12 Best Officiant Gift Ideas for Weddings

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What is an Appropriate Gift for a Wedding Officiant?

What can you offer to show appreciation for an officiant? That’s an excellent inquiry! Frankly, I never anticipated the plethora of officiant gift concepts available online, particularly on Etsy, where imaginative artists are fashioning an array of unconventional officiant wedding presents that would surpass your wildest imagination! Today, we cordially present to you a compilation of remarkable officiant gifts for weddings, allowing you to select the one that resonates most with you.

When your officiant happens to be a dear friend or beloved family member, you have the perfect opportunity to infuse some amusement by selecting humorous gifts for them.

If not, opt for something with a touch of elegance — the gift list below offers an abundance of inspiring options. If you’re pondering over what to bestow upon your officiant, allow us to provide you with the perfect answer through our curated gift selections.

And always bear in mind… The present doesn’t have to be grand or lavish; it’s merely a delightful expression and a considerate means to convey our gratitude for officiating our union!

Make sure to include a card with your present! This ceremonial card is provided by KismetWeddingsCo.

What is an Appropriate Gift for a Wedding Officiant?Output: What is a Suitable Present for a Wedding Officiant?

Discover an array of excellent suggestions for “what to gift your officiant” in this compilation. The options span a wide range of prices, including some that are incredibly affordable, priced below $15, while others hover just below the $100 threshold. Remember, the monetary value is inconsequential; what truly matters is the sentiment behind the gift. 🙂 Share with us your preferred officiant gift concepts!

P.S. All of these gifts were crafted by talented Etsy artists! Not only will you be supporting small businesses, but you’ll also be giving a thoughtful gift to your wedding officiant. It’s a win-win situation.

Wedding Officiant Gift Ideas

1. Officiant Cartoon, $40

Transform any cherished photo into a unique and whimsical present! Delight your officiant with this personalized cartoon creation that will surely brighten up their workspace. Designed by the talented CartoonPortrait.

The Officiant Cartoon is available for just $40, providing entertainment and laughter for all ages.

2. Tie Bar, $13.95

If your officiant plans to wear a necktie, this tie bar is a fantastic gift suggestion. Created by SierraMetalDesign.

The Tie Bar is a stylish accessory that adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, and at just $13.95, it is an affordable and fashionable choice for both casual and formal occasions.

3. Officiant Necklace, $28

This necklace is incredibly stunning! It comes in a lovely box, prepared for being given as a present. By EmiviaJewelry.

The Officiant Necklace is priced at $28 and is a stylish accessory that adds elegance to any outfit.

4. Pen in Engraved Box, $13.99+

Give the gift of elegance with this stunning pen that comes nestled in a beautifully engraved wooden box, customized exclusively for that special someone. Ideal for officiants, it’s a present that will leave a lasting impression. Created by the innovative minds at GreatGiftCentreUS.

The Pen in the Engraved Box is priced at $13.99 or more.

5. Stemless Officiant Wine Glass, $11.99+

A straightforward and delightful present for the person conducting the ceremony: a wine goblet! By MiccoDesigns.

The Stemless Officiant Wine Glass is a stylish and affordable choice for wine enthusiasts, priced at $11.99 and up.

6. Officiant Book, $25.15

This beautiful hardcover book makes a perfect wedding officiant gift idea. It is personalized with his or her name, too. By TheCozyComfyHome.

The Officiant Book is a comprehensive guide for conducting wedding ceremonies, providing step-by-step instructions and sample scripts, priced at $25.15.

7. Officiant Socks, $14.99

A set of unique socks for a special conversation! 🙂 By KerisCreationStudio.

Officiant Socks are available for purchase at a price of $14.99.

8. Bobblehead, $85.99+

Here’s a unique present your officiant probably doesn’t possess yet: a custom bobblehead created from their own photo! This creative concept is brought to you by BobbleheadsEtsyShop.

Bobblehead, $85.99+

Bobblehead, $85.99+

9. Decanter Gift Set, $25.47

A whisky decanter set like this is an excellent present for groomsmen and officiants. By HisCorner.

The Decanter Gift Set is a perfect choice for any wine lover, featuring a stylish decanter and accompanying glasses, all for the affordable price of $25.47.

It pairs perfectly with this tag (or select this present and a bottle as a gift, individually). By IDoArtsyWeddings.

The Decanter Gift Set is a perfect choice for any wine lover, featuring a stylish decanter and accompanying glasses, all for the affordable price of $25.47.

10. Jewelry Box, $46.95

This beautiful box is a wonderful gift for your officiant. By Susabellas.

The Jewelry Box is a beautifully crafted storage container for your precious accessories, available at the affordable price of $46.95.

The Jewelry Box is a beautifully crafted storage container for your precious accessories, available at the affordable price of $46.95.

11. Personalized Officiant Mug, $16.59

This mug is uniquely crafted! Purchase it here.

Or this one! By Suchmugs.

The Personalized Officiant Mug is a perfect gift for your favorite officiant, priced at $16.59. It can be customized with their name or a special message to make it even more meaningful.

12. Personalized Officiant Cross, $31.99

By GreatUniqueGiftsUsa.

The Personalized Officiant Cross is a beautiful and meaningful item that can be customized to make your special day even more memorable. It is priced at $31.99.

What do you think of these gift ideas? Are you giving your officiant a gift? Tell us in the comment box below!

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