11 Thoughtful LDS Baptism Gifts for All Ages – Boys & Girls!

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The day of baptism into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is filled with exhilaration! It is equally thrilling for those who cherish and support the new member. In this customary celebration, presents often accompany the sacrament, offering boundless choices. To assist you, we have curated a compilation of our most beloved LDS Baptism Gifts to commemorate this significant occasion.

We are aware that the customary age for baptism is eight years old, however, there exists a myriad of individuals who undergo baptism during later stages of their lives! Personally, I did not partake in baptism until I reached the age of eighteen. Consequently, this compilation encompasses an abundance of choices that cater to individuals of all age brackets!

11 Thoughtful LDS Baptism Gifts for All Ages - Boys & Girls!

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1. Journal

A journal serves as a splendid present for a recently baptized individual, regardless of their age! It could either be a regular journal or a tailor-made one exclusively intended for recording lessons and sermons at church, spiritual musings and concepts, or any other noteworthy notions worth jotting down!

Just like a personal diary, you can also lay your hands on a divine-inspired organizer! They are absolutely incredible. They foster devotion to scripture, prayer, self-reflection, and countless other virtues. It’s a planner and a scholarly instrument blended into a single entity! Take a peek at our evaluation of the Hope Planner.

2. Art

The possibilities for LDS art are boundless! Countless exceptional masterpieces await, and numerous affordable treasures are waiting to be discovered. Acquiring a costly canvas is not a prerequisite to uncovering exquisite artwork.

  • Customized name artwork.
  • Child of God art.Output: Art depicting the Child of God.
  • Watercolor.
  • 3. Sunday Clothes

    You can never have sufficient Sunday attire. Regardless of your gender or age!

    Girls have a vast array of options when it comes to gifts – a dress, a skirt, a scarf, or anything that tickles their fancy! On the other hand, boys can be spoiled for choice too – a dapper tie, stylish dress shoes, or perhaps a complete suit to make a statement!

    4. CTR or Other LDS Jewelry & Accessories

    The market is flooded with an array of choices when it comes to CTR and LDS jewelry, catering to all age groups. While the options for girls are abundant, boys also have a handful of choices to explore!

    Jewelry & Accessories for Girls

  • Bracelet.
  • Ring.
  • Necklace.
  • Accessories for Boys

  • Tie clip.
  • Cufflinks.
  • 5. Scriptures

    There are numerous scripture-themed presents suitable for individuals of various age groups. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Scripture Journal Editions are available for the Book of Mormon, Old and New Testaments, and Doctrine and Covenants.
  • Customized collection of holy texts with their name on the cover.
  • Book of Mormon Made Easier (perfect for new adult members! You can also obtain this for all the additional scripture choices).
  • Scriptures designed for children and families.
  • Bible markers or colored pencils, adhesive tabs.
  • 6. Bookmark

    Indulge in the world of bookmarks, where cravings for scriptures and other literary treasures can never be satiated. Embrace the realm of possibility – purchase a bookmark or explore the wonders of printable options that can be tastefully printed and preserved. The allure of printable bookmarks lies in their versatility, allowing you to print and bask in their brilliance at your leisure. Behold this magnificent baptism bookmark, a true testament to the extraordinary possibilities that bookmarks hold.

    6. Bookmark

    Our printable bookmark serves as both a Book of Mormon reading chart and a bookmark in one!

    You can discover some with images of Christ, temples, or even some with motivating LDS quotes or scripture verses.

    7. Scripture Cards

    Discover the charm of scripture cards, enchanting little notecards adorned with diverse scriptures or quotes. If you prefer, these delightful treasures can also be found on a calendar rolodex. Additionally, there are captivating cards featuring inspirational sayings that transcend religious context. Brace yourself for the adorableness of these delightful Biblical Scripture Stickers!

    8. Graphic Tees

    Graphic tees, oh how they reign supreme! These magnificent garments showcase profound and uplifting messages, be it of faith or motivation, through captivating visuals and words. An absolute must-have, every individual ought to possess no less than a trio of these glorious graphic tees! Feast your eyes upon a selection of adorably charming options:

    9. Savings Bank

    This present is undeniably tailored for the little ones. It offers a remarkably fun and interactive means for them to enhance their comprehension of giving tithes and cultivating a habit of financial savings. It’s particularly advantageous for kids who receive an allowance, as it enables them to hone their money-saving skills.

    10. Blanket

    In a delightful LDS children’s book, it is beautifully expressed that “The Holy Ghost resembles a cozy blanket, a unique present that lovingly envelops you in warmth and solace during moments of sadness or when companionship is sought.”

    A popular gift to present during a baptism ceremony is a throw blanket featuring this quote. This is an excellent choice for adults as well.

    If you present it to a youngster, you can also provide them the book alongside it!

    11. Books

    Numerous non-scriptural LDS books abound, catering to readers of all ages. Delve into a realm of limitless choices with these captivating suggestions.

  • Audiobooks/Audio recordings of books.
  • Autobiographies and general conference talks from various church leaders.
  • Books for children (my initial…, Coloring, activity books, religious books, etc.).
  • Books aimed at males/females.
  • So. So. Much additional.
  • Bonus Gift Idea for Adults: Faithbox!

    Faithbox, a visionary company, specializes in delivering an eclectic range of Christian gift boxes meticulously curated to nourish and amplify your spiritual journey! Allow me to showcase a glimpse of the exquisite gift boxes they have on offer:

  • Redemption box.
  • Transformation box.
  • Hope box.
  • Adventure box.
  • Wisdom box.
  • Faithbox offers something for every individual!

    *Take a look at our Reading Charts for the Book of Mormon Bookmark!

    Faithbox is a great bonus gift idea for adults, providing them with a monthly subscription box filled with faith-based products and inspirational messages to nourish their spiritual journey.

    What did you think of these LDS baptism gifts?

    Are there any ideas that may have slipped your mind? Or perhaps something you would like to contribute to this compilation? We eagerly invite you to share your valuable insights in the comments section!

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