20+ Best Gifts for Professors: Unique Ways to Say Thank You

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There are numerous motives to present your professors with a present, although expressing appreciation is consistently at the pinnacle of the roster.

When expressing gratitude to your professor, be it for their invaluable letter of recommendation or simply to convey appreciation, it is wise to explore a myriad of distinctive presents tailored for professors.

We comprehend that generating your own concepts could be quite daunting, particularly if you don’t share a close bond with your professor. Well, not close enough to be familiar with their preferences and inclinations, at least!

In order to lend you a hand, we have curated an extensive compilation of gift ideas for professors. Our utmost effort was put into selecting distinctive gifts that will leave a lasting impression and be cherished by your esteemed professor. You can opt for one of the suggestions provided below, or utilize this list as a source of inspiration to discover an even more exceptional gift.

1. Novelty Mugs

Undoubtedly, it is highly likely that your professor possesses a handful of mugs graciously presented by previous pupils. Nevertheless, this does not imply that you are prohibited from bestowing upon them an additional one to augment their ever-expanding array.

Take into account mugs similar to the ones shown below:

What makes it a great present?

Novelty mugs make for a delightful and functional present. Regardless of your professor’s beverage preference, these mugs serve as versatile vessels for their indulgence. And in the case of an excessive collection, the mug can be repurposed as a petite planter or a convenient pen holder – or simply kept aside for future occasions!

2. Desk Organizer

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Crafted from sustainable bamboo or the rustic charm of pine, this versatile desk organizer is available in three different sizes. Ideal for professors seeking impeccable organization, it effortlessly keeps their assortment of small supplies and items neatly arranged and readily accessible. Whether it’s the compact option for organizing papers, or the spacious one for storing small books, notebooks, and notepads, this desk organizer is a functional and stylish addition to any professor’s workspace.

What makes it a great present?

Professors often find their desks becoming a chaotic mess in no time, overwhelmed by the numerous files, papers, books, and various other items that accumulate. A resilient desk organizer can prove to be an invaluable asset in maintaining a clutter-free workspace.

3. Rollerball Pen Gift Box Set

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The Parker IM rollerball pen in a sleek matte blue finish with a Medium nib (approximately 0.5mm) offers an effortlessly smooth writing experience. Personalize it with your professor’s name or a brief phrase of your choice for a touch of uniqueness.

If you are interested in a rollerball pen without any engravings that also includes a ballpoint pen, you should consider this Parker IM set.

What makes it a great present?

It’s truly a delight to possess a sleek and elegant pen that effortlessly glides across paper. Not only does it exude a sense of professionalism, but it also stands the test of time, assuming your professor doesn’t misplace it, of course!

4. Magazine Rack/File Organizer

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Looking for a unique and budget-friendly present for your professor? How about a sleek wire magazine rack or file organizer? The options are endless with this versatile design, available in classic black, sophisticated silver, luxurious gold, or trendy rose gold. Personalize your gift by selecting the color that you believe will truly resonate with the recipient.

What makes it a great present?

Placed upon a desk or shelf, this nifty tool aids professors in managing files and ensuring convenient access. Transforming an office coffee table into a haven, it serves as an excellent repository for magazines and captivating coffee table books, eagerly awaiting their turn to be perused during office hours.

5. Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen

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If the idea of presenting a pen appeals to you, but you desire something a tad more distinctive, consider the Pilot Metropolitan. The pen depicted above showcases a Fine nib and comes complete with a pre-loaded ink cartridge. Additionally, you may consider gifting them a box or two of cartridges, ensuring they have convenient refills at their disposal.

What makes it a great present?

In the bygone era, fountain pens reigned supreme as the quintessential writing instrument. Nowadays, their usage has shifted towards enthusiasts and esteemed individuals such as lawyers and politicians. Nevertheless, fountain pens present an unparalleled writing adventure. Notably, the Pilot Metropolitan has gained recognition as a top-tier fountain pen for beginners, owing to its astonishingly seamless and dependable writing performance.

6. Traveler’s Notebook in Regular Size

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A touch of elegance is added to the Traveler’s Notebooks through their genuine leather covers, exuding a premium aura that captivates the senses. With their durable leather that withstands the test of time, these notebooks proudly display the cherished imprints of wear and affection, becoming uniquely yours. Embrace endless possibilities as you curate your notebook with a diverse array of inserts, be it the simplicity of blank pages, the structured lines of ruled notebooks, the precision of grid layouts, or the versatility of dotted pages. Additionally, choose between planner inserts that are meticulously dated or embrace the boundless freedom of undated pages.

It’s important to mention that Traveler’s Notebooks are recognized for having exceptionally high-quality paper that prevents ink bleedthrough.

You can also purchase this notepad in a passport size.

What makes it a great present?

The Traveler’s Notebook showcases an exceptional level of adaptability, allowing users to personalize it according to their preferences. Whether your professor wishes to utilize it as a versatile planner for monthly, weekly, and daily tasks, or simply as a multipurpose notebook, they have the freedom to do so. The cover offers ample space for up to four inserts, or alternatively, three inserts alongside additional accessories such as folders, zippered pockets, and more. For added convenience, consider providing them with silicone connecting bands, enabling them to effortlessly incorporate inserts as they see fit.

7. Desk Cup Holder Clamp

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With its C-clamp, this desk cup holder clamp securely fastens onto any surface, be it a desktop or something else. Its robust build and construction enable it to effectively bear a weight of up to 11lbs. Moreover, its beverage compartment is designed with double-wall insulation and can accommodate containers as wide as 3.74 inches/90 mm.

What makes it a great present?

Regardless of your professor’s caution, spills of coffee (or tea) cannot be avoided. As we are well aware, these spills only serve to exacerbate the frustrations of an already exasperating day. However, with the aid of this ingenious desk cup holder clamp, your professor can effectively prevent their coffee from staining their desktop, thereby reducing both spills and inadvertent collisions with their beverage. Moreover, the cleverly incorporated hook underneath enables them to conveniently hang their headphones or bag!

8. Amazon Gift Card

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Should you find yourself grappling with the challenge of brainstorming gift concepts or desiring something uncomplicated and universally appealing, contemplate presenting your professor with an Amazon gift card. Delight in the opportunity to select from an array of captivating designs and bestow them neatly within a charming box (as depicted above). These delightful tokens of appreciation are available in denominations of $25, $50, or even higher, yet the alternative of specifying a personalized amount is also at your disposal.

What makes it a great present?

Gift cards, although they may lack a personal touch, are perpetually valuable and serve as an exceptional present for professors. Should you opt for this path, consider including a heartfelt thank you card to infuse your gift with a touch of sentimentality.

9. Personalized Stationery

Sending personalized notes and letters on customized stationery is a truly exceptional experience. In case your professor doesn’t possess their own, why not surprise them with a delightful set such as the ones showcased below:

What makes it a great present?

Surprise your professor with a truly one-of-a-kind present – personalized stationery! Whether you opt for a minimalist or intricate style, it’s certain to be a hit. Imagine the joy on their face when they receive elegant letterheads or chic cards adorned with their name, initials, or even a classy monogram!

10. Lap Desk

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With its generous size and plush padding, this luxurious bamboo lap desk emerges as a leading candidate for the prestigious accolade of being the ultimate present for esteemed professors. Equipped with a conveniently portable handle, a dedicated slot for tablets or phones, and a secure strap to keep cards, papers, and other essentials in place, this lap desk sets itself apart. Its dimensions of 21.1 x 12.9 x 3.74 inches provide ample space to accommodate laptops with screens as large as 17.3″. Moreover, its innovative design effectively prevents laptops from slipping off even when used at an inclined angle.

What makes it a great present?

On certain occasions, your professor may desire to utilize their laptop in a different location other than their conventional desk. This magnified lap desk provides them with a supremely cozy platform to operate their computer, whether it be on the sofa, bed, or any other preferred spot. Moreover, this lap desk can also be utilized as an exceptional workstation, even in the absence of a laptop.

11. Hidrate Spark Tap Stainless Drinking Bottle

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Maintaining proper hydration is crucial for overall well-being, and the Hidrate Spark Tap has arrived to offer its assistance. This remarkable 20 oz. (591 mL) flask is available in a stunning array of six vibrant hues, allowing you to select either the convenient chug lid or the practical straw lid. Crafted from robust, insulated stainless steel, the Hidrate Spark Tap boasts the ability to preserve the chill of your drinks for an impressive 24 hours. Moreover, it proudly stands as a BPA-Free marvel.

The Hidrate Spark Tap stands out due to its ingenious design as a ‘smart’ bottle, capable of seamlessly connecting with an app on your Android or iOS device. With its LED-lit bottom emitting a gentle glow, it prompts users to hydrate 12 times a day. The glow can be personalized, toggled on or off, set to follow a specific pattern, or temporarily postponed for a timely reminder.

By pairing the app with an NFC-enabled phone, users can effortlessly monitor their daily hydration by simply tapping the device against a fully-filled bottle. This innovative feature enables individuals to easily keep track of their daily water intake.

The Hidrate Spark Tap also synchronizes with compatible smartwatches.

What makes it a great present?

The Hidrate Spark Tap bottle is a delightful and whimsical creation. It not only functions as an insulated vessel, preserving the temperature of beverages, but also serves as a gentle reminder to stay hydrated. It may be argued that it falls into the category of being an extravagant purchase, but its price point aligns with other esteemed brands such as Hydro Flasks. We have included this remarkable bottle in our compilation of gift ideas for professors due to its pragmatic nature. Particularly helpful for busy individuals who often neglect their hydration needs, this bottle ensures that your esteemed professor stays refreshed throughout their demanding schedule.

12. Kokuyo Haco-Biz Pen Bag/Stand

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The Kokuyo Haco-Biz, a remarkable creation from Japan, is not just a pen and supply bag but also a versatile stand. It has gained a reputation for being an exceptional choice when it comes to gift ideas for academics, particularly for individuals seeking to enhance their organizational skills.

Presenting the Haco-Biz, showcased in its Large size, boasting dimensions of 8.4 x 1.7 x 7.2 inches. This remarkable bag showcases a double zipper and a convenient top handle for effortless transportation. However, what truly captivates us about this bag is its ingenious design. Upon opening, the front part gracefully folds down, allowing you to secure it with a snap on the petite flap. In this configuration, the Haco-Biz magically transforms into a reliable pen and supply stand, capable of accommodating a wide array of items – even calculators, small notebooks, or notepads. Additionally, the front section serves a dual purpose, effortlessly functioning as a phone stand, as illustrated in the captivating photo above.

What makes it a great present?

The Haco-Biz, a nifty little bag, is the ultimate solution for your professor’s organizational needs. With its compactness and ingenious pen stand feature, it surpasses all others in facilitating swift workspace arrangements and tidying up. Now, your professor can effortlessly store their essentials and trinkets in a single, zip-up sanctuary that accompanies them on all their adventures.

13. Ticktime Pomodoro Timer

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In this day and age, the Pomodoro technique has gained significant recognition. It has garnered a devoted following as a highly regarded tool to enhance productivity, resulting in the development of numerous apps, browser extensions, products, and utilities dedicated to its practice. Surprisingly, even Alexa possesses a skill to serve as a Pomodoro timer.

The Ticktime Pomodoro Timer is a creative tool designed to enhance your productivity effortlessly. With a plethora of features at your disposal, its standout feature lies in its ingenious preset timing module function. Simply flip any numbered side up, and watch the timer seamlessly count down the corresponding number of minutes. This exceptional product boasts six preset modules, catering to durations of 3, 5, 10, 15, 25, and 30 minutes.

What makes this a great present?

Professors, like anyone else, are not immune to the perils of distraction and the challenges of managing time effectively. The Ticktime Pomodoro Timer presents a multifaceted solution, not only aiding in time management but also proving beneficial for various activities such as exercising, culinary endeavors, and beyond.

14. Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Marker Kit

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The Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Marker Kit boasts a splendid assortment of twelve markers, comprising eight markers with chisel tips and an additional four markers with fine tips. Complementing this exceptional collection, the kit also incorporates a premium whiteboard eraser and a high-quality whiteboard cleaning fluid.

What makes this a great present?

While this kit may not be the epitome of extravagance when it comes to gifting your esteemed professor, its practicality knows no bounds! Professors invest copious amounts of time scribbling on whiteboards, and without a shadow of a doubt, they exhaust dry erase markers in the blink of an eye. Fear not, for this comprehensive ensemble provides them with an abundance of markers that will last for an extended period.

15. The Snack Bar Healthy Snack Care Package

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The Snack Bar presents an exquisite Healthy Snack Care Package available in two options: a delightful 30-piece set or a slightly pricier 52-piece set. Within this package, you shall discover a delightful assortment of nourishing snacks, encompassing a generous 2.5 pounds of delectable fruit treats, invigorating bars, and much more. In the rare event that any of the showcased items are unavailable, fear not, for The Snack Bar shall graciously substitute it with an equally valuable (and equally wholesome) alternative.

What makes this a great present?

Giving food as a gift is a timeless gesture that never fails to delight. After all, who can resist the temptation of delicious treats? This thoughtfully curated care package of nutritious snacks is sure to include something that will bring joy to your esteemed professor.

16. Bee’s Wrap Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps – Assorted Size

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The Bee’s Wrap Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps offer a delightful collection of four captivating designs and are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Experience the magic of this assorted-size bundle of three, which includes a charming small wrap, an enchanting medium wrap, and a majestic large wrap.

Embrace the wonders of beeswax food wraps – a sustainable, enduring, and nourishing substitute for encasing edibles in plastic or silicone. With diligent upkeep, these wraps can accompany you through an entire year, sparing countless plastic items from being condemned to landfills!

What makes this a great present?

Beeswax food wraps are the perfect present for eco-conscious professors, showcasing their commitment to the environment. Additionally, these wraps serve as versatile companions, offering a convenient solution for transporting lunch to campus or securely encasing bowls and various receptacles—eliminating the need for wasteful cling wrap.

17. Gift Tea Set

The tea sets showcased above boast an assortment of 45 tea bags, each brimming with a delightful array of flavors and blends. Moreover, these sets arrive in tastefully crafted gift boxes, sparing you the need to fuss over their presentation!

What makes this a great present?

Tea sampler sets are the perfect gift for tea-loving professors or anyone who enjoys a comforting warm drink. Not only are these sets versatile, but they also offer exceptional value for money.

18. Boogie Board

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The Boogie Board, a delightful creation, offers a whimsical way to jot down spontaneous thoughts and prompts. Moreover, it serves as a versatile tool for computations, doodles, idea generation, mental mapping, and beyond. Feel free to use any instrument, be it the stylus provided, a pen cap, or any other blunt object, to write on this marvelous board. Erasing your scribbles is effortlessly achieved by merely pressing the button positioned atop the board.

What makes this a great present?

Boogie Boards have the magical ability to banish clutter from your professor’s desk, leaving it pristine and organized. Not only do they contribute to reducing paper waste, but they also possess the power to preserve messages indefinitely, unless the mystical button on the top of the board is summoned. This extraordinary board proves to be an invaluable ally whether it graces a desk, a fridge, or any other space where the presence of notes and reminders can work wonders!

19. Mindfulness Cards

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Within this deck of 52 mindfulness cards, you will discover a multitude of meticulously crafted exercises aimed at diminishing anxiety, alleviating stress, enhancing relaxation, and cultivating the practice of meditation. Specifically curated for daily implementation, these exercises offer solace amidst the chaos of a demanding and tension-filled day.

The Mindfulness Cards showcased above are beneficial to individuals of all age groups.

What makes this a great present?

On certain occasions, it is essential for individuals to find a moment of tranquility to realign their thoughts. These exquisite mindfulness cards serve as an extraordinary gift option for your esteemed professor, allowing them to embark on a blissful “mind vacation.” In addition, these cards possess the remarkable ability to assist your professor in embracing the practices of meditation and mindfulness, fulfilling their long-held desire to engage in these transformative practices that were previously elusive to them.

20. Noted by Post-it Printed Notes 4-Piece Gift Box

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In this delightful Post-it Printed Notes 4-Piece Gift Box, discover a charming assortment of sticky notes. Unveil a handy to-do list, a petite pad adorned with convenient check boxes, and a whimsical round pad. As an added bonus, this set is complete with five pens to enhance your note-taking experience.

What makes this a great present?

The insatiable desire for Post-its knows no bounds! Post-it box collections serve as delightful presents for professors who revel in adorning their surroundings with sticky notes. This specific assortment is an absolute gem for educators who find solace in checklists and to-do lists. Additionally, the accompanying pens prove to be incredibly useful!

Other Gift Ideas for Professors

Not everyone finds joy in presenting monetary gifts. There are individuals who prefer to offer personalized gifts that leave a lasting impression. If you’re restricted by a budget or seeking alternative gift ideas for your professor, explore the following suggestions.

Baked or Cooked Goods

Indulging in delectable baked or cooked treats is always a delightful choice, especially when you are the mastermind behind their creation! Why not venture into the realm of homemade goodness by whipping up some scrumptious cookies or gooey brownies? For a touch of culinary adventure, you could even experiment with crafting an exotic delicacy from a distant cuisine, although a trial run might be wise before presenting a batch as a heartfelt gift. And remember, the final touch lies in elegantly packaging your culinary delights, making them even more enticing!

A Thank-You Card or Letter

In case you find yourself lacking the time or means to prepare a meal or create a delectable treat, you can opt for presenting a humble thank-you card or letter instead. An earnest expression of appreciation will forever remain an exceptional token of gratitude to offer to your professors!

Something Handmade

Consider gifting your professor a bespoke creation crafted by your own hands! If you possess a penchant for activities such as crochet, knitting, carpentry, dressmaking, fine art, sketching, or similar endeavors, you have the opportunity to bestow a truly unique and personalized item upon your esteemed professor.

Your professor will surely treasure your thoughtful gift for countless years, relishing the knowledge that you dedicated time and effort into crafting it personally. Moreover, it provides a splendid opportunity to immerse yourself in your beloved pastime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a student give a professor a gift?

Sure thing! It’s totally doable (and quite popular) for students to present their professors with a delightful token of appreciation. It’s not uncommon for students to express their gratitude to their teachers for their invaluable guidance, mentorship, and uplifting influence. Another prevalent motive for students to offer gifts is to express their heartfelt thanks for a greatly cherished letter of recommendation.

Should I give my professor a thank you card?

Expressing gratitude through a thank you card can be an exquisite gesture that doesn’t demand a hefty budget. Elevate the art of appreciation by crafting a heartfelt message within the card. Unleash your creativity by jotting down a brief note, delving into how their influence has profoundly shaped your educational journey and enriched your existence.

Which gift is best for a professor?

College professors are deserving of numerous exceptional presents, and the task of discovering the ultimate one can truly be a labor of creativity. Various elements must be taken into account, including the gift’s price, appropriateness, functionality, and beyond. If uncertainty surrounds your choice, you can perpetually select universally adored alternatives like gift vouchers, delightful hampers and thoughtful care packages, delectable homemade treats, or heartfelt expressions of gratitude.

Should I give a gift for a letter of recommendation?

Professors generously carve out moments from their packed agendas to compose letters of recommendation on your behalf. While it is not obligatory to present them with a gift or a thank-you note as an expression of your appreciation, it is widely regarded as a commendable gesture. If your finances do not permit a gift, you can always opt for the heartfelt approach of penning a letter to convey your gratitude!

Is $50 too much for a teacher gift?

When pondering over a present for your esteemed teacher, it is wise to consider a price range of $20 to $30. Nevertheless, if your pockets allow for a more generous budget, a gift in the vicinity of $50 could be fitting. Going beyond this limit might be considered ‘unsuitable’, unless you share a profound bond akin to mentor and mentee. To find the ideal gift expenditure, it is prudent to evaluate the nature of your association with your professor.


Choosing presents for professors can be quite overwhelming if you’re unsure or clueless about where to start your search. Fortunately, there is an abundance of imaginative suggestions you can explore, just like the ones mentioned earlier. In the worst-case scenario, you can always opt for a universally adored present, like a delightful assortment of goodies, homemade treats, or a thoughtful gift voucher.

Hopefully, this compilation of suggestions has assisted you in discovering the perfect present for your esteemed professor. Should you believe that we have overlooked any noteworthy additions to this list, kindly inform us by leaving a comment below!

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