Gifts for Smoothie Lovers – 10 Perfect Present Ideas

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In this article – we’ve compiled 10 of the best gifts for smoothie lovers with ideas to suit every budget.

Feel free to purchase them with the intention of gifting them to others, yet find yourself irresistibly drawn to keeping them for your own delight. Rest assured, your secret is safe with us…

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These smoothie presents are perfect for filling stockings, giving as secret Santa gifts, or simply thoughtful presents on a limited budget.

#1 – Mason Jar

Available from Amazon USA for $6 or Amazon UK for £5.50

Enjoy your smoothies in these chic mason jars that serve as both a practical storage solution and a trendy accessory. Crafted from exquisite glass and accompanied by convenient lids, these versatile jars effortlessly transition from beverage containers to eye-catching ornaments for your kitchen.

In addition, these containers serve as perfect receptacles for storing smoothie ingredients, enabling you to pre-prepare a plethora of fruits and vegetables to conveniently streamline your morning routine.

#2 – Ground Flaxseed

Available from Amazon USA for $11.24 or Amazon UK for £5.95

Adding ground flaxseed to your smoothies not only imparts a delightful nutty taste, but also enhances their texture with a luscious thickness. This versatile ingredient serves as a remarkable powerhouse of Omega 3 and dietary fiber, elevating the nutritional value of your smoothies to new heights.

Purchasing flaxseed from health food shops can often come with a hefty price tag, but fear not! By venturing into the realm of online shopping, you can find this nutritional gem at a more pocket-friendly price. Additionally, flaxseed presents itself as a superb substitute for flour, should you desire to elevate the health quotient of your delectable cupcakes. After all, who wouldn’t want their indulgent treats to possess a touch of wholesomeness?

#3 – Mixer Ball

Available from Amazon USA for $5.46 or Amazon UK for £2.99

Say goodbye to lumpy smoothies and pesky protein powder residue with the help of these ingenious wire mixer balls. Whether you’re on the go or simply craving a velvety smooth beverage, these nifty little gadgets guarantee a flawless blend every time.

For those who adore smoothies, these affordable yet handy items serve as delightful presents. Simply incorporate it into your smoothie and give it a vigorous shake, resulting in a velvety and airy texture. Bid farewell to unpleasant consistencies – hooray!

#4 – BlenderBottle

Available from Amazon USA for $11.99 or Amazon UK for £21.49

This transport container is an absolute must-have for those who bring their smoothies to the gym. With its reliable screw-on lid that promises no leaks, it offers not only functionality but also a touch of personal style. Available in three different sizes and an astonishing array of 18 vibrant colors, this container allows you to express your unique taste. Moreover, it conveniently includes the innovative wire ‘mixer ball’ we previously mentioned, ensuring your smoothies are perfectly blended.

Gifts for Smoothie Lovers – $10-$20

Here’s a variety of presents for smoothie enthusiasts ranging from $10 to $20.

#5 – Simple Green Smoothies Book

Available from Amazon USA for $15 or Amazon UK for £16.99

This recipe book is a top contender when it comes to gifting smoothie enthusiasts. ‘Simple Green Smoothies’ has garnered an impressive 180 five-star reviews within just a month of its initial release, making it stand out from the rest.

Within the pages of this voluminous 300-page tome, you will uncover a treasure trove of delectable secrets, enticingly referred to as ‘100+ Tasty Recipes to Shed Pounds, Ignite Vitality, and Revel in the Bliss of a Harmonious Physique’. Prepare to be captivated by an abundance of visually striking imagery and a plethora of mouthwatering culinary creations, meticulously organized into informative sections including ‘vitality-enhancing’, ‘family-friendly’, and ‘indulgent delights’.

#6 – Travel Blender

Available from Amazon USA from $2299 or Amazon UK from £39.48

For individuals who enjoy smoothies and frequently travel, a portable blender is an excellent method to sustain their daily routine.

The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender and the Breville Blend-Active are crafted with the busy, health-conscious individuals in mind, craving effortless enjoyment of nourishing smoothies. With their compact and portable bases, accompanied by vibrant bottle options, these blenders offer a delightful array of four colors (we absolutely adore vibrant hues!).

#7 – Grow Your Own Mint Kit

Available from Amazon USA for $11.99 or Amazon UK for £4.99

Incorporating a handful of mint leaves into your smoothies can introduce an entirely fresh realm of taste. Bursting with antioxidants and boasting digestive benefits, mint is frequently incorporated into detox smoothie concoctions.

With a mint plant adorning your kitchen window sill, you’ll perpetually have the freshest herbs at your fingertips. Not to mention the delightful aroma it exudes!

#8 – Mason Jar Measuring Cups

Available from Amazon USA for $16.99 or Amazon UK for £14.99.

At the top of our shopping list are these chic measuring cups that strike the perfect balance between vintage charm and functionality. Their sleek design would effortlessly elevate the appeal of any kitchen countertop.

Ideal for precisely portioning smoothie ingredients, these measuring cups come in full cup, half cup, one-third cup, and quarter cup sizes. Additionally, the ceramic coating enhances their longevity and ensures they are safe for dishwasher use.

Gifts for Smoothie Lovers – $20 & over

These present suggestions for enthusiasts of smoothies begin at $20 and go up.

#9 – Seasonal Smoothie Ingredient Box

Available from The Fruit Guys ($39+) or Abel & Cole (£13.40+)

Boost your smoothie game with a delightful veggie box, a gift that combines practicality and creativity. Embrace the flavors of nature with organic veg box delivery from The Fruit Guys (USA) or Abel & Cole (UK), ensuring your daily smoothie routine is always on point.

Discover the magic of these boxes as they embrace the essence of each season’s bountiful harvest, ensuring an unparalleled explosion of flavors that not only tantalize the taste buds but also nurture our planet. These veg boxes possess the power to bestow upon their recipients a precious present: the ability to effortlessly savor a diverse array of nutritious meals, effortlessly blending health and convenience.

#10 – Blendtec High-Powered Blender

Available from Amazon USA ($379) or Amazon UK (£429)

Blendtec, the ultimate treasure trove of blender brands, caters to the relentless smoothie enthusiasts. Its unparalleled power seamlessly fuses stubborn ingredients like carrots and ice cubes, effortlessly surpassing the limitations of ordinary blenders.

These days, they don’t come at a low price ($299+), but if you’re all about that daily smoothie fix, the cost per usage ends up being under $1 per day for a whole year. If you’re on a budget, they do have ‘Certified Refurbished’ versions available for under $220 that come with a complete 3-year warranty. Regrettably, the most affordable deal we discovered for smoothie enthusiasts in the UK was £429, making it a truly luxurious choice for Brits!

Here are ten delightful presents for those who adore smoothies, catering to all budgets. We trust it has ignited your imagination for healthy gifting! Now, we’re heading to purchase adorable measuring cups… Enjoy your shopping spree!

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