15 Hot Chocolate Recipes to Give as Delicious Christmas Gifts

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As a self-proclaimed food enthusiast, my mind often wanders to the realm of pumpkin-infused delicacies, delectable cookies, the elaborate preparations for Thanksgiving, and the comforting embrace of a steaming cup of hot chocolate. This divine indulgence has become a nightly ritual, soothing my spirit as I prepare to embrace the serenity of sleep.

As I strategize for the upcoming festivities, I have also noticed their potential as splendid presents for my loved ones. In this delightful post, I aim to intertwine these two sources of joy and present you with marvelous gift suggestions from creative minds.

15 Hot Chocolate Recipes to Give as Delicious Christmas Gifts

1. Chocolate Spoons

Chocolate spoons are a delightful and indulgent treat that can be enjoyed on their own or used to enhance hot drinks or desserts. They are made by melting chocolate and pouring it into spoon-shaped molds, allowing it to harden and form a solid spoon. These edible spoons can be used to stir and savor the flavors of hot chocolate, coffee, or even ice cream. With their sweet and creamy taste, chocolate spoons are a perfect addition to any dessert table or as a thoughtful gift for chocolate lovers.

Inception of the hot chocolate post began with a stroke of brilliance. Long ago, our eldest daughter, at the tender age of 8, stumbled upon a magazine article detailing a recipe quite akin to this one. Inspired by her curiosity, we embarked on a delightful journey of creating this delectable treat for our own enjoyment.

One delightful aspect of this activity is the ability to acquire an inexpensive coffee mug from the dollar store and enhance it with a spoon, resulting in a straightforward yet sophisticated gift. Giustina from Domestically Blissful has ingeniously crafted these spoons, and I specifically selected her creations due to the assortment of flavors she incorporated, demonstrating the boundless creativity one can exercise while crafting this thoughtful present.

Enhance the chocolate with flavors that resonate with your friends’ preferences, then simply combine it with warm milk for a delightful and uncomplicated treat.

2. Pink, It’s My Favorite Color

Pink is often associated with femininity, love, and tenderness, and it is a color that many people find visually appealing.

I adore the delightful aspect of her incorporating chocolate chips. Unlike the majority who enhance their coffee with sugar and cream, I opt for the inclusion of various chips – whether it be luscious chocolate, velvety white chocolate, or even more extraordinary varieties. Additionally, she incorporates pudding, powdered milk, and delectable strawberry Nesquick.

Utilizing this delightful recipe for Valentine’s Day is a splendid idea, yet I envision it as a marvelous present for someone enchanted by the color pink. Alternatively, it would be a perfect fit for a kitchen adorned in a whimsical Candyland motif during the festive season. Personally, I belong to that category of individuals who would relish indulging in pink hot chocolate, as it would provide an added sense of comfort while lounging in my kitchen/dining room sanctuary.

The source of this captivating recipe is Megan from Homemade Ginger. Make sure to thoroughly explore the article as she also shares an amazing Funfetti hot chocolate recipe.

3. Reindeer Gifts

Reindeer Gifts are traditional presents given during the festive season, symbolizing love, joy, and the spirit of Christmas.

Chrysa, the creative mind behind Thrifty Jinxy, whipped up an adorable reindeer creation. Naturally, my fondness for this delightful concoction stems from her ingenious use of delectable chocolate chips. The inclusion of googly eyes adds an extra touch of perfection, making it an ideal addition to any little one’s stocking. Moreover, the inclusion of detailed directions ensures that moms and dads can effortlessly assist their tiny tots in crafting this scrumptious treat.

My only gripe with this recipe is the use of Swiss Miss for the hot chocolate. Having mastered the art of crafting my own hot chocolate, the flavor of Swiss Miss and most other store-bought mixes doesn’t quite tickle my taste buds (although there are a couple of rare exceptions).

I’d take matters into my own hands and blend my special hot chocolate mix, incorporating all the amazing ingredients she includes for the reindeer. Abracadabra! Simple as pie.

4. Upscaled Reindeer

The Upscaled Reindeer is a majestic and mythical creature that is often associated with the festive season and is known for its beautiful antlers and graceful movements.

The creative mind at Project Nursery ingeniously devised this adorable concept that incorporates elements from number 3 but elevates it to a whole new level.

She transforms the hot chocolate into a whimsical reindeer by donning the cup with a charming sleeve. Alongside, she sprinkles in delightful additions like swiftly dissolving mints, fluffy marshmallows, and dainty spoons.

I’m uncertain about the purpose behind adding the straws, as they tend to lose their firmness rapidly when used in hot beverages. Even in cold drinks, they begin to soften within an hour. Nonetheless, I must admit their adorable charm captivates me.

5. Keeping with the Theme- Melted Snowman Hot Chocolate

5. Maintaining the Theme- Molten Snowman Warm Cocoa

Camille’s adorable melted snowmen, crafted with culinary finesse, are an absolute delight. Embarking on this recipe is a breeze, promising a delectable outcome.

With your very own blend of hot chocolate, pour it until it reaches about three-quarters of the cup’s brim and then generously drop in some plump marshmallows. Once you’ve securely sealed the lid, grab a trusty permanent marker and let your artistic prowess come alive as you adorn the cup with whimsical snowman designs.

Adding the beverage concoction guidelines at the base of the newly incorporated topper is highly advisable. It would be a pity to leave the recipient puzzled about the process of creating your marvelous beverage.

6. Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate Truffles

Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate Truffles are delectable bite-sized treats that combine the flavors of pumpkin spice and rich chocolate, creating a perfect indulgence for the fall season.

The exquisite beauty of these treats left me absolutely astounded. Crafted by the talented Elizabeth from Sugar Hero, these delights were brought to life through the harmonious fusion of chocolate chips, pumpkin spice creamer, cocoa powder, and a handful of other delightful embellishments.

She guides you on a whimsical journey, transforming ordinary ingredients into enchanting pumpkins that magically blend with the hot chocolate. Simply heat up a cup of milk, sprinkle in the pumpkin concoction, gently stir, and behold its mesmerizing dissolution.

I must say – these truffles are likely my favorite on the menu. So distinct and it sounds extremely appetizing.

7. Host the Party – Hot Chocolate Bar

7. Throw the Celebration – Warm Cocoa Station

Brandie from Home Cooking Memories devised this adorable concept, and I’m utterly smitten with it. Rather than presenting a tangible present, you have the opportunity to bestow the invaluable treasures of time and cherished moments. Thus, the blog aptly bears its name.

A few years back, I conceived the notion of throwing a bash where youngsters adorned brown wrapping paper with their artistic flair. In keeping with the theme, a delightful hot chocolate station was set up, and all attendees arrived bearing vessels brimming with delectable cookies. A jovial cookie swap ensued, and both young and old reveled in the merriment of the occasion.

Afterward, we started a film in the game room and created a cozy space on the floor for the little ones, as the parents fetched presents for their children. We ingeniously bundled them up with the freshly adorned paper crafted by their tiny hands, immersed ourselves in the melodies of Christmas music, and relished in the delightful camaraderie we shared.

8. For the Health Nut in Your Life

For the Fitness Enthusiast in Your Life

These innovative hot chocolate recipes are designed for individuals who embrace unconventional approaches to food and beverage consumption, be it for the sake of well-being or individual preferences.

For those seeking a low carb, high protein treat, this recipe is a delightful choice. Arman, renowned for crafting delectable desserts that cater to the health-conscious, has undoubtedly created a scrumptious delight. If this piques your interest, do explore his blog, The Big Man’s World.

9. For the Vegan/Gluten Free Person in Your Life

9. For the Plant-based/Celiac-friendly Individual in Your Existence

The reason this one fills me with excitement is due to the fact that I possess a student who happens to have a severe aversion to gluten. While some individuals claim to be gluten intolerant without any official confirmation, merely following the current trend, my student’s case is genuinely authentic. She experiences distressing outbreaks of hives and unpleasant swelling, a truly alarming ordeal.

I make sure to adjust our recipes the best I can to accommodate her and this is one way that I can.

Additionally, its appearance remains incredibly appetizing! Margaret, the culinary genius behind Plant Strong Vegan, ingeniously crafted this delectable concoction, tailor-made for individuals following Paleo, Gluten-Free, and Dairy-Free diets.

10. Italian Hot Chocolate

Italian Hot Chocolate is a rich and indulgent drink, made with high-quality chocolate and served thick and creamy, providing a luxurious and decadent treat.

The sight of this luscious hot chocolate is absolutely tantalizing. The original recipe entails a magical powdered blend that conceals a secret ingredient, imparting an unparalleled thickness – the enigmatic cornstarch. An added bonus of cornstarch is its gluten-free nature, offering a delightful option for those with dietary restrictions. Just recently, we decided to venture outside the box at school and replaced flour with cornstarch in a daring soup recipe.

The beauty of enjoying Italian hot chocolate lies in its simplicity – a mere 3 tablespoons of milk is all it takes. Don’t forget to explore Elana’s delightful blog, As Easy As Pie.

11. Cute Container

The Cute Container is a small and adorable storage unit, perfect for organizing and storing various items with its compact size and charming design.

The adorableness of the Blendtec containers that Amy from Organized Mom showcases as gifts is simply irresistible. Blendtec undoubtedly reigns as one of the top-notch blenders available, and the fact that they offer a range of containers and utensils fills me with immense delight.

Rest assured, if their other creations mirror the excellence of their blenders, you can trust that this product will endure with unwavering reliability.

Did you know there’s an added surprise? Just in case I forgot to mention, these splendid containers offer not just one, but two incredible benefits. Firstly, they serve as a reusable gift that the recipient can enjoy time and time again. Secondly, the delightful hot chocolate inside can be savored on numerous occasions and enjoyed in a variety of delightful ways. This makes it an ideal choice for a diverse and adventurous family who appreciates a bit of variety.

12. For the Masses

For the Masses is a phrase that implies the accessibility and inclusivity of a certain event, product, or service, indicating that it is intended for a wide range of people rather than a select few.

Despite lacking a designated destination, I find it relatively straightforward to decipher. Utilizing a sharpie and a pair of googly eyes, the creator imparted the facial expression onto the image.

The inserts included a delightful Swiss Miss bag (or a comparable alternative), a pair of candy canes, and a sprinkle of marshmallows, accompanied by an adorable recipe poem card.

With no attached hyperlink, this captivating image can effortlessly be crafted to cater to a sizable gathering. Being an educator, I incessantly seek out an entertaining yet economical method to bestow a Christmas or end-of-year present upon my approximate 75 students.

13. Make an Ornament

Making an ornament can be a creative and enjoyable activity that allows you to personalize your accessories and showcase your artistic skills.

The sheer adorableness of these treats is absolutely irresistible. It’s decided, my daughters will definitely be crafting these delightful goodies for their beloved teachers this year. The author generously presents a plethora of diverse recipes to select from, and once again, includes the ever delightful chocolate chips that never fail to bring a smile to my face.

I appreciate her utilization of sprinkles as it further enhances the adorable charm exuded by these ornaments. Additionally, the sight of them nestled in the cup is simply delightful. It’s truly regrettable that we’re unable to incorporate a dollop of whipped cream into the amalgamation!

Just like in post 11, the recipient has the option to repurpose the ornament for various purposes, whether it’s gifting it to someone special or using it to add an adorable touch to their Christmas tree decorations. To discover a plethora of creative ideas, make sure to explore Sprinkle Some Fun’s delightful post.

14. Going Beyond

Going Beyond means pushing the limits, exploring new possibilities, and challenging oneself to achieve more than what is expected or thought possible. It is about breaking barriers and reaching for higher goals.

Jillian over at Food, Folks, and Fun came up with this creative idea that goes beyond just the average hot chocolate gift.

With a generous spirit, she imparts the secrets of crafting delectable gingerbread cookies and unveils the delightful technique of adorning them onto petite candy canes, effortlessly suspending them over the rim of a steaming mug filled with luscious hot chocolate. What makes this recipe truly enchanting is the fact that every single component is not only delicious but also entirely edible.

Maybe you’re heading to a cookie swap event this year. This delightful treat would make an ideal contribution. Don’t forget to visit her article for a detailed walkthrough and charming snapshots of her cute little girl!

15. On a Stick

On a Stick refers to a food item that is skewered and cooked, typically enjoyed at outdoor events or carnivals.

These chocolate-dipped marshmallows are absolutely adorable! Crafted by the talented Jane from Make and Takes, they serve as an ideal indulgence for those yearning for a delectable, comforting delight. Let’s applaud her for her honesty – she promptly clarified in her post that the recipe was not originally hers.

Although she did employ her very own concoction of homemade marshmallows, and I must admit, I’m completely enthralled by the idea. Have you ever indulged in the exquisite delight of homemade marshmallows?

Initially derived from a King Arthur Flour recipe, the addition of chocolate blocks elevated its delectable appeal. The inclusion of sticks, bags, and ribbon further enhanced its adorable charm. However, I surmise that a charming cup from the dollar tree would be the missing element to transform it into the ultimate gift.


Hot chocolate is a universal delight, catering to the indulgence of nearly everyone. However, for the select few who have an aversion to chocolate, their absence from the realm of hot chocolate enthusiasts is inconsequential.

Unlock your creativity and personalize your hot chocolate recipe to craft the perfect gift for cherished ones, friendly neighbors, beloved teachers, or anyone in need of a delightful boost!

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