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1. Designated Kids Corner

Children will absolutely love the idea of having their very own exclusive seating area, where, for a change, a rule of No Parents Allowed can be enforced! Add a touch of excitement with one-of-a-kind mini furniture that will give the trendy kids corner a personalized feel.

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1. Oversized Lawn Games

If your outdoor gathering is in full swing, yard games are an absolute necessity! From giant Jenga to chess/checkers, tic-tac-toe, or the classic Connect 4 showcased below, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Plus, parents of little ones can rest easy knowing that there won’t be any small game pieces to worry about, and tidying up afterwards is a breeze!

Emmaline Bride

Emmaline Bride

3. Coloring Table

Unroll a canvas of warm brown paper and equip yourselves with a colorful array of pencils, crayons, and delightfully washable markers. Unleash the little ones into a world of boundless imagination! Offer them a tapestry of wedding-inspired concepts to sketch and ensure you convey the anticipation of the Bride and Groom eagerly awaiting their masterpieces!

My Wedding

My Wedding

4. Board Games

This concept is likely to thrive with the elder children, or at the very least, with a bit of supervision for the tiny tots. Introduce a few timeless favorites, (Monopoly and Sorry are essential!), And allow the youngsters to engage in a spirited yet innocuous competition!



5. Place Cards

Children will undoubtedly adore the idea of having a dedicated spot at the dining table exclusively personalized with their own name! One can unleash their imagination and incorporate theme-inspired concepts, such as utilizing a beach pail as a seating arrangement for a maritime-themed wedding. Furthermore, these delightful creations can seamlessly serve as charming souvenirs for the young attendees to cherish as they depart.

Project Wedding

Project Wedding

6. Custom Coloring Book

Incorporate nostalgic visuals that resonate with the children or unveil the bridal entourage in a unique manner through a captivating coloring book! The little ones will be overjoyed to spot their beloved Aunt or Uncle gracing the pages, especially if they are given the opportunity to fashion their very own wedding gown ;).

Lovely Indeed

Lovely Indeed

7. Flashlights/Glow Sticks

Flashlights! Encourage the little ones to engage in a thrilling game of flashlight tag once the darkness envelops everything. Moreover, these nifty tools can prove to be quite useful on the dance floor, aiding children in their quest to find their beloved parents! To add a touch of whimsy to your wedding reception, consider opting for flashlights that match the vibrant hues of your celebration, allowing for delightful photo opportunities!

Bridal Guide

Bridal Guide

8. Care Packages

Why settle for just one concept when you can embrace them all! Delightful caddies brimming with delectable treats, vibrant crayons, captivating stickers, and an array of other child-friendly goodies, empowering children to curate their own joyful moments. Our hearts resonate with the notion of repurposing classic lunch boxes, enabling parents to effortlessly gather everything, secure it tightly, and grant their little ones the pleasure of engaging with entertaining playthings during the journey back home!

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9. Legos

Who doesn’t adore Legos? Allow them to unleash their creativity and construct delightful mementos while celebrating. The setup is a breeze and budget-friendly. Regardless of gender, these timeless blocks will captivate your young attendees for endless hours of entertainment.



10. Disposable Cameras

Embrace your inner adventurer and seize a cluster of disposable cameras from the nearby store, fashioning a captivating and engrossing I Spy game that will have youngsters frolicking with unbridled delight, mirroring the exuberance of their parents! Even the tiniest of tykes will bask in the limelight, feeling as significant as the esteemed photographer cradling a camera. This delightful endeavor ensures minimal chaos while fostering a spirit of camaraderie among the children!

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11. Bubbles

Children and bubbles are a match made in heaven, just like peanut butter and jelly. This delightful pastime is perfect for individuals of all ages, offering a budget-friendly and gratifying experience for your little spectators. With a plethora of options available in various forms and dimensions, enhance their excitement by acquiring a colossal bubble contraption! However, ensure that you have an ample supply for each and every participant 😉

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Crazy For Us

12. Crafts

Keep the little ones entertained with a delightful combination of sweets and artsy endeavors, and bid farewell to the need for a babysitter! From handmade bookmarks to whimsical door knob hangers and enchanting masks, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure to steer clear of overly adhesive or messy crafting materials when dealing with a younger crowd. Watch as the children revel in their boundless creativity and proudly carry home a cherished keepsake. And here’s a pro tip: don’t forget to personalize and date their creations in advance, turning your wedding into a treasured and nostalgic affair!

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