23 Perfect Panda Gifts For Girls Obsessed with Pandas

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The moment you encounter a devoted panda enthusiast, you’ve struck gold. This compilation of the finest panda presents for young ladies is bursting at the seams with the exact type of items that will send any panda adoring girl into a state of absolute euphoria.

I have firsthand knowledge of this. My 7-year-old daughter has an unwavering fascination with pandas. Her entire existence revolves around these magnificent creatures. She possesses a panda-themed backpack, a panda-adorned lunch bag, and her room is adorned with a multitude of panda books and toys.

And she even attempts to attire herself in a panda costume.

She embodies the essence of her beloved two-toned creature by consistently adorning herself in either panda-themed attire or predominantly black and white outfits.

Wearing a combination of black and white attire, she resembles an artsy and emo teenager despite her young age of seven. I absolutely adore it.

As a dedicated panda enthusiast, I have taken it upon myself to scour the world for the finest panda-related merchandise. Therefore, if you happen to be in the market for a present for a panda-loving child and require some suggestions, I present to you a delightful array of extraordinary gift choices.

23 Perfect Panda Gifts For Girls Obsessed with Pandas

Just a Girl Who Loves Pandas Shirt

Simply a young woman who adores pandas and wears a shirt to express it.

This absolutely charming shirt is ideal for the pint-sized panda enthusiast in your world. It serves as an impeccable present, seamlessly blending style and practicality into her ever-growing collection of clothes (an aspect that, as a parent, I wholeheartedly embrace).

Panda Purse with Panda Pet

This Panda purse and panda plushie combo is not only two gifts in one, but it’s also ideal for the young panda enthusiast.

The Panda Purse is a stylish accessory that features a cute Panda Pet, adding a playful and adorable touch to your outfit.

Panda Costume & Accessories

The sheer awesomeness of this panda costume set is simply mind-blowing. No need to wait for Halloween, grab this incredibly cute costume for some fun dress-up moments!

Panda Costume & Accessories are perfect for Halloween or costume parties, allowing you to transform into this beloved and adorable animal with ease.

Giant Scented Panda Squishy

Squishies are extremely popular nowadays and this enormous panda squishy is the best.

The Giant Scented Panda Squishy is a soft and squeezable toy that releases a pleasant fragrance, perfect for stress relief and sensory play.

Panda Lunch Bag

Your child who loves pandas will be excited to bring their lunch in this panda lunch bag that keeps it insulated.

The Panda Lunch Bag is a cute and practical accessory for carrying your lunch, featuring a playful panda design that is sure to bring joy to your mealtime.

Panda Pajamas

These panda sleepwear are my daughter’s absolute favorite pajamas. Excellent value, extremely soft and cozy, and top-notch!

panda sheets best panda gifts for girls

Panda sheets

These panda beddings would surely thrill any child who is obsessed with pandas (quite an accomplishment).

best panda gifts- calico critter panda family

Panda Family Figurines

Wow, this cute panda family is absolutely adorable.

Panda Play Tent

This panda shelter is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Super Cute Panda Clothes Selection

Whether it’s panda leggings, adorable panda shirts and pajamas, Target offers a fantastic range of incredibly cute panda clothing for girls!

panda sleeping bag

Panda Sleeping bag

This incredibly soft panda sleeping bag, lined with sherpa, would be perfect for nap-time, sleepovers, or any other occasion.

best panda purse for girls

Panda Purse

My daughter cherishes this adorable panda purse, considering it one of her most treasured belongings. Upon receiving it, I was pleasantly surprised by its irresistibly cute appearance and exceptional craftsmanship. For those seeking affordability, this is truly remarkable!

Panda Purse

Panda Knee Socks

The panda knee socks are an absolute favorite among my girls. We got them as part of an adorably wild collection of knee socks, with each pair thoughtfully wrapped individually.

panda plushie mama and baby

Cuddly Panda Plushie

Does your girl who loves pandas need a cuddly stuffed animal? Then this stuffed animal mama panda with baby is the perfect choice.

panda backpack for kids

Skip Hop Panda Backpack

Another delightful gift awaits – behold the impeccable panda backpack designed specially for our little panda enthusiasts. Brace yourself for an explosion of cuteness with the accompanying panda lunch bag.

panda backpack for girls

Full-sized Panda Backpack

This panda backpack is perfect for panda enthusiasts of school age.

The full-sized Panda Backpack is perfect for any panda lover, featuring a spacious main compartment and adorable panda design.

Mr. Panda Books

My children absolutely adore Please, Mr. Panda, as it is one of their most treasured books. Not only does it showcase an utterly charming and well-mannered panda, but it also provides early readers with an enjoyable and engaging reading experience. Additionally, we are huge fans of Thank you, Mr. Panda, Good Night, Mr. Panda, and I’ll Wait, Mr. Panda, which further add to our collection of beloved Mr. Panda books.

Mr. Panda Books is a bookstore that offers a wide selection of books for readers of all ages, from children's books to novels and non-fiction titles.

Panda Purse/Backpack

This cute panda purse/backpack would be perfect for any panda enthusiast!

panda necklace

Panda Necklace

This panda necklace is not only incredibly cute, but an added bonus is that it comes in an extremely adorable panda figurine box.

long-sleeved panda pajamas

Panda Pajamas

These panda sleepwear are guaranteed to bring joy.


And there you have it! Plenty of fantastic panda presents for the young panda enthusiast in your life!

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