25 Gifts for Snake Lovers (Some Are Creepy AF)

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Snakes elicit both fear and adoration from humans. For the adorers and those who appreciate their aesthetic appeal, an array of decorative items, jewelry, and material possessions exist, presenting ideal choices for exquisite gifts.

From the discreet to the flamboyantly serpentine, from lavish to affordable, there exists a plethora of gift options catering to the unique tastes and passions of all snake enthusiasts.

Whether you’re thinking of someone who adores snakes as companions or simply has a passionate fascination for them, it’s essential to discover a way to illuminate their special day or festive occasion. Below, you will discover a collection of twenty-five remarkable gift suggestions tailored specifically for the devoted snake enthusiast in your circle.

The flawless wall decoration for your snake enthusiast or loved one is this mesmerizing Black Serpent and Silvery Lunar Reflection. Its sleek black serpent gracefully coils around the celestial mirror, infusing a distinctive flair into its otherwise understated hues.

Offering versatility for any home, regardless of wall color or spacing, the moon mirror boasts various size options. Despite its partial coverage by the snake, this diminutive mirror adds a practical yet stylish element to any wall.

18K Gold Plated Water Drop Crystal Snake Pendant

18K Gold Coated Aqua Tear Serpent Charm

Indulge in the allure of this enchanting 18K gold serpent pendant, a captivating jewelry choice for those who hold a fondness for serpents. The iridescent water droplet boasts a captivating array of hues, while the resplendent serpent gracefully entwines itself around the apex, as if delicately perched upon the crystalline gem. Whether adorning it with a casual ensemble or elegantly embellishing it for momentous affairs, this necklace exudes timeless charm.

It’s an amazing present for someone who loves wearing jewelry and has an affinity for snakes.

Antique Snake Statue Incense Holder

The Antique Snake Statue Incense Holder is a beautiful and intricate piece of art that adds a touch of elegance and mystique to any space.

A mesmerizing serpent-inspired incense holder from yesteryears is an exquisite suggestion for those who frequently indulge in the aromatic ritual or aspire to embark on this fragrant journey. This meticulously crafted brass masterpiece is guaranteed to add a touch of enchantment to any bedroom setting.

With its discreet design, this versatile incense holder doubles as an elegant decorative piece, suitable for any occasion. It’s a delightful and affordable present that will surely charm snake enthusiasts and those who appreciate the calming aroma of incense.

Harry Potter Slytherin Velvet Robe

The Harry Potter Slytherin Velvet Robe is a high-quality costume that allows fans to embody the cunning and ambitious traits of the Slytherin House, known for their resourcefulness and determination.

The ideal lavish present for those who adore snakes and are fans of Harry Potter, behold the Harry Potter Slytherin Velvet Robe! Crafted from lush green velvet, the left breast proudly showcases the shimmering golden insignia and emblem of Slytherin.

With its captivating emphasis on the lush green hue and the captivating serpent embellishment, this splendid robe radiates a charm that transcends the boundaries of Harry Potter fandom, making it an exceptional present for snake enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike.

Snake Earrings

Discovering a remarkable set of snake earrings may seem effortless, yet unearthing intricately crafted and truly one-of-a-kind pieces like this extraordinary pair from Etsy proves to be quite a challenge. With their exceptional design, these earrings flawlessly capture the illusion of a slithering serpent gracefully winding its way through the wearer’s ear.

Crafted from stainless steel, these exquisite pieces boast a rich bronze hue and a captivating texture that exudes unparalleled elegance. While this unique aesthetic might not appeal to everyone, those who appreciate it will undoubtedly be enamored.

Ball Python Custom Sweatshirt

Adding a Ball Python Custom Sweatshirt to your gift repertoire brings a unique and cozy twist to delight any snake enthusiast. By allowing for the customization of the snake lover’s name right beneath the mesmerizing serpent design, this sweatshirt becomes an impeccable present that guarantees a hit.

The variety of size, color, and personalized name choices make this present suitable for both feminine and masculine recipients, making it an ideal gift for anyone.

Brass Coiled Viper Bottle Opener

The viper bottle opener exudes opulence with its stunning golden hue and intricate craftsmanship, effortlessly marrying form and function. A perfect present for avid bottle enthusiasts, its distinctiveness also makes it a coveted treasure for admirers of serpents.

Another multipurpose present is suitable for anyone who would appreciate it, and its quality is flawless.

Ceramic Snake by Carter & Rose

The ideal gift for snake enthusiasts, this exquisite ceramic snake is a true embodiment of minimalistic elegance. Adorned with intricate details, this petite serpent comes with a charming air plant nestled in its center. Whether gracing a desk or adorning the pinnacle of a dresser, it adds a touch of delicate serpentine allure. Perfect for discerning individuals, this unique gift is sure to impress.

It is available in various styles that differ in colors, textures, and details, allowing it to be personalized for the recipient of the gift.

Snake Crochet Plush

These plush stuffed snakes are the perfect gift for snake enthusiasts who appreciate cozy and comforting objects or are on the youthful spectrum. Meticulously crafted by hand, these snake-shaped toys boast intricate detailing that truly accentuates their charm.

This exquisite yarn boasts a luxurious thickness and a velvety softness, ensuring unrivaled quality and remarkable durability. With a myriad of vibrant colors, captivating snakehead patterns, and alluring stripes to choose from, this extraordinary gift presents a boundless realm of personalized possibilities.

Adopt a Cobra

Adopt a Cobra and contribute to the conservation and protection of these fascinating creatures.

Surprising a passionate snake enthusiast with an adopted Cobra will not just brighten their day but also contribute to the preservation of Cobras worldwide. Additionally, you have the option of gifting them the complete Cobra adoption package, featuring a cuddly plush cobra, an elegant gift bag, a captivating photograph, and an adoption certificate.

Snake Sun and Moon Tapestry

The Snake Sun and Moon Tapestry is a beautiful piece of artwork that depicts serpents intertwined with the celestial bodies, creating a mesmerizing and mystical scene.

Enhance the ambiance of a snake enthusiast’s bedroom, dorm room, or any desired space with this captivating duo of serpent-inspired tapestries. Infused with a celestial essence, these artistic pieces allure the beholder with their captivating aesthetics, while ensuring the snake remains the pinnacle of attention.

Adorn your walls with a harmonious duo of tapestries; one elegantly adorned in white with intricate details, while its counterpart boasts a captivating blend of black and white. Alternatively, you have the choice to opt for a single tapestry if that better aligns with your aesthetic vision.

Ceramic Coffee Mug

A ceramic coffee mug is a popular choice for enjoying your favorite hot beverages, with its stylish design and durable material.

Amazon’s unique coffee mug effortlessly blends humor, cuteness, and functionality, making it the perfect present for those who are both snake enthusiasts and coffee aficionados. With its versatility, this mug can be enjoyed not only by coffee and tea drinkers but also by anyone who wants to elevate their drinking experience or enhance their home decor.

This mug, featuring an adorable snake on the front and the phrase “I’m a Good Noodle” wrapped around its body, is sure to make every morning coffee a delightful experience.

3D Snake Paperweight

The 3D Snake Paperweight is a decorative item made of glass or crystal, featuring a lifelike snake sculpture trapped inside, creating an intriguing and mesmerizing display piece.

Sitting atop a desk, this remarkable 3D paperweight unveils itself as the ultimate office treasure, perfect for those who while away their days in the realms of work. A magnificent crystal glass cube, adorned with an intricately carved serpent at its core, stands as a testament to elegance and sophistication.

Transform this present by combining it with an individual LED stand, converting it into a captivating desk or home embellishment rather than a mere paperweight.

Stemmed Snake Wine Glasses

Embrace the allure of these wine glasses, adorned with stems resembling graceful silver serpents that undulate to cradle the delicate vessels. While they may not exude the traditional elegance of a conventional wine set, their unique charm appeals to those with a taste for the extraordinary.

Perfect for those who appreciate serpents and fine wine, these exquisite creations serve as both a delightful present and a whimsical substitute for conventional glassware at themed gatherings or everyday occasions.

Serpent Area Rug

The Serpent Area Rug is a stunning piece of home decor that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

The rectangular area rug features a captivating slithering serpent that dominates its surface, boasting a mesmerizing design. Available in sleek black and white or elegant gray, this rug effortlessly enhances the charm of any hardwood floor, adding a unique flair to every room. A must-have for passionate snake enthusiasts, it serves as a bold statement piece.

It comes in various dimensions, ranging from a petite three feet by two feet to an impressive eight feet and ten inches by twelve feet. From a humble welcome mat to a grandiose masterpiece that engulfs an entire living room floor, the possibilities are boundless.

Gucci Garden Silver Snake Ring

The Gucci Garden Silver Snake Ring is a luxurious piece of jewelry that showcases the brand's iconic snake motif, crafted with exquisite attention to detail and quality materials.

In search of a designer present? Behold the Gucci snake ring, an embodiment of simplicity fused with both masculine and feminine elements. Delicately encircling your finger twice, the texture of the snake gracefully culminates in a heart-shaped head.

If your snake enthusiast has a deep desire for all things Gucci, then this gift is an absolute must-have, as the brand itself adds an essential touch of elegance and style.

Zoo Trip or Animal Encounter

Delight your loved ones with gifts that truly embody heartfelt consideration. For individuals who possess an unwavering admiration for snakes, transcending mere aesthetics, why not embark on an extraordinary journey to introduce them to these captivating creatures? Explore the possibility of arranging a memorable encounter or an opportunity to cradle a snake at a nearby zoo, or better yet, uncover the existence of reptile sanctuaries within close proximity.

Experience the captivating world of The Reptarium in Michigan, a haven where you can immerse yourself in the mesmerizing presence of various reptiles while relishing private events. Prepare to be enthralled, dear aficionado of serpents!

Snake Print Wooden Notebook

The Snake Print Wooden Notebook is a stylish and eco-friendly notebook, perfect for jotting down notes and ideas. Its unique snake print design adds a touch of sophistication, while the wooden cover adds a natural and rustic charm. With its durable construction and smooth pages, this notebook is a must-have for any stationery lover.

The front cover of this notebook features an exquisite white pattern that effortlessly stands out against the backdrop of a rustic wooden design. It is an extraordinary present for writers, organizers, or individuals with a passion for snakes, seeking a rejuvenating collection of blank pages to record their musings, inspirations, and aspirations.

Snake Metal Bookmark

The Snake Metal Bookmark is a stylish and durable accessory that will keep your place in your favorite book with its intricate design and quality material.

Gift-giving becomes truly impactful with a touch of simplicity and genuine consideration. Behold this enchanting serpent-shaped bookmark, gracefully suspended from an exquisite feather measuring eleven centimeters. Its allure is further enhanced by certain sections that emit a gentle glow, captivating the beholder even in darkness.

With its graceful curve, this exquisite accessory delicately embraces the book’s spine, providing a visually captivating solution for those who admire both serpents and literature, while effortlessly marking a page.

Snake and Monster Head Planter

The Snake and Monster Head Planter is a unique and artistic decoration for gardens or outdoor spaces, featuring intricately designed snake and monster heads that add a touch of whimsy and intrigue to any environment.

With a touch of whimsy, this head-shaped planter deviates from conventional snake-themed gifts by featuring a playful twist – a pair of cartoonish monster eyes placed beside the snake motif. Despite the prominent giant eyeball adorning its side, this hand-painted planter exudes charm, making it an endearing gift choice. Ideal for housing succulents and various floral arrangements, it effortlessly merges creativity and botanical beauty.

Its flexibility allows it to be used either for decoration purposes or as a compact storage container.

Sterling Silver Snake Chain Necklace

Although there is no visible serpent depicted on this present, the serpent chain is a necklace that mirrors the form and fluidity of a snake. It offers a subtle means to encapsulate the allure of a snake without overtly displaying it.

These necklaces have gained immense popularity among individuals, captivating even those who harbor no fondness for serpents. This is primarily due to the necklace’s ability to enhance the neck’s allure and reflect light, imitating the graceful undulations of a snake.

It’s a sophisticated design and fashion for any appearance and a subtle way to present a snake enthusiast.

King Cobra Snake Decanter

The ideal present for aficionados of serpents, this king cobra decanter exudes a distinctly masculine charm, offering a one-of-a-kind method to house cherished spirits. Crafted entirely from pristine glass, this exquisite decanter ingeniously utilizes the majestic serpent’s coiled form as a captivating storage space. As for dispensing the liquid libations, look no further than the regal reptile’s enigmatic head.

Despite its superior quality and functionality, it is not nearly as costly as other decanters.

Snake Tumbler

For those seeking a present to bestow upon a serpentine enthusiast with a perpetual wanderlust, behold this snake-themed tumbler, an impeccable offering. With its simplistic aesthetics, this present caters to all snake aficionados who savor their daily dose of coffee, tea, or even aqua as they embark on their morning adventures or delve into nocturnal endeavors.

Peruvian Soapstone Standing Snake Carving

Delight your spiritual serpent enthusiast with these exquisite soapstone serpent carvings. Infused with calming properties, soapstone serves as an intuitive talisman. Explore a spectrum of stone colors including captivating red, pristine white, and captivating gray, making this gift a truly enchanting choice.

Regardless of their lack of interest in spirituality, these exquisitely crafted serpents make for a perfect gift for snake enthusiasts, as their undeniable visual appeal is sure to captivate.

Medusa Candle

The medusa candle is an exquisite present, particularly suited for those who have a fondness for snakes or Greek mythology. If the recipient falls into this category, it is highly likely that they will adore this unique candle. The option to select custom scents, ranging from the alluring fragrances of magnolia, peppermint, and mocha, to the delicate essence of honeysuckle and rose petals, ensures that the gift will be absolutely flawless.

A stunningly crafted present, the candle comes in an array of vibrant colors, perfect for a housewarming gesture or a charming addition to any bedroom.


Discovering the ultimate gift for the enthusiast of serpents in your existence entails considering their diverse passions. Snake-themed presents can manifest in a myriad of extraordinary forms; even a conventional t-shirt or mug can possess a captivating element that renders it flawlessly suitable for the special event.

Discover this captivating compilation of twenty-five serpent-themed treasures that will surely entice you to acquire them promptly or ignite your imagination for more extraordinary gift ideas. Regardless, the act of gift-giving should always be a deliberate and profound gesture, and we sincerely trust that this assortment has provided you with valuable inspiration.

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