the church.

In the realm of reality, this holds just as much significance. Regardless of whether your neighborhood clergyman indulges in coffee or tea, a coffee mug stands as an exceptional choice when it comes to selecting a gift for priests.

There is an abundance of clergy-themed mugs available, but our admiration lies in the clever wit of this particular mug. After all, isn’t it true that every churchgoer fears becoming the topic of the upcoming Sunday sermon? Rest assured, this mug will surely bring a smile to your priest’s face as well.

16. Rosary Box

Rosary Box

We previously discussed rosaries as presents for priests. However, another exceptional gift option would be rosary reliquaries.

Each clergyman requires a sacred sanctuary to safeguard their rosary beads, and these exquisitely adorned containers serve as a splendid abode. Not limited to rosaries alone, they serve as a perfect sanctuary for preserving prayer cards, cradling crucifixes, and safeguarding any sacred and significant belongings that the clergyman desires to cherish.

17. The Towers of Trebizond

The Towers of Trebizond are a group of medieval structures located in the Turkish city of Trebizond. They hold historical significance and are known for their impressive architectural design and intricate details.

Indeed, there’s no denying the unparalleled charm of books as a delightful and budget-friendly present for your esteemed priest. Moreover, any priest who values their wisdom would find it imperative to peruse Rose Macaulay’s poignant discourse on faith, if only to savor its renowned introductory line.

This literary masterpiece encompasses elements of a captivating travelogue, a profound religious analysis, and a heartfelt tale of love. The protagonist possesses an undeniable allure, while the symbol of faith embodied by the white camel continues to intrigue scholars in both literary and religious realms. Undoubtedly, this gift is bound to yield remarkable dividends when incorporated into a sermon.

18. Church Embroidery Bookmarks

Church Embroidery Bookmarks are intricately designed accessories that showcase the beauty of religious art and can be used to mark pages in religious texts or prayer books.

The Anglican, Catholic, and Protestant churches abound with exquisite embroidery adorning their altar frontals and vestments, showcasing a forgotten craft that is seldom acknowledged or truly appreciated.

ColCards presents an array of exquisite bookmarks that serve as an antidote to this predicament. These bookmarks capture intricate elements from diverse altar frontals, serving as the ideal complement to any ecclesiastical literature.

19. Christian Ball Cap

A Christian ball cap is a type of hat that typically features Christian symbols, such as crosses or biblical verses, and is often worn by Christian individuals as a way to express their faith.

Renownedly, Father Brown was never seen outside his abode without an umbrella, prepared for any unexpected rainfall. However, the intriguing question remains: how do priests shield themselves from the scorching sun? Worry not, for this remarkable offering exclusively designed for priests holds the ultimate remedy.

This baseball cap, available in a variety of colors, combines functionality with a distinct equal-arms cross design that complements the clerical collar. Its subtle yet undeniably church-like appearance makes it an ideal choice for priests who appreciate both style and a hint of humor in their lives.

20. Three Hares Coasters

The Three Hares Coasters are a set of intricately designed drink coasters that feature the ancient symbol of three hares chasing each other in a circular pattern, symbolizing interconnectedness and unity. These coasters make for a stylish and meaningful addition to any home decor or table setting.

These gifts for clergy members are the ideal complement to that coffee cup we mentioned previously.

In the realm of symbolism, the interwoven hares, once primarily linked to the Celtic faith, have traversed through time, acquiring a rich and captivating narrative as representatives of the Trinity. Manifesting atop the grandiose edifices of Welsh Bishop’s palaces and within the stained glass panes of medieval churches, these elusive creatures continue to leave an indelible mark.

These intertwined rabbits are where the more business-oriented Easter Bunny began its journey.

All in all, they are a perfect present for a clergyman. Spiritual without being too obvious, functional, and delightful to behold.

21. Olivewood Guardian Angel

Olivewood Guardian Angel is a handcrafted wooden figurine that serves as a symbol of protection and guidance, making it a meaningful gift for loved ones.

This exquisite olivewood guardian angel is truly one of the finest presents for priests. Its origin lies in the sacred soils of the Holy Land, making it profoundly significant, even to those not ordained in religious practices.

Not only does it serve as a stunning embellishment for a occasional table or bookshelf, but it also assumes the role of a captivating centerpiece that inspires prayer and reflection. Alternatively, it possesses the ability to adorn a side altar or chapel with its beauty. This remarkably versatile gift carries profound significance for the person receiving it.

22. Monastic Chocolates

Alongside the enduring keepsakes, the majority of gifts bestowed upon clergymen have been imbued with lasting significance. Nevertheless, an alternative and imaginative choice lies in discovering a delectable offering.

Local monasteries find joy in generating substantial revenue through the sale of wine, chocolates, or other delightful goods. These indulgences are a heavenly delight for priests with a penchant for sweetness while also serving as a benevolent pillar for the community. In certain monasteries, a portion of these funds is graciously donated to charitable causes.

23. G. K. Chesterton Quote Beer Cozy

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G.K. Chesterton, the Catholic church’s illustrious theologian, captivates readers not only with his iconic umbrella-toting detective, Fr. Brown, but also with his profound contemplations on matters of faith.

Elevate your dining experience with this delightful beer cozy adorned with a captivating quote from the renowned Chesterton. An ideal accessory for erudite clergymen seeking to infuse a touch of whimsicality into their dinner gatherings.

24. Water Bottle

Water Bottle

We had a priest once who claimed the Holy Spirit was like an overflowing kitchen sink. Like water, the Spirit gets everywhere.

Consider the accompanying card officially taken care of for this present designed for your priest. This water bottle serves as a reasonably priced and pragmatic gift, perfect for the priest who leads a busy life. With its twist-off lid and the subtle presence of the Benedictine medal, it effortlessly conveys a touch of religious essence without being overpowering.

It’s also a ordinary reminder that belief and God, like water, extend into all aspects of our lives.

Water Bottle

In the realm of ancient charm, should you be seeking a gift for a priest, Apostle teaspoons will never disappoint. They possess a delicate religiosity while serving a practical purpose. For what better way to commence the day than with a stirring companion for their morning coffee?

In addition to that, indulging in a lively session of ‘Apostle Puzzle Challenge’ serves as a remarkable conversation starter while enjoying a cup of tea prior to an evening dedicated to studying the Bible.

Although Apostle teaspoon sets can sometimes come with a hefty price tag, this set of four is attractively priced and serves as a delightful present, no matter the time of year.

Final Thoughts

The assortment of gifts for priests is as diverse as the individuals concealed beneath their cassocks. Regardless of whether they are solemn or playful, what unites them is their ability to provide a glimpse into the motivations that drive your priest’s faith.

And, of course, the gifts you choose don’t need to be overtly religious. Hopefully, this list gives you the inspiration to find a suitable gift for the priest in your life.Output: Don’t feel obligated to select explicitly religious presents; this compilation aims to ignite your imagination and help you discover a fitting gift for the clergyman in your world.

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