40 Going Away Gifts People Actually Want

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It’s challenging to bid farewell, and it’s even more arduous to select the ideal farewell present. The most exceptional parting gifts are those that demonstrate your affection and provide the departing individual with a lasting memento of their time in their previous abode. Require some assistance in generating ideas? Below, you’ll find 40 going-away gifts that should be contemplated the next time you’re entrusted with bidding someone farewell.

  • Dual time watch

    Should your beloved friend or cherished family member embark on a journey that takes them far away, to a different time zone, they will surely appreciate the exquisite convenience of a watch that gracefully displays not only the present time in their new abode, but also the time in their previous haven. Bid farewell to the burdensome calculations, for there shall be no more need to ponder and speculate on the perfect moment to make that long-awaited call!

  • Fitness tracker

    Embarking on a fresh adventure calls for ample exploration opportunities. Enhance the experience with a nifty fitness tracker, a companion that diligently tracks daily footsteps and offers insights on sleep quality. Craving deeper connectivity? Grab one for yourself as well and engage in a friendly competition of daily step counts.

  • Box of dated letters

    Pen down a dozen heartfelt letters to bid farewell to the departing soul, and nestle them within a charming box. Grace each envelope with a designated date, strategically dispersed across the span of a year. Relive the joyous moments you’ve embraced together and cherish the unique treasures that will be dearly missed in their absence. With every unsealing of a letter, a tender embrace from the familiar homeland shall envelop them.

  • Meal delivery kit

    Moving can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to settling in and preparing a delicious meal in the kitchen. Spare your loved ones the hassle of relying on takeout night after night by enrolling them in a month-long (or even longer) subscription to a nourishing meal kit service such as Blue Apron or Sun Basket. By doing so, not only will you free up their time and alleviate their stress, but you’ll also receive exciting updates about the delectable dishes they whip up.

  • Long-distance keychains

    Purchase a pair of keychains – one crafted in the likeness of the state you bid farewell to, and the other fashioned after the state you embark upon. Retain the latter while presenting them with the former. With every instance of grasping your keys, a gentle prompt of one another shall arise.

  • A photo book

    Capturing memories through photographs is an exceptional way to bid farewell. Embrace the opportunity to relive cherished moments by curating a photo book that encapsulates all the special times you have shared. Unleash your creativity by either venturing into the virtual realm and creating an online photobook (simply search “create photo book online” on Google for a plethora of options) or indulge in a hands-on approach by crafting one yourself using an album or scrapbook. Additionally, you can explore a wide range of photo-related gifts like magnetic keepsakes, keychains, mugs, and more to further enhance the sentimental value.

  • Flowers to greet them at their new home

    Forget about it being a simple farewell gift; consider it an extraordinary gesture to greet them in their unfamiliar abode. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s certain to be cherished. Arrange for a delightful flower delivery to reach their new place the day after their arrival, illuminating the surroundings and conveying your constant thoughts towards them.

  • Travel gadgets or accessories

    When searching for farewell presents for someone embarking on a plane journey, consider the allure of travel-themed treasures. A luxuriously soft neck pillow or a cutting-edge wireless phone charger are bound to come in handy on their momentous moving day.

  • Local delicacy

    Provide a delightful slice of home to a distant friend or loved one by gathering a stash of non-perishable local goodies. From delectable chocolates sourced from your town’s beloved candy store to a packet of freshly ground coffee beans from their cherished nearby café, these regional delicacies offer solace and a sense of familiarity amidst an otherwise alien environment.

  • Coupon for an experience in their new locale

    Foster their sense of adventure by acquiring a Groupon or akin voucher-style present for an escapade in their forthcoming abode. Seek out unique encounters that embody the essence of their future dwelling, be it an immersive expedition exploring cultural gems or indulging in a delectable feast at a renowned eatery. Alternatively, opt for a rejuvenating spa retreat, a universally cherished treat following a relocation.

  • Long-distance friendship lamps

    Acquire a collection of harmonizing long-distance friendship lamps to perpetually evoke a sense of proximity between you and your loved ones. Each individual configures their lamp to connect with Wi-Fi, and whenever you desire to exchange a brief greeting, simply caress your lamp, causing a luminous radiance to emanate from theirs (and reciprocally). Pool your resources with other acquaintances and customize the experience by assigning unique hues to each lamp, illuminating distinct colors upon a gentle tap.

  • Coordinated jewelry

    Never forget your roots. Gift them a personalized jewelry piece adorned with the precise coordinates of their hometown, ensuring that a part of their cherished abode accompanies them on every journey.

  • Weekender bag

    Embracing a new chapter often entails occasional journeys back to familiar grounds. Assist them in embarking on these visits with flair by gifting them a chic weekender bag, perfect for their travel escapades (or a sleek carry-on bag if their relocation takes them farther). This thoughtful gesture will not only serve them well, but also serve as a constant reminder to seize the opportunity to plan a return trip to their beloved hometown.

  • Sage cleansing kit

    Throughout the ages, individuals have embraced the power of sage to rejuvenate the energy in their abodes and embark on a revitalizing journey. Acquire a remarkable sage housewarming package that can be conveniently carried in one’s bag, ready to be employed upon arrival to purify the atmosphere and promptly infuse the dwelling with uplifting vibrations.

  • New home care package

    Stock up on essential items that are absolutely necessary for their fresh abode, such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and hand soap. Bundle them up in a thoughtful care package that can be effortlessly placed on the moving truck. Though they may not be the most exhilarating farewell presents, home necessities are consistently valued and spare them a journey to the store amidst the chaos of moving.

  • Custom map puzzle

    Embark on a delightful journey through a personalized map puzzle, paying tribute to the cherished abode they bid farewell to or, in a delightful twist, acquainting themselves with the intricate tapestry of their impending destination. Explore the captivating map puzzles curated by National Geographic, adorned with a captivating house-shaped centerpiece, ensuring that the comforting notion of home is perpetually within reach.

  • Portable Wi-Fi device

    Dealing with the various anxieties that accompany a move, one of the most pressing concerns is undoubtedly the necessity of arranging Wi-Fi access. However, fret not! Bridge the gap between your moving day and the day your internet connection is established by utilizing a portable Wi-Fi device. This nifty gadget allows you to remain connected effortlessly, sparing you the need to occupy a coffee shop as your makeshift office.

  • Homesick candles

    Homesick candles capture the essence of every state, blending their finest scents into a singular, extraordinary present. Gift one representing the state they bid farewell to, allowing them to savor the aroma of Illinois’ golden fields and sweet honeysuckles, the majestic spruce trees of Colorado, or any fragrance that encapsulates their beloved homeland, whenever their heart desires.

  • Hardware store gift card

    Embarking on a fresh journey to a new abode often entails numerous visits to the hardware emporium. Alleviate some of the financial strain of these acquisitions by presenting them with a hardware store voucher, ensuring its purposeful utilization.

  • Target or Walmart gift card

    When it comes to replenishing their new abode, it’s highly likely that they’ll frequent both Target and Walmart, perhaps even more than the local hardware store. Consider gifting them a versatile gift card, enabling them to acquire precisely what they require.

  • Airline gift card

    Indulge in the perfect approach to subtly express your desire for their prompt return and friendly greetings. While purchasing roundtrip tickets may not fit your financial plans, there are certainly thoughtful alternatives to offer them, ensuring their ability to visit their cherished roots.

  • Uber gift card

    A splendid option for those embarking on a carless journey or desiring to celebrate responsibly would be an Uber gift card, especially suited for the vibrant college student in your midst.

  • Gas gift card

    Are you acquainted with anyone who requires the company of their automobile during relocation? Aid them in minimizing their moving expenses, enabling them to effortlessly refuel their vehicle and indulge in delectable treats while embarking on their journey – all courtesy of your benevolence.

  • Clothes that will remind them of home

    Sporting a stylish accessory like a hat, sweatshirt, or scarf adorned with their state’s emblem or favorite sports team’s logo is sure to evoke fond memories of home.

  • Anything personalized

    In addition to the aforementioned items such as beach towels, calendars, wine glasses, Christmas ornaments, journals, and mugs, the possibilities for personalization are endless. Not only will it be affordable, but it will also add a touch of uniqueness to your belongings.

  • Going-away gift ideas for someone moving internationally

    When choosing a gift for someone who is relocating to a different country, opt for something portable. Avoid selecting large or cumbersome items that may not fit in their luggage or work with the technology and voltage of the new country. Consider both practical options such as digital devices, or sentimental tokens like a compact photo album.

  • Weather-appropriate clothes and accessories

    Are they headed towards a destination blessed with eternal sunshine and temperatures soaring beyond 80 degrees? Perhaps they could benefit from a pair of stylish sunglasses or a fashionable sun hat. Rain attire becomes indispensable in numerous European countries, so a thoughtful gesture would be to gift a dear friend or family member relocating to a colder region with a cozy scarf or snug gloves.

  • A playlist

    Explore the possibility of curating a delightful medley of melodies that evoke memories of both home and yourself. Unveiling our handpicked selection of 75 uplifting tunes encapsulating the essence of embarking on a journey far from home.

  • Travel adapter

    A small universal adapter like this can be extremely useful in a foreign country.

  • Portable battery pack

    In a similar vein, a compact power source can be a lifesaver, particularly for individuals who find themselves in unfamiliar territory, unable to communicate due to a drained mobile device.

  • Portable hard drive

    Before embarking on a journey overseas, it is highly advisable for your companion or relative to secure a backup of their valuable files, even if they intend to bring their trusty laptop. In the unfortunate event of theft or unforeseen mishaps, they can take solace in knowing that their cherished possessions such as cherished memories captured in photos, important documents, and beloved games are securely nestled within the confines of their hard drive.

  • Multi-tool

    It’s highly unlikely that globetrotters will be stowing away their trusty tools, especially since certain sharp objects are banned from airplanes. To simplify their journey, why not equip them with a versatile multi-tool that can handle everything from uncapping a bottle to assembling furniture, all while they await the opportunity to replenish their toolkit and kitchen essentials? These ingenious multi-tools are typically equipped with an assortment of gadgets, including blades, shears, a measuring instrument, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, pliers, wire cutters, and an array of other practical contrivances.

  • Passport wallet or holder

    As the globetrotter embarks on their worldly adventures, their passport, like a well-traveled companion, requires safeguarding from nature’s whims, the inevitable signs of time, and potential pilfering. A passport holder arises as the knight in shining armor, sheltering the precious document. Meanwhile, a passport wallet emerges as the ultimate multitasker, offering a sanctuary for the passport alongside its versatile abilities to store various essentials such as currency, cards, vital documents, mementos, boarding passes, and more, all harmoniously united within its handy confines.

  • Spices and seasonings from home

    When relocating, finding certain spices and seasonings might prove to be challenging or even unattainable. Therefore, if they have a fondness for taco seasoning, anything with a pumpkin flavor, a specific brand of pancake mix, ranch dressing mix, Old Bay or Creole seasoning, or the irreplaceable Everything But the Bagel seasoning, your considerate gift will surely be adored. Carrying liquids on an airplane can be problematic, so it is advisable to opt for dry or powdered seasonings and spices.

  • Luggage

    Whether you’re familiar with the individual or ready to splurge, equipping them with a top-notch sturdy suitcase, a compact yet practical backpack, and a nifty toiletries case can work wonders in ensuring a seamless transition when relocating overseas.

  • Subscriptions

    In their luggage, these take up no room at all and serve as fantastic presents. Whether it’s Spotify, Amazon Kindle Unlimited, or any other streaming service that you generously provide for a few months or even a whole year, it will surely be cherished.

  • Going-away gift ideas for neighbors

    Selecting farewell presents for neighbors can prove to be a more challenging task compared to friends and family. It is possible that you may not know them as intimately and might be uncertain about their needs during or after the relocation. While the aforementioned choices remain viable, explore these five unique going-away gift concepts tailored specifically for your neighbors. Moreover, these suggestions can also be extended to individuals outside your immediate social circle, such as co-workers.

  • Starter seeds

    As you’ve been living next door, you most likely have some knowledge about your neighbors. If they happen to be passionate about gardening, why not surprise them with a thoughtful gift of flower, vegetable, or herb starter seeds for their fresh outdoor sanctuary.

  • A donation on their behalf

    Should you come across neighbors who seemingly possess everything, yet you possess knowledge of their fervent dedication towards a particular cause, consider making a donation to a charity or non-profit organization in their name.

  • “Spa day” in a box

    After going through a relocation, everyone deserves a little rest and relaxation, and that includes your neighbors as well. If you happen to know their scent preferences and are confident that none of the ingredients will cause any allergies, a fantastic idea would be to create a spa-themed care package to help them unwind. You can either assemble it yourself or purchase a ready-made one (plenty of choices available on the internet). If you can source the goodies from a nearby artisan or farmers’ market, that would be even more delightful. Consider including teas, lotions, balms, candles, and soaps as potential options.

  • A gift for their pet

    Relocating with a furry companion, be it a dog, cat, or any other cherished pet, can present its challenges. Display your compassionate nature to your fellow residents by bestowing them with delightful treats or a novel plaything. Such gestures will undoubtedly be cherished by both the human occupants and their beloved animal companions. Moreover, this kind act can serve as a delightful diversion for the pet during the chaotic process of moving or when your neighbors are engaged in the arduous task of unpacking.

  • Custom map cutting board

    Surprise your neighbors with a personalized map cutting board that brings back memories of their beloved former residence. This unique gift showcases a charming area spanning three square miles around their old address, elegantly highlighted with a shining star.

  • Gift-buying tips

  • Search for a gift that is meaningful and/or practical.
  • Showcasing your thoughtful approach to gift shopping, personalized items bring forth a sense of individuality. Dedicated solely to this purpose, online retailers such as Amazon and marketplaces like Etsy offer a myriad of choices to explore.
  • Avoid any large, risky, perishable, or otherwise challenging or unlawful items to transport. This encompasses plants and blooms, perishable food, flammable objects, and anything that may not survive the journey, burdening the recipient with additional responsibility.
  • Don’t spend a ton, especially if you don’t know the person that well. It might get awkward or will just be unnecessary.
  • Avoid excessively personalizing your gift unless it’s intended for a cherished loved one. There’s a chance it may not resonate as expected. Generally, farewell gifts do not require an intense level of personalization compared to birthday or holiday presents.
  • While not obligatory, going-away presents are a delightful way to express the depth of one’s fondness for someone. In the event of uncertainty, supporting their relocation and lending a hand with packing is typically sufficient to bid them farewell on a positive note. However, if you wish to go the extra mile, explore the aforementioned gift suggestions to bid them adieu in a truly unforgettable manner.

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