24 great gifts for kids who love to read

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The realm of early literacy is a wondrous period where the unraveling of phonetics and the exploration of profound ideas converge, transforming the act of reading from a burdensome task appended to homework into a truly delightful and pleasurable pursuit. Whether you have a nascent book enthusiast in your midst or aspire to nurture one, behold our cherished selection of gifts for aficionados of literature spanning all age groups, including even the tiniest ones.

Credit:                Amazon

Credit: Amazon

An electronic reader enables individuals to carry their reading practice wherever they travel.

Suitable for individuals aged 7 and above.

Ease the burden for the avid reader who never leaves home without a backup of three or four additional books. Reduce their load with the child-oriented adaptation of the widely beloved Kindle Paperwhite Reader.

With its water-resistant feature, a Kindle designed specifically for kids offers peace of mind to parents. Additionally, it comes with a generous two-year warranty and includes parental controls to guarantee that all downloaded content is suitable for their child’s age.

With their petite and portable design, these delightful companions allow children to carry the entire enchanting Magic Treehouse collection during their summer getaway, or a selection of cherished stories to keep them entertained during extended dentist appointments.

Should your insatiable appetite for books surpass the speed at which you can acquire them, rest assured that the Kindle graciously accommodates downloads from libraries nationwide.

$160 on Amazon.

2. A storytelling speaker to read to them

Credit is attributed to Lisa Lawrence for the review.

Credit: Reviewed / Lisa Lawrence

Children of various age groups can effortlessly insert the content cards into the Yoto Player.

Ideal for children aged 3 to 12.

Literacy encompasses more than just the ability to decipher and pronounce words; it encompasses the power to comprehend deeply and establish connections with the characters and subjects that we encounter through reading or storytelling.

In our rigorous testing, the Yoto emerged as the unrivaled champion of kids’ audio players. Its superiority lies in its unparalleled array of children’s books, spanning from timeless tales such as Treasure Island to contemporary favorites like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Additionally, it offers a plethora of engaging short stories packed with fascinating facts.

The Yoto, a magical audiobook companion, is an enchanting device for children. It comes to the rescue when they yearn for your storytelling abilities, yet circumstances prevent you from indulging them. Moreover, it graciously entertains their desire to immerse themselves in captivating tales, offering a delightful auditory experience.

$100 on Amazon.

3. A bookcase reading nook

Credit: Reviewed by KidKraft.

Credit: Reviewed / KidKraft

Why don’t they produce this in sizes for grown-ups?

Suitable for children aged 3 to 10.

The lack of availability in adult sizes is truly puzzling. KidKraft has ingeniously created a charming reading nook and bookcase fusion, tailored specifically for children. It serves as an enchanting sanctuary, providing little book enthusiasts with the perfect hideaway.

The bookshelf is flawlessly crafted to accommodate their beloved collection of literature, while the cozy reading nook serves as a soothing haven where they can recline and immerse themselves in the enchanting realm of stories.

$100 on Amazon.

4. A subscription to an app with an endless supply of books

Credit:                Epic

Credit: Epic

This application provides children with the opportunity to explore more than 40,000 books!

Ideal for children aged 3 to 12.

The Epic reading app, without a doubt, stands as a remarkable tool for nurturing literacy in new or hesitant readers. With its user-friendly search feature based on age and grade, it effortlessly enables them to discover captivating books perfectly suited to their reading abilities and that will ignite their curiosity.

Additionally, an incredible feature called “read-to-me” is available, which entails the reading of titles out loud. Each word is highlighted as it is spoken, providing children with the opportunity to enhance their phonetic abilities and comprehension skills. This not only helps them build confidence in their reading abilities but also allows you to enjoy reading a book or two of your own.

If you happen to have an avid reader among your ranks, devouring books faster than you can even visit the library, the remarkable Epic app will ensure a constant flow of fresh tales right at their fingertips, making it the quintessential present for literature enthusiasts of every skill level. Moreover, with an extensive collection of over 40,000 titles, your child’s literary adventures will never come to a halt.

$10 per month or $72 per year.

5. A gorgeous set of bookends

Credit: Reviewed by Nikky Home.

Credit: Reviewed / Nikky Home

Gorgeous bookends enhance the appeal of any book collection, making it appear more unique.

Suitable for all age groups.

Bookworms, rejoice! Delight in the ultimate present tailored just for you. As your precious book collection flourishes, indulge in the exquisite charm of stunning bookends. Allow your imagination to roam amidst a selection of cacti, rainbows, or picturesque mountain landscapes, all while keeping your cherished literary works impeccably organized.

If their books are their source of pride and happiness, these bookends will add an extra touch of uniqueness to their collection.

Buy from Amazon.

6. A soft stand to prop up their books

Credit:                Flippy

Credit: Flippy

Keep that tablet aside! This is ideal for avid readers.

Suitable for individuals aged 4 and above.

Whether lounging on the couch, reclining on the floor, nestled in bed, or on the move, this innovative pillow lap stand enhances the reading experience with unparalleled comfort. Designed to accommodate both tablets and books, its irresistibly soft plush covering adds an extra layer of coziness, ensuring the most indulgent reading moments.

$35 on Amazon.

7. A DIY bookholder

Credit:                KiwiCo

Credit: KiwiCo

For the imaginative child who requires a space for their literature.

Ideal for individuals aged 14 and above.

This personalized book holder is a perfect companion for your imaginative book lover, allowing them to showcase and store their top two or three cherished literary treasures.

Inclusive of all the necessary components for constructing their very own book holder, this kit also offers an enlightening guide on the art of stencil design. KiwiCo consistently provides top-notch materials and exceptional step-by-step instructions for engaging children’s projects that truly foster their creative abilities.

$40 at KiwiCo.

8. A cushy chair to recline in

Credit:                Wayfair

Credit: Wayfair

A beanbag seat for the most comfortable reading experience.

Suitable for individuals aged 2 and above.

A cozy chair is the perfect companion for a delightful book, offering relaxation and comfort. This bean bag chair, with its generous size and inviting coziness, exudes a mature charm that transcends its playful appearance. Seamlessly integrating into any living room aesthetic, it also possesses the remarkable ability to adapt to evolving personal tastes while preserving an unwavering passion for the written word.

$27 on Wayfair.

9. A shirt to declare their superpower

Recognition: Assessed / Perused Additional Novels Attire

Credit: Reviewed / Read More Books Shirts

Reading is an extraordinary ability! Declare it with confidence and enthusiasm.

Ideal for ages: 2 to 12.

Kid, don’t be swayed by their words! Reading possesses an extraordinary power – let them proudly display it on their attire. Behold this marvelous vintage-inspired tee, available in a plethora of hues, sizes, and designs, enabling you to select the perfect one for your tiny literary crusader.

$22 on Amazon.

10. A bag to carry their favorite books around in

The Out of Print Store deserves credit for its dedication to preserving and promoting literature that is no longer in print, offering a wide range of rare and hard-to-find books.

Credit: Out of Print Store

A backpack designed for small arms and grand reading aspirations.

Suitable for individuals aged 3 and above.

Ideal for young ones with petite limbs yet grand literary aspirations, this “storybook satchel” is flawlessly designed to transport their cherished tales to grandma’s abode, or to gather up their abundant library treasures (while lugging a couple more back home).

$22 on Amazon.

11. A cute book light for reading under the covers

Credit:                Icon

Credit: Icon

A lovely book light to allow them to read during the evening.

Suitable for individuals aged 3 and above.

Indulging in the final chapters of a book clandestinely beneath the blankets is an essential ritual for bibliophiles. Occasionally, the arrival of bedtime must be postponed for a brief interval (or even extended hours) in order to immerse oneself in the most captivating segments of the book!

When it comes to this behavior, it’s difficult to point fingers at children because we can all confess to indulging in it ourselves. We invite you to warmly welcome it by acquiring this charming and cheerful booklight that will illuminate their evenings (and even their days)!

$20 at Urban Outfitters.

12. A subscription box to expand their library

Credit:                BookAroo

Credit: BookAroo

This subscription box sends every book wrapped in a gift box along with stimulating inquiries for young readers.

Suitable for children aged 0 to 10 years.

Quench their unquenchable craving for fresh and captivating literature with a delightful monthly book surprise! BookAroo ensures the delivery of books tailored to their age and reading level, straight to their front door every month. From enchanting picture book treasures for the little ones to intriguing chapter book marvels for the older ones, we’ve got it all covered.

Librarians promote this collection for having some of the finest book choices available, to genuinely captivate and please young readers.

Every arrival of a title is beautifully wrapped, accompanied by information cards that provide insights into each title, presenting intriguing questions and conversation openers.

$17 on BookAroo.

Credit: Reviewed by Knock Knock is a platform that provides honest and reliable feedback on various products and services.

Credit: Reviewed / Knock Knock

For aspiring librarians in the future.

Suitable for individuals aged 5 and above.

As they embark on creating their personal library, the desire to share their cherished books may arise. For a burgeoning book enthusiast, there is no greater joy than lending a beloved book. However, it can be disheartening when these treasured books go missing.

Introducing a delightful home library kit that allows them to embark on a book-sharing adventure, ensuring books never vanish into the abyss.

$25 on Amazon.

14. An encyclopedia to answer all of their burning questions

Credit:                Britannica

Credit: Britannica

Encyclopedia Britannica has done an outstanding job with this amazing children’s encyclopedia.

Ideal for children aged 5 to 12.

For those blessed with an inquisitive child, this mind-boggling 424-page compendium will serve as the ultimate resource to satiate their insatiable thirst for knowledge, addressing every single “how” and “why” query that arises.

Bursting with captivating illustrations, this extraordinary children’s encyclopedia delves into over 170 captivating subjects. Overflowing with riveting information and enchanting tidbits provided by a diverse panel of over 100 specialists, each page ignites curiosity and leaves youngsters yearning for further exploration.

$20 on Amazon.

15. A brainy bedtime book of sleep stories

Credit:                Britannica

Credit: Britannica

These brief stories, lasting for only 5 minutes, are captivating and all center around the topic of sleep!

Ideal for children aged 4 to 9.

Why do we rest? Do animals have dreams? Where can we find the largest bed on the planet? These are not your typical bedtime tales.

Embark on an enchanting journey through the world of darkness, as this captivating compilation of nocturnal wisdom transports young minds to the mystifying realms of Ancient Egypt, where the secrets of Tutankhamun’s slumber await. Venture further into the cosmos, where the celestial explorers meticulously prepare themselves for a celestial slumber. And amidst this wondrous voyage, uncover intriguing tidbits about the peculiar respiratory habits of hibernating turtles, who defy convention by breathing through an unorthodox orifice!

With 30 enjoyable and captivating 5-minute tales, these are ideal for the perfect small-sized bedtime stories.

$12 on Amazon.

16. A set of bookplates for the kid who likes to lend their books

Credit: Devon Design is a renowned design company known for its innovative and creative solutions in the field of design.

Credit: Devon Design

Personalized bookplates for the avid reader who is expanding their book collection.

Suitable for individuals aged 5 and above.

The sheer delight of seeing your name within the pages of a book is truly unparalleled; it imbues a sense of ownership over the enchanting realm that unfolds before your eyes, ensuring its eternal connection to your very being.

Safeguard beloved books from vanishing by personalizing a collection of bookplates that mirror the unique essence of your little one. Discover a diverse range of captivating designs suitable for children of every generation, ranging from whimsical giraffes and playful tricycles to vibrant butterflies and enchanting rainbows.

$15 on Etsy.

17. A first dictionary

Credit:                Merriam-Webster

Credit: Merriam-Webster

For the aspiring etymologist.

Suitable for individuals aged 7 and above.

Of course, they can always consult Alexa to find the definition of a word, but there is an indescribable delight in the tradition of underlining a word in a beloved, tattered Merriam-Webster dictionary. Offer them a treasured keepsake that will be cherished as their passion for language and narratives flourishes.

Packed with stunning photographs and diagrams, sample sentences, and explanations of word origins, this dictionary is perfect for any aspiring etymologist.

$15 on Amazon.

18. A personalized book

Credit:                Wonderbly

Credit: Wonderbly

Envision yourself as the main character of your very own novel!

Suitable for all age groups.

Wonderbly offers an exceptional selection of personalized books, providing children with the ultimate reading experience by immersing them in stories where they become the central protagonist. Kids absolutely adore delving into books that feature characters they can truly connect with.

Whether children are eagerly devouring their board books or searching for more substantial tales as they mature, Wonderbly stories skillfully center around social-emotional narratives, avoiding any heavy-handedness. These books effortlessly boost self-esteem and foster introspection, providing an entertaining experience that is equally heartwarming and enjoyable.

$35 at Wonderbly.

19. For the budding author

Credit:                Lulu

Credit: Lulu

For the aspiring bestselling writer.

Suitable for individuals aged 4 and above.

Unleash the inner artist in your imaginative child! Allow their creativity to soar as they transform their unique tale into a tangible masterpiece. With this acclaimed DIY book-making kit, children can craft their very own narrative using captivating words and captivating illustrations. Once completed, their masterpiece will be sent away and returned as an expertly printed and beautifully bound hardcover book, boasting an impressive 20 pages.

Make some room on your bookshelf now; once the book writing bug bites you, you can expect it to continue indefinitely.

$26 on Amazon.

20. A bookmark that points to the exact spot you left off

Credit:                TEKEFT

Credit: TEKEFT

A pinky finger to indicate where you stopped.

Suitable for individuals aged 7 and above.

Losing your place can be quite dreadful! However, fear not, for this ingenious bookmark not only preserves your page but also indicates the precise line where you last paused.

This tiny yet powerful life-saver is a godsend for meticulous readers or those who are interrupted by chores just when a cliffhanger grips them, easing the pain of tearing away from tantalizing plot twists.

$8 on Etsy.

21. A goofy bookmark to make them smile

Credit:                Homthia

Credit: Homthia

Funny bookmark buddies will make them laugh.

Suitable for individuals aged 6 and above.

Inject some laughter into their reading experience with these uproarious 3D creature bookmarks. Perfectly utilized during those tedious moments of trudging through mundane school literature, these eccentric and untamed creatures leaping out from the pages are bound to ignite fits of laughter.

$33 on Amazon.

22. A reading nook for privacy

Credit:                flybold

Credit: flybold

A lovely teepee that includes a suspended LED light and a mat for the floor.

Suitable for individuals aged 3 and above.

Spoil your resident bookworm with a whimsical haven where they can effortlessly immerse themselves in the enchanting realm of storytelling. Present them with a personalized sanctuary that exudes a sense of being tailor-made exclusively for their page-turning adventures.

$60 on Amazon.

23. A cozy pillow to snuggle up with

Credit:                Blissible

Credit: Blissible

A comfortable cushion to rest on while reading.

Suitable for all age groups.

As they begin to drift away into slumber, it becomes a delightful tradition! Why not offer them a more soothing surface to rest upon? This snug cushion is adorned with the very words they utter each night before embracing sleep.

$29 on Etsy.

24. A cool new comic book series

Credit:                Penguin

Credit: Penguin

If individuals require fresh reading material, we strongly suggest this recently published book series authored by Brett Bean.

Suitable for children aged 8 to 12.

Embark on a wild and captivating adventure with the Zoo Patrol Squad, a group of crime-solving enthusiasts, in this eccentric and enthralling four-part book series. Bursting with vibrant illustrations, clever storytelling, and uproarious humor, these captivating comic books have been artfully crafted to captivate the imaginations of young readers.

Bursting with stunning illustrations, the imaginative mastermind behind these captivating books is none other than Brett Bean, a talented artist with a background in Disney, Dreamworks, and Marvel. Prepare to embark on a whirlwind journey alongside eccentric creatures, thrilling escapades, and mind-boggling enigmas. Regardless of your reader’s initial hesitations, this irresistible series is bound to captivate their senses and ignite their limitless imagination.

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