25 Pokemon Gifts for Adults

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Searching for Pokemon presents tailored to grown-ups? Look no further! Being an adult doesn’t imply forfeiting your childlike spirit or ceasing to adore Pokémon. These gifts strike the perfect balance between maturity and nostalgia, making them ideal for adult aficionados of the games or TV series.

25 Pokemon Gifts for Adults

Check out these adorable Pokemon presents tailored for grown-ups, as they are absolutely marvelous! Additionally, we offer gift suggestions for those who lean towards being a Zelda enthusiast or a devoted follower of WoW.

Pocket Pikachu Best Friend Shirts

Embrace your passion for Pokemon with these absolutely charming Pikachu shirts, designed to make you and your bestie stand out in the most stylish way possible. With an array of vibrant color choices available, there’s a perfect option to match every unique style preference.

The shirt has a gender-neutral design, making it a fun gift option for a couple.

Bulbasaur Ceramic Planter

Currently, succulents have become quite popular, and they have ingeniously elevated the trend by introducing these charming Pokemon planters. Your petite succulent now resembles the delightful blossom emerging from Bulbasaur’s back in the beloved series!

Available separately in the three sizes or as a set.

Pikachu Onesie

Indulge in the ultimate Pokémon fan experience with a character onesie that guarantees warmth and coziness. Embrace the thrill of protecting the world from the notorious Team Rocket, all while enjoying your evenings to the fullest.

Pikachu Onesie


Make your love for Pokémon evident right from the moment they approach your doorstep with this charming Home Sweet Home welcome mat. The vintage-inspired artwork is available in three delightful, nostalgia-inducing hues!

Adult Sized Pokémon Backpack

Perfect for attending university lectures, traveling, or carrying essential baby supplies. This backpack effortlessly transitions from a youthful appearance to a sophisticated art-inspired design, complemented by trendy Japanese lettering.

Pokemon Guitar Picks

Attention all music enthusiasts! Indulge in the perfect gift for the melody-maker in your life. Explore our captivating collection of iconic Pokémon designs, each one more enchanting than the last. Alternatively, surprise them with a delightful assortment of all five designs, ensuring a symphony of joy. This whimsical present is not only a splendid addition to a larger package but also an impeccable choice as a delightful stocking stuffer.

Ash’s Hat

Infuse your daily routine with a touch of cosplay charm, simply by donning Ash’s iconic hat. Versatile enough to be flaunted beyond the realm of conventions.

Fanny Pack

Immerse yourself in a wave of 90s nostalgia with this delightful present. Bestow upon them a highly functional fashion accessory crafted from vibrant Pokémon fabric! And as an added twist, why not surprise them by filling the bag with playful treasures, such as Pokeballs?

Badge Collection

This assortment comprises metallic renditions of all eight badges from the Pokémon universe, enabling aspiring trainers to materialize their ambition of attaining the prestigious title of Pokémon Master.

Pokémon Bowtie

Perfect for occasions where you need to maintain a classy appearance while proudly displaying your adoration for Pokémon. Ideal for individuals working with children or in the gaming industry.

These would also make enjoyable Pokemon-themed gifts for groomsmen as well!

Eeveelution Pillows

Explore the abundance of Eevee Evolutions! Adorn your abode or cozy apartment with an array of Pokémon pillows. Their minimalist charm seamlessly integrates with your existing decor, ensuring a harmonious ambience.

Pokémon Face Mug

Start your day by seeing the adorable face of your beloved Pokémon as you pour a steaming drink into these charming mugs.

Throw Blanket

This blanket is absolutely ideal for snuggling up with while indulging in marathon gaming sessions or immersing oneself in the latest Pokémon anime series. The presence of numerous Pokeballs adorning the blanket only adds to its coolness factor.

Machamp Gym Shirt

Who’s up for some double entendres? An ideal exercise top tailored for Pokémon enthusiasts. But here’s the catch: without the ability to pump iron using four limbs, claiming the title of Ma-champ in Viridian city is out of reach.

Felt Magikarp Hat

This hat is the perfect way to delight any adult Pokémon enthusiast, with its playful nod to the show and a delightful Pokémon Go accessory. Plus, it offers a range of vibrant color options to suit every style.

The Felt Magikarp Hat is a fun and whimsical accessory that showcases the popular Pokémon character, Magikarp. It is handcrafted with high-quality felt material, making it soft and comfortable to wear. With its vibrant colors and detailed stitching, this hat is sure to catch the attention of fellow Pokémon enthusiasts. Whether you're attending a cosplay event or simply want to add some Pokémon flair to your outfit, the Felt Magikarp Hat is a perfect choice.

Pokedex Keychains and Key Holder

Just like me, adults tend to misplace their keys quite often. But now, each member of the household can have their very own Pokémon keyring, providing a geeky and stylish spot to hang them upon returning home.

Pokemon Pokeball Hoodie for Adults

When the desire to don Pokémon-inspired attire strikes, but a touch of maturity is sought, look no further. Behold this Pokeball hoodie, boasting an exquisite design tailored for the discerning adult.

Charmander Pokemon Kigurumi

Indulge in ultimate comfort with this charming adult onesie, featuring the delightful Charmander. Whether you’re leisurely lounging at home or looking to make a stylish statement at your next gathering, this outfit offers unparalleled softness and versatility.

Pikachu Sunglasses

Perhaps you are in search of a whimsical present instead. These sunglasses offer an array of diverse designs (featuring various Pokémon), making them a delightful choice for group gifting.

Pokémon Togepi Print Face Mask for Adults

Face coverings are useful for individuals employed in the healthcare field, caring for medically vulnerable family members, or simply desiring to prevent the transmission of germs.

Pokémon Go Egg Maternity Shirt

The nerdy mommy-to-be is delighted to wear a shirt adorned with a Pokémon Go egg. Not only does playing Pokémon Go while strolling around offer fantastic low-impact exercise, but it also adds a touch of creativity to her daily routine.

Assorted Hand Towels

Sometimes, it’s delightful to present gifts that are not only useful but also infused with a touch of excitement. Behold these enchanting oven mitts adorned with beautifully embroidered Eevee evolutions, perfectly complementing their coordinating colors.

Charizard Embroidered Hoodie

This hoodie is truly extraordinary. The impeccable orange hue chosen for Charizard, coupled with the intricately embroidered designs adorning the front and sleeve, makes it a remarkable option as a gift for any grown-up aficionado of the Pokemon franchise.

6 ft Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

Have you ever gazed upon a peacefully slumbering Snorlax and thought to yourself, “Oh my, how remarkably cozy it appears?” Well, now you have the delightful opportunity to immerse yourself in the snug embrace of your very own custom-designed bean bag chair, fashioned to resemble this endearing creature.

This enormous creation stands at a height of 6 feet; providing ample space for adults to relax in comfort.

Pokemon presents designed for grown-ups are an absolute blast, and it’s impossible not to develop a deep affection for each and every one. The Pokémon franchise has thrived for so long that those of us who were avid followers in our youth have now transitioned into adulthood. Share your cherished Pokémon by leaving a comment below. As for me, I must confess, choosing a personal favorite is an unenviable task.

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