50+ Best Mexico Christmas Gifts & Ornaments for 2023

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Looking for the perfect Mexico Christmas decorations, gifts and ornaments?

Look no further, as I am a seasoned expatriate and local resident of Mexico, ready to guide you in selecting the most remarkable Christmas presents from this vibrant country.

I have meticulously curated this compilation to spare you the precious time and exertion! Each and every selection enumerated herein is bound to astound the ardent Mexicophile, aficionado of Mexican travel, or Mexico-enthusiast in your circle — ensuring that your gift will unquestionably make a resounding impact!

Looking for the ideal Mexican Christmas decorations, presents, and trinkets? Output: Searching for the flawless Mexico Christmas adornments, souvenirs, and baubles?

🌯 BURRITO BLANKET: The Best Mexico christmas gift

Why is this the best Mexican Christmas gift? Because it’s the ultimate blend of uproarious and functional — and there’s not a soul who wouldn’t adore the burrito blanket.

Don’t you ever wonder if you have to journey all the way to Mexico to truly experience the essence of a Mexican Christmas, complete with genuine Mexican gifts? Absolutely unnecessary!

The Mexican Christmas present showcased below will give the impression of being directly from Mexico (excluding the expensive plane ticket).

Beyond just finding the perfect Mexico Christmas presents, you’ll get an explanation about how all the gifts are directly connected to Mexico.

For this purpose, I am also incorporating Mexican Christmas ornaments, decorations, and Christmas customs in Mexico for further information.

Ready to explore all the top Christmas presents from Mexico? Let’s dive right in!

Mexican Burrito Blanket (Tortilla Blanket)

Being a resident of Mexico, overseeing three Mexico-focused websites, and producing approximately 200 articles annually about Mexico, I can confidently assert that when it comes to exceptional Christmas presents from Mexico, nothing surpasses the allure of the Burrito Blanket.

Delighting both young and old, Mexico’s Christmas festivities offer a plethora of amusing and entertaining gifts. From the whimsical burrito blanket designed for both adults and children to the adorable burrito blanket tailored for infants, and even a delightful burrito costume specially crafted for our furry canine companions, there is something delightful for everyone to enjoy.

Get ready for an enormous dose of gratitude from the Taco Tuesday enthusiast in your world during this festive Christmas season, as they unveil their Burrito Blanket on the 25th of December. 🎁 Purchase this gift-wrapped burrito blanket now.

Best Mexico Christmas Gifts

Taco T-Rex Dinosaur: Best Taco Holders

Have you ever wondered, Is there anything superior to a taco?

Behold! Behold! The moment has arrived for you to uncover the truth – a marvelous taco nestled within a taco holder fashioned in the likeness of a prehistoric creature or a feline friend. 🦄 Are unicorns your ultimate desire? In addition to the captivating taco holders inspired by animals, behold the wondrous Taco Unicorn, a mystical creation beyond compare.

Take a look at these enjoyable taco stands, which will bring a smile to the face of any taco enthusiast this Christmas.

Best Mexico Christmas Gifts

Nachosaurus Rex: Nacho Serving Plate

What is the ideal companion for this dinosaur taco holder? Clearly, it is a dinosaur nacho holder.

Best Mexico Christmas Gifts

Mexico Scratch Off Travel Map

The Mexico Scratch Off Travel Map is a fun and interactive way to keep track of your adventures as you explore the diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage of Mexico.

Maps of Mexico are a wonderful present, but this unique scratch off map of Mexico is truly exceptional.

Embark on a captivating journey with the Mexico scratch off map, enabling passionate travelers to unveil the hidden gems of each Mexican state as they triumphantly conquer their Mexico bucket list.

This map is a treasure trove of cherished memories and extraordinary experiences from Mexico, designed to evoke the joy, nostalgia, and lasting connection to their travels in this beautiful country.

Best Mexico Christmas Gifts

Mexico Map Cutting Board (Serving Board or Charcuterie Board)

The sturdy, 100% bamboo Mexico cutting board can really function in four ways: wall hanging, serving tray, charcuterie board and cutting board.

With its mesmerizing beauty, one might be tempted to adorn their kitchen walls with this captivating piece of Mexico-themed artwork. Not only will it add a touch of charm, but it will also serve as an educational tool, showcasing various Mexican states, significant cities, and iconic landmarks.

Additionally, it serves as a versatile tray, ideal for presenting delectable appetizers prior to the festive feast, showcasing an array of cured meats, and naturally, as a multi-purpose chopping surface.

Best Mexico Christmas Gifts for Kids: Mexico Games & More

Lucha Libre Mask (Mexican Wrestling)

This lucha libre mask is an exciting Mexican gift that is guaranteed to delight any child. Lucha libre, the Mexican form of wrestling, combines elements of soap opera and sport, much like its counterpart in the United States.

El Santo, hailed as the ultimate luchador (a masterful wrestler of lucha libre), stands as a legendary figure in the wrestling world. Alongside him, numerous renowned lucha libre wrestlers from Mexico, such as Blue Demon, graced the ring with their awe-inspiring presence.

The lucha mask worn by El Santo gleamed in silver, while the dark blue lucha mask adorned by Blue Demon exuded an air of mystery. If you explore the market, you will frequently encounter lucha libre masks in shades of silver and blue, alongside a myriad of other captivating colors.

Best Mexico Christmas Gifts

Taco vs Burrito: Mexican Board Game

Taco vs Burrito, a game crafted by the ingenious 7-year-old prodigy named Alex, is an absolute delight for enthusiasts of Bears vs Babies and Exploding Kittens.

Taco vs Burrito, a delightful card game suitable for players aged 7 and above, offers a playful twist on the concept of a food fight, minus the messiness. Loved by both children and adults, this family-friendly game adds a dash of excitement to your gaming sessions.

Best Mexico Christmas Gifts

La Loteria Card Game

La Loteria Card Game is a traditional Mexican game similar to bingo, played with a deck of specially designed cards featuring colorful images that represent different aspects of Mexican culture and folklore.

La Loteria (The Lottery) has been played in Mexico for centuries. It is also referred to as Mexican Bingo.

With its affordable price tag and rich Mexican heritage, this card game stands out as a delightful addition to any holiday stocking. It embodies the essence of Mexico, making it a top choice for a Christmas gift that is bound to bring joy to anyone.

Mexico Gifts for Women: Mexican Jewelry

Mazahua Sterling Silver Earrings

One of the most popular styles of jewelry in Mexico is the Mazahua filigree design, but there is also Taxco flower jewelry.

Best Mexico Christmas Gifts

Huichol Bead Earrings

Hailing from the modern Mexican regions of Jalisco, Durango, Zacatecas, and Nayarit, the Huichol community captivates with their mesmerizing chaquira art, a testament to their exquisite beadwork craftsmanship.

Mexico Christmas Gifts for Men

Tequila Decanter and Shot Glass Set

Tequila, a truly elegant libation, is intended to be savored, not hastily consumed as a shot, by the way! This exquisite decanter is an ideal gift for the discerning gentleman who holds a deep appreciation for the charm of tequila.

Best Mexico Christmas Gifts

Bring Me Tacos Socks

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If there’s one thing we can all concur on, it’s that Mexican tacos are scrumptious 🌮.

Get ready for some serious laughter this Christmas when the lucky gift receiver unwraps these hilarious Mexican-themed socks. Not only will they bring joy on the special day, but they’ll also keep the laughter going throughout the entire year every time they’re worn.

Mexico Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Show your appreciation to the coffee aficionado in your circle with these extraordinary presents hailing from the heart of Mexico — the rich flavors of Oaxaca state coffee, the vibrant essence of Chiapas state coffee, and the invigorating delights of Veracruz state coffee.

Though non-coffee drinkers may not know this, the coffeephile in your life will know that Mexico coffee is among the world’s best.

Mexican Jarritos Coffee Mugs

Mexican Jarritos Coffee Mugs are traditional ceramic mugs originating from Mexico, known for their vibrant colors and intricate designs, perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or tea with a touch of Mexican culture.

As you sip on your coffee amidst the vast coffee havens of Mexico, such as the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, you’ll frequently find it presented in a delightful jarrito (pronounced har-ree-toe).

Jarritos, the charming earthenware mugs or cups, boast vibrant folk art patterns adorning their surfaces. This delightful vessel effortlessly accommodates a variety of hot and cold beverages.

Best Mexico Christmas Gifts

Mexican Cafe de Olla

Cafe de olla, translated as “pot-brewed coffee,” derives its name from the brewing method involving a sizable clay terracotta vessel known as an olla (pronounced oi-yah).

It is flavored with cinnamon and piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar), and occasionally spices like star anise and orange zest.

Coffee enthusiasts who prefer their coffee to be sweet will enjoy experimenting with this delicious Mexican beverage.

Mexico Christmas Gifts for the Home

Mexican Otomi Throw Pillows

Best Mexico Christmas Gifts

Mexican Serape Blanket (Picnic Blanket)

The Mexican serape blanket makes for the perfect cozy gift to open on Christmas morning, and cuddle up with that same night.

Once the festivities of Christmas have faded away, this robustly crafted woven blanket can accompany you on sandy shores, during delightful picnics, amidst adventurous camping trips and mesmerizing moments of stargazing, as well as countless other enchanting locations.

The prop frequently seen in yoga studios, known as a serape blanket, is also commonly used in various classes 🧘‍♀️ Occasionally, it is even referred to as the Mexican yoga blanket.

Mexico Barbie Dolls

Frida Kahlo Barbie Doll

Adorned in the fashionable attire of Frida’s era, the doll gracefully dons the traditional dress. Her hair, elegantly styled in Frida’s signature up-do, is adorned with a majestic flower crown. Notably, the doll proudly showcases the iconic Frida unibrow.

Best Mexico Christmas Gifts

Day of the Dead Barbie Doll (La Cartina)

The vibrant celebration known as Day of the Dead occurs annually on November 1 and 2, engulfing every corner of Mexico. This extraordinary event encompasses a myriad of captivating traditions, embracing the creation of ofrendas, the intricate artistry of sugar skulls, and the enchanting allure of face painting.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

Best Mexico Christmas Ornaments

🎄 Tap on any of the Mexican Christmas Tree Decorations mentioned earlier to purchase on Amazon!

If you’re looking for the most authentic Mexican Christmas decorations, understand that there aren’t really any specific ones.

Since Christmas trees primarily belong to European and American customs, their presence in Mexico remains relatively recent. Consequently, it can be said that every festive ornament adorning a Mexican Christmas tree carries a touch of tradition.

Celebrate the festive season with a touch of Mexican flair by gifting unique Christmas tree decorations. These delightful trinkets not only bring joy during the holidays but also have the magical ability to be cherished year after year.

Surprisingly, establishing a delightful tradition of gifting a unique Mexican Christmas tree ornament annually could easily become an enchanting custom within your cherished family.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

Mexico Christmas Gifts for Art Lovers

Looking to find the perfect Christmas presents for your dear Mexican amigos? Opting for authentic Mexican folk art hailing from their family’s specific state or region is a truly splendid choice.

Embrace the spirit of creativity this Christmas by initiating your very own Mexican tradition for art enthusiasts – surprise them annually with a unique piece of exquisite Mexican folk art.

Chaquira: Beaded Huichol Art

🎄 Tap on any of the chaquira products mentioned above to make a purchase on Amazon!

Originating from the Central Mexican regions of Jalisco, Durango, Zacatecas, and Nayarit, the Huichol community (pronounced wee-chole) is renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship in beadwork.

This artistic technique, known as chaquira (sha-kee-ra), can be utilized on a wide range of objects, including animal sculptures and shot glasses.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

Mexican Alebrijes: As Seen in the Movie Coco

🎄 Tap on any of the albrijes displayed above to make a purchase on Amazon!

Originally crafted by the renowned Mexican artist Pedro Linares in the vibrant city of Mexico City, the mesmerizing Alebrijes have evolved to become synonymous with the enchanting state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

You may recognize them from the film Coco, which features two alebrijes, Dante and Pepita.

🇲🇽 Brief History of Mexican alebrijes

When Pedro Linares was 30 years old, he experienced an illness that confined him to his bed in agony and caused him to have feverish dreams at night.

One fateful evening, his eyes beheld a mystical chimera – a fantastical fusion of creatures – incessantly uttering the enchanting term, “alebrije.” In his awe, he perceived this extraordinary being as his ethereal companion, guiding him through the labyrinthine depths of his hauntingly vivid dreams. Thus, he bestowed upon it the very same appellation – alebrije.

Linares’ initial paper mache creations were transformed into the enchanting alebrijes. Nevertheless, the prevailing Oaxaca alebrijes have evolved to embrace the captivating essence of copal tree wood, flourishing abundantly in the mystical realm of Oaxaca state.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

Hojalata: Mexican Tin Art

🎄 Tap on any of the tin cans above to purchase on Amazon!

Hojalata, with its enchanting pronunciation of ho-ha-lat-ah, stands as a symbol of Mexico’s artistic prowess, hailing from the captivating state of Guanajuato. This exquisite form of tin art not only adds a touch of elegance to your walls but also serves as delightful Mexican tin ornaments, perfect for adorning your Christmas tree.

The commonly seen milagros (sacred heart) design is the most prevalent, but you will also come across other forms and symbols.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

Talavera: Mexican Tile Art

🎄 Tap on any of the talavera items above to purchase on Amazon!

Originating from the vibrant town of Talavera de la Reina in Spain, Talavera represents a captivating form of pottery. In modern times, this exquisite art form has gained immense popularity as one of the cherished Mexican folk arts within the enchanting state of Puebla, Mexico.

As of the top Mexico Christmas gifts, you can get Talavera on everything from kitchenware to pottery, and even Mexican tree ornaments.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

Mexican Lele Doll (AKA Maria Doll)

🎄 Tap on any of the Lele dolls mentioned above to purchase on Amazon!

The Lele, which signifies infant, is a conventional folk art puppet from Queretaro state, situated in Central Mexico.

These charming Leles can be discovered in artisan markets scattered across the country, serving as an enchanting memento of Mexico and an ideal Christmas gift from Mexico.

Mexico Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

If you happen to have a fervent bookworm on your Christmas shopping list, why not surprise them with one of these captivating Mexican literary treasures? And in case you’re in need of further recommendations, feel free to explore this delightful compilation of the 35 most outstanding books about Mexico.

📚 Kindle Paperwhite: Best e-Reader

If this gift is one you’re going to splurge on — grab the Kindle Paperwhite and load it with the eBook versions.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

Like Water for Chocolate

Eventually made into a movie, Mexican author Laura Esquivel’s famed magical realism novel, Like Water for Chocolate, tells the tale of Tita.

Despite being the youngest child in her family, she is bound by a strict rule that prohibits her from getting married. However, fate intervenes when she finds herself helplessly smitten with her neighbor, who ultimately ends up marrying her sister.

Tita aspires to reclaim his heart through her culinary prowess, as every chapter commences with an exquisite Mexican recipe that showcases the epitome of Mexico’s rich culinary heritage.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

Frida: The Biography Of Frida Kahlo

Hayden Herrera, the author, delves into the vibrant existence of this revered Mexican figure. From a fateful encounter with a trolley that confined her to a bed at the tender age of 18, to her whirlwind union with Diego Rivera, a renowned Mexican artist, Herrera explores the intricate tapestry of her life.

After perusing it, you’ll truly get to comprehend the lady behind the artist.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

The Move to Mexico Bible

If the individual you are shopping for is contemplating relocating to Mexico, this book is ideal for them.

Having relocated to Mexico, I can confidently say that it has been the most remarkable choice of my life. However, possessing all the necessary details to make such a significant decision is crucial.

In this book, Sonia Diaz, the author, informs you about all the things you can anticipate from living as an expat in Mexico.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

Living in Mexico (Taschen Collection)

A Taschen art book, Living in Mexico, is a stunning photographic expedition that documents diverse types of residences in Mexico.

Showcasing an array of architectural styles, ranging from the modern designs of Luis Barragan in Mexico City to the charming thatched-roof Mayan dwellings in the Yucatan Peninsula, this captivating book encapsulates the rich diversity of Mexico’s architectural heritage with awe-inspiring visuals.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

The Labyrinth of Solitude

The most famous book by Mexican writer Octavio Paz, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1990.

Through his poetic writings, Paz delves into Mexican customs, past events, and societal recognition in the contemporary era.

The book encompasses a collection of his renowned essays, such as “The Maze of Solitude,” “The Alternate Mexico,” and “Mexico versus the United States.”

Best Mexican Cookbooks

Mexican cuisine is much broader than just tacos and burritos.

In fact, in 2010, UNESCO declared traditional Mexican food as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind.” Translation: Mexican food is one of mankind’s international treasures worth preserving. #Truth.Output: Back in 2010, UNESCO proudly proclaimed traditional Mexican cuisine as an invaluable “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind.” In essence, Mexican food stands as a precious global gem that demands safeguarding. #Undeniable.

Discover the ultimate treasure trove of Mexican culinary delights with these handpicked cookbooks, curated exclusively for the ardent chefs in your life. Delve into the world of renowned Mexican cuisine through the pages of cookbooks authored by culinary titans.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

Tu Casa Mi Casa: Mexican Recipes for the Home Cook

Chef Enrique Olvera holds the prestigious title of being the most illustrious Mexican chef of our time. The renowned Pujol, located in the vibrant city of Mexico City, never fails to secure a spot on the esteemed 50 Best list. Moreover, Olvera’s culinary prowess extends to Criollo, an exquisite dining establishment hailed as one of Oaxaca’s finest.

Delve into the enchanting realm of Pujol, where elusive reservations slip through grasp. Fear not, for within the sacred pages of his cookbook lies the secret to crafting his cherished repertoire – a delectable array of timeless Mexican gastronomy.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

My Mexico City Kitchen

In her cookbook, she pays tribute to the vibrant culinary scene of Mexico City, presenting a delightful collection of 150 recipes that beautifully showcase the bountiful ingredients and distinctive flavors found in both Central Mexico and Mexico City.

Discover the art of preparing her renowned tuna tostadas, chilaquiles, flan, and many other delectable dishes—directly from the menu of Contramar restaurant.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

Trejo’s Tacos: Recipes and Stories from L.A.

Danny Trejo, a Mexican-American performer known for his roles in Machete, Desperado, and other films, shares his preferred recipes and anecdotes about his upbringing in 1950s Los Angeles.

Within the pages of this book, you will find traditional favorites such as carnitas tacos, alongside unexpected culinary creations that defy the expectations of a rugged Hollywood actor. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with delectable offerings such as roasted cauliflower tacos and indulgent nacho donuts.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

Mexico The Cookbook

Margarita Carrillo Arronte, former chef at Turtux and Don Emiliano, is recognized as a Global Ambassador of Mexican Gastronomy.

Within the pages of her renowned Mexico cookbook, one can discover a plethora of over 650 genuine and time-honored Mexican Recipes. This culinary masterpiece encompasses a wide array of delicacies, ranging from delectable street foods and tantalizing antojitos (snacks), to an extensive selection of fish, meat, and poultry entrees. Moreover, it also boasts a delightful collection of Mexican beverages and desserts, adding a sweet touch to the overall culinary journey.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

Oaxaca: Home Cooking from the Heart of Mexico

Oaxaca City, Mexico holds the prestigious title of being one of the culinary havens of Mexico. Yet, the customary cuisine of Oaxaca deviates from the conventional notion of “Mexican food.”

In this state of Central Mexico, you’ll discover mole (pronounced moe-lay), tlayudas (tuh-lie-you-dahs), and tamales oaxaqueños as some of the remarkable favorites.

Never familiar with those? No concerns, this recipe book will assist.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

Mexico Christmas Traditions

You may be curious, Do Mexicans observe Christmas? — And the answer is YES!

In Mexico, renowned for its vast Catholic community, Christmas holds immense significance. While deeply rooted in religious traditions, the festive season in Mexico also embraces secular elements such as the presence of Santa Claus.

December in Mexico is a month filled with vibrant festivities, extending its joyful spirit well into the first week of January. Dive into the enchanting realm of traditional Mexican Christmas celebrations!

Las Posadas: Throughout December

Posadas, nightly festive gatherings and events with carolers, occur throughout December in Mexico.

The Posadas embody the timeless tale of Joseph and Mary embarking on a month-long pilgrimage from the city of Nazareth to Bethlehem, in pursuit of a sacred haven to welcome the arrival of their blessed child.

Dia de Guadalupe: December 12

For many, the initial of the official Christmas customs of Mexico starts with the Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe.

Noche Buena: December 24

Historically, Mexicans enjoy the primary Christmas feast on December 24, referred to as Noche Buena (Christmas Eve).

As the clock strikes midnight, a few families exchange gifts, while others eagerly indulge in a festive feast, reserving the unwrapping of presents for the revered Three Kings Day, which graces the calendar on January 6th.

Navidad (Christmas): December 25

🧑‍🎄 When is Christmas in Mexico?

In Mexico, the date remains unchanged, December 25, just like in the United States. Nevertheless, a fascinating Mexican Christmas custom involves savoring the grand Christmas feast on the preceding night, known as Noche Buena.

On Christmas Day in Mexico, families will attend church and celebrate with gatherings to eat and socialize throughout the entire day.

🎅 How is Christmas celebrated in Mexico?

Similar to the United States, there are lively gatherings, extravagant Christmas feasts, and adorned Christmas trees.

Three Kings Day: January 6

The holiday of Día de Reyes, also known as Día de los Reyes Magos or Epifanía (Epiphany), joyously takes place on January 6, recognized as the remarkable 3 Kings Day in the United States.

Irrespective of its given name, this significant Catholic festivity commemorates the Biblical tale of the Three Wise Men embarking on a journey to Bethlehem in search of the infant Jesus.

The baby received precious gifts from the Wise Men, and in present times, numerous Mexican children eagerly await the day when they too will receive their presents, just like Jesus did.

That’s right, one of the main traditions in Mexico is that some kids actually open their Mexican Christmas gifts on January 6th.

Best Mexico christmas Gifts

Final Thoughts: Best Mexico Christmas Gifts & Ornaments

Purchasing Christmas presents from Mexico through the internet can be challenging if you are not acquainted with the nation itself.

Purchasing this festive present for a friend or family member who is infatuated with Mexico or deeply enamored with the country introduces an additional layer of complexity, as their knowledge of Mexico is likely to surpass your own.

Hence, each of the Mexico Christmas gifts mentioned in this article is accompanied by an explanation, providing a deeper understanding of their symbolic importance.

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Can you drink the water in Mexico?

Absolutely not! You must acquire a magnificent Water-To-Go Bottle, a remarkable contraption that flawlessly purifies your precious drinking water, ensuring you remain unscathed by any potential illnesses that may lurk within the Mexican water. What’s more, this ingenious invention also serves as a trusty companion on your Mexican adventures, diligently quenching your thirst and ensuring your well-being throughout your journey. (Discover more).

Is it safe to rent a car in Mexico?

Absolutely! Exploring Mexico in a rented car is an extraordinary way to discover the beauty of the country. Personally, I prefer renting through Discover Cars as they compare rates from renowned global companies and authentic local Mexican car rental providers, ensuring you receive the most competitive prices. (Learn more).

Will my phone work in Mexico?

Perhaps it varies, contingent upon your company; therefore, it would be prudent to consult your provider. In the event that you do not possess complimentary service in Mexico, consider acquiring a Telcel SIM Card. Telcel, being Mexico’s most prominent carrier, offers unparalleled coverage compared to other SIM Cards available in the country. (Additional details can be found in the provided link).

What’s the best way to book my Mexico accommodations?

If you’re looking for the finest selection of hotels in Mexico, Booking.Com stands out as the ultimate choice. However, when it comes to finding exceptional hostels, turning to Hostel World is your best bet. And if you happen to be contemplating a Mexico Airbnb experience, it’s worth noting that VRBO often offers more affordable options compared to Airbnb.

What do I pack for Mexico?

Head to the Ultimate Mexico Packing List + FREE Checklist Download to get all the info you need on packing for Mexico.

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