Holiday Experience Gifts for Kids, Adult Gifts & Non-Toy Ideas

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Holiday Experience Gifts for Kids, Adult Gifts & Non-Toy Ideas

Give the Best Gifts for 2022

Regardless of the kind of gift suggestions you require this year, we have concepts to assist you…

Gift of Experiences: Experience Gifts & Ideas

Give the present that continues to provide…&Amp; is less untidiness!

Holiday Cooking Kits

Get ready to unleash your inner chef this holiday season with the delightful At-Home DIY Holiday Gingerbread House Kits offered by Taste Buds Kitchen. Customize your pickup date and time to suit your schedule and don’t delay in ordering your kit, as they tend to disappear faster than snowflakes on a sunny day.

Memberships to Local Attractions

Yearly memberships provide us with the opportunity to spend quality time as a family – it’s the present that continues to give!

Explore these nearby memberships and discover unique gift ideas:

> Union Station Membership: Science City, Planetarium & More

Experience the enchantment of Science City all year round with our exclusive memberships, granting you unlimited access for a whole 12 months. As a member, you’ll not only enjoy discounted tickets to captivating exhibits but also receive a complimentary voyage to the planetarium. And that’s not all! After your initial visit, you’ll continue to relish discounted tickets to the planetarium. Don’t forget to treat yourself to some delectable $1 popcorn at the Regnier Extreme Screen. Plus, there’s so much more in store for our esteemed members!

> SkyZone Memberships

There are two distinct levels of membership, beginning at $19.99 per month.

Every SkyZone membership is unique, but it grants the pass holder the freedom to bounce at their convenience!

> Kansas City Zoo Membership Pass

Membership fees for individuals begin at $50 for residents of Jackson/Clay County and $100 for those who do not reside in the county.

For residents of Jackson/Clay County, a family membership can be obtained at a starting price of $75, while non-residents can avail it at $145.

> Pogo Pass Kansas City

This activity pass grants you entry to over 17 KC attractions suitable for families – all for just $39.98!

> Deanna Rose Farmstead Annual Membership

The Farmstead’s Comrades pass generously grants two grown-ups and any underage offspring complimentary entry to Deanna Rose throughout an entire calendar year. Embrace endless playtime!

> Overland Park Arboretum Annual Membership

The membership levels vary based on the number of individuals included in the pass, granting pass holders unrestricted access to the Overland Park Arboretum for a duration of one year.

There are many great places that offer memberships throughout KC. Find more info on family memberships with the help of this guide!


Why not astonish the kids with monthly or quarterly subscription presents, just like we grown-ups relish?

We all know how much children adore receiving mail…At least our little ones do!

Discover a plethora of fantastic subscription services exclusively crafted for kids, offering you an array of exciting choices. These services grant you the freedom to determine the frequency of box deliveries, allowing you to customize according to your budget preferences.

We discovered gift suggestions for subscriptions that you may find intriguing to consider as presents for this year.

Gift Cards to a store or restaurant

** Numerous locations are providing complimentary gift cards with a purchase!

Although they may not be the most intimate presents, they possess the potential to be considerate if you manage to bring them to their utmost cherished boutique! Offering choices is a fail-proof strategy. It allows your children to select their heart’s desire! Undoubtedly, this approach simplifies the entire process…

When you present a child with a gift voucher, you are granting them the liberty to explore and uncover their true passions.

Tickets to see a Movie or Show

B&B Theaters boasts numerous KC metro locations, along with the exciting addition of ScreenPLAY! – An option that injects a unique twist into the customary cinematic experience. Alternatively, indulge in tickets to one of the many other delightful local movie theaters!

If you’re in search of a captivating performance, The Coterie Theater at Crown Center presents an array of timeless and cutting-edge show alternatives suitable for all generations. Additionally, Starlight Theater awaits your exploration of family-friendly shows and concerts.

Sporting Events & Activities

If your children have a passion for different sports, why not surprise them with gift cards or tickets? In case their beloved sport isn’t providing these options this year, think about purchasing some awesome merchandise! Alternatively…

Join the KC Chiefs Kids Club and unlock a world of extraordinary family experiences at the majestic Arrowhead Stadium. Immerse yourself in the magic of watching movies on the hallowed field and indulge in delightful trick-or-treating adventures within the stadium’s confines.

Tuition for a class, camp, or activity

As the year progresses, camps and activities continue to provide us with new opportunities. Additionally, your children will develop and acquire knowledge while engaging in these experiences!

> Sports Leagues as Gifts

I9 Sports offers fantastic sports leagues, making them an excellent present!

** SAVE $10 with code iFamKCRocks on any i9 Sports league for kids.

> Cooking Classes as Gifts:

Children can have a great time participating in cooking lessons at Taste Bud’s Kitchen in Leawood!

They will be able to prepare your family’s dinner quickly.

> Educational Activities as Gifts

Embark on a whimsical journey by gifting a delightful trip to Wonderscope Children’s Museum. Uncover a realm of enchantment as you traverse the finest museums Kansas City has to offer, in search of the ultimate experiential present for children.

> Art Classes as Gifts:

Children have the opportunity to create their own ceramic artwork at Overland Park.

> Music Lessons as Gifts:

Music Lessons as Gifts are a wonderful way to foster creativity and provide a unique and enriching experience for your loved ones. Whether it's learning a new instrument, honing their singing skills, or exploring the world of music production, these lessons offer a valuable opportunity for personal growth and self-expression. Give the gift of music and watch as your loved ones unlock their potential and discover the joy of making music.

Surprise your beloved young musician with the ultimate “melodic delight” gift certificate. Unleash their inner maestro with an exclusive opportunity to embark on a transformative musical journey at Bach to Rock. From honing their DJ skills to mastering an instrument and even becoming part of a sensational band, the possibilities are endless. These captivating gift certificates open doors to a harmonious world of music lessons, immersive music camps, and unforgettable music soirées – or any other captivating program that Bach to Rock has to offer.

At Bach to Rock Leawood, music education takes a unique twist. Alongside personalized music lessons, they foster a collaborative environment, where students can showcase their talent alongside fellow musicians, perform live, and freely decide the songs and genres they want to explore.

The outcome? Students become well-rounded artists, have a more enjoyable experience learning music, and have the opportunity to navigate their own creative path!

Moreover, delve into the realm of timeless programs such as Shining Light Music. They present an array of musical teachings encompassing an extensive range of instruments – encompassing drum & bass, saxophone, guitar, flute, percussion, violin & viola…You envision the instrument, they assuredly provide a course tailored to it.

> Other Programs & Physical Activities

You have a plethora of choices! Select from:

  • I9 Sports offers a variety of sports programs.
  • Lessons for Riding Horses.
  • Aerial Yoga and Fitness.
  • Skiing, tobogganing, and snowboarding at Snow Creek.
  • Or any other physical pursuits your children are interested in.
  • Other Programs and Physical Activities are also offered to enhance the overall experience and provide a range of options for visitors.

    Play Centers, Activities & Indoor Parks

    KC is brimming with an abundance of exhilarating experiences designed to keep kids on their toes! Let the little ones embark on a gravity-defying adventure at Sky Zone, Urban Air, or SuperKidz Club and watch their energy soar.

    Other fun play experience gifts include Field Station Dinosaurs & Aerial Yoga and Fitness., which are all great options.

    For older children, TopGolf and iFly Indoor Skydiving could also provide fantastic experience choices.

    Go Visit Alpacas!

    This is a highly distinctive experience to present to your children. The whole family will create some everlasting memories.

    Our children adore animals, so this is perfect for them!

    YaYa’s Alpaca Farm educates your children on the lifestyle of alpacas and also provides an opportunity to engage with them. 🙂

    Donate to a Charity in Their Name

    You can provide a one-of-a-kind experience present that educates your child about the importance of philanthropy.

    Or are only a handful.

    Take a Trip or Vacation

    Embark on an exciting escapade over the weekend, ideal for students of all generations during their winter break. Unveil the 22 most extraordinary road journeys originating from Kansas City, unveiling an impeccable destination for your beloved clan!

    Exploring a new place is always thrilling, particularly when you are accompanied by your loved ones…

    Gifts for Parents:

    Less Cooking with Food Delivery from Nurture Life

    ** $15 DISCOUNT with code: iFamilyKC15.

    Simplify your life as a parent with these wholesome meal deliveries! Take your pick from an array of options tailored to cater to various age brackets: delectable dishes for toddlers (1 to 4 years old), scrumptious meals for kids (5 to 12 years old), tantalizing options for teens (13 to adult), and chilled lunchtime delights that are ideal for school.

    Families who indulge in these delightful dishes are often left spellbound, prompting them to shower glowing accolades across the digital realm. Rest assured, your little ones will revel in the sheer magnificence of these culinary creations. Bid farewell to the hassle of cooking while relishing delectable and nourishing feasts alongside your loved ones.

    Reduced culinary preparation with meal delivery from Nurture Life.

    Babies Sleep Better in 3 Nights with Nested Bean

    Whether you’re in search of presents for new parents or you’re a parent yourself, Nested Bean works its magic to enhance the sleep of little ones in just 1 to 3 nights!

    Their zen apparel collection imitates your gentle touch to provide comfort for your young child. Take a look:.

    Infants Rest More Peacefully in 3 Evenings with Nested Bean.

    Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

    If you’re not interested in buying additional presents for your children, you can discover the finest gift suggestions that are not playthings…


    It’s always an opportune moment for acquiring knowledge and I am a massive enthusiast of presenting books for momentous events.

    Reading gives children the chance to utilize their creativity and explore other realms in depth.

    “A reader lives a thousand lifetimes…” -George R.R. Martin

    The realm of book gifts is filled with an expanse of limitless possibilities, boasting a myriad of unique titles to choose from. Should your child possess a Kindle, tablet, or e-reader, bestow upon them a gift card, allowing them the freedom to curate their own literary collection.

    Depending on the age and reading proficiency of the person receiving it, a series of books can offer countless hours of amusement.

    Some recommended books are:

  • Classic Books for Children (all age groups).
  • Llama Llama Red Pajama Books (young child).
  • Books about Pete The Cat (for preschoolers).
  • Ivy & Bean Books (for children of school age).
  • Books about Judy Moody (for children of school age).
  • The Harry Potter Series (for preteens).
  • A “Yes” Day

    After triumphantly accomplishing a “yes day” with her children, actress Jennifer Garner found herself in a state of utter exhaustion, yet overflowing with pure bliss, as revealed in an intriguing article I stumbled upon.

    It’s a concept I’ve never come across but is, evidently, inspired by the book Yes Day by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

    Embrace the notion of granting your children a full day of authority over the planning process. Establish a framework of boundaries and guidelines (such as budget and time restrictions), and relinquish the decision-making power to your little ones.

    If the mere thought of it fills you with as much exhilaration as it does for me, then I urge you to explore the captivating pages of this book at your nearest Mid-Continent Public Library branch, and perhaps contemplate gifting it to your beloved child this festive season.

    Board Games

    There’s nothing quite like gathering with the family and enjoying a traditional board game together!

    Include some popcorn and their preferred sweets, and it will not fail to meet expectations!


    A guitar, violin, flute, or any other musical device is a fantastic present for aspiring Mozarts.

    Along with a few sheet music compositions, the children will have a great time that stimulates their intellect!

    Polaroid Camera

    For the preteen crowd, a Polaroid camera is an ideal choice for creating lasting memories!

    They will also have the opportunity to instantly relish their photographs. Strike a pose for a picture on Christmas morning!

    Bonus: Tech Gifts & Electronics:

    With the arrival of each passing month, a multitude of novel gadgets emerge, and we are here to assist you in staying up-to-date! This year, bestow the wonders of technology or present the invaluable gift of comprehending its intricacies…

    Tech gifts for KIDS

    Amazon Fire Kids Edition.

    Yes, behold, yet another tablet! However, behold the wonders of the Amazon Fire Kids edition, for it grants you a magnificent two-year guarantee of absolute tranquility. Should your precious youngling shatter or harm this device, fear not, for Amazon shall graciously bestow upon you a replacement, free of charge, for a duration of two whole revolutions around the sun.

    Nintendo Switch.

    Last year witnessed a colossal craze, and this year promises yet another substantial trend. Enter the Nintendo Switch, a remarkable fusion of a portable gaming device and a home console. With the ability to seamlessly transition between playing on your high-definition television and indulging in gaming adventures on the integrated high-definition screen while on the move, this console is a delight for your children.

    Lego Creator Robo Explorer.

    Legos have taken the world by storm and show no signs of slowing down. Witness your little one construct and piece together a fully operational robot that can effortlessly transform into a myriad of exciting creations.

    LittleBits Electronic Music Creator Set.

    This all-in-one kit empowers children to unleash their creativity by writing and producing their very own music, making it perfect for young ones who have a passion for singing and dancing.

    Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03 Vehicle Kit.

    In partnership with a Nintendo Switch, this kit enables children to construct a completely operational vehicle, and subsequently engage in play with it!

    Real As Can Be Baby Alive Doll.

    Behold, this extraordinary infant possesses unparalleled authenticity. Nourish it, caress it, nurture it with utmost diligence. Witness the remarkable baby doll gracefully suckling from her bottle, and astoundingly reacting to the gentle caresses and voice of your little one!

    Tech gifts for HER

    Fitbit Flex 2 Bracelet.

    Embrace the fusion of fashion and functionality with this stunning activity tracker. Offering the same capabilities as a Fitbit, this exquisite accessory allows your beloved woman to effortlessly stay on top of her daily pursuits while exuding elegance.

    The small Harmony Tote by Kate Spade Everpurse.

    The sleek black tote bag not only provides a secure space for a 13-inch laptop but also features a convenient charging dock for smartphones. Moreover, this innovative bag takes it a step further by effortlessly recharging your smartphone simply by placing it on the included charging mat.

    Stylish Headphones.

    In this era, the world of online shopping offers an extensive range of headphones with boundless options in terms of type, color, and pattern. Embark on a quest to discover the ideal pair that will captivate her heart, for once she adorns them, they shall become her inseparable companions.

    Fossil Q Harper Intelligent Hybrid Watch.

    Say goodbye to cumbersome smartwatches! Embrace a trendy and practical hybrid timepiece that caters to all her needs. Its elegant and contemporary aesthetics cleverly conceal its myriad of features, revealing its true potential only when experienced firsthand!

    Tech gifts for HIM

    DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone equipped with a 2.7K HD Video Camera.

    Drones are the latest trend, but the top-tier ones come with a hefty price tag. The DJI Phantom emerges as an exceptional multi-purpose drone that offers a comparatively affordable option, particularly for those venturing into drone piloting.

    DJI Spark in Alpine White with a Remote Control and Parrot Mambo Fly are also excellent alternatives.

    Samsung Smart TV with a curved UHD screen.

    Samsung stands as an emblem of trust and dependability in the TV industry. The Smart UHD TV, with its captivatingly curved screens, seamlessly integrated apps, and awe-inspiring picture quality, reigns supreme. An ideal choice for indulging in the excitement of the upcoming monumental match!

    Anker PowerCore II 20000 is the product name.

    Does a person in your life perpetually require a phone charger, frequently traversing their surroundings with a lifeless phone? A compact charging wand is both uncomplicated and indispensable! This particular one from Anker also includes an array of accompanying accessories!

    Tech Gifts for All Ages

    Smart Watches.

    In addition to the Fitbit Flex 2, which we’ve highlighted as a fitness tracker designed for women, there is a plethora of other highly sought-after trackers available. The Apple Watch and the Fitbit Versa are just a couple of the cutting-edge options mentioned in this article, which also delves into the distinctive features offered by various other trackers.

    The Amazon Echo device.

    Amazon’s array of tech gadgets have consistently secured a spot on the coveted list of trendy presents for technology enthusiasts. From the Echo to the Dot, the Spot to the Look, and the Show, an assortment of these remarkable innovations can effortlessly transform any living space into a cutting-edge smart home.

    Google Home Intelligent Speaker.

    Google’s rendition of the Amazon Echo, the Google Home Smart Speaker, possesses the capability to govern identical smart home peripherals as Amazon’s intelligent speaker, alongside members of the Google Chromecast clan. The added perk of this gadget is the unrestricted entry to Google’s vast database for an abundance of knowledge.

    Apple AirPods.

    It’s high time to bid farewell to those tangled cables and wireless headphones that are always in need of charging. AirPods effortlessly pair with any iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth and have gained immense popularity alongside the launch of Apple’s newest iPhones.

    An Android-friendly, non-Apple alternative is the Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Headphones, which have been reported to produce high-quality sound as well.

    Philips Hue Lights.

    With the rise of smart homes, Philips’ Hue bulbs have emerged as the go-to smart home accessory for many enthusiasts. As the demand for smart home products surges, it is highly likely that these sought-after bulbs will become increasingly elusive during this season.

    Amazon Fire Tablet.

    For those seeking a tablet experience that perfectly suits their casual needs, look no further than the Fire tablet. Immerse yourself in the world of eBooks, effortlessly surf the web, indulge in Netflix marathons, or enjoy a delightful array of light-hearted games. While it may not claim the throne of the most formidable or versatile tablet available, rest assured that it reigns supreme as the unrivaled choice within the realm of affordability, costing no more than a mere $50.

    Nest Smart Home devices.

    Nest is revolutionizing the concept of a smart home with its innovative products like the Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect smoke & carbon monoxide alarm, and Nest Cam security camera.

    The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is another comparable product that offers voice-activated functionalities and security features.

    Sonos One Intelligent Speaker.

    The Sonos One emerges as a refined iteration of the audio company’s beloved PLAY: 1 speaker, delivering enhanced auditory bliss. Infused with the brilliance of Amazon’s Alexa, this exquisite creation seamlessly integrates into your existing Sonos system, obviating the need for a fresh application or central hub.

    So, what are you gifting this year?

    A comprehensive compilation of resources accessible to your family this season in our Yearly Holiday Guide.

    We acknowledge that there might be some things we overlooked, hence we eagerly await your most exceptional gift suggestions! Feel free to drop a comment down below or inform us on social media about the presents you’re planning to surprise your dear ones with during this festive period.

    Don’t miss out on anything for the little ones in KC – join The Scoop today and stay in the loop with movie premieres, exciting kids events hosted by our clients, and an abundance of family-friendly fun.

    Don’t forget to participate in the conversation within the iFamilyKC Kansas City Parent Facebook Community Group! Starting from November 1st, you can grab a physical copy from any of our 1,000 drop spots scattered throughout the metro area, or conveniently access it online.

    From our family to yours, iFamilyKC.

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