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Look here and discover a plethora of innovative sloth-inspired presents! Our exquisite range of Gifts that Give Back, designed to assist our sloth conservation endeavors, can be conveniently shipped worldwide. Prepare for a double triumph!

1. Adopt-A-Sloth (from $25) 

adopt a sloth clean min

We are providing ‘VIRTUAL’ and ‘PHYSICAL’ sloth adoption options – ideal as a present!

In return for your generous contribution, we will gladly present you with a wonderful customized adoption surprise package, either digitally through email or physically through traditional mail. This exclusive package includes:

  • Customized adoption certificate.
  • Complete biography and historical profile for your selected sloth.
  • High-resolution photograph.
  • Authentic sloth illustrations (virtual only).
  • Physical copies of the highly popular book “Life in the Slow Lane” by Dr. Rebecca Cliffe and Suzi Eszterhas are available.
  • Handcrafted Amigurumi sloth toy (physical only).
  • Click here to choose your sloth now!

    The adoption package exceeded my expectations! In our search for various “adoption” possibilities for our sloth-enthusiast niece, I, being an animal behaviorist, was delighted to discover that we would not only be providing support, but also contributing to the remarkable conservation initiatives carried out by your organization. -Anne Farrell, Australia.

    2. VIP sloth membership (from $25 / month) 

    VIP sloth membership (from $25 / month)Output: Exclusive sloth subscription (starting at $25 / month)

    By becoming a member of our esteemed VIP community, your support transcends mere donations. You wield a profound influence on our modus operandi, empowering us to strategize for sustainable resolutions and allocate resources towards grander endeavors.

    In addition to experiencing the delightful warmth and fuzziness that comes from contributing to the perpetual safeguarding of sloths, we will also delight you with a monthly digital treasure trove filled with surprises inspired by these magnificent creatures.

    Join our sloth VIP community!

    3. SLOTHS 2023 wall calendar ($21)

    The SLOTHS 2023 wall calendar is a delightful and adorable way to keep track of the days, featuring stunning photographs of these slow-moving and lovable creatures.

    Embrace your inner sloth and start off 2023 with the ultimate sloth calendar!

    Every month showcases breathtaking photographs of sloths, accompanied by captivating “behind the scenes” captions. The spotlight is on five distinct sloth species, ranging from the graceful swimming pygmy sloths to the majestic maned sloths of Brazil!

    Immerse yourself in captivating imagery and fascinating sloth trivia, curated by the esteemed Dr. Rebecca Cliffe, a renowned sloth aficionado and co-founder of SloCo. Within its pages, you’ll discover a generous expanse of open grid, awaiting your personal touch to record cherished moments and important milestones. As an added bonus, this enchanting 12″ x 12″ calendar also features a comprehensive 12-month planner, ensuring that every day is filled with inspiration and joy!

    The SLOTHS 2023 wall calendar is a delightful and adorable way to keep track of the days, featuring stunning photographs of these slow-moving and lovable creatures.

  • Click here to purchase on Amazon (US).
  • Click here for global shipping.
  • GrannyFran from the US shared that her granddaughter experienced immense joy upon unwrapping the Christmas gift. Little did she know that, among numerous sloth calendars, this one happened to be the precise one her granddaughter had desired. Surprisingly, the profound allure of serenity and comfort embodied by this functional item captivated both the 64-year-old girl and the 12-year-old girl.

    4. The Adventures of Dr. Sloth: Rebecca Cliffe and Her Quest to Protect Sloths ($26)  Signed Copy!

    Embark on a captivating journey unraveling the tale of a compassionate youngster from England who metamorphosed into a prominent figure in the realm of sloth science. Delve into the remarkable exploits of Dr. Sloth as she utilizes her groundbreaking discoveries to safeguard these gentle creatures. Accompanied by Suzi Eszterhas, an accomplished author and wildlife photographer, readers will be transported to the heart of the action through captivating narratives and awe-inspiring imagery. Immerse yourself further by scanning QR codes scattered throughout the book, granting access to mesmerizing videos depicting sloths in their natural habitat.

    Every book is a autographed hardcover with library binding and is written for children aged 8-12.

    The Journeys of Dr. Sloth: Rebecca Cliffe and Her Mission to Safeguard Sloths ($26) Autographed Edition!

    Experience the sheer joy of immersing yourself in captivating stories, uncovering fascinating tidbits of knowledge, or delighting in the visual feast of flipping through vibrant images. An essential addition to any coffee table, this remarkable gem is also perfect for enchanting your little ones with bedtime tales. – Slothdaan, US.

  • Obtain an autographed copy!
  • Click here to purchase on Amazon.
  • 5. SLOTHS: Life in the Slow Lane book ($25)

    SLOTHS: Existence in the Leisurely Path publication (25 dollars)

    Embark on an enchanting expedition through the lush jungles of South America with this mesmerizing coffee-table masterpiece, unveiling the enigmatic existence of sloths! Unveiling a tapestry of breathtaking visuals that unveil the most elusive and private moments, this captivating tale delves into the captivating enigmas of these extraordinary creatures, unraveling their enigmatic behaviors!

  • Click here to purchase on Amazon (United States).
  • Click here to purchase on Amazon (Europe).
  • Click here for global shipping.
  • SLOTHS: Existence in the Leisurely Path publication (25 dollars)

    If you’re a fan of sloths, this book is an absolute must-have! Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking photography and be prepared to immerse yourself in a wealth of intriguing knowledge. As a devoted sloth enthusiast myself, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a treasure trove of fascinating facts that expanded my understanding of these fascinating creatures.

    “GORGEOUS and unusual coffee table book. Great gift for friends, family members, travelers, wildlife enthusiasts, students, and of course – sloth lovers!”.

    6. Sponsor a Sloth Crossing ($200)

    By making this generous donation, we can acquire the essential resources required to build a complete and magnificent single-rope canopy bridge. Its purpose? To ensure the safe passage of sloths as they navigate their way through urban environments, effortlessly crossing roads and bridging the gaps between forest fragments.

    If you decide to support a Sloth Crossing, we’ll go the extra mile by placing a customized wooden plaque alongside the bridge, beautifully etched with a name of your choosing (an incredible present for any sloth enthusiast)! By sponsoring this bridge, we’ll send you an informative package, complete with captivating photos and the precise GPS coordinates of the bridge and plaque once it’s been set up. Moreover, we’ll keep you in the loop as soon as wildlife beings to utilize your sponsored bridge!

  • Click here to Support a Sloth Crossing.
  • I don’t think there’s any other conservation endeavor that provides such immediate satisfaction! With a background in wildlife biology, environmental law/policy, and animal welfare, I’ve spent over two decades in these fields and never witnessed such a straightforward yet impactful approach to addressing habitat loss. Applause to everyone involved in this remarkable achievement! -Michelle Land from New York.

    7. Sponsor a camera trap

    By sponsoring a camera trap, we will not only provide you with the precise GPS coordinates of its installation, but also share captivating footage and captivating snapshots of the wildlife utilizing the Sloth Crossing bridge. Embark on an exciting journey of species identification while witnessing the direct influence of your generous contribution on the thriving animals benefiting from our dedicated conservation endeavors.

    By sponsoring a camera trap, you can contribute to wildlife conservation efforts by capturing valuable data on various species, their behavior, and their habitats.

  • The HF2X HyperFire 2 Covert Infrared Camera costs $399.
  • The Browning Defender Wireless Cellular Trail Camera is priced at $299.
  • The Bushnell Core DS-4K No Glow Trail Camera is priced at $199.
  • 8.’Hang in There’ Canvas Sloth Tote Bag ($16.99)

    Canvas Sloth Tote Bag with the phrase 'Stay Strong' ($16.99).

    Embrace a plastic-free lifestyle while proudly displaying your adoration for sloths with this generously-sized eco-friendly tote bag crafted exclusively to support the cause of sloth preservation!

  • Click here to purchase your carryall bag.
  • 9. Sponsor sloth-friendly trees

    sloth gifts

    In Costa Rica, our reforestation program offers an opportunity to sow trees that embrace the sloth’s way of life, fostering a sanctuary for these remarkable creatures while safeguarding biodiversity and curbing the presence of carbon dioxide in the air. It’s a triumphant trifecta!

    By opting for a personalized donation, you have the opportunity to contribute towards the planting of a specific quantity of trees. Rest assured, our team will carefully select tree species that are cherished by wild sloths. These trees will be strategically planted in vital conservation zones where the encroachment of their natural habitat poses a significant threat to the sloth population’s existence. As a token of appreciation, if you decide to sponsor trees as a thoughtful gesture, we can gladly provide you with a gift certificate, an informative packet, and even captivating photos of the trees upon request. Simply drop us an email after completing your purchase!

  • Click here to sow a few trees.
  • 10. Protect 20 square meters of primary rainforest for sloths ($50)

    Preserve 20 square meters of initial rainforest for sloths ($50).

    The survival of sloths is severely jeopardized by the loss of their habitat due to tree destruction. By donating, every penny will be dedicated to acquiring and safeguarding endangered primary rainforest habitat in the South Caribbean region (Limón) of Costa Rica, where sloth populations are enduring great hardship. Should you choose to give this as a gift, we are more than happy to provide a gift certificate and an information packet upon request (simply send us an email following your purchase)!

  • Click here to safeguard the main tropical rainforest.
  • Bonus: Sloth Activity Booklet (FREE!)

    As a bonus, you will receive a Sloth Activity Booklet for free! This booklet is filled with fun and engaging activities centered around sloths, allowing you to learn more about these fascinating creatures while having a great time.

    Introducing our captivating collection of sloth activity booklets, designed to combine amusement, enlightenment, and brain-teasing challenges, thus enabling children to delve into the fascinating world of sloths and contribute to the conservation of wildlife. Be it for educational purposes within school settings or as an endless source of entertainment for your little ones, our booklets are guaranteed to captivate. Presently, we proudly present two downloadable PDF editions: a tailor-made version for preschoolers and another specifically curated for ages 8-10. Both editions are now accessible in both English and Spanish, ensuring inclusivity for all.

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