56 Paris Gifts: Amazing Paris Themed Gifts for 2023

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Searching for extraordinary Parisian treasures to surprise your beloved? Fear not, for I am your trusted source. My collection of Paris-themed gifts, carefully curated over the years, has only grown stronger since our enchanting sojourn in the city of romance.

I’m completely enamored with the emblem of the Eiffel Tower. I admit, I might possess an excessive amount of them – ranging from petite metallic tower trinkets, Parisian map magnets, picture displays, soap dispensers, Eiffel Tower necklaces and lockets, keychains, to captivating wall masterpieces.

I possess a multitude of the articles enumerated within this Paris Gift Guide, yet there remain a handful that reside solely on my coveted registry, for they exude novelty.

56 Paris Gifts: Amazing Paris Themed Gifts for 2023

Attention: This post includes affiliate links. By selecting any of them, we might acquire a tiny commission without any additional charges to you.

I will be showcasing a delightful array of selections primarily from Amazon and ETSY (with the exception of one). Since my collection has evolved over the years, some of the sellers and stores have undergone transformations. Nevertheless, rest assured that the vendors featured here exude reliability, just like the esteemed platforms of Amazon and ETSY.

So, let’s begin!

Cute Paris Pullover

Photo: ETSY
Photo: ETSY

ETSY hosts Dreamy Jo’s enchanting collection of wanderlust-inspired and pink/girl-themed items, which has captured my heart completely. Within her store, a plethora of delightful gift options awaits, ranging from sweatshirts and T-shirts to charming wall hangings, posters, reusable bags, and coffee mugs!

Indulge the Paris aficionado in your midst with this luxurious sweatshirt or pullover that reigns supreme. Available in pristine white or delicate pink, it showcases an enchanting scene of a young lady gazing upon the majestic Eiffel Tower through a charming window. Can you fathom a more alluring vision captivating every girl’s heart?

Click to make a purchase today from ETSY.

Personalized Paris Travel Book/Journal

Photo: ETSY
Photo: ETSY

Celebrate a special occasion and surprise your loved one with a unique and personalized travel journal featuring the enchanting skyline of Paris. Customize it by adding names and dates to make it a truly memorable gift.

Nestled within the journal’s embrace are a total of 30 captivating pages, with the tantalizing option of expanding the count by a remarkable 15 pages. This enchanting vessel, a delightful blend of functionality and artistic expression, effortlessly transforms into a remarkable photo book, allowing cherished memories to be immortalized through the delicate art of sticking pictures, tickets, and other ephemera. Each page, meticulously crafted with a touch of elegance, boasts a timeless plain white canvas that is both acid-free and possesses a resolute weight of 250gsm.

The notebook is elegantly spiral-bound and features a sleek plastic cover. Enhance its charm by choosing from a variety of gift box options, ensuring it is beautifully presented and ready to be gifted!

Click here to purchase from ETSY.


Discover an exclusive Parisian souvenir that cannot be found on popular online platforms like Amazon or ETSY. For countless years, I have coveted a charming Laduree keychain, which I first stumbled upon while watching an enthralling Youtube video. Unfortunately, residing in Canada means that there are no nearby Laduree stores. Curious to see if this elusive item is within your reach? Simply click here to explore its availability in your vicinity!

I still possess the container. Isn't it attractive?
I still have the box. Isn’t it beautiful?

Established in 1862, Laduree stands as a prestigious French bakery and confectionery. The charming assortment of macarons, delicately piled up, serves as delightful adornments that can double as either a keychain or a bag charm. Personally, I opt to utilize it as a darling bag charm, as it simply exudes too much cuteness to be burdened with mundane keys (lol).

This keychain holds sentimental value for me. Salil surprised me with this special purchase from the charming Avenue des Champs-Élysées store during our inaugural voyage to the magical city of Paris. The box that holds this treasured item is still in my possession, and my adoration for it knows no bounds!

Laduree keychains and macaroons are fantastic presents for those who adore Paris!

  • Click to purchase from Laduree.
  • You can purchase comparable ones from Amazon here (not Laduree though).
  • Coffee Cup with Spoon

    How beautiful is this coffee cup and spoon inspired by Paris? And it also features a charming Eiffel Tower on the cover.

    The mug is crafted from high-quality materials, and the stunning navy blue shade is truly exquisite!

    Click here to purchase this adorable coffee mug.

    Spa Gift Baskets for the Paris Lover

    Indulge the special lady in your life with an enchanting Parisian spa gift hamper! This exquisite spa set is adorned with delightful prints of the iconic Eiffel Tower, while within lies a captivating collection of vanilla-infused aromatherapy treasures. Immerse yourself in pure bliss as you pamper your senses with luxurious shower gel, frothy bubble bath, velvety body lotion, soothing bath salts, a gentle bath puff, and delicate soap flowers.

    Click to purchase now.

    Paris Themed Pins

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    Indulge in the adorable Paris-themed pins, an absolute must-have for enthusiasts of the City of Love. These delightful trinkets serve as ideal little surprises for stockings, effortlessly infusing an enchanting touch to backpacks, parkas, and beyond.

    These magnets are waterproof and produced locally in Canada.

    Click to purchase now.

    Paris Inspired Tea Infuser

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    This tea infuser is an absolute gem when it comes to Eiffel Tower souvenirs! Crafted from sleek stainless steel, not only does it serve its purpose flawlessly, but it also exudes an endearing charm that elevates the experience of sipping tea. Indulge in a delightful and personalized touch with every cup.

    This gift item from Paris is affordable and makes for an excellent small present!

    Click to buy from ETSY.

    Eiffel Tower Themed Tea Bags

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    Looking for a gift that goes beyond a simple tea infuser? Look no further than these exquisite tea bags inspired by the iconic Eiffel Tower (pack of 5). Customize your tea experience by selecting your preferred flavor, and they are all set to be presented as a thoughtful gift!

    Explore purchasing choices here.

    Paris Themed Cookies

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    Surprise your special someone with a delightful box filled with adorable and delectable cookies inspired by the enchanting city of Paris! This exquisite Parisian treat is an ideal present for all kinds of celebrations, be it a birthday, graduation, or anniversary. Let your imagination run wild and make their day unforgettable with this Parisian delight!

    These cookies are made in Canada and are shipped as a single box containing 12 pieces.

    Click here to make a purchase.

    Eiffel Tower Bookmark

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    This charming bookmark is a delightful gift suggestion for avid readers and admirers of Paris. Handcrafted with care, the bookmark stands at a petite height of 3 inches and boasts a delightful copper composition.

    Click to see the bookmark and make a purchase here.

    Paris Inspired Coasters

    Indulge in the sheer cuteness of these coasters adorned with the iconic Paris Metro system. As you delicately sip on a glass of wine or beer, allow your mind to wander back to the enchanting moments you experienced in the captivating City of Light.

    Photo: ETSY

    Experience the essence of Paris with these exquisite coasters crafted from pristine white birch and adorned with a gentle cork backing, ensuring utmost protection for your cherished tabletop. Embellished with captivating imprints and captivating landmarks, from the iconic Notre Dame to the majestic Eiffel Tower, these coasters are a nostalgic reminder of the enchanting moments spent in the City of Love.

    It is exported from the United States.

    Click to purchase now.

    Paris Themed Wallpaper

    Picture yourself gazing out of the window of the Paris hotel, where the majestic Eiffel Tower stands tall, a breathtaking sight that greets you each and every day. And now, you can experience a taste of this enchantment with these stunning wallpapers, no need for a plane ticket!

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    Transport yourself to the enchanting streets of Paris with this charming mural adorned with delicate illustrations of pastel-colored buildings, allowing you to savor the city’s exquisite beauty from the comfort of your own home.

    You have the option to request personalized dimensions, or select from the various material choices provided. Additionally, they are also simple to apply!

    Purchase it here from ETSY.

    Paris Skyline Wallpaper

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    Are you fond of cityscapes just like we are? If so, why not choose this mesmerizing Paris Skyline as the perfect wallpaper for your personal space? Whether it’s your workplace, living room, or bedroom, the possibilities for decorating are truly limitless!

    Click to purchase now.

    Paris Skyline Necklace

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    Show off your adoration for the captivating city of Paris wherever you go, or present this exquisite necklace to someone who holds a deep affection for this enchanting destination. Expertly crafted by hand, this pendant beautifully displays the mesmerizing Parisian skyline. With its alluring golden hue and delicate, charming appearance, it is sure to capture hearts.

    Click to purchase now.

    Paris Skyline Rings

    Prefer something petite and inconspicuous, yet something that showcases Paris? Then choose this ring.

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    Discover the captivating allure of the Paris Skyline adjustable ring, crafted in the finest sterling silver .925 or adorned with a delicate touch of rose gold or lustrous gold. Alternatively, indulge in the opulence of 22k gold plated over silver. With a plethora of options at your fingertips, rest assured that you will effortlessly discover the perfect match to satisfy your recipient’s discerning tastes.

    Click here to see the bands.

    Signed Bookplates

    Celebrate the allure of Paris with this extraordinary gift idea! As we all know, it’s impossible for authors to personally visit every charming town to sign their books. However, fear not! An autographed bookplate emerges as an impeccable and pocket-friendly alternative.

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    Experience the allure of Paris with an exclusive set that includes a cherished autograph copy of DEAR PARIS, A PARIS YEAR, or PARIS LETTERS. What’s more, this set can be customized with either your name or the name of the lucky recipient!

    Click here to see the available products.

    Le Consulat Cafe of Paris, Blank Watercolour Greeting Card

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    In search of a platform to express your deepest sentiments? Look no further than this exquisite blank greeting card, adorned with a captivating watercolor depiction of Paris’ renowned Le Consulat Cafe.

    How pretty!

    Click here to see the cards.

    Paris Skyline Wine Glass

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    Serve wine with elegance in this sophisticated Paris skyline-featured glass. Pour a bit, savor it, and reminisce about your trip to France.

    Click here to view.

    LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection Paris Building Kit

    The architecture collection from LEGO is a delightful choice for individuals of all ages. Acquire this remarkable building set and construct the captivating Paris skyline, adorned with its renowned landmarks and captivating attractions!

    Click to see the item.

    Paris Eiffel Tower Toiletry Hanging Bag

    This exquisite toiletry bag, adorned with a captivating Paris Eiffel Tower Print, is a must-have for Paris enthusiasts. Ideal for wanderers seeking to transport a generous selection of skincare and makeup essentials, it effortlessly combines functionality with elegance, ensuring impeccable organization and a touch of sophistication.

    With its see-through compartments, zippered pouch, and additional accessories, this versatile toiletry bag effortlessly transitions from a wall-mounted organizer to a must-have companion for beach outings, gym sessions, or even adventurous camping trips.

    Click to purchase now.

    Paris Perfume Evening Clutch

    Indulge in the allure of the Paris Perfume-inspired crossbody purse, an exquisite choice that won’t drain your wallet. Its ideal dimensions make it a splendid companion for an evening rendezvous with friends, a romantic outing, or a mesmerizing concert.

    It can store your phone (excluding larger sizes), keys, and a cardholder.

    Click here to see the bag.

    Paris Inspired Memory Boxes

    Isn’t this memory box adorned with the Eiffel Tower absolutely adorable? It’s perfect for storing letters, ticket stubs, and all those cherished keepsakes. With its charming vintage aura, it seems as though it has been passed down from your dear grandmother – it’s simply exquisite!

    Click here to make a purchase.

    Paris Jewelry Box

    Would you rather have a jewelry container instead? This one should be suitable!

    A perfectly sized jewelry box that effortlessly fits in a stylish tote or graces your elegant dressing table. Its sleek black exterior conceals meticulously designed compartments, while a delightful touch of pink adds a touch of femininity.

    Click to see the item.

    CubicFun National Geographic 3D Puzzle for Adults Kids Notre Dame de Paris Model

    The NatGeo 3D puzzle is absolutely awesome! It stands as an extraordinary Paris-inspired present to bestow upon someone (or even keep for oneself). Within this remarkable package, you will undertake the construction of the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral, utilizing a total of 128 intricately designed pieces. Each individual component is conveniently numbered, and the kit includes a comprehensive, easy-to-follow manual.

    Excellent item to have on the coffee table to entertain both children and adults for hours!

    Click here to view.

    Paris France Eiffel Tower Snow Globe

    If you are in search of a Christmas present with a Parisian theme, then consider gifting this snow globe featuring the Eiffel Tower.

    The world globe is placed on a base that is painted in gold and adorned with various famous landmarks and symbols of Paris.

    Take a look at the prices and purchasing choices.

    Metal Eiffel Tower Bike Love Picture Frame

    This metal picture frame captures the essence of Parisian romance – with iconic symbols such as the Eiffel Tower, bicycles, and Paris emblems!

    Ideal for the workplace or compact areas in one’s residence, this frame can accommodate a photograph measuring 3.5″x5″.

    Click to see purchasing choices.

    Sunshine Paris Silver Bottle-opener

    Among the myriad choices for budget-friendly souvenirs from Paris, this particular item stands out. Priced at under $5 USD, the bottle opener showcases a charming depiction of the iconic Eiffel Tower. Crafted with excellent craftsmanship, it boasts remarkable durability, ensuring a lasting memento of the City of Lights.

    An excellent present that is practical!

    Click here to see the product.

    Paris Inspired Mask

    The ideal present for the modern era in Paris! This exquisite face mask adorned with iconic Parisian symbols is a wonderful and practical gift.

    Crafted from polyester, this face mask offers effortless wearability and exceptional breathability. Tailor the fit to your unique facial contours by adjusting the strings using the included slider. The M-Shaped Nose Clip ensures effective filtration by conforming to the wearer’s face and nose.

    Create a gift hamper filled with numerous items inspired by Paris, including this mask.

    Click here to make a purchase.

    Annual Desk Calendar

    In 2018, during the joyous Christmas season, my boss surprised me with a delightful present – an exquisite annual desk calendar. This Parisian Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar has captured my heart with its mesmerizing collection of picturesque photographs showcasing the enchanting city of love. Each page is adorned with stunning imagery, allowing me to embark on a visual journey through the charming streets, captivating museums, cozy cafes, delectable cuisine, rich history, and nostalgic nuances of this remarkable city.

    I also own a ton of Paris-inspired greeting cards – the obsession is real!Output: Additionally, I possess a multitude of Paris-themed greeting cards – the infatuation is genuine!
    I also own a ton of Paris-inspired greeting cards – the obsession is real!

    I keep it on my office desk and it always brings a joyful sensation whenever I glance at it.

    Click to see on Amazon.

    Eiffel Tower Necklace with initial & birthstone

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    Surprise your loved one with a charming Eiffel Tower necklace that can be uniquely tailored by incorporating a birthstone and an initial. This delightful Parisian-inspired gift idea is sure to make a lasting impact.

    Click here to make a purchase.

    Paris themed mug

    Isn’t this Paris Mug from ETSY absolutely stunning? I possess a simple white mug featuring the iconic Eiffel Tower in black, but this particular one is even lovelier as it boasts vibrant colors!

    Paris Souvenirs – exquisite cup. Image: ETSY
    Paris Gifts – beautiful mug. Photo: ETSY

    Behold this exquisitely crafted mug, offered in both 11oz and 15oz sizes. The vibrant and stunning design, adorned with a charming bow, is a feast for the eyes. Not only can you effortlessly clean it in the dishwasher, but you can also conveniently heat your tea or coffee directly in the microwave using this marvelous vessel.

    The print is created with top-notch inks, ensuring that it will never lose color or get damaged.

    Take a look at the prices available here.

    ‘Take me to Paris’ T-shirt

    Surprise your beloved with this delightful T-shirt. Embrace the understated elegance of a pristine white or ebony black tee adorned with a timeless emblem. Pair it effortlessly with a stylish pair of indigo denim and a lavish belt, exuding an aura of a true music sensation!

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    I possess a comparable tee in black with white symbols!

    You can also select a black-colored one from this ETSY Store.

    Take a look at the dimensions and cost.

    Paris Postcard Box

    Desmond Freeman captured Paris in more than 50 unique drawings, and it can now be gifted in a nice little postcard box.

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    Revealing fragments of Paris’s architectural wonders, rich cultural heritage, and intriguing history, these cards offer a vivid portrayal of the majestic Eiffel Tower, charming bistros, delightful cafes, exquisite boutiques, captivating museums, and enchanting cobblestone pathways.

    Add a ribbon to it, and it’s ready to be given as a gift!

    Click here to view.

    Rick Steeves Paris

    Looking to surprise a dear one with a passion for Paris or an insatiable obsession with the city? Bestow upon them this invaluable travel companion, “Pari” by the renowned explorer Rick Steeves. This exquisite printed guide not only serves as a wealth of knowledge but also as a stunning addition to their bookshelf or workspace!

    Click here to explore it.

    Large Paris Wall Art

    Immerse your loved one in the grandeur of Paris with this larger-than-life wall art. Transform any room, be it the living room or any other, into a captivating Parisian escape.

    Large Paris Wall Art adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, showcasing the beauty and grandeur of the iconic city of Paris.

    Our suggestion is to go for the grandiose panoramic wall art, although you also have the option to choose smaller dimensions. These exquisite masterpieces are available in 3 frames and crafted from premium cotton canvas with a weight of 350 gr/m2. The back of the wall art showcases a sturdy wooden frame measuring 3 cm in thickness.

    Enjoy the sight of Paris from the coziness of your residence (while savoring some wine)!

    Take a look at the prices available here.

    Paris Charm – Eiffel Tower

    Isn’t this Eiffel tower charm absolutely adorable? It’s a delightful addition to my collection from Pandora, adorning my wrist with elegance. This Paris-inspired treasure makes for a perfect gift, regardless of whether the recipient already possesses a Pandora item or not.

    This exquisite piece offers endless possibilities as a bracelet embellishment or a graceful pendant. What adds to its allure is its composition of pure silver, .925 in quality.

    Experience the enchanting allure inspired by Paris here.

    Paris Eiffel Tower Jewelry Dish

    You know how I have an abundance of Paris-inspired trinkets? Well, this particular Eiffel Tower dish takes the crown. It serves as the ultimate organizer in my office, housing all sorts of small essentials like paper clips, rubber bands, and binder tabs. Plus, it’s versatile enough to keep your precious earrings, rings, and other accessories within arm’s reach, be it by your bedside or in the bathroom!

    Table – Paris ornament holder (far left), and adorable Paris wooden platter
    Desk – Paris jewelry dish (extreme left), and cute Paris wood tray

    Behold this marvel crafted from ceramic, an epitome of effortless cleanliness! Gaze upon my personal possession (situated on the left), meticulously preserved within the confines of my office cubicle.

    Discover comparable ones here.

    Paris Party Kit

    Looking to organize an unforgettable celebration for those enamored with Paris? Look no further than this all-inclusive party kit, designed to bring the essence of the City of Love to your event. Complete with charming paper plates, elegant cups, delicate napkins, a stylish tablecloth, and a captivating banner, this kit is ideal for accommodating up to 16 cherished guests!

    Click here to make a purchase.

    Paris Notebook

    The Parisian-inspired notebook is a splendid companion for jotting down thoughts, whether it be in the office, classroom, or during personal reflection. Its exquisite cover, crafted with durability in mind, adds an elegant touch to the spiral-bound design, measuring at a convenient 6×8 inches.

    Paris is known as the city of love, with its romantic atmosphere, stunning landmarks, and rich history that captivates the hearts of visitors from around the world.
    Oh I love you Paris!

    Adorned with 120 sheets of lined paper, the notebook becomes a canvas for my thoughts. Graced with Paris-themed covers, these literary companions never fail to ignite intriguing discussions amidst the cozy ambiance of coffee shops.

    Explore the available choices of notebooks here.

    Paris Pillows

    These adorable and stunning pink pillow covers are an absolute delight. They are a flawless addition to any living room or bedroom, exuding charm and elegance. You can easily find these exquisite pieces on Amazon.

    The set includes a pair of covers for the pillows, each measuring 18 x 18 inches to accommodate the corresponding inserts. Crafted from premium 100% cotton linen, these covers exhibit exceptional quality and remarkable durability.

    Please note that the case cover features a concealed zipper to securely hold the inserts.

    Click here to make a purchase.

    Paris Themed Duvet Cover

    Looking for an upgrade from just a pillow cover? Consider indulging in this luxurious duvet set. You can find this exquisite set on Amazon, complete with a stylish duvet cover and a pair of matching pillowcases.

    Adorned with exquisite Parisian symbols like the majestic Eiffel Tower, the splendid Notre Dame Cathedral, the resplendent Triumphal Arch, and an array of enchanting landmarks, the cover exudes an undeniable allure. Crafted from a feather-light microfiber, this duvet cover boasts non-slip corner ties for added convenience. Not only is it resistant to stains and wrinkles, but it also epitomizes elegance and sophistication.

    The duvet is also ventilated and simple to wash in the washing machine at home (no need for dry cleaning).

    Explore the available choices here.

    Metal Replica Eiffel Tower Paris

    My house and workplace are adorned with an array of Eiffel tower replicas, carefully placed to evoke the charm of Paris. Whether you embark on a journey to the captivating city or choose the convenience of online shopping through Amazon, these exquisite souvenirs can be yours. A dear friend of mine ingeniously crafted a delightful decorative masterpiece by delicately affixing the metallic tower onto a captivating bottle.

    The Metal Replica Eiffel Tower in Paris is a famous landmark that captures the essence of the iconic Eiffel Tower in a stunning metal structure, attracting tourists from all over the world.
    The Metal Replica Eiffel Tower in Paris is a famous landmark that captures the essence of the iconic Eiffel Tower in a stunning metal structure, attracting tourists from all over the world.

    You can explore additional gift choices and prices for the Eiffel Tower below.

    Take a look at it here.

    Paris Themed Bath Essentials

    Salil will inform you about the extent of my adoration for these household and bathroom necessities. They will evoke memories of Paris for you or the person receiving them.

    This delightful present is perfect for those who adore the enchanting city of Paris. It includes a charming soap dish and dispenser, a stylish toothbrush holder, and a sophisticated tumbler.

    Discover your inspiration in this place.

    Tiffany Inspired Paris Gift

    If your beloved is a shopper and a fan of Paris, then this present is an ideal choice!

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    Taking cues from the iconic Tiffany blue and Parisian symbols, this exquisitely crafted wall ornament is destined to embellish your living room, bookshelf, or any chosen spot with its sheer elegance.

    Click to buy now.

    Paris Skyline Makeup or Travel Pouch

    Behold this exquisite Paris Heartbeat Skyline makeup bag, a charming haven for all your bag-related needs. Safely house your make-up essentials, tiny trinkets for your daily travels, and beyond. This delightful pouch is adorned with a mesmerizing design, meticulously printed on a premium cotton canvas bag, and custom-made with love in the U.S.A!

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    The bag has dimensions of 10¾x8¼” and is secured with a black zipper.

    When placing an order, you have the choice to personalize the printing or include additional items in the bag.

    Take a look at the cost here.

    Paris City Wall Decor & Souvenir – made of wood

    Surprise your loved ones with this exquisite wooden masterpiece showcasing the mesmerizing landmarks of Paris. Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, this enchanting decor piece is constructed using a blend of high-quality wood and plywood. Equipped with a convenient hook, it effortlessly adorns any space of your choosing.

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    Beautifully carved, engraved, and framed to adorn your or your loved one’s home.Output: Exquisitely crafted, etched, and encased to embellish your own or your beloved’s residence.

    Discover evaluations and costs on this website.

    1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

    Ravensburger reigns supreme as a top-tier jigsaw puzzle brand, captivating puzzle enthusiasts worldwide. Designed exclusively for grown-ups, this meticulously composed 1000 piece puzzle collection showcases unrivaled craftsmanship, boasting premium quality materials and captivating imagery.

    The items are crafted from a glare-resistant coating on a durable and thick cardboard material. Exquisitely designed and robust.

    This is an excellent Paris souvenir for a family who loves to travel!

    Purchase from Amazon here.

    Paris Journal Kit

    Surprise your dear one who adores organizing and crafting travel chronicles with these remarkable digital collage assortments. Packed with complete sheets and an array of elements perfect for embellishing a travel journal, this DIY package will make an exceptional present.

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    Please be aware that this delightful item is in digital form and will require printing. It serves as a splendid last-minute present concept for those enchanted by the allure of Paris!

    Discover choices and pricing information here.

    Paris – Story Books & Travel Guides

    Travel enthusiasts would greatly appreciate a guidebook to fuel their wanderlust and map out their upcoming adventures. Additionally, an array of captivating Parisian-themed novels, both fictional and nonfictional, could also serve as delightful gift options for those who yearn to explore the City of Love.

    Explore the enchanting world of Paris: The Novel – a captivating masterpiece tailor-made for aficionados of Parisian culture and history. Immerse yourself in the tales of migrant families and witness the transformative power of the City of Lights on their lives!

    Explore a plethora of choices below, encompassing exquisite hardcover editions with a possibility of Kindle adaptations. Should you have a penchant for artistic coloring books, fear not, for they are thoughtfully incorporated in this collection. Simply click on the captivating image to delve into their world of creativity.

    Paris Photo frame with Eiffel Tower Design

    Enhance the aesthetic of your office, study, or bedroom with this exquisite 4×4 photo frame. Evoking a sense of nostalgia, this vintage-inspired frame is designed to beautifully display a single picture, complemented by a charming Eiffel Tower insignia adorning its side.

    Explore purchasing choices on this page.

    Paris Inspired Home Decor – Shower Curtains

    One might not consider shower curtains as a present. However, please listen to me, this is a practical item and unique!

    I recently presented this delightful item to a dear friend who relocated to a new abode, and she simply adores it. I mean, it boasts a charming shade of pink and possesses an undeniable allure. How could anyone resist such a captivating piece?

    This incredibly sturdy polyester curtain boasts dimensions of 72×72. Its thickness ensures complete privacy, while both sides of the fabric have been treated with a remarkable waterproofing material that effortlessly repels water.

    Don’t fret about rust or shape-shifting, as this piece is effortlessly cleanable and resistant. Feel free to toss these curtains in the machine for a quick wash. Setting them up is a breeze, thanks to its uncomplicated and hassle-free installation process.

    Click here to view the price.

    Paris Soft Silicone Phone Case

    Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Parisian romance with this ultra-sleek and feather-light phone case! Delight your loved ones with this practical accessory that ensures their cell phone remains unscathed from unsightly scratches.

    Crafted from a supple TPU material, this case exudes a sense of elegance. However, it is important to note that it does not offer the same level of robust protection as its rigid counterparts, nor does it possess any waterproof properties. Its primary purpose is to shield against unsightly scratches while adding a touch of sophistication to your device.

    I’ve cleverly combined this case with a protective front cover to shield the delicate glass from shattering should it slip from my grasp by chance. With its convenient accessibility to all charging and headphone ports and connectors, this case effortlessly syncs with wireless chargers as well.

    Click to explore printing choices.

    3D Illusion Lamp

    Behold, behold! Feast your eyes upon this extraordinary masterpiece of a night lamp – a marvel that grants a mesmerizing 3D illusion. Allow the ambiance of your sacred space to be transformed as you effortlessly manipulate the colors of the illustrious Eiffel Tower. Brace yourself, for this wondrous creation bestows upon you a staggering selection of 16 vibrant hues, easily adjustable with a mere flick of a remote control.

    The lamp boasts exceptional portability, featuring a compact platform for placement. It harnesses the power of either 3AAA batteries or a convenient USB connection. Whether you choose to illuminate your office space or plug it into a USB port, the LED light emanates a gentle and seamlessly consistent glow.

    Click here to make a purchase.

    Christmas Ornaments

    Surprise your loved ones with a stunning Christmas ornament that captures the enchanting Paris cityscape. Crafted meticulously from eco-friendly alder wood, this exquisite Parisian gift showcases intricate hand-painted details. Complete with an elegant gold and white string for hanging, it’s a true masterpiece.

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    Isn’t it beautiful?

    Personalization options abound, as you can adorn it with a delightful engraving that gracefully embellishes the back of this exquisite ornament. This remarkable creation boasts a diameter of 3.75 inches, ensuring its captivating presence.

    The Paris Decor is the ideal present for the Paris travel enthusiast in your life.

    Take a look at the options that are accessible this year.

    Vintage Paris Guide Book (German)

    Photo: ETSY
    Photo: ETSY

    If you have a deep affection for Paris and all things vintage, then prepare to be enamored by this remarkable Guide Book that graced the shelves in the year 1900. Embellished with a delightful pop-up map, intricate sightseeing particulars, and fascinating local insights, it encapsulates the essence of the early 20th century.

    This present is an excellent icebreaker and will enhance the ambiance of any living area or coffee table!

    Please view the availability here.

    Paris Inspired Wall Clock

    This adorable vintage wall clock, inspired by the charm of Paris, will beautifully enhance any home. It operates on batteries and showcases large numerals, making it effortless to read the time.

    Click to see the timepiece.

    Refrigerator magnets set of 24 Paris Eiffel Tower souvenirs

    This magnificent collection of 24 Paris refrigerator magnets is a dream come true for die-hard Paris enthusiasts! With iconic symbols like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and a plethora of other Parisian landmarks, these magnets are perfect for showcasing one’s love for the city in various settings such as home, university lockers, offices, and beyond.

    Great deal for 24 magnets, and they are practical as you can utilize them on magnetic whiteboards in school or the workplace!

    Take a look at the magnets available here.

    I trust that you relished my compilation of Paris-inspired presents. These delightful gifts shall serve as a cherished memento of one’s wanderings or ignite a reverie of forthcoming voyages.

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