Hildegard of Bingen – Man in Sapphire Blue or The Trinity: A Study in Compassion.

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Hildegard of Bingen - Man in Sapphire Blue or The Trinity: A Study in Compassion.

In a broader cultural context, the expression of male and female consciousness can be perceived as active and receptive, yang and yin, objective/logic and subjective/relational. Although these tendencies often manifest in social roles based on gender, it is crucial to acknowledge that both men and women possess both styles of consciousness, and they harmoniously complement one another.

The mystical-contemplative viewpoint embodies a harmonious blend of active and receptive consciousness, transcending duality. While active rational consciousness is culturally emphasized, the mystical-contemplative path nurtures the growth of receptive consciousness. This entails the profound development of intuitive-empathic perception and judgment, which synergistically enriches active sensing and thinking.

Hildegard of Bingen, a remarkable figure from the 12th century, embraced a mystical and intuitive viewpoint that permeated her writings, visions, and various roles as a German Benedictine abbess. She was not only a writer, composer, philosopher, and visionary, but also a healer, administrator, and, in October 2012, officially recognized as a Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church.

In Hildegard’s era, it was customary among women’s religious orders to depict Divinity as a circular entity or a fluid spiral in motion. Hildegard vividly describes her revelation: “I beheld a wondrous wheel…Divinity resembles this wheel, a majestic circle, a complete entity that defies comprehension, indivisibility, initiation, and termination.” She further elaborates, “Just like a circle encompasses everything within it, so does the Godhead encompass all.” The circular symbolism exudes a profound sense of motherhood. In both German and Latin, “Godhead” assumes a feminine essence and serves as an encompassing appellation for the divine.

Man in Sapphire Blue or The Trinity: A Examination in Empathy.

The Man in Sapphire Blue is from the book Scivias (1151) Hildegard was 42 years old in 1142, when this, her first.

The illuminations book was initiated.

Hildegard of Bingen - Man in Sapphire Blue or The Trinity: A Study in Compassion.

Hildegard beautifully depicts a serene light, within which a man shines in vibrant sapphire blue. The way he extends his hands towards the world reflects his compassion and ability to heal. According to Hildegard, the Trinity is a singular light, comprised of three individuals, forming One God. The Father represents brightness, which bursts forth in a brilliant display of fire. These three aspects coexist harmoniously. The Father embodies a living light, the Son manifests as a dazzling flash, and the Spirit embodies the essence of fire. The Holy Spirit’s fiery nature binds all things together, depicted as an energetic field enveloping the man. Symbolically represented as the golden cord of the universe, the Holy Spirit weaves through eternity, establishing a vast interconnectedness between all beings, divinity, creation, and humanity. This imagery evokes a sense of an East Indian cosmology, reminiscent of the use of cord and thread symbolism.

Hildegard’s theology of the Trinity revolves around the entrance of divine compassion into the world. Jesus, known as the Christ, serves as the embodiment of God’s compassion and acts as its revelation. In Hebrew, the word for Womb translates to compassion. However, our interaction with a mandala, an ancient circular depiction of the universe, goes beyond mere observation – it has the power to transform us. This mandala draws us into the realm of divine compassion, allowing us to connect with the Christ, also known as the Blue Man, and discover our own identity within him, who embodies compassion for the entire universe. If we fail to unite our capacity for healing, the entire universe will unravel like a loose rope. The opening on the man’s head is comparable to the 7th Chakra, also known as the crown chakra, which serves as a connection point between individual awareness and universal awareness.

May the eloquent expressions and profound insights of Hildegard captivate your inherent capacity to perceive the divine. Allow yourself to be awestruck by the marvelously bestowed blessing of this extraordinary and sanctified universe, and embrace the interconnectedness we share with every aspect of existence.

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