Teachers share their top 10 end of year gifts ideas for little learners

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Here are my suggestions, as well as the recommendations from the MJLL community, for affordable and simple end-of-year presents for students.

My top 3 cheap and cheerful student gift ideas

Bubble wands

I have yet to encounter a young individual who isn’t completely enthralled by the act of blowing, observing, pursuing, and bursting bubbles. As a result, one of my most beloved presents for students of every age is a magical bubble wand. These wands are available in a delightful array of hues, designs, and dimensions at major retail emporiums for a mere 50 cents (such as Kmart, BIG W, and Woolies).

Simply gather a delightful ribbon and utilize my incredibly adorable customizable ‘You astounded me’ gift tags to add a personal touch to your bubble wands, and voila! Your end-of-year presents are perfectly arranged.

Here’s a clever idea: why not surprise your students with bubble wands as a fun gift before they leave the classroom? This way, you can prevent any messy soap accidents on your classroom floor. Of course, the moment those wands touch their hands, the little ones will be itching to start creating bubbles!

Bubble wands

Use my cute ‘You blew me away’ gift tags to make the perfect affordable personalized bubble wand student gift.


Nurture a passion for literature and cultivate their mindset for growth even beyond the classroom by presenting your students with a bespoke bookmark adorned with an inspiring quote that embodies a growth mindset.

Get my growth mindset bookmarks for FREE.

Enhance your bookmarks by printing them on vibrant, sturdy card stock and incorporating a personalized message on the reverse side to give it an extraordinary touch. Alternatively, for a unique end-of-year classroom project, encourage your students to color their own bookmark designs before preserving their masterpieces with lamination.


My growth mindset bookmarks are the perfect way to remind your little learners of their connection to reading.

Memory books

Crafting memory journals alongside your students serves as a splendid method to chronicle, contemplate, and commemorate the collective achievements throughout the preceding year. Moreover, it won’t drain your wallet! Simply procure empty notebooks (such as these budget-friendly 15c exercise books available at Officeworks) and procure vibrant adhesive book cover rolls to embellish these cherished mementos (I adore this contact paper priced at a mere $1 from BIG W).

Let students unleash their imagination by jotting down or illustrating their most cherished trifecta of memories from your shared experiences. If you’ve diligently captured snapshots throughout the year, print them out at Officeworks (at a mere 15 cents apiece) and provide magazines for your students to fashion captivating image collages, showcasing the pinnacle moments of their school year, in their very own memory book. This delightful keepsake is a splendid present for those young minds who thrive on creativity and relishing the nostalgia of days gone by!

The MJLL community’s student gifting go-tos

A while ago, I posed a query to the MJLL community: ‘What presents are you giving your students this year?’. And you all delivered! Now, let me showcase a few of the brilliant, heartfelt, and incredibly adorable gift suggestions that have originated from the brilliant minds of MJLL teachers.

Adopt a class pet

“I engage in the exciting practice of virtually adopting an endangered creature, such as a captivating sea turtle or a majestic polar bear! Certain organizations offer the incredible opportunity to monitor the whereabouts of an individual animal through a virtual map. This marvelous creature becomes our cherished ‘class pet’ as we eagerly discover its daily location. Additionally, I frequently partake in a virtual adoption program facilitated by WWF, where they kindly send a delightful plush toy resembling our chosen animal. This adorable stuffie serves as a delightful surprise for the children, taking the place of our ‘real’ animal and residing in our classroom. I truly appreciate how this thoughtful gift seamlessly becomes an integral part of our class culture.” – @Katherinerszbet.

Adopting a class pet can be a fun and educational experience for students, as it teaches them responsibility and empathy while providing a furry friend to care for and enjoy in the classroom environment.

Choose a polar bear as your classroom companion through the WWF.

Goodie bags

As a united team, we seize opportunities to acquire various delightful trinkets all year long – ranging from fidgets, putty, and art materials, to captivating books, water bottles, and enchanting bubbles. Essentially, anything that catches our eye and fits within our budget. Consequently, we present each child with a charming assortment of these treasures, accompanied by a candy cane or lolly, all neatly arranged in an adorable gift bag. It’s truly remarkable what delightful and economical discoveries await us throughout the year!

Holiday reading

In the past, I delighted in crafting personalized Dr. Suess books and accompanying bookmarks for each of my students. Working together as a cohesive team, we would pool our resources to purchase box sets and distribute them accordingly, ensuring affordability. Unquestionably, the children were enamored with these literary treasures.

@Mszbikowski’s tweet: “I absolutely adore purchasing the $1 books from scholastic, and to add a touch of delight, I often include a whimsical candy cane or a warm cup of hot chocolate, along with a heartfelt, sweet note!”

Plant a tree

For years, my amazing colleague has introduced me to the wonderful work of our besite. It’s a truly incredible experience that engages children of all ages. We delve into the important topic of deforestation, sparking meaningful conversations. Afterwards, we encourage students to select a specific region in need of a tree from @onetreeplanted and make a donation in their own name. The cost? Just $1 per donation! As a token of appreciation, we proudly present them with personalized certificates, adorned with heartfelt messages. To further inspire their green thumbs, we also gift them a small bag of seeds, symbolizing our joy in witnessing their growth. Witnessing the children’s enthusiasm as they realize their impact on the world is truly priceless. I eagerly anticipate repeating this incredible journey with them again this year! 🙌❤️ – @Lindsey.Conroy.

Hot chocolate bar + keepsake mug

The youngsters have the opportunity to embellish their very own hot cocoa mug! I draw their name on a paper insert which they can then color. Afterwards, we enjoy a festive film while they visit the hot cocoa bar adorned with a variety of delightful toppings. It brings them immense joy to witness my creation of any whimsical combination they desire! Once they have finished, I tidy up the mugs and fill them with candies to bring back home. This activity is relatively cost-effective as I purchase the necessary materials in large quantities, and it brings them immense delight!

The hot chocolate bar offers a wide variety of delicious flavors and toppings, while the keepsake mug allows you to cherish the memories of your delightful hot chocolate experience.

Celebrate the end of term with a hot chocolate bar. Stock up on mini marshmallows, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, lollies, sprinkles, cookies and candy canes to decorate!

Book bags

“I provide vibrant calico bags, where we embark on a delightful journey during the final art sessions, indulging in designing and adorning them with captivating strokes. Subsequently, these personalized masterpieces become a means for them to securely transport their cherished books back home. As an additional gesture, I present each student with an affordable book procured throughout the year from scholastic, accompanied by a heartfelt message and a delightful assortment of sweets.” -@Miss_geraldinej.

Say it with a selfie

I capture a joyful moment with the little ones, accompanied by a heartfelt message inscribed on the reverse. An effortless, cost-free gesture brimming with affection! Remarkably, I often receive anecdotes from both parents and students, who proudly reveal that they still possess this cherished snapshot even after the passage of 5+ long years 🥰 – @play.With.May_.

When the sun sets, rest assured that even a tiny gesture will be treasured by your children if it holds deep meaning and uniqueness. They will undoubtedly recognize the profound thought and dedication you have invested in it.

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