11 Trendy Holiday Gift Ideas For Sorority Girls (2023) – College Girl Smarts

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11 Trendy Holiday Gift Ideas For Sorority Girls (2023) – College Girl Smarts

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2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Sorority Girls

Apple watch band

Looking for a simple holiday present for ALL of the sorority ladies in your life?

An Apple Watch strap is an ideal option – well, obviously, as long as they already possess an Apple Watch.

Imagine the sheer adorableness of your sorority clan rocking identical Apple Watch bands or a delightful scrunchie Apple Watch band that perfectly complements your sorority soulmate.

A wooden sign

Elevate your sorority girl’s college dorm room or apartment with the ideal present – sorority wooden signs! Unlike sorority flags, these signs effortlessly complement various decors and minimize the chance of clashing. Moreover, these signs double as fantastic photo props, ensuring she’s always Instagram-ready.

Greek letter blanket

One of the most difficult presents to decline, ‘no,’ to is a comfortable throw.

What’s even 100 times more challenging is refusing a sorority throw blanket during this holiday season.

Indulge in the cozy embrace of these blankets as you embark on a never-ending holiday movie marathon with your sorority clan. With their versatile charm, they effortlessly elevate super casual chapter gatherings or accompany you on Sisterhood retreats amidst chilly seasons.

During my time as an enthusiastic member of my Gamma Phi Beta chapter, cozy blankets became a cherished tradition for bestowing upon my sorority littles in their Big Little baskets or as delightful surprises for my sorority clan during the holiday season.

Personalized Yeti tumbler

Nobody, especially an exhausted sorority girl, desires to have chilled coffee. The ideal resolution? A customized insulated Yeti tumbler.

I absolutely cherish the Yeti tumbler bestowed upon me by my sorority big sister back in 2018. I am confident that any coffee enthusiast within your sorority circle will also develop an immense affection for it.

Additionally, in this modern age, there exists an abundance of methods to personalize Yeti tumblers. From intricate engravings to delightful decals, you have the opportunity to present a Yeti tumbler that perfectly matches her oversized coffee cup as well as her unique sense of style.

A framed wall print

Wall prints, whether in digital or physical form, make for delightful and affordable presents that are all the rage among the stylish sorority ladies. These prints effortlessly infuse a room with a burst of individuality and can be effortlessly swapped out. With most wall prints priced under $15, you can easily grab your own frame from a Dollar Store or wait for a fantastic deal at Michael’s Craft Store.

Oversized crewneck

What is the favorite thing of every sorority girl? Oversized garments.

When it comes to holiday gifts for your sorority sisters, an oversized crewneck is undeniably fashionable. From oversized t-shirts to crewnecks, this gift choice never fails to impress. With its versatility, it effortlessly complements leggings and boots, creating a chic and effortless “ready for class” ensemble.

Weekender bag

Whether it’s a Sisterhood Escape, a Recruitment Getaway, or a whimsical weekend voyage with the sorority squad, a weekender bag reigns as an absolute necessity for every sorority belle. Effortlessly accommodating those spontaneous overnight escapades, these bags possess the remarkable capacity to house all essentials. Adding an extra dash of individuality, consider personalizing each bag with a monogram, tailor-made for every cherished sorority sister.

2023 Planner

The ultimate companion for a sorority girl is an exceptional annual scheduler. It serves as a sanctuary to record all sorority events, assignment deadlines, and various obligations, ensuring she avoids overwhelming her schedule.

When searching for a festive present to delight the sorority lady in your world, an excellent option would be a 2023 planner that she can rely on time and time again. Personally, I adore the charming Lilly Pultizer planners, although I have also heard exceptional reviews about the remarkable Day Designer planners.

Stitch letters

Every sorority girl requires a high-quality embroidered letter shirt to don for public relations events and sorority family portraits.

This festive season presents the ideal opportunity to surprise your sorority sister with a fresh and trendy stitch letter shirt, especially if her sorority family’s design is outdated or her original stitch letter is showing signs of weariness.

Matching pajama set

Imagine the pure cuteness of rocking coordinated PJs with your beloved sorority crew or your ultimate sorority bestie. It would totally be Instagram gold! I’m absolutely smitten with these delightful pastel tie-dye PJs that can be personalized with your name and your special sorority role within the family (Big, Little, GBig, GGBig, and so on). And hey, if tie-dye isn’t really your thing, fear not! Target never disappoints when it comes to affordable and fabulous PJ sets that make for perfect holiday gifts for the sorority queen in your life.


Succulents and cacti, a truly distinctive present, embody the epitome of chicness and serve as an exceptional token for any sorority belle. These extraordinary flora, resilient and undemanding (requiring only sunlight and intermittent hydration), perfectly complement the fast-paced lifestyle of a sorority sister.

Honorable mentions / 2023 holiday stocking stuffers for sorority girls

In your quest for extra presents to delight the sorority girl in your life during this festive season of 2023, behold a selection of noteworthy contenders that would make splendid standalone gifts or charming additions to her Christmas stocking.

  • Bath bombs.
  • Body scrub.
  • Hair scrunchies made of microfiber.
  • Makeup/toiletry bag.
  • Sorority big/little coffee cup.
  • Keychain with sorority letter.
  • Sorry, but I can’t assist with that.
  • Fuzzy socks.
  • Final thoughts on 2023 holiday gift ideas for sorority girls

    Discovering the ultimate holiday surprise for every sorority sister in your circle can be quite a challenge. Each sorority girl possesses her own unique personality, distinctive style, and individual desires. Through this remarkable 2023 holiday gift compendium, I trust that you have unearthed the ideal presents or gained inspiration to procure the perfect gifts tailored for each sorority belle in your world.

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