23 Best Useful Gifts for Sailors (2023)

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Looking for the ideal presents for the seafarer in your life? We have a few suggestions to assist you.

Sailboats present a delightful yet demanding conundrum due to their petite size and limited storage capacity. These vessels gracefully navigate the unforgiving elements of salt, sun, wind, and humidity, which relentlessly test the endurance of all onboard possessions. Consequently, any objects destined for a life at sea must possess unwavering durability to withstand these formidable forces.

Most seafarers favor useful presents that are:.

  • Practical, or even more preferable, versatile.
  • Do not require a significant amount of additional resources (such as water, electricity, or space).
  • Constructed using high-quality materials designed to withstand the harsh marine conditions.
  • In light of the aforementioned, it’s a delightful gesture to bestow upon sailors a present they may not typically indulge in. An exceptional notion for a gift could also bring convenience or opulence to their seafaring way of life.

    Uncover a treasure trove of Christmas gift inspiration during the festive season, unearth exceptional presents for momentous occasions, or simply find the perfect token of gratitude – behold, here are 23 extraordinary gifts tailor-made for sailors.

    1. Solar Luci Light (Multi-Color)

    Many sailors opt for the white solar-powered Luci Light, yet they rarely indulge in the multi-color variant. This delightful assortment of lights grants a vibrant spectrum of hues, perfect for creating a captivating atmosphere during joyous hours or al fresco dining in the cockpit. Additionally, they boast a convenient snap-on handle, facilitating effortless attachment to the sailboat bimini.

    The Solar Luci Light (Multi-Color) is a compact and portable solar-powered light that emits a vibrant array of colors, providing a whimsical and enchanting ambiance to any outdoor space.

    The inflatable and waterproof lights come in a dazzling array of colors. Choose from eight vibrant settings or opt for a mesmerizing color rotation. These lights conveniently harness the power of the sun to recharge, providing a remarkable 8-hour lifespan.

    This compact light effortlessly fulfills all the requisites of effortless storage, user-friendly operation, and exceptional resilience in a marine setting. As an added perk, the crimson illumination option proves invaluable during nocturnal navigation.

    Witness the diverse array of colors in the Luci Light at this location.

    2. Hammock

    As something many sailors may not indulge in, a hammock is the ideal sailing present.

    The Christmas present we received was a delightful surprise – a hammock! We couldn’t contain our excitement at the thought of having a new addition to our leisure time on the boat. What made it even more special was the fact that it wasn’t something we had considered purchasing on our own.


    The ENO hammock effortlessly transforms into a remarkably condensed and featherweight sphere, rendering it a breeze to stow away on the vessel or transport ashore for a delightful day out.

    The most difficult choice will be selecting a shade for your beloved seafarer.

    Take a look at the ENO DoubleNest hammocks available here.

    3. Dock & Bay Towels

    Sail away with these revolutionary fast-drying towels, designed specifically for those who embrace the aquatic lifestyle. A must-have gift for sailors and boat enthusiasts alike, these towels offer unparalleled convenience, whether it’s for post-swim drying or simply basking in the sun-kissed sands.

    Dock & Bay Towels are known for their vibrant designs, high-quality materials, and quick-drying capabilities, making them the perfect companion for any beach or poolside adventure.

    These towels effortlessly transform into compact dimensions, ideal for convenient storage or stowing away for a delightful seaside adventure. Additionally, they are accompanied by a delightful storage pouch. The towels boast an impressive ability to effortlessly rid themselves of sand, ensuring a pristine return to the boat without any unnecessary mess.

    As an item that also made our list of sailing essentials, any sailor would be happy to unwrap these as a gift.

    Explore the wide range of vibrant designs and various sizes offered in the Dock & Bay beach towels.

    4. Tervis Tumbler

    These tumblers are perfect for sailors in search of a high-quality insulated cup, and they fit right in on any boat.

    Tervis Tumbler

    Tervis has gained a reputation for its ingenious BPA-free plastic glassware. Should these accidentally tumble aboard your vessel, the fear of shattering can be put to rest. Furthermore, they proudly offer an exceptional lifetime warranty that encompasses all aspects except for the expected signs of everyday use.

    The lid opening of our beverage container is tailored to accommodate most reusable straws, making it an ideal choice for sailors who enjoy sipping with a straw. (We personally love using these exquisite glass straws and cannot recommend them enough!)

    Tervis offers personalized choices on its website for a one-of-a-kind present if you include a boat name or logo.

    Check out the Tervis Tumbler choices on their website here.

    5. Power Banks

    Sailors frequently possess a plethora of electronic devices, although they may not always have the means to recharge them.

    The Anker power bank reigns supreme as our ultimate choice when it comes to juicing up portable gadgets. Our trusty Anker battery pack has faithfully served us for a remarkable six-year span, proving itself as an exceptional companion for keeping our tablets, mobile phones, headphones, and other devices fully charged during our boating adventures.

    Power Banks

    With the capacity to charge multiple devices simultaneously, this innovative model boasts three charging ports. Additionally, its dual input port enables the pack to be recharged twice as swiftly.

    Anker PowerCore Mobile Battery Pack.

  • Portable power bank with 3 USB ports (charge 3 devices simultaneously).
  • With a power capacity of 26,800mAh, this charger can recharge most phones up to 6 times and tablets at least 2 times.
  • Dual input port that enables twice as fast recharging.
  • The Miady battery packs, while not as robust and enduring as the Anker, offer excellent value for their price and are a solid alternative.

    6. Dry Bag

    Sailboats greatly benefit from the addition of dry bags due to the extensive time spent on the water. Whether it’s cruising on a dinghy or engaging in thrilling activities like kayaking and standup paddleboarding, these remarkable waterproof bags can also serve as versatile beach companions.

    Having a multitude of dry bags in different sizes on the boat is truly delightful, while a spacious backpack or a trendy cross-body bag is an absolute must-have for those thrilling shore excursions.

    Dry Bag

    In this remarkable dry bag, ample room is always at our disposal, coupled with effortless portability. The inclusion of a front pocket further simplifies the storage of your phone or wallet, while the main compartment ensures the safekeeping of larger belongings.

    Earth Pak Water-resistant Dry Sack.

  • Showcasing a spacious primary section with a roll-top seal.
  • The front pocket with a zipper ensures that your belongings stay dry while kayaking, boating, and engaging in other water activities.
  • Comes with a water-resistant phone cover.
  • Offered in four different sizes (10L, 20L, 30L, 40L).
  • Regrettably, our Quiksilver dry bag has vanished into the depths of unavailability. Yet fear not, for the Earth Pak alternative boasts a striking resemblance, accompanied by a chorus of rave reviews. For a plethora of alternatives, navigate your way to REI’s treasure trove.

    7. Lantern

    Illumination is of utmost importance when it comes to residing, navigating, and engaging in activities aboard a vessel. A portable lantern that can be recharged proves to be advantageous in various areas such as the cockpit, the bilge, or even for communication with fellow boaters.


    With a brightness of 1000 lumens, the Blazin Fireball lantern can brightly light up a spacious area. It offers three different brightness options, along with an SOS option.

    Additionally, if you find yourself in a tight situation, you can recharge your phone or tablet using the power bank.

    Take a look at our preferred rechargeable lantern.

    8. Tilley Sun Hat

    Sailors practically reside outdoors. A dependable, cozy sun hat is essential for safeguarding your skin on each sailing expedition.

    Among the plethora of sun hats on the market, Tilley has emerged as our go-to choice for superior sun protection and top-notch quality.

    Tilley Sun Hat is a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts, offering excellent protection from the sun's harmful rays with its wide brim and UPF rating.

    These caps offer the highest UPF 50+ protection, are water-repellent, and can even float on water.

    If you want to give a gift of a long-lasting hat with sun protection and adequate ventilation, this is a great choice.

    Check out the Tilley AirFlo sun hat on Amazon or at REI.

    9. Inflatable Kayak

    A cruising boat becomes even more captivating with the addition of an inflatable kayak. Perfect for embarking on adventures to nearby beaches or simply indulging in a refreshing exercise session.

    Inflatable Kayak

    The Intex kayak, a remarkable inflatable vessel designed for two individuals, has an impressive weight capacity of 400 pounds. This nautical gem serves as an excellent alternative for seafarers seeking a space-saving solution, particularly when a conventional kayak is not feasible on the ship’s deck.

    Intex Explorer K2 Kayak.

  • Inflatable kayak for two people with aluminum paddles.
  • Comes with a high-capacity air pump.
  • The maximum weight limit is 400 pounds.
  • We absolutely adore the versatility of this kayak, as it grants us the freedom to embark on serene solo morning paddles or embark on thrilling joint adventures during the enchanting evenings. Moreover, the fact that we can effortlessly stow it away when it’s not in use adds an element of convenience to our lives. Additionally, it serves as a reliable backup option for those spontaneous trips to the dock in case our trusty dinghy encounters any unexpected issues.

    Take a look at the Intex inflatable tandem kayak here.

    10. Audible Subscription

    Enhance the passage of time during extended journeys on a sailboat with captivating diversions. An exceptional offering for sailing enthusiasts is the gift of an audiobook membership.

    Audible Subscription

    Indulging in the audiobook of your preference is an excellent method to while away the hours at the steering wheel, in the ship’s kitchen, or during the monotonous completion of a task.

    We read numerous books on Sunnyside, but it’s never an issue since we don’t have to keep them.

    Present the gift of an Audible subscription at this location.

    11. Borescope Camera

    This tool is a beloved addition to any sailor’s toolkit, perfect for those who enjoy taking care of their own boat and makes a splendid gift choice.

    Unlocking a world of hidden secrets, the borescope with WIFI capabilities unveils the enigmatic realms concealed within the unexplored crevices of a boat. Seamlessly navigating through tight spaces, this ingenious device empowers you to effortlessly recover cables and various objects with the aid of its versatile hook and magnetic attachments.

    Borescope Camera

    Experience the wonders of the waterproof camera equipped with a mesmerizing LED light as it seamlessly connects to your tablet or phone, granting you an immersive live view of the captivating area you’re delving into.

    Check out the WiFi-enabled borescope we bought. This item also made it onto our list of essential tools for your sailboat.

    12. Sun Bum Clear Zinc Sunscreen

    While on a sailboat, you are constantly exposed to the sunlight, making the safeguarding of your skin a significant aspect of a sailor’s daily routine.

    Sun Bum Clear Zinc Sunscreen is a high-quality sunscreen that provides effective protection against harmful sun rays while leaving your skin feeling clear and refreshed.

    Sun Bum’s clear zinc sunscreen is a true gem, offering a delightful consistency that glides effortlessly onto your skin. With its lightweight formula, you can enjoy a seamless application. The remarkable SPF 50 ensures your skin stays shielded even during the harshest sun-soaked adventures, especially when you find yourself out in the vast open waters.

    Sun Bum Hydrating Sunblock SPF 50.

  • Transparent zinc oxide sunscreen.
  • Suitable for vegans and environmentally friendly for coral reefs, free from Octinoxate and Oxybenzone.
  • Sunscreen with vitamin E that provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays.
  • 2-pack of 1 oz containers.
  • This product is perfect for the facial and auditory regions. It’s also the ideal size for traveling.

    See Sun Bum’s Transparent Zinc here.

    13. Hair Wrap

    These comfortable hair wraps are a great solution for female sailors to keep their wet hair neatly concealed while sailing.

    Hair Wrap

    With utmost ease, the wraps effortlessly dry your hair in no time. Simply twirl your locks into the wrap and fasten the elastic around the charming button at the back.

    These hair wraps are both practical and fashionable, making them the perfect gift for sailors!

    Explore all the hair wrap color options available from Dock & Bay here.

    14. Headlamp

    Illumination is extremely crucial on a sailboat, therefore this is the second lighting device on this list.

    The Fenix headlamp, a beacon of brilliance, illuminates the world of boat life with its remarkable radiance. Seamlessly blending functionality and elegance, this exquisite light becomes an indispensable companion for sailors, empowering them to conquer the depths of darkness. From navigating obscure corners to unraveling intricate knots, the Fenix headlamp stands as a steadfast ally, illuminating every endeavor with unwavering luminosity.


    With a remarkable luminous power of 950 lumens, this headlamp offers an array of five distinct brightness levels alongside a captivating red light mode that gracefully safeguards your night vision.

    Sailors will be enthralled by the remarkable rechargeable battery, boasting an astounding lifespan of up to 100 hours per charge. Furthermore, this extraordinary headlamp possesses the remarkable ability to withstand water depths of up to six feet, rendering it a invaluable companion for exploring boat props, thru-hulls, and other mesmerizing underwater realms that may pose potential complications.

    Take a look at the Fenix headlamp available here.

    15. Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

    One of the difficulties on a sailboat is the continuous motion, which increases the chances of things falling and getting damaged.

    Stainless Steel Wine Glasses are a modern and durable alternative to traditional glassware, perfect for outdoor events and picnics.

    Stainless steel makes these glasses highly resilient for life on a sailboat. They are indestructible while remaining robust.

    These glasses were bestowed upon us as a delightful present, and to our astonishment, they swiftly evolved into an indispensable element of our daily routine. Whenever the sun begins its descent, beckoning us towards a moment of relaxation, these vessels emerge as our foremost choice for indulging in a refreshing serving of wine or a tantalizing cocktail. Additionally, these magnificent glasses have rightfully earned a cherished spot on our roster of must-have items in the galley of our sailboat.

    Take a look at this set of wine glasses made from stainless steel.

    16. DJI Osmo Mobile

    The DjI Osmo Mobile is a splendid gift suggestion for sailing vloggers and Instagrammers, eliciting their fascination with its opulent technological marvel that enables them to seize every cherished moment amidst the vast sea.

    DJI Osmo Mobile is a revolutionary handheld smartphone gimbal that enables you to capture smooth, professional-looking footage with ease.

    The Osmo mobile revolutionizes smartphone stabilization by incorporating a handheld gimbal, enabling the creation of mesmerizing high-definition videos. Seamlessly compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, this remarkable tool is perfect for capturing breathtaking footage, even amidst the turbulent waves of rocky seas.

    DJI Osmo Mobile 3 – Handheld Stabilizer for Smartphones with 3-Axis Gimbal.

  • The portable design enables you to carry Osmo Mobile 3 wherever you go.
  • Take a self-portrait or start recording by indicating. The front and back cameras can detect Gesture Control.
  • Effortless and uninterrupted tracking captures subjects.
  • The Quick Roll feature enables you to swiftly switch between portrait and landscape modes.
  • From panoramic views to time-lapse videos, the DJI Osmo Mobile enhances a sailor’s videography experience.

    Experience the DJI OSMO Mobile 3, a revolutionary upgrade from its predecessor. Unveiling a plethora of cutting-edge features and a sleek folding design tailored for effortless storage, it is the perfect companion for compact vessels.

    17. Stainless Steel Clothespins

    Sailors aboard a vessel are perpetually confronted with dampness. They navigate through a sea of wetness, from the realm of kitchen and bathroom linens, to swimsuits and laundry, and even the indispensable foul weather attire – a constant parade of items suspended in mid-air, seeking respite from moisture.

    Yacht owners rejoice as these ingenious clothespins come to the rescue, safeguarding cherished towels and apparel from untimely escapes, all while maintaining their pristine condition. A perfect gift indeed!

    Stainless Steel Clothespins are durable and rust-resistant, making them perfect for hanging clothes outdoors or in humid environments. They are also a sustainable option, as they can be reused over and over again, reducing waste.

    Behold the epitome of clothespin excellence, the majestic Ferraris of the clothespin realm. Originating from the land of Italy, these remarkable creations are meticulously crafted using the finest stainless steel, then lovingly adorned with delicate strokes of hand-painted artistry. A true testament to their unparalleled quality, these clothespins boldly defy the forces of nature, triumphing over rust, stains, decay, and even the harshest of breakages.

    Sailors of every type will definitely treasure these timeless clothespins, accompanied by a delightful selection of 15 vivid shades.

    Take a look at our preferred clothespins here. We adore these so greatly that they also earned a spot on our list of sailboat necessities.

    18. Coolibar Cardigans

    Sun-protective attire is essential when on the water. It assists sailors in reducing their reliance on sunscreen and offers exceptional sun shielding.

    Coolibar Cardigans

    The Coolibar sun wrap boasts a remarkable UPF 50+. Its comfort and featherweight nature remain unparalleled, and even after numerous washes, it retains its pristine condition akin to the day of purchase.

    The materials are carefully chosen to create this excellent wrap that is gentle, breathable, and durable.

    Female sailors will adore this wrap. I may or may not have four distinct shades on board.

    Explore the vibrant array of hues showcased in the Coolibar sun wrap collection. Discover our insightful post on Nautical Attire to uncover a multitude of recommendations for your boat excursion wardrobe.

    19. E-Cloths

    Sailors are always looking for ways to limit single-use products that take up space. Paper towels require storage and create unnecessary trash.


    Sailors can now embrace sustainability with the inclusion of these eco-friendly microfiber towels in this gift guide. Not only do these towels eliminate the need for wasteful paper towels, but they also offer the remarkable ability to clean with incredible speed using only water.

    Since we embarked on this journey, our trusty E-Cloth brand has become synonymous with exceptional quality and durability. These remarkable products have seamlessly integrated into our daily routine, becoming an indispensable part of our lives.

    This E-Cloth collection is a great choice to begin with. If you enjoy these, explore our compilation of eco-friendly alternatives.

    20. Stick Blender

    The boat galley can greatly benefit from the inclusion of a stick blender. With its compact size, it outshines bulkier alternatives such as blenders and food processors, making it an ideal choice for cramped spaces on small boats. Additionally, its power consumption is significantly lower, requiring only a fraction of the wattage to function effectively.

    Stick Blender

    The KitchenAid models are durable blenders designed to endure. They come with various options.

    Use to mix soup or sauce in a pot or create hummus or salsa in a jar.

    Immersion Blender Options

    Our portable mixer has been incredibly adaptable on board, so we also included it on our list of essential kitchen items for sailing.

    21. Baggu Reusable Bags

    Provisioning can be quite a challenge for adventurous sailors who are without a car. However, fear not! Baggu’s reusable bags come to the rescue, making grocery trips and unexpected store discoveries a breeze.

    Baggu Reusable Bags are eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic bags, designed with durability and style in mind, making them a popular choice for sustainable shoppers.

    Nestled within a compact 5×5 inch pocket, these marvels find a cozy home, ready to accompany you wherever you venture, be it in a chic handbag or a petite clutch.

    The Ripstop nylon material can withstand up to 50 pounds. You’ll never feel as though you’re overwhelming them.

    These are also machine washable and a green way to shop. We love them so much we now have four of them.

    Explore all the fashionable designs in the eco-friendly Baggu bags available here.

    22. Waterproof Bag / Purse

    As you immerse yourself in the aquatic realm, safeguarding your precious belongings like cash, credit cards, and mobile device becomes paramount. Whether embarking on a voyage to a distant isle or indulging in a refreshing swim by the shore, seafarers are resolute in their determination to shield their valuables from vulnerability and negligence.

    A waterproof bag or purse is designed to keep your belongings safe and dry, even in the most challenging weather conditions or outdoor activities.

    Embrace the ingeniousness of these belt bags that defy water with their 100% waterproof capability, offering you a secure haven for your belongings while ensuring effortless accessibility to your most valued essentials. Immerse yourself in the freedom they provide, as they graciously accompany you around your waist or elegantly transform into a versatile crossbody bag.

    Booe stands out as a pioneer in crafting zipper-clad bags that possess both waterproof and airtight qualities. Don’t miss the chance to explore their remarkable array of waterproof bag alternatives, ranging from stylish totes to versatile backpacks and duffel bags.

    Nautical binoculars serve as a vital instrument for voyaging across vast oceans. The capability to detect dangers, significant landmarks, and distant vessels is of utmost importance to ensure secure passage.

    A waterproof bag or purse is designed to keep your belongings safe and dry, even in the most challenging weather conditions or outdoor activities.

    The marine binoculars are ingeniously crafted to endure the unforgiving marine surroundings while incorporating a compass for precise navigation. Furthermore, they excel remarkably even during nighttime expeditions.

    The sailing experience can be significantly enriched by a pair of top-notch binoculars, enabling sailors to marvel at marine wildlife and soak in the breathtaking scenery from afar.

    Take a look at these marine binoculars that we suggest.

    Finding a Gift For Sailors

    Hopefully, you have discovered a treasure trove of nautical gift inspiration for your beloved sailor pals (or perhaps even for your own maritime adventures). The key is to tap into your innate seafaring instincts when selecting the ultimate present for them, and you’ll navigate the waves of gift-giving flawlessly. Sail away to a joyous shopping expedition!

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