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March presents a wonderful opportunity to venture out and establish a deeper bond with your clients by presenting them with a delightful pop-by gift. Numerous individuals who contemplate purchasing or selling properties this year will dedicate themselves to planning and organizing this month. It is an impeccable moment to make a surprise visit, refresh their memory that you are their preferred real estate agent, and express your fondness for referrals! Below, you will find a variety of pop-by suggestions for March, including some enjoyable ones to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Make sure to read till the end for additional Spring marketing concepts as well.

Each idea this month has a printable tag to make your pop-bys even easier!

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Let’s begin with some enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day visit ideas.

Pair it with a lottery scratcher for a fun and easy March pop by

This adaptable layout incorporates a Postcard + Labels, ideal for your amalgamation initiatives when you send out certain drop-ins and distribute some personally. Discover the Printable HERE.

This versatile design includes a Postcard + Tags

Perfect for your combination campaigns when you mail some pop bys and deliver some in person.

Find the Printable HERE

Irish Blessing

Remind your clients, neighbors, and referral partners that they can always ‘Buy with Confidence and Sell with Success’ when they work with you.

This stylish tag pairs especially nicely with something keeping in the ‘door’ theme of the blessing, like a St. Patrick’s Day door sign, wreath, or mat.
This is also a nice card to include on a live shamrock plant or a St. Patrick’s Day bouquet.

Get the printable tag HERE.

We consider ourselves lucky to have your business, and we appreciate the trust you have placed in us.

Lucky to Have Your Business

If you like the “Gold” idea from above, you can also go with something like this.

The tag reads: “Your referrals are GOLDEN” If you have a pot of gold themed item of value, this is a fun one to use.

My favorite way to use this tag is to fill a gold tumbler with gold candy and tie the tag to the straw.

Get the printable tag HERE.

Matches well with any St. Patrick’s Day surprise present. Whether you’re organizing a nearby indulgence or something for the residence, such as these Irish Blessing banners, this attractive label will enhance any surprise present. This is an enjoyable one to affix a ‘Fortunate Nickel’ to the front. Detachable adhesive dots are the ideal choice for attaching the nickel to the front, or your business card to the back. Obtain the downloadable label HERE.

Pairs nicely with any St. Patrick’s Day pop by gift

Whether you’re planning a local treat or something for the home, like these Irish Blessing banners, this pretty tag will dress up any pop by gift.

This is a fun one to attach a ‘Lucky Penny’ to the front. Removable glue dots are the way to go for attaching the penny to the front, or your business card to the back

Get the printable tag HERE

If you’re looking for something that is less specific and works for a wider range of people, this tag is perfect.

It reads: “Happy St. Patrick’s Day – I’m so lucky to have you!” This is a great one to use for your team members, transaction coordinator, your favorite lender or title agent. They will love that you remembered them!

Get the printable tag HERE.

Ideal for your Property Market or For Sale by Owner properties.

Perfect for your Real Estate Farm or FSBOs

If you didn’t find something that caught your eye for a March pop-by, here are a few reliable pop-by ideas that work for any time of year:

Thank you for visiting. Next month, I will be providing additional spring drop-in suggestions, as well as some enjoyable Easter ideas!

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