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We’re constantly on the lookout for innovative and exciting ways to dye eggs. During my visit to the Easter section at Target, my attention was captured by the latest addition – the PAAS Color & Hide Dyeable Plastic Eggs. Despite our ongoing efforts to reduce plastic consumption, we contemplated the possibility of turning these eggs into cherished mementos that could resurface annually during this festive season.


At Target, the set is priced at $4.00 plus tax. Currently, it appears that Amazon is out of stock.

What You Get

8 White Plastic Eggs that can be dyed.

3 Color Tablets (Pink, Yellow, and Blue).

1 Ink Pen.

What You Also Need (that doesn’t come in the kit)

3 Tablespoons of Clear Distilled Vinegar.

3 Cups for Dyeing.

What You Additionally Require (that isn't included in the package)


The directions were incredibly simple. Place a single dye tablet into every cup, followed by a tablespoon of pure white vinegar. Once the tablet finishes fizzing, pour in some warm water.

We gleefully split the eggs in two and delicately submerged them into the vibrant dye. The guidelines advised that for optimal hues, the eggs ought to linger in the dye for approximately 5 minutes.


My five-year-old was extremely happy! However, we did allow them to stay in a bit longer than 5 minutes.

Here’s a little tip: be prepared for a bit of a wait as they take some time to completely dry, perhaps around 30 minutes. Additionally, we found it necessary to gently wipe the interior of the eggs using a dry paper towel to expedite the drying process.

Synthetic eggs placed for drying. By The Art Project.

Plastic eggs set out to dry. By The Art Project

Time to Decorate

After the eggs were completely dry, the moment to unleash our creativity had arrived! Accompanied by a small yet mighty black marker, we embarked on the journey of decoration. The results were simply marvelous! Alongside the intricate designs, we decided to personalize each egg by inscribing my son’s name and age on the inside. With the intention of making this a cherished tradition, we eagerly anticipate unveiling these masterpieces year after year.

At just $4.00, this proved to be an enchanting afternoon endeavor. Furthermore, we now possess petite egg mementos that we can joyfully unveil annually and fill with delightful treats.

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