Punch A Present Gift Idea

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As the Christmas season slipped away, I realized I had failed to unveil a delightful present concept. However, with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I deemed it an opportune moment to share my ingenious idea. Being an ardent devotee of the iconic game show, The Price Is Right (I even managed to attend a thrilling live taping, albeit without the chance to grace the stage and win a fabulous bedroom set), I was instantly captivated by the notion of a captivating present punch board. Hence, I resolved to create one myself.

I stumbled upon a unique concept where brown paper bags were secured onto the rear side of a poster board. However, when I decided to present mine as a Christmas present, I encountered a predicament due to the weighty objects that rendered the paper bag option impractical. Consequently, I opted to fashion my creation from a sturdy cardboard box.

Punch A Present Gift Idea

Interested in creating one? I have compiled this video tutorial to demonstrate precisely how to make it.

Punch A Present Box Video Tutorial


  • Remove circular shapes from the underside of a cardboard container.
  • Utilize pieces of cardboard to create horizontal and vertical partitions that seamlessly interlock with slots.
  • Attach the partitions inside the box to divide each of the circular areas.
  • Place tissue paper over the circles and secure them in position with glue from the interior.
  • Place presents into each cavity, then seal the box opening with tape.
  • If you wish, embellish the exterior of the box.
  • I presented this to my brother who is currently in college, anticipating his amusement. His initial reaction seemed to imply that he found me slightly eccentric, yet the sight of him unwrapping it provided me with great enjoyment.

    Obviously children would adore this. But truly, anyone who has a youthful spirit would as well.

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