The Mysteries of Memento Mori at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

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The Mysteries of Memento Mori at Disney’s Magic Kingdom


In the event you were unaware, Memento Mori embodies a Latin phrase signifying the imperative to recall one’s mortality. This somber introduction sets the tone for an exploration into the Haunted Mansion’s captivating tales.

The Mysteries of Memento Mori at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Nevertheless, Disney derived their interpretation of “Memento Mori” from the Victorian-era connotation, encouraging individuals to seize the moment and embrace life’s impermanence.

So, I can certainly identify more with the secondary significance of this term.

What is Memento Mori at Disney World?

Memento Mori, famously referred to as the “Enchanted Manor” emporium at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, brims with keepsakes, curiosities, and tokens that envelop the enigmatic allure of the beloved and eerie attraction.

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Backstory of Memento Mori at Disney World

The tale goes that Madame Leota, a gifted medium, once dwelled in Memento Mori, a place where she cherished her collection of precious trinkets. This enchanting sanctuary was constructed in upstate New York, close to Gracey Manor, serving as a haven during the tumultuous times of the Salem Witch Trials.

Backstory of Memento Mori at Disney WorldOutput: Origin tale of Memento Mori at Disney World

After she “vanished,” she left all her valuable items and artifacts inside the store that remains standing to this day.

Disney credits the inspiration for the name of this lively store to a tombstone discovered amidst the eerie graveyard setting within The Haunted Mansion.

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History of Memento Mori at Disney World

On October 6, 2014, Memento Mori took the place of the Yankee Trader store.

Prior to this alteration, acquiring Haunted Mansion merchandise was limited to the online Disney store or the kiosk adjacent to the captivating attraction.

The Haunted Mansion Floor Plan on Plates is a spooky and intriguing decoration that adds a touch of mystery to your home decor.
Haunted Mansion Floor Plan on Plates

The outdoor kiosk of Madame Leota was crafted in the style of a traditional Romani Wagon.

The conception of this carriage draws its inspiration from the untapped depths of Disney’s original idea, the Museum of the Weird, a topic we extensively explored in our intriguing guidebook, 49 Hidden Secrets of the Haunted Mansion.

Shop Design and Features of Memento Mori at Disney World

As you draw near to the store from the direction of the Haunted Mansion, your attention will be captivated by the enigmatic eye that materializes atop the shop’s title.

The photo is courtesy of the Disney Company.
Photo Courtesy of Disney Co.

This quaint shack will entice you to come in as Disney Cast Members greet you in their unique butler and maid garbs.

Hipster Power Tip: Seek out the Madame Leota-inspired pins that are worn by female Disney Cast Members.

Memento Mori Merchandise at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

The Haunted Mansion Anniversary Merchandise is a collection of spooky and enchanting items that celebrate the timeless allure of this iconic attraction.
Haunted Mansion Anniversary Merchandise

Inside the shop of Madame Leota, you will find a variety of fascinating gifts inspired by the Haunted Mansion, including:

  • Dinner dishes and bowls.
  • Wine glasses.
  • Delicious desserts like chocolate bats.
  • The shirts of the Gracey family.
  • Accessories for Hitchhiking Ghosts.
  • Spirit Jersey’s.
  • Items commemorating the anniversary of the Haunted Mansion.
  • A Spooky Hourglass Sands of Time.
  • Shirts for maids at the Haunted Mansion.
  • Haunted Host postcards.
  • Keychains.
  • Phone cases.
  • The accessories of the Bride at the Haunted Mansion.
  • A duplicate of the sign for the Haunted Mansion ride.
  • And many other exciting things!
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    Spooky Memento Mori Photo

    When the store initially launched, you had the choice to transform yourself into a Haunted Mansion haunt.

    The ethereal image of your spectral encounter awaits you at Memento Mori’s Spirit Photography exhibit. Once you have fully embraced the macabre experience, an otherworldly 8″ x 10″ photograph shall be bestowed upon you.

    Spirit Photography Area Shut Down and Substituted with Energetic Containers of Individuals from the Spooky Residence at Madame Leota's Store.
    Spirit Photography Section Closed and Replaced with Spirited Jars of Characters from the Haunted Mansion at Madame Leota’s Shop

    As your photo was being captured, enchanting tales of the wallpaper’s characters would weave around you, as if the very essence of your image was being conjured into existence.

    Regrettably, the ethereal Photography encounter is presently unavailable, as confirmed by a Disney Cast Member during my recent visit in October 2019.

    How Much was the Memento Mori Spirit Photography at Disney?

    The price for this photo inspired by the Haunted Mansion varied from $20-$25. It was certainly reasonable for a Disney memento.

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    9 Hidden Memento Mori Secrets and Facts at Disney World

    While you’re exploring the store, make sure to keep an eye out for all of the eerie small occurrences taking place nearby.

    Look deeply into the mirror and discover the reflection of your true self, the depths of your soul, and the beauty that lies within.
    Look deeply into the mirror…
  • Seek out the stunning portrait of Madame Leota and take note of the alterations that take place…Especially with the eyes in this vicinity.
  • Discover the Daguerreotype Camera that is utilized to capture Spirit Photos.
  • Be cautious of the “Canned Ghosts” on the shelves in the store.
  • Discover the mirror influenced by Madame Leota’s broach…You might receive a unique visitation from her.
  • Inquire with the Cast Members if they have observed any peculiar incidents in the vicinity of the store and await their responses.
  • Seek a picture of Madame Leota’s Spellbook within Memento Mori.
  • If you listen silently, you might catch the sound of Madame Leota.
  • Ensure that the watchful “eye” stationed outside the establishment does not accompany you to your abode upon your arrival or departure from the store.
  • Encounter the captivating presence of Memento Mori and Madame Leota within the acclaimed ABC series, Once Upon a Time. Be sure to keep an eye out for this intriguing reference in Season 7 Episode 11.
  • Madame Leota in Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 11 - Secret Garden Time Mark 25:44 on ABC.
    Madame Leota on Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 11 – Secret Garden Time Mark 25:44 on ABC

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    Final Thoughts on the Memento Mori Shop at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

    Memento Mori, with its incorporation of the timeless Victorian allure from the Haunted Mansion, stands as a testament to the Disney Team’s remarkable craftsmanship. This enigmatic boutique exudes an aura of intrigue, rendering it an essential stop for aficionados of this enchanting franchise within the realm of Magic Kingdom!

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to snag some wickedly delightful Haunted Mansion souvenirs at Memento Mori during your upcoming escapade to the enchanting realm of the Magic Kingdom.

    Concluding Reflections on the Memento Mori Store at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

    Keep in mind that it is situated close to the entrance/exit of the attraction, and its operating hours align with the theme park’s schedule.

    Welcome, naive mortals! It’s too late to retreat!

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    Until we meet again, enjoy your time exploring different parks, hipsters!

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