The 115+ Best Police Jokes

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The police just pulled me over, and the officer came up to my window and said “papers?”

I said “scissors, I win!” And drove off. He’s been chasing me for 45 minutes now, I think he wants a rematch.

The authorities recently stopped me, and the cop approached my car and asked for

This joke might have offensive language. 🤔.

A police officer stopped me and searched my pockets. Found a bag of weed. “What have we here?” “It’s not mine officer.” He scoffs.

“I’m serious! I was cursed by a leprechaun, you know what scallywags they are. Now, every single time I flush this chronic down the toilet it magically reappears in my pocket.””Bullshit.””Try me!”He frowns, but follows me as we head to the bathroom in this cafe. I take out the cannabis and prepare for a mind-bending experiment.”Output: “Believe it or not, I’ve fallen victim to a leprechaun’s curse. Those mischievous scallywags can really wreak havoc! Astonishingly, whenever I dare to dispose of this marijuana by flushing it down the toilet, it mysteriously finds its way back into my pocket.” “Nonsense,” he retorts skeptically. “Care to test my claim?” Despite his doubt, he reluctantly accompanies me to the restroom of this quaint cafe. With determination in my eyes, I unveil the cannabis and gear up for a

A soldier ran up to a nun. Out of breath he asked, “Please, may I hide under your skirt. I’ll explain later..

The nun consented…

A short time later, two Military Police officers ran up and inquired, “Sister, have you encountered a soldier?”

The nun responded, “He went in that direction.”

As soon as the MPs scurried away, the soldier cautiously emerged from beneath her skirt and uttered, “Words cannot express my gratitude, dear sibling. You see, I harbor no desire …

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Two men broke into a drugstore and stole all the Viagra.

The authorities issued a warning to be vigilant for the two experienced offenders.

A blonde was speeding when a local police officer pulled her over and walked up to the car

The officer also coincidentally happened to be a blonde and she requested the driver’s license of the blonde individual.

In a state of panic, the driver rummaged through her handbag, desperately seeking an answer from the blonde policewoman, “Could you enlighten me on the appearance of a driver’s license?”

Irritated, the blonde cop said, “You dummy, it’s got nothing to do with luck!”Output: Annoyed, the blonde police officer exclaimed, “You fool, it has nothing to do with luck!”

What’s the difference between an American police officer and a bullet?

If a bullet causes the death of an individual, it indicates that it has been discharged.

Breaking News: There was a break in at the police station today and the toilet was stolen.

The authorities have no leads to pursue.

This joke killed when I was a kid. Let me know how it holds up.

Once, three boys went to the shopping center. They were named Trouble, Shut Up, and Be Quiet.

Trouble found himself disoriented amidst the bustling mall. Seeking aid, his companions approached a uniformed police officer to report the misplacement of their beloved sibling.

The officer asked “what is your name?”.

The boys replied “Please be quiet and remain silent”…

A cop pulls over an old couple…

Requests for license and registration and inquires about your speed, sir.

“Gee officer, I’m not sure,” the husband replied. The wife chimed in, “He was going at 85 mph, officer. He passed several signs before you pulled him over.” The husband glanced at his wife, clearly upset. Output: “Officer, I must admit, I’m uncertain,” the husband responded. In an attempt to support her husband’s case, the wife interjected, “To be precise, officer, he was traveling at a speed of 85 mph. It’s worth mentioning that he had gone past numerous signs even before you intervened.” The husband shot a disgruntled glance at his wife, his frustration apparent.

The poli…

Andrew Tate arrested in Romania after a pizza box showed he was in the country. Police arrested him within 30 minutes

Since any additional time would imply that they had to provide him with a complimentary garlic loaf.

What do you get when you mix Human DNA and Goat DNA?

A serious police caution and a permanent prohibition from the petting zoo.

Police officer: sir, you can’t fish here

Man: I’m not fishing, I’m instructing my pet worms on the art of swimming.

A lorry full of toupees was stolen…

Law enforcement officers are searching the vicinity for evidence.

A circus performer is driving home after a long day of training, when he is pulled over by a police officer for a broken light.

The police officer examines the vehicle and discovers a assortment of blades in the rear seat.

“Sir,” he says, “Why do you have all those knives?”Output: “Sir,” he states, “Why do you possess all those blades?”

“Those are for my juggling performance,” the circus entertainer responds.

“I don’t trust you,” states the police officer. “Demonstrate it.” Therefore, the entertainer exits his vehicle and…

My wife was just in a minor accident. She’s told the police that the man she hit was on his phone and drinking a Coke at the time

But they continue to talk about how he has the freedom to do whatever he wants in the comfort of his own living space.

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This is the worst joke I know. “A mad scientist is developing an immortality serum…”

“…And up until now, it has exhibited flawless efficacy in cellular cultures, worms, mice, rats, and even racoons. The subsequent phase entails conducting trials on dolphins. While reaching for the syringes intended for her experimental subjects, she realizes that her supply of serum has been depleted, necessitating the creation of a fresh concoction. The pivotal component of this chemical formula…”

Why did the coffee file a police report?

Because it was robbed!

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Once upon a time, there was a merchant named Steve who came up with a brilliant plan to make a huge profit transporting peanuts

In a distant era, a merchant named Steve devised a genius scheme to amass considerable wealth. His plan entailed transporting more than 100kg of peanuts to a state plagued by an acute scarcity of nuts and fruits.

Stopped him and asked for his identification. \N Output: As Steve neared the border of the state, he came across a police checkpoint. A law enforcement officer halted him and requested his identification.

Cop joke.

So I’m an ER RN and we love to joke around. Had two cops in with a patient. I deadpanned ” I heard there’s been ppl stealing tires off (local) cop cars…. The one cop says “I haven’t heard anything about this “. So… I said “I’ve heard the police are tirelessly investigating it.”First cop high…Output: As an ER RN, I often engage in playful banter. On this particular occasion, two police officers were present with a patient. With a straight face, I casually mentioned, “You know, there have been reports of people stealing tires from the cop cars around here…” Surprised, one of the officers replied, “I haven’t heard anything about this.” Seizing the opportunity, I retorted, “Ah, well, I’ve heard that the police are relentlessly investigating the matter.” The first cop burst into laughter…

A man in my town was shot yesterday with a starter’s pistol.

Law enforcement authorities suspect that the criminal activity is linked to racial motives.

Do you know why batman doesn’t have a police badge?

Since he refrains from causing harm to others.

Idk if this is a repost but here goes

The psychiatrist engages in a conversation with his most challenging patient, delving into the origins of their troubles that commenced roughly a year ago.

“Sure thing, Doc. Well, as I said, I had gotten into the Airbnb scene at the time, and I had a couple of, ‘tenants’, as it were. But one day, a rather peculiar individual came to stay at my humble abode.”

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Last Night my wife dressed as a police officer and accused me of being too good in bed.

However, after a minute and 20 seconds, all charges were dismissed because there was insufficient evidence.

So a Police Officer pulls over a little old lady in a car going a bit too slow…

The police officer asks the typical question, “…Do you know why I stopped you…” “…Driver’s license, registration, proof of insurance…”.

The woman hands everything over as usual.

And then the Officer inquires, “Ma’am, do you have any weapons in the vehicle that I should be aware of?”.

Old Lady answers “a .45 at my waistband, a Glock in my purse, and a Remington in my bedroom.”Output: The elderly woman responds, “a .45 in my waistband, a Glock in my handbag, and a Remington in my bedroom.”

This joke might have offensive language. 🤔.

An Elderly Woman Gets Pulled Over For Speeding…

Elderly Lady: Is there an issue, Officer?

Traffic Officer: Yes ma’am, I’m sorry to inform you that you were exceeding the speed limit.

Elderly Lady: Oh, I understand.

Traffic Officer: May I have a look at your license, please?

Older Woman: Well, I would provide it to you but I don’t possess one.

Police Officer: Don’t possess one?


Police were called in to investigate a dead librarian found crushed under a ton of books

In spite of harboring initial doubts about any mischief, the officers meticulously assessed the shoddy craftsmanship of the room and concluded that the librarian was solely responsible for the mishap on his shelf.

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The rectum stretcher

Just like a vehicle traversing a bridge, a police officer unexpectedly emerges from the concealment of a shrubbery and gestures for the driver to come to a halt. Approaching the vehicle’s window, the officer queries, “Have you any notion of the velocity at which you were moving?”

The driver replies, “No sir, I don’t, but it couldn’t have been much quicker than 50……

3 Vineyards in Bordeaux were destroyed.

A saboteur removed the vines, and contaminated the soil with salt.

The National Police believe it is an act of terrorism.

A juggler, and the police….

A performer, on his way to his upcoming show, is pulled over by the authorities.

“Why are these matches and lighter fluid present in your vehicle?” Inquires the police officer.

“I am a performer and I juggle fiery torches in my performance.”

“Oh really?” Says the skeptical police officer. “Let’s witness your ability.”

The juggler gave a mesmerizing performance, juggling balls and knives effortlessly.Output: The entertainer delivered a captivating show, effortlessly juggling balls and knives.

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A man calls the police, upset that his house has been broken into, and his toilet used.

The owner claims that there has been no theft, and the police officer discovers no evidence of any break-in. “Pray tell, what prompted you to summon the authorities?” He inquires.

The owner leads the officer into the bathroom, unveiling the toilet bowl before him. Curiously, he queries, “What do your eyes behold?” With a hint of disdain, the officer retorts, “A repugnant excretion.”


A man answers his door to find a somber-looking police officer standing on his porch. “I’m sorry to have to tell you this, sir,” the officer says, “but it looks like your wife has been hit by a bus.”

The man responds, “Yes, but she has a fantastic character.”


An elderly woman urgently dialed 911, and as soon as the operator picked up, she exclaimed, “Please, dispatch the authorities to my humble abode with utmost haste! There’s a mischievous Democrat on my very doorstep, engaging in self-amusement.”

“What?” The operator exclaimed!

“I said there is a damn Democrat on my front porch playing with matches.”Output: “I mentioned that there is a darn Democrat on my front porch fooling around with matches.”

Police found a large number of dead crows on the A251 just outside Ashford yesterday morning, and there was concern that they may have died from Bird Flu…

A Pathologist analyzed the remains of all the crows, and it has been verified that the issue was not Avian Influenza.

The bird’s demise seemed to result from vehicular collisions; nevertheless, upon examination, intriguing shades of paint were observed on their beaks and talons.

By analysing…

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A warning to all you drivers at Christmas

Exercise caution regarding driving under the influence as the Christmas season approaches, with law enforcement actively monitoring motorists.

Yesterday evening, I ventured out to enjoy some refreshing beverages. One thing naturally progressed to another, and before I knew it, I indulged in an excessive number of delightful cocktails, followed by a switch to wine. In hindsight, this decision proved rather unwise.

Knowing I was over the limit, I reluctantly handed my car keys to my friend.Output: Being aware that I exceeded the threshold, I hesitantly surrendered my car keys to my friend.

An old man and his son loved to do the gardening together.

Every week, a wise elderly gentleman delighted in the art of gardening alongside his beloved son, as they joined forces to cultivate their green oasis.

On a fateful day, the father receives a devastating diagnosis of lung cancer, leaving him with a limited time frame. Determined to gather funds for his father’s treatment, the son embarks on an unconventional path by venturing into the realm of drug trade, offering substances like marijuana and methamphetamine.

A Blonde, a Brunette and a Redhead…

Caught red-handed in the midst of a criminal act, they hurriedly flee from the relentless pursuit of law enforcement, eventually finding solace within the depths of a dimly lit alleyway concealed behind a bustling eatery. The alleyway, shadowed and filled with a medley of discarded refuse bins and bags, becomes their temporary refuge.

The Brunette exclaims, “Look! There are three enormous potato bags along the wall! Let’s conceal ourselves inside!”.

So each of them get into the car and drive away.Output: Consequently, each of them enter the vehicle and depart.

I am going to meet my girlfriend’s parents for the first time. Her dad is a policeman. She ask me to bring something to impress her dad.

Therefore, I brought in two individuals who are under suspicion.

This joke might have offensive language. 🤔.

How do you motivate a police dog?

You remind him that informants attract women.

Police arrested a man after he used a strobe light on a group of photosensitive epileptics during a game of “Hide-And-Seek”

He was accused of “Search and Seizure”.

Me: the victim is 6’1”; his body has already turned into a ghost.

Police officer: Sir, that’s simply a covering we used for the body.

With the international mathematics conference in town, the bars around the convention center were hopping.

In her usual fashion, the evening manager gracefully made her way from one table to another, warmly welcoming her esteemed guests. As she approached the initial table, she was taken aback to find eight brilliant mathematicians seated there. A perplexing sight indeed, as there were merely six chairs available. However, amidst their intellectual discussions, a few mischievous souls seemed to have found temporary seating arrangements on their companions’ laps, adding a touch of playful energy to the atmosphere.

Layer at the police station: “I won’t say anything without my lawyer present. “

Police officer: “YOU ARE THE ATTORNEY!”.

Attorney: “Indeed, I am aware. Hence, where is my gift?”

A man’s car is covered in blood and tree leaves

Police officer: what’s the matter with the blood?

Driver: I struck a attorney.

Police officer: that clarifies the blood, but what about the foliage?

Driver: Initially, I had to pursue him through the park.

Why did the police chief assign the epileptic cop to K9 patrol?

They formed an impeccable partnership. The K9 conducted the searches while the police officer carried out the seizures!

A routine police patrol was parked outside a bar.

Once the final call was made, the officer’s attention was captured by a man sauntering out of the bar in a state of intoxication so profound that his ability to walk was severely impaired. The man meandered aimlessly across the parking lot, while the officer discreetly watched on.

After what appeared to be a never-ending period of time, during which he attempted his keys on five varying automobiles, t…

Why did the book join the police?

He desired to go incognito.

Factory arson

The frozen Chinese dumpling factory has recently encountered a severe case of arson, believed to be the result of a dissatisfied employee’s actions, marking it as the most devastating incident in recent memory.

The police chief stated that he had never witnessed a case of such reckless devastation.

Two electric car owners were seen today fighting over a charging port.

In light of the intense atmosphere, the authorities have declared their intent to bolster patrols in the vicinity. Numerous bystanders were left astounded, with a few even witnessing a sudden altercation between two individuals.

A man is on a street corner in Moscow yelling “The president is an idiot “

The police encircle him and place handcuffs on him. They state “it is against the law to offend President Putin”.

He declares “You don’t comprehend, I imply the Ukrainian president, Zelensky, he is the individual I was offending”.

The police captain declares, “you cannot deceive us, everyone is aware of who the fool is.”

A police man spots a blond driving a car and knitting at the same time.

Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is an interesting destination for people of different ages.Output: The Oceanography Institute in Nha Trang is a fascinating spot for individuals of various age groups.Input: He gets her to roll down her window. “Pull over” he yells. “No silly” she replies “it’s a scarf”!Output: He convinces her to lower her car window. “Stop the car!” He shouts. “No, you goofball,” she retorts, “it’s just a scarf!”

A soldier survived mustard gas in battle, And then Pepper Spray by the police, He’s now a seasoned veteran.

This is my first time on this subreddit, so I don’t have much experience.

Frank and Fiona Lames were very upstanding citizens.

They had regular 9-5 jobs, actively participated in the community, and rooted for [insert reader’s preferred sports team].

The delightful pair was blessed with a pair of teenage offspring: Felicity and Felix. These two adolescents were nothing short of their parents’ carbon copies. They took pleasure in being mischievous tricksters, forever finding themselves in the midst of escapades and misdemeanors, constantly…

Police pulls over a car driving 15 mph in a 70 mph speed zone

It was an elderly lady behind the wheel. He inquires why she was driving at a slow pace.

She states – “I observed a signal that indicated I-15, so I believed the maximum speed was 15 mph”.

Officer – “That is the marker for the Interstate 15. The maximum speed is 70 mph on this highway”.

Then he observes three other elderly women …

A drunk stumbles out of a bar

He goes to the parking area where he parked his vehicle, attempting to recall which one was his.

A police officer was monitoring the lot and immediately noticed the stumbling man. The officer walked over to him, looked at the drunks’ face and said “Pardon me, sir- your eyes appear to be bloodshot…Output: Engaged in vigilant surveillance, a police officer swiftly detected the stumbling man within the vicinity. Approaching the disheveled individual, the officer attentively examined his countenance before addressing him, “Excuse me, sir- it seems your eyes bear the telltale signs of being bloodshot…

a blonde is standing on the street buzzing at a lantern

In a rather amusing encounter, a blonde police officer spots a woman frantically buzzing a lantern. Curiosity piqued, the officer decides to intervene and queries, “Excuse me, madam, may I inquire as to what you are attempting to achieve?” The blonde responds with a touch of frustration, “Well, officer, I’m simply trying to get my friend’s attention, but it seems he is not responding.” Perplexed, the blonde police officer gestures towards the illuminated lantern and retorts, “But surely he must be present at home, considering the lights are gleaming brightly!”

A police officer sees a man driving erratically down a busy road.

He observes as a reckless driver maneuvers through traffic in a zigzag pattern, narrowly avoiding heavy traffic.

As the police officer signals for him to stop, he approaches the driver’s window. His gaze falls upon the male passenger, who is hunched over the driver before abruptly jerking back in astonishment. Meanwhile, the male behind the wheel…

An group of Asian men robbed my house a few nights ago.

The authorities stated that it was evidently a situation of Chinese Take-Out.

After watching the Tour de France for several years running, a guy decides that he’s going to get into cycling.

After purchasing a sleek, shiny road bike, he eagerly embarks on his inaugural lengthy journey. With impressive physical fitness, he selects a sprawling path that traverses numerous picturesque hills. However, as he retraces his path homeward, exhaustion overwhelms him, rendering him incapable of conquering those formidable hills once more.

He makes the decision to attempt to hitch a ride …

A chef at a Chinese restaurant flicked his cigarette into a pool of grease on his way out the door at the end of his shift. The restaurant burned down.

The following day, law enforcement apprehended the cook and charged him with wonton endangerment.

This joke might have offensive language. 🤔.

A woman was chatting to a police officer.

Woman: Can you apprehend me for referring to you with a derogatory term?

Police Officer: “Affirmative”.

Woman: Can you apprehend me for pondering something?

Police Officer: “Negative”.

Woman: I believe you’re a despicable person.

Good mood

A law enforcement officer in a small town pulled over a driver who was exceeding the speed limit on Main Street.

“However, officer” the man started “I can clarify”.

“Just be quiet” snapped the officer. “I’m going to let you cool your heels in jail until the chief gets back.”Output: “Please remain silent,” snapped the officer. “I’m going to allow you to wait in jail until the chief returns.”

“However, officer, I simply wanted to express”…

This joke might have offensive language. 🤔.

A police officer pulls over a speeding car

A man is stopped for exceeding the speed limit. The police officer approaches the vehicle.

“You were driving 20 above the speed limit. License and registration, please.”

As the man sits in his car, he calmly presents his documents and utters, “Allow me to inform you that there happens to be a lifeless figure resting within the confines of my trunk.”

The officer promptly possesses the…

A guy with no arms……. (Long)

One fateful day, a man devoid of arms pays a visit to the doctor, unaware of the imminent revelation awaiting him. The doctor’s grim countenance hints at the unfortunate news that follows: “Regrettably, you are afflicted with a terminal illness, and the sands of time are trickling away swiftly, leaving you with a mere thirty sunsets to cherish.”

The man exuded an overwhelming sense of despair, yet as he departed from his physician’s practice, his gaze ascended towards the majestic monastery perched atop the nearby hill.

This joke might have offensive language. 🤔.

A man is driving back home with a smile

As he journeyed homeward, his mind sparked with a brilliant notion. Nearing the halfway mark, he veered to the side of the road, positioning himself beneath his vehicle to feign mechanical repairs. With closed eyes and thoughts of his beloved wife, he embarked upon an intimate self-indulgence. Moments passed until, suddenly…

Why did the salami fill out a police report?

Since it was a preserved meat.

A man who claimed he’d found a £100 million Picasso in his attic, which later turned out to be fake, has been accused of selling more forgeries…

The authorities stated that upon their arrival to apprehend him, he emitted a horrifying shriek, which they have also deemed as proof.

This lady was at the gas station pumping gas and smoking a cigarette when her arm caught fire…

When the authorities arrived, they fired at her for brandishing a weapon.

This joke might have offensive language. 🤔.

The Gorillator

One fine weekend morning, a man awakens, prepares a steaming cup of coffee, and ventures outdoors to retrieve his daily newspaper. To his astonishment, a gorilla is leisurely perched on a tree in his front yard.

Frustrated and distressed, the man desperately reaches out to the animal control authorities, only to be met with a disheartening response that they are unable to intervene in the gorilla situation.

Have you heard about the guy stealing wheels of police cars?

The authorities are working relentlessly to apprehend him.

There once was a criminal that was so so fat…

Even the authorities couldn’t encircle him.

a farmer was driving a cart full of vegetables to market when he had a head on collision with a semi

Amidst the depths of agony, the farmer battled with grievous wounds that confined him to the hospital’s sterile walls for an extended period. The doctors’ grim prognosis echoed in his ears, promising an enduring existence filled with perpetual torment. Seeking justice, he initiated a lawsuit against the driver of the colossal semi, leading to a riveting courtroom drama. As the trial unfolded, the driver’s lawyer skillfully interrogated the beleaguered farmer, hoping to unravel the truth.

Drivers lawyer ” when the police arrived did they ask for his driver’s license and registration?” Output: lawyer ” when the police arrived did they request his driver’s license and registration from the driver?”

Police arrested two kids yesterday

One person was consuming battery acid, while the other individual was ingesting fireworks.

They arrested one, and released the other one.

This joke might have offensive language. 🤔.

What’s the difference between a cinema snack and two police officers having sex in the back of a car while being filmed?

One example is popcorn.

In other news….. Police arrested a musician for stealing

Law enforcement detained a musician for pilfering the correct side of the piano.

He was in trouble.

Doubtful German police press release

In 2020, the German authorities revealed that they had to discharge firearms at individuals a collective of 62 instances during the course of 2019.

Nonetheless, the skepticism of the U.S. Ambassador to Germany arose when confronted with these statistics, finding it incredulous that a mere two instances of traffic stops were reported throughout the entirety of Germany within a span of one year.

A man and his wife are speeding down the highway when they get stopped by a police officer

“Do you have any idea why I stopped you?” Inquires the officer. “Not particularly,” replies the gentleman. “No need to fret, sir. You’re not facing any trouble at all. In fact, I halted you because I am genuinely fascinated by your exceptional driving skills. You maneuver your vehicle with sheer finesse, and I’m certain you excelled in your driving examination, truly deserving every bit of…”

This joke might have offensive language. 🤔.

Why is it okay to have unprotected sex with an Uvalde police officer?

Since they never enter.

This is an old joke that my teacher told me when I was little and most people probably already know it but I remember loving it.

The man, with a mischievous grin on his face, was gently halted by the vigilant police officer as he noticed a peculiar sight – a group of penguins comfortably nestled in the backseat of the man’s vehicle. “Ah, my dear sir, it seems that transporting penguins in your car is not permissible. Might I suggest whisking them away to the delightful confines of the zoo, or perhaps another suitable sanctuary?” The following day, to the astonishment of the police officer, the man reappeared with the mischievous penguins still occupying their cozy spot in the backseat of his car.

Sherlock Holmes was always reluctant to take credit for solving a mystery

Oh it was nothing, he would say. The authorities would have resolved it in due course.

Everyone knew he was simply being humble. Be he ever so modest, there’s no detective like Holmes.

Someone just robbed the local wig store…

Authorities are searching the vicinity.

The Car Accident..

Despite the total devastation of their vehicles, miraculously, both the woman and the man emerged from the car crash uninjured.

As they emerge from their vehicles, the woman exclaims, “Oh my, behold our automobiles! They are completely obliterated, but fortunately, we remain unharmed. Surely, this must be a divine message from the heavens…”

An old farmer got up in the middle of the night to use the toilet.

While making his way back to his cozy bed, he glanced out of the window only to find the shed illuminated by a mesmerizing glow. Intrigued, he decided to take a closer look and to his surprise, he discovered a group of individuals meticulously loading his precious tools and farm machinery onto their sturdy truck.

He quickly runs to the telephone and dials 000 (911).

“I need the police! There are some guys clearing out my shed!”Output: “I require assistance from the authorities! There are individuals emptying my shed!”

The German in Poland

A German once went on a business journey by automobile to Poland.

The Polish authorities stopped him.

“Why are you here?” The police officer inquired.

“Commerce!” Exclaimed the German.


“What is your occupation?” The police officer asked.

“No, no, no! I meant business!” The…

Uvalde citizen gets pulled over

As the Uvalde motorcycle officer approached the window of the adorable blonde who had been caught speeding, she greeted him with a mischievous smile and quipped, “I have a feeling you’re about to offer me a ticket to the most exclusive event in town, the policeman’s Ball.”

The police officer responded, “No, ma’am. You are referring to the Border Patrol, the Uvalde Fire Department, and the Homeland Security Investigations.”

This joke might have offensive language. 🤔.

A man going 160 km/h on a highway.

He glances behind and notices a police vehicle tailing him, so he accelerates to a speed of 270 km/h.

He pondered within his mind, “I have surpassed the age for such tomfoolery,” thus he decelerated and stationed himself by the curb, awaiting the arrival of the authorities.

The police officer comes near and says;

“I’m going off duty to spend the holidays with my family.”Output: “I’m taking a break from work to spend the holidays with my family.”

This joke might have offensive language. 🤔.

A Russian communist is lying on his deathbed

His companions are gathered around him all solemn. The elderly gentleman turns to one of them and says,

Dimitri, recall the near execution you narrowly escaped in 1921? Rest assured, I must confess that I, without hesitation, revealed your secrets to the Cheka. May forgiveness find its way into your heart, my dear friend.

“Oh, don’t worry buddy,” says Dimitri.

The Commu…

A circus performer is late to his next gig

Racing at breakneck speed, he is swiftly intercepted by the law enforcement. The officer requests his driver’s license, vehicle registration, and evidence of insurance, followed by inquiring about his urgent destination.

“Well, officer, I’m a circus entertainer, and I’m on my way to Springfield to perform my juggling performance, and I’m running behind schedule.”

Did you guys know Sting has gone missing?

The authorities have no clue.

Rookie cop pulls over an old biker…

A new police officer stops an elderly motorcycle rider for exceeding the speed limit.

Officer: Can I take a look at your driver’s license?

Cyclist: I don’t possess one. I had it revoked when I received my fifth driving under the influence.

Officer: Can I have a look at the owner’s identification for this vehicle?

Biker: It’s not my bicycle. I took it without permission.


A man calls the police and reports that his girlfriend has gone missing

Two police officers, one male and one female, arrive at his residence and initiate an interrogation. Inquisitively, the female officer inquires about the man’s speculations regarding the whereabouts of a missing person. The man’s response is rather peculiar as he suggests, “It may sound peculiar, but I believe she vanished into the enchantment of the mystical coffee table.” Perplexed expressions adorn the faces of the officers…

Heaven is where the cooks are French, the police are British, the mechanics are German, the lovers are Italian and everything is organized by the Swiss.

In the realm of Hell, British chefs reign supreme, American police enforce the law, French mechanics mend the machines, Swiss romantics steal hearts, and Italians orchestrate perfect order.

A man got brought to the police station for questioning

Upon being questioned by the police, he confidently retorted, “As the offspring of two globally acclaimed artists, it is simply inconceivable for you to treat me in such a manner.” Astonished, the officers immediately expressed remorse and acknowledged, “Indeed, you are none other than Frida Gogh.”

This joke might have offensive language. 🤔.

That’s My Chicken

As a man strolls into a bustling restaurant, his hunger leads him to request a delectable chicken delicacy. Just when the tantalizing aroma wafts towards his eager nostrils, the waiter returns with a tinge of concern in his voice, uttering, “Apologies, sir, but it seems fate has played a trick on us. You see, that uniformed guardian of the law seated at the adjacent table happens to be a beloved patron who frequents our establishment, and his customary preference happens to be the…”

A thief stole my wife’s credit card

But I didn’t inform the authorities because he was spending significantly less than her.

Therefore, I raised the limit on the credit.

My baby nephew got apprehended by the police after refusing his usual naptime

He was opposing a break.

My husband has been missing for six days now

Law enforcement advised to be ready for the most unfavorable outcome.

Therefore, I visited the charitable store to retrieve his garments.

An American man fled to Germany

Pursued by American law enforcement following his murderous acts that claimed the lives of nine individuals, this individual was ultimately apprehended by the German police. Subsequently, he was transported to the precinct to undergo interrogation. Fortunately, the man possessed fluency in the German language. Prior to his arrest, the German police had been informed by their American counterparts that this particular individual was known for his unwavering commitment to truthfulness, a reputation that proved to be accurate.

An old VW beetle broke down in the middle of a highway

“Looks like it’s out of gas”, said a rich guy who had stopped to help the Beetle driver. “I’ll hook you up here in my Ferrari to the next gas station”, he continued.”Oh thank God for your mercy, can’t thank you enough””No problemo! I’m not in a hurry anyway!””Oh, that sure would be a pro…Output: “Well, it appears that you’ve run out of fuel,” remarked a wealthy individual who had graciously halted to assist the driver of the Beetle. “Fear not, for I shall connect your vehicle to my magnificent Ferrari and transport you to the nearest gas station,” he declared. “Oh, I am eternally grateful for your benevolence. There are no words to express my gratitude,” the driver exclaimed. “No worries! I have no pressing matters to attend to,” responded the generous stranger. “Oh, that would indeed be a remarkable solution…”

“We’re looking for a drug dealer,” said the police officer, “and you fit the description we’ve been given.”

I exclaimed, “That was simple back then. What can I serve you guys?”.

This joke might have offensive language. 🤔.

Students training to be police officers were given the following difficult examination question.

**A student training to be police officer was given the following difficult examination question:**.Output: **A student undergoing police officer training was presented with the following challenging examination question:**.

“While patrolling the streets, a sudden blast jolts your senses. Intrigued, you embark on an investigation that leads you to a chaotic scene – an upturned van resting beside a gaping crater. The van’s passengers, injured and emanating an intense odor, await your assistance…”

A Little Known Fact About the Works of J.R.R Tolkien

For his 111th birthday, Bilbo initially requested Gandalf to arrange for the band that performs Dream Police to put on a concert at his party.

This angered Gandalf, however, as Bilbo Baggins mistook him for some magician of inexpensive deception.

What’s the difference between a velociraptor and a police officer?

The velociraptor has the ability to open doors.

This joke might have offensive language. 🤔.

Police work must be entertaining as well as dangerous.

In a bizarre incident, a pumpkin found itself at the center of attention when a young white man named Patrick Lawrence, aged 22, was apprehended by a female police officer for engaging in intimate relations with it during the late hours of the night. The following day, inside the Gwinnett County (GA) courthouse, Lawrence found himself facing charges of engaging in offensive and provocative conduct, indecent exposure, and being under the influence of alcohol in a public setting. ≪>…

This joke might have offensive language. 🤔.

A Priest was being honored at his retirement dinner after 25 years in the parish. A leading local politician and member of the church was chosen to make the presentation and to give a little talk at the dinner. However, he was delayed, so the Priest decided to say his own few words while they waited

“My initial encounter with the parish unfolded through the first confession that resonated within these walls. In that moment, I couldn’t help but perceive this place as a daunting assignment. The very first penitent to step into my confessional divulged a tale of pilfering a television set, only to skillfully deceive the authorities when interrogated. His audacity…”

What do you call a police dog that’s on drugs?

A cocanine.

The Pope goes to New York and gets picked up at the airport by a limousine.

Upon catching sight of the automobile, he signals to the driver and utters, “Would it be alright if I request a favor from you?”

“Helping out the Pope??” The driver exclaims, “absolutely – anything!”.

“You know, I hardly ever get to drive, and I’d really like it if I got to drive now. Would you please let me?”Output: “You know, it’s a rare occasion for me to take the wheel, and I’m yearning for this opportunity to drive at this moment. Could you kindly grant me permission?”

How many Southern Baptists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Two individuals are required for the task: one to efficiently replace the lightbulb, and another to persuade the lightbulb that its indulgent and wayward actions are to blame for the former’s intervention. Furthermore, it is crucial to impress upon the lightbulb that if it were to divulge this incident to the authorities, it would jeopardize the sacred mission of spreading the uplifting message of Jesus within the church community.

Two Swedish police officers are patrolling the Norwegian border.

As the Friday afternoon unfolds, their spirits are high. Excitement fills their conversations as they eagerly anticipate the warm embrace of their beloved wives, envisioning a delightful feast followed by intimate moments of pleasure. However, their blissful reverie is abruptly shattered when their eyes catch sight of a haunting figure, a man suspended lifelessly from a solemn tree.

The first officer exclaims, “Oh no! Now we have to write a report…”

Sorry officer, can’t do that!

“The driver who has been dangerously changing lanes is stopped by the police officer. As he approaches the driver’s window, he comments,”

“Sir, I require you to exhale into this breathalyzer tube.”

The gentleman states,.

“Apologies, officer, I am unable to comply. I suffer from asthma. Engaging in such an action would trigger a severe respiratory reaction…”

An Irish Priest

A priest from Ireland is relocated to Iola, Texas.

He got up from his bed one morning; It was a beautiful spring day in his new West Texas mission church.

Stepping towards the bedroom window, he eagerly inhaled the refreshing essence of the picturesque day. Suddenly, his gaze fell upon a lifeless donkey sprawled on the ground…

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