Easy DIY Milk Jug Easter Basket

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Transforming a plastic milk jug into a delightful Easter basket with a handle, this charming upcycling project is an ideal craft for children.

Creating Easter bunny baskets using gallon milk jugs is an enjoyable crafting activity suitable for school, homeschooling, church gatherings, or even festive parties at home.

When children take charge of decorating the jugs, it is advisable for a grown-up to skillfully carve the jug into the delightful form of a basket using a knife.

Easy DIY Milk Jug Easter Basket

This bunny basket made from a milk jug will bring a smile to everyone’s face when they lay their eyes on it!

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  • We recommend using a gallon capacity for the largest DIY milk jug Easter basket.

    Although opting for a half gallon milk jug might result in a smaller canvas, fear not, for you can still embellish it with the same artistic flair.

    How to Make a Milk Jug Easter Bunny Basket


  • Empty plastic milk container (gallon size, sanitized and dry).
  • X-acto knife.
  • Dark permanent pen.
  • Pink fluffy ball.
  • Two big googly peepers.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Pink and white construction cardstock.
  • Pencil.
  • Supplies


    Using a bold black marker, trace a precise line encircling the milk jug to mark the desired location for the basket’s entrance. This ensures clear visibility of the line and facilitates accurate implementation.


    Employ the X-acto blade to delicately carve along the ebony stroke. Ensure that your incisions are made beyond the inky guide, allowing the plastic fragment to detach it. The intention is to prevent any remnants of the marker from adorning your whimsical milk jug bunny basket.


    Glue. the googly eyes on the front of the milk carton. Then, glue the pom pom nose under the eyes. Allow to dry.


    After that, use the black permanent marker to add bunny whiskers and a mouth.


    Gently crease every construction paper sheet in half, forming a long shape. Take the white paper and unleash your artistic talent by sketching an ample-sized ear, while the pink paper awaits a smaller ear to be drawn upon.


    Cut the shapes from both layers of the paper. You will end up with two pairs of ears for each shade.


    Glue. the pink portion of the ear in the center of the white portion and allow to dry.

    Affix the ears using adhesive on the rear section of the milk container.


    Transform your Easter experience with a delightful milk jug Easter basket. Begin by replenishing the hollow plastic container with vibrant paper shreds or enchanting Easter grass. Next, infuse it with the joy of Easter by incorporating an assortment of beautifully adorned eggs, delectable candies, or any other delightful Easter surprises.

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