40 Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend

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With Mother’s Day drawing near, you might find yourself pondering over the perfect presents for your beloved, be it the mother of your offspring or your potential stepchildren. If your bond has stood the test of time, this task may seem less daunting. However, if your relationship is still in its infancy or you are simply unfamiliar with each other’s preferences, you might feel even more perplexed about selecting a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. Fear not, for behold these extraordinary ideas to guide you towards the path of inspiration.

40 Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Surprise your girlfriend with these thoughtful gifts that will make her feel cherished not only on Mother’s Day but also on any other occasion. And if you’re seeking additional inspiration, explore these effortless gift ideas perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day.

Cheers Wine Stand

Give your girlfriend a well-deserved respite, particularly on the occasion of Mother’s Day. This exceptional tray securely cradles a delightful wine bottle and a pair of exquisite glasses, ideal for both of you or, even better, for her and a cherished companion. And to top it off, a corkscrew is also thoughtfully provided!

Retro Cooler Fanny Pack

If your girlfriend is a fan of the 90s vibe (perhaps she experienced the 90s era firsthand), this Igloo branded fanny pack is truly remarkable. It not only adds excitement to her outfit but also proves to be incredibly convenient for a multitasking mom to keep all essentials within reach!


Makeup is a common choice for many women, however, the level of excitement that this gift brings varies depending on your girlfriend’s passion for the art. Consider getting her the coveted palette she’s been longing for, or for a safer choice, opt for an exceptional primer like this one.

Matching Mom and Baby Yoga Pants

While your girlfriend may not be a yoga enthusiast, every mother values comfortable attire that can be donned both indoors and outdoors, including during workouts. This delightful ensemble not only provides her with a delightful outfit, but also offers the opportunity to twin with the baby!

Smart Plug

With an abundance of impressive tech presents available for Mother’s Day, opting for a gift that ensures practicality is key. A smart plug proves to be the perfect choice, enabling her to effortlessly program the coffee maker, control bedroom lights, or cater to any other ingenious ideas that come to mind.

Cute Handbag

If your significant other lacks a beloved handbag or enjoys having a variety of choices, this delightful gift idea for Mother’s Day is simply adorable. With a plethora of color options to choose from, it exudes both style and trendiness while remaining spacious enough to accommodate juice boxes and goldfish for the little ones.

“I love you” Personalized Necklace

This personalized necklace that expresses your love for her will hold much more significance than a simple card.

Comfy Slippers

I believe this would make an exceptional present for a mom who is notoriously difficult to shop for or as a gesture for a new girlfriend on the occasion of Mother’s Day. While there is an array of slipper styles to choose from, I find these adorable fuzzy smiley face ones to be particularly endearing.

New Sunglasses

With the arrival of delightful, sun-drenched days, Mother’s Day presents an ideal chance to bestow a trendy pair of sunglasses. The cat eye design is currently all the rage!

Mother’s Day Vanilla Spa Box

Assist her in indulging in a spa experience at her own abode with this soap, moisturizer, and fragrance collection.

Personalized Birth Stone Bracelet

This custom bracelet can be personalized with the children’s birth gemstones for a considerate yet uncomplicated gift suggestion.

Spring Scarf

If you’re not inclined towards a particular or customized gift, opting for this aesthetically pleasing spring scarf could be an excellent choice.

Mom Themed Books

When it comes to choosing a Mother’s Day gift for your book-loving girlfriend, the possibilities are endless. However, there’s something special about presenting her with a remarkable parenting book. The “More than a Mom” book not only offers an engaging reading experience but also conveys a heartfelt message, emphasizing her significance in your life.

Citrine Gold Earrings

Moms are frequently undervalued, therefore seize the opportunity of Mother’s Day to present her with something truly remarkable. These exquisite Citrine earrings are versatile enough to be worn at work, on special occasions, or even for everyday wear, effortlessly enhancing any ensemble.

Pink and Gold “Boss lady” Coffee Mug

Your girlfriend is a powerful woman, she accomplishes tasks and is remarkably strong!

“You are my sunshine” Bracelet

Express to your beloved partner that she illuminates your world and enhances your existence by presenting her with a timeless bracelet as a lasting token of your affection.


“Dogs, books & coffee” Shirt

With her entire existence orbiting around her canine companions, literature, and the aromatic elixir of coffee, this shirt is an absolute necessity for her. It resonates deeply with her soul.


“It was always you” Journal

You adore her deeply, and it has always been her who has been ideal for you!

“I’m so glad we swiped right” Wine Glass

When you both swiped right, you chose the right person. Toast to that amazing fact with this wine glass on Mother’s Day.

Lemonade Bath Bomb

After a grueling week of juggling work and motherhood, indulging in a lemonade-infused bath bomb promises to transport her into a realm of opulence and serenity.

Rose Teddy Bear

If everything else doesn’t work, a bouquet shaped like a teddy bear will bring a smile to her face!

Ice Coffee Maker

Cut costs at Starbucks while impressing your girlfriend with homemade iced coffees. Enhance the experience by gifting her a selection of delectable flavored syrups, ensuring she enjoys them to the fullest during the summer.

“Allergic to mornings” Shirt

If your significant other despises the crack of dawn, perhaps she could benefit from donning a shirt that proclaims her aversion to mornings, effectively alerting others in advance!


“Love” Bracelet

The bond shared between you both transcends language, thus a bracelet adorned with the simple yet profound word “Love” becomes an unparalleled token of affection.

Mom Life Planner Stickers

This book is a perfect addition to the sticker collection of moms who are obsessed with planners (and there are plenty of them). If she doesn’t already have one, you can also pair it with a planner or bullet journal to ignite her passion!

Funny Mother Sweatshirt

Is this an accurate portrayal of your girlfriend’s motherly qualities? If you’re seeking an enjoyable and fashionable gift suggestion, this adorable choice is perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day.

Ember Smart Mug

Discover the awe-inspiring creation of these mugs, a true marvel for both dedicated homemakers and diligent office dwellers. With its innovative design, bid farewell to those unpleasant icy sips as the base ensures the coffee remains wonderfully warm!

Ember Smart Mug is a revolutionary temperature-controlled mug that allows you to enjoy your favorite hot beverages at the perfect temperature for an extended period of time.

“She believed she could so she did” Spoon Bookmark

This spoon bookmark serves as a gentle reminder of her immense power, constantly reinforcing the notion that she possesses the ability to achieve anything she wholeheartedly believes in and commits herself to.

Spa Gift Set “Treat yo self”

Indulging in an opulent evening within the comfort of home occasionally becomes the epitome of relaxation, especially when time and finances are limited. Reserving this treat for a day of utmost necessity adds an extra layer of significance. Consider bestowing your girlfriend with the gift of self-care this Mother’s Day, as it promises to be one of the most delightful surprises.

Indoor Vegetable Garden Kit

With the arrival of spring planting season coinciding with Mother’s Day, it presents an ideal opportunity to bestow gardening-inspired presents. In the event that your girlfriend isn’t particularly inclined towards gardening or lacks space, consider surprising her with an indoor gardening kit instead. Engaging in this delightful endeavor with the children will surely bring about a pleasurable experience for all involved!

“You’re my lobster” Hand-Stamped Keychain

If both of you are enthusiasts of Friends, or even just her, she will adore this keychain!

Planted Board Game

Board games make for delightful presents, particularly when you select something enjoyable and one-of-a-kind. Enter Planted, an exceptional addition to the gaming arena that caters specifically to moms, allowing them to indulge in their passion for decorating their abode with exquisite houseplants. While this game is ideally suited for adults or older children, it’s advisable to opt for a family-oriented game if you wish to engage younger kids in the playtime experience.

Planted Board Game is a fun and interactive activity that involves strategy and skill, where players strategically place tiles and tokens to grow their own garden and earn points.

Heartbeat Ring

Your hearts throb for one another!

Sun and Stars Coffee mugs

Her absence leaves you utterly bewildered, as if lost in a vast abyss. She radiates warmth and strength, embodying the epitome of fortitude.

“#momlife” Hat

Being a mom can often feel like living the toughest existence. These adorable hats make for a delightful present on Mother’s Day, perfect for a girlfriend who enjoys outdoor activities or playing sports.

Cute Baby Onesie

While it’s possible to involve older children in this activity, it’s undeniably adorable to dress the baby in a personalized onesie to celebrate Mother’s Day. This small, considerate gesture holds immeasurable significance for your beloved.

Eye Massager

When the clock ticks and your wallet feels tight, fret not! Embrace the brilliance of gifting your beloved on Mother’s Day with this extraordinary eye massager. Not only will it alleviate eye strain and migraines, but it will also bestow a heavenly sense of relaxation upon every deserving mother out there.

Nova Baby Swing

Although it may not be the typical suggestion to buy something for the kids on Mother’s Day, this particular gift would be an excellent choice for your girlfriend who is either expecting or recently became a mother. Wondering why? Well, equipped with Bluetooth music connectivity and a calming motion, it provides moms with some much-needed moments of solitude during the initial stages of parenthood. Moreover, its portability allows you to take your little one on adventures throughout the summer!


Believe me when I say, there’s a certain aspect that remains elusive until parenthood comes knocking. However, bestowing your girlfriend with a delectable assortment of treats exclusively for her (strictly off-limits to the little ones) holds immense significance on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Whether you choose to curate a personalized gift basket or opt for a conveniently pre-arranged one, the gesture will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Robot Vacuum and Mop

Listen up, I hardly ever recommend cleaning products as Mother’s Day gifts, but let me tell you, this one is a game-changer since it takes care of all the dirty work. Just remember to pair it up with another thoughtful present!

Show your girlfriend how much you care by selecting a gift that truly captures her heart. While considering her preferences, explore the myriad options on this list that are bound to delight her. Trust your instincts and choose the present that you believe will bring her the utmost joy.

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