35+ Thoughtful Gifts for Missionaries for Every Budget

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You have an immense affection for your missionary family member and desire to express your deep concern for them during their time away from home. However, the question arises: how can you discover an impeccable present for a missionary? Fear not, for this extensive compilation unveils more than 35 considerate gift suggestions that will undoubtedly resonate with their heart. Additionally, you have the opportunity to curate a personalized care package using these ingenious ideas. Within this assemblage lies the ultimate selection of gifts tailored for Latter-day Saint missionaries, suitable for any occasion throughout the year. Rest assured, there exists an option to suit every financial plan!

35+ Thoughtful Gifts for Missionaries for Every Budget

Within our faith community, a significant number of young men and a considerable portion of young women embark on missions when they reach approximately 19 years old. While I personally did not undertake a mission, Forrest, along with my two siblings (and soon to be three), as well as the majority of Forrest’s siblings, did. I express my deep gratitude for their willingness to devote 18 months to two years of their lives in spreading our beliefs and the teachings of our Savior to individuals across the globe.

Despite the absence of a missionary in our family for quite some time, I fondly recall the exhilaration of assembling a Christmas package. While the process of curating the package was enjoyable, I can only envision the immense joy experienced by missionaries upon receiving parcels from their loved ones back home.

Embarking on a thrilling endeavor, I decided to curate a compilation of noteworthy gift suggestions tailored specifically for missionaries. Whether you’re assembling a thoughtful care package for an LDS missionary or someone from another religious denomination, this guide is sure to provide an array of delightful gift concepts to explore.

But first off, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Understanding the duration of a package’s journey to its intended location holds utmost significance. When a missionary is stationed in a neighboring state, the delivery time is expected to be brief, merely a matter of days. Conversely, if their service takes them to a far-flung corner of the globe, such as Armenia, where my sister embarked on her mission, dispatching the package a couple of weeks prior to the festive Christmas season might result in its arrival several months later.
  • Customs: It is imperative to ensure that your shipment successfully navigates through customs. Regrettably, specific articles may either be prohibited or face a higher risk of theft upon reaching their designated destination.
  • In a similar vein, ensure that whatever you dispatch reaches its destination intact and as intended. An anecdote from my acquaintance revolves around her endeavor to send cookies to Brazil, wherein she cleverly included a slice of bread to prevent them from losing moisture. However, much to her dismay, the unfortunate missionary received a box teeming with mold upon their arrival. Hence, sending perishable food items is generally discouraged. Nevertheless, if it happens to be their cherished snack, it might be worth a shot.
  • Interrogate the missionary: The desires and necessities of your missionary remain unknown. It is possible that they lack delectable confections. Perchance, a container of Cheez-its is their sole desire – I inquired on the realms of Facebook regarding parcels of care for missionaries, and a few individuals expressed their yearning for Cheez-its during their noble mission! Although it is delightful to retain an element of surprise, inquiring with your missionary may prove to be an excellent method of stimulating innovative ideas. The crucial aspect of presenting a gift lies in the thoughtfulness it embodies.
  • Show compassion: Although the urge to shower them with countless gifts may be strong, it is important to consider a few things. Firstly, let’s think about their companion. Their companion might not receive any Christmas presents, and while it may not bother most missionaries, it could potentially bring a tinge of sadness. In my personal experience, both my sister and brother cherished it when we included something special for their companions. The joy that lit up their faces was priceless, as they never expected to receive anything. Secondly, let’s be mindful of the limited storage space that missionaries have. They don’t have much room to store things, so be cautious about sending items that are difficult to transport to a new location. Lastly, let’s avoid making them too homesick.
  • Explore the possibility of multiple packages: Despite our desire for flawless and smooth mail systems worldwide, the reality is quite different. Although it may appear inconvenient to send two packages, it offers a safety net in case one goes missing, ensuring that at least the other package will reach its destination.
  • Adorn the package with divine imagery: It may strike you as peculiar, yet this unconventional advice was bestowed upon us during my brother’s missionary journey in Bolivia. Essentially, individuals are less inclined to pilfer a parcel that is embellished with stickers depicting Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or verses from the Bible. Few dare to tamper with religious offerings.
  • Familiarize yourself with the mission guidelines – although there are general rules that all missionaries must adhere to, certain rules may vary depending on the location. For instance, during Forrest’s early days on his mission, missionaries were prohibited (as per his mission president’s wife) from listening to music that could prompt any sort of head movement. However, the subsequent mission president had no issue with them enjoying Disney music, lively church hymns, and so on. It would be wise to incorporate their preferred items into the inventory. Adjusting to a new environment is never easy for the missionaries, but small tokens of their favorite things can certainly brighten their spirits! Remember to send their beloved items on special occasions to ensure they feel included.
  • Christmas Stockings

    Although I never embarked on a mission, I can’t help but imagine the joy of receiving a stocking as part of the Christmas festivities. Stockings, for me, are the epitome of the delightful tradition of exchanging gifts. Deseret Book offers an adorable range of missionary stockings, available in regular and mini sizes, that I believe would be cherished by any missionary. Imagine the excitement of discovering delightful treats nestled inside!

    Christmas Stockings

    Elder_Missionary_Stocking (1)

    Stocking Stuffers for Missionaries:

  • Tie Tacks (such as a temple tie bar or known as a service pin).
  • Bookmark – there are some incredibly adorable ones available on the internet.
  • There is an abundance of adorable vinyl stickers available in the market. Within my sister’s Etsy shop, you will discover a splendid collection specifically designed for Latter-day Saints. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a missionary mama sticker!
  • I adore your necklace or tie pin.
  • Persevere until the End Necklace or Dog Tags.
  • CTR Ring.
  • Bible Highlighting Pencils.
  • Collection of Reflective Lights.
  • Missionaries often find themselves in need of a laundry mat during their mission, making rolls of quarters a brilliant suggestion. While many laundromats now accept cards, there are still some areas where this convenience is not available, making quarters a much-appreciated gift.
  • Practical Missionary Gifts


    Shoes make for a practical present, as every missionary acknowledges the importance of having reliable footwear. In fact, many missionaries find themselves going through a pair or two during their service. The Mission Shoe Store presents an excellent option for purchasing top-notch missionary shoes, as they are specially designed to withstand the demands of missionary work and door-to-door proselytizing. With a variety of options available, these shoes are sure to be adored by any missionary, thanks to their durability and longevity. Regrettably, the store currently only offers shoes for Elders, but there is optimism for future additions to their collection.



    White Shirts

    Skirts and Dresses (sister missionaries can enjoy a fantastic 15% discount at ModestPop.Com, while Sorella Bella offers a splendid collection exclusively for sister missionaries). I absolutely adore Journey Five, they offer an extensive selection of exquisite dresses and skirts that I believe will captivate the hearts of most sister missionaries.


    Topic Tabs for the scriptures

    These appear very cool!

    Insulated Water Bottle

    Water bottles are also essential for daily use. It’s a small gift so you have a lot more room for other gifts.


    My brother was gifted a top-notch stainless steel Parker pen, endorsed by Forrest as the ultimate writing instrument. Additionally, he mentioned that Zebra brand enjoys significant popularity within the missionary community.

    Water Filter Straw

    Mini alarm clock

    Missionary Pocket Reference Guide

    Neckties (you could even sew a small note inside to make it more personalized).

    Sewing Kit

    Bicycle Repair Kit

    Universal Travel Adapter

    Fun Gifts for Missionaries

    Nerf Guns

    A companion once shared a delightful tale of how she once surprised her child with a charming collection of miniature Nerf firearms, complete with additional ammunition. In a cozy abode shared by four missionaries, laughter echoed through the walls as they engaged in jovial playtime. It is refreshing to witness missionaries indulging in occasional moments of merriment, allowing them to temporarily divert their focus from their noble missionary endeavors.

    Last year, we explored a delightful suggestion from a few individuals – the concept of presenting a missionary with 12 gifts, or letters, or even miscellaneous surprises, to be unveiled each day leading up to the joyous occasion of Christmas. This whimsical gesture not only brings joy to the missionary but also to their trusted companion. Allow me to share with you a plethora of innovative ideas and complimentary printables that we enthusiastically embraced during our own 12 Days of Christmas adventure.

    We are huge fans of the Nashville Tribute CDs – this band has truly captured our hearts. While a few of their songs may lean towards the cheesy side, their overall portrayal of the Gospel and the life of Jesus Christ is nothing short of remarkable. Our collection proudly includes three of their masterpieces: Redeemer (a recent release that has completely won me over), Joseph Smith, and The Work (an absolute must for any missionary!).

    Digital Recorder

    This versatile tool can serve multiple purposes – from keeping in touch with loved ones, to capturing personal musings and impressions, or even, as Forrest proposed, documenting amusing dialogues. While I expressed my reservations about covertly recording conversations, I suppose there might be valid justifications for it after all!

    Deseret Book has recently unveiled a captivating collection of expandable bracelets, showcasing exquisite charm designs. While some of these bracelets cater to the LDS community, many of them hold universal appeal, making them suitable for individuals of diverse faiths. I personally own a stunning piece, embellished with temple charms, which could make for a delightful gift to uplift your beloved missionary.

    Although I’m not particularly fond of simply handing out money as gifts, I recently heard an intriguing idea from an acquaintance. He requested his parents to deposit the funds they would have allocated for presents into his account, to be accessed upon his return from his mission. Even a monetary gift, whether in the form of cash or otherwise, is bound to be greatly valued by any missionary, particularly those who frequently exceed their monthly food budget.

    LDS Themed Calendar

    52 Weeks of Recipes for Students, Missionaries and Nervous Cooks

    Mormon Tabernacle Choir Missionary Collection

    Ever Onward: Music for Missionaries

    Thoughtful Gifts for Missionaries

    I wasn’t sure if I should label this section as “thoughtful”, because let’s be honest, aren’t all gifts somewhat thoughtful? Nevertheless, I believe this term captures my feelings perfectly – gifts that go beyond the ordinary and possess an extra touch of consideration. These could include a beautifully crafted Christmas card, meaningful Christian gifts, or something infused with your unique personal essence.

    Christus Ornament

    Deseret Book has recently unveiled a captivating collection of picture frames that exude charm and delight. It would be a joyful endeavor to send these frames as a thoughtful gesture. Additionally, photo books serve as splendid presents, evoking cherished memories of home.

    It would undoubtedly bring joy to a missionary’s heart to possess such an amusing gadget, as they are frequently called upon to master ceremonies during church events. I can envision their immense delight in something of this nature!

    Missionary Memories Book

    Alright, here’s an intriguing idea: imagine presenting your missionary with an extraordinary gift upon completing their mission. However, to make the whole process as smooth as can be, it’s advisable to begin crafting this gift while they’re still on their mission. Enter Missionary Memories, a remarkable company dedicated to curating exquisite books showcasing the heartfelt emails sent home during a mission. Witnessing the incredible outcome of my mom’s creation for my brother left me in awe. Feel free to explore her comprehensive review for a closer look.


    There are several ways in which you could accomplish this task.

  • Firstly, I absolutely love these note cards featuring Captain Moroni. They are incredibly adorable and ideal for missionaries.
  • Collect letters from loved ones and relatives to mail in a parcel.
  • Request friends and family to compose their testimonial in a letter to dispatch to missionaries.
  • Compile a assortment of letters with a few images and fasten them together or place them in a scrapbook.
  • A collection of enveloped letters each designated for a distinct moment – for instance, one may bear the instruction “to be opened when you yearn for a heart-to-heart with mom,” while another might state “to be unveiled upon the occurrence of something truly extraordinary,” and so on.
  • Food

    Most likely, missionaries would truly cherish the gift of food. Especially if they are stationed in distant lands, the opportunity to savor a particular delicacy might be a rare occurrence due to limited accessibility. I recall the time when I sent taco seasoning to my brother during his stay in Bolivia! This emphasizes the significance of seeking insights from your beloved missionary. It’s fascinating to ponder over the fact that their taste buds might have been longing for a specific treat for a staggering eight months! Additionally, it’s worth inquiring about the culinary options that are locally at their disposal.

    Gift Cards

    Sending a gift card to a missionary can be a truly thoughtful and beneficial gesture. Due to the limitations of dining in members’ homes, missionaries often find themselves in need of nourishment. A gift card to a nearby fast-casual restaurant or fast food joint would undoubtedly be a welcome surprise. Additionally, gift cards to local grocery stores would prove to be equally invaluable.

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