31 Top Push Presents for Dad in 2023

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Push presents for fathers… An intriguing paradox, isn’t it? However, it exists, and it’s not as eccentric as it may appear.Output: Push gifts for dads… A fascinating contradiction, isn’t it? However, it does exist, and it’s not as unconventional as it may seem.

Although a father may not physically “push,” his involvement and anticipation towards the arrival of his newborn over the course of the past nine months, particularly if it’s his first child, are undeniable.

Although there might be a debate about mama taking on the majority of the workload, it should not diminish the emotional burden that Dad has shouldered, right alongside mom.

In a unique manner, he likely comprehends the significance that the arrival of this child holds, igniting his protective instincts like a fierce papa bear, poised and prepared for action.

Men frequently perceive themselves as the ultimate point of responsibility for their families, embracing an equal level of dedication as mothers, despite not having undergone the physical experience of carrying a child.

If you’re here, you likely don’t need persuading of all this. You’re thinking, ‘Just provide me with the gift suggestions, please!”.

Ha ha, I hear you, so here they are. Here are 30 gift ideas for new dads… Whether you label it a push present or not, consider it a heartfelt and considerate token to demonstrate the significance of Dad’s role throughout the entire journey of pregnancy and childbirth.

(However, if you opt for the official push present label and find yourself pondering about the timing of when push presents are typically bestowed, they are commonly presented either just prior to or immediately following the arrival of the baby.)

There are push gift ideas for dad that can fit in all kinds of budgets, to suit every dad personality. Let’s go.

31 Top Push Presents for Dad in 2023

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Ranging from personalized, thoughtful push presents to more practical gift ideas, you are sure to find the perfect gift on this list!

31 Top Push Presents for Dad in 2023

1. Newspaper from the Day of Baby’s Birth

It’s a delightful and budget-friendly present. Yet, imagine the sheer joy of reminiscing years later, discovering momentous happenings that unfolded on that special day, alongside the miracle of your child’s birth.

You could also hang the front page at a later time, or place it in a memento book for a baby’s first year.

2. Dad’s First Picture with Baby, Framed

An extraordinary frame cradling a photograph that immortalizes the initial moments and early days spent with his precious newborn will undoubtedly become a cherished memento.

3. Ancestry.com Subscription

It is likely that there is a significant amount of ancestral history that dad is unaware of.

Now is the perfect moment to delve into the depths of family history, enabling him to bestow upon his new child a plethora of precious heirlooms. Ancestry.Com stands as the unrivaled favorite method to accomplish this task.

4. Engraved Watch

For those whose partner adorns their wrist with a timepiece, presenting them with a distinctive watch embellished with an engraving that commemorates their journey into fatherhood can undoubtedly make for a heartfelt and thoughtful gift suggestion.

5. Phone Docking Station & Organizer

Did I forget to mention that even fathers struggle with the challenges of new baby brain? Assist him in maintaining order with this innovative wooden phone docking station that not only keeps his belongings in place but also ensures everything else remains perfectly organized! It features a plethora of hooks and designated spots for various items.

  • A watch.
  • Rings.
  • Keys.
  • Pens.
  • Wallet.
  • Glasses.
  • Provide him with a single location to store everything, ensuring that he doesn’t misplace any of his belongings.

    6. A “Dad” Coffee Mug, Personalized or Not

    What new father won’t smile internally when enjoying coffee from a father mug?!?

    Every caffeine-loving new father requires a unique and quirky dad mug in their life. Amazon offers an endless array of fantastic choices, ranging from the timeless “Best Dad Ever” mug to the uproariously amusing “at least you didn’t have ugly children” mug.

    8. Leather Dad Keychain

    This is something Father will always carry with him while he’s away from home… A lovely reminder of his latest affection.

    9. Jogging Stroller

    If Dad enjoys jogging or engaging in some off-road hiking, a jogging stroller is an essential item! It’s not exclusively for mothers.

    Additionally, it provides him with the motivation to take his child out for a stroll or jog.

    Bonus: You receive some solitary time. Who says it can’t be a collaborative push gift of sorts?

    Editor’s Note: Throughout the years, we’ve experimented with various running strollers, yet none have rivaled the superiority of the BOB stroller. In our perspective, it unquestionably justifies its price tag, offering exceptional resale value as long as you maintain it diligently!

    10. Bike Wagon for Baby

    Discover an extraordinary method to stay connected to an enjoyable pastime that you and your partner cherished, even in the midst of life’s unexpected twists!

    Get Dad a bike wagon so he can take charge of the adventurous rides. Remember, though, bike wagons should only be used once the little one is a tad older to ensure safety.

    11. His Own Baby Carrier

    This is an excellent method to engage Dad in the practice of carrying the baby.

    They make many kinds of carriers that are a little more masculine but perfectly suited to keep the baby close to him.

    In the realm of personal preferences, my husband’s unwavering favoritism was bestowed upon the Baby Bjorn, adorned in its sleek and untainted black hue. Unyielding in his belief, he adamantly advocated for our little ones to be positioned forward-facing, deeming it suitable only when our precious bundle of joy reached a certain age (a feature that regrettably eluded the Ergo, my preferred carrier). For those interested, the esteemed Baby Bjorn can be conveniently found at this location.

    12. Manly Diaper Bag

    Since dad will be joining the adventures and perhaps even embarking on a few solo ones, an ideal choice for him would be a Dad Diaper Bag or backpack that exudes a distinct style, deviating from the conventional mommy purse.

    13. Selfie Stick Tripod

    There will definitely be numerous exciting experiences for the new family of three.

    The tripod for selfie sticks is perfect for capturing and ensuring that the whole group is included in the documentation.

    14. Dad Hoodie

    The hoodie, a quintessential component of the Dad ensemble, not only provides warmth but also serves as a bold proclamation of paternal pride in his cherished and paramount responsibility.

    15. Dad T-Shirt & Matching Baby Onesie

    There’s nothing more delightful than witnessing a new father in a new dad T-shirt.

    It would be even more adorable if there is a matching onesie for his new partner to wear alongside him.

    16. Matching Sports Fans Shirts

    If your father is a sports enthusiast, it’s a no-brainer to match sports gear with his beloved team.

    This is certainly the perfect present for him.

    17. Kangaroo Shirt

    A Kangaroo top is another adorable method for fathers and infants to create a connection!

    While he may not have the ability to bear the baby within his belly for a span of 9 months, he can now embrace the joy of carrying the baby externally, nestled in his very own ‘pouch,’ fostering a bond that is incredibly intimate and affectionate.

    18. Special Blanket for Dad & Baby

    There are definitely going to be unique bonding moments occurring while nourishing, dozing, and swaying collectively.

    A blanket that belongs to them solidifies the tradition of those lovely one-on-one moments.

    19. New Dad Survival Kit

    Amidst the array of items within THIS innovative kit for new fathers, a delightful blend of amusement and practicality awaits. This charming notion injects a much-needed dose of humor into the potential whirlwind of forthcoming days.

    20. Outdoor Slippers

    Undoubtedly, Dad will be dispatched on countless impromptu missions day and night, encompassing tasks such as procuring diapers, formula, take-out meals, and even Starbucks cravings.

    These sandals simply make the process a tad simpler.

    21. Monthly Coffee Subscription

    Ah, the fatigue has taken its toll on both of you. However, if your partner is anything like mine, his weariness surpasses even my own. Perhaps fathers simply struggle with sleep deprivation in comparison to mothers?

    This gentleman simply craves a delightful cup of coffee. I believe this gift suggestion is both considerate and amusing, perfect for soon-to-be or recent fathers!

    Discover an array of coffee subscription box concepts available right HERE, or simply incorporate his beloved coffee into your Amazon Subscribe & Save, ensuring a constant supply.

    As an editor, I often ponder upon a perplexing question: How do new parents navigate through their days without the magical elixir called coffee? Personally, I am fortunate enough to receive a delightful package filled with six bags of Starbucks’ finest whole bean coffee, specifically their heavenly Veranda blend, delivered straight to my doorstep on a monthly basis.

    Discover the remarkable affordability of these delightful alternatives to Starbucks’ whole bean pounds, all conveniently available without stepping foot outside your home. Explore them right here!

    22. Latest & Greatest Coffee Brewing Apparatus

    When it comes to coffee, if your current coffee brewing equipment is not up to par, now is the ideal moment to enhance it (Remember, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a joint push present, right?).

    For years, I cherished an earlier iteration of THIS coffee pot that boasted a remarkable insulated carafe, an automatic timer, and the added convenience of switching to a French press for those moments when a single cup suffices and prolonged exposure to heat is undesirable.

    Alternatively, if he is a latte enthusiast and you truly desire to express your affection, invest in a quality espresso machine.

    23. Lounge Pants

    It is highly probable that Dad will be indulging in ample amounts of quality time at home with his newborn bundle of joy throughout the initial months.

    And one of the main takeaways from 2020? Comfortable lounge trousers are essential when you’re confined to your home.

    24. Neck Massager

    Having a new baby in the household introduces stress (even the positive type) in an entirely different manner.

    Having the ability to receive a massage at any given moment will be a lifesaver!

    The neck massager we possess has become a beloved item in our household. It served as a powerful weapon against the relentless work stress and debilitating migraines that plagued my husband throughout the entirety of the previous year.

    25. Noise Maker

    There will be many nights when Mom is up with the baby, but Dad still needs to get up early for work.

    A sound generator can eliminate some of those noises and provide him with the profound, uninterrupted rest he requires.

    Get one for the nursery as well. Individuals who reside without sound machines? I simply don’t understand it: sleep.Is.Invaluable.

    The sound machine, a long-standing companion in our household, has become an integral part of our lives. With a total of four machines, each assigned to a specific room, we ensure their continuous presence. Replacement is a rarity, only necessary when we overlook precautions during our travels.

    26. Sound-Blocking Headphones

    When Father requires a respite from the bustling sounds of daily life – be it for a significant virtual gathering or fulfilling professional obligations from the comfort of his abode – sound-canceling headphones prove to be an impeccable solution for temporarily shielding undesirable disturbances caused by a restless infant.

    (You might be borrowing these, too, when you need a break but dad’s holding the baby while she screams like crazy.)Output: (You may also be using these, too, when you require a pause but father is holding the infant while she yells like mad.)

    27. Tile Mate for Keys

    A Tile Mate key tag is a super-practical survival piece for Dad. GPS tracking for your Keys..

    He is sure to have a million new things filling his head space. Being able to find his Keys. without thinking only frees up more real estate in his brain for the important stuff.

    28. Dad BBQ Tools

    Dad grilling means less time for mom in the kitchen.

    It will provide him with a gentle nudge towards the correct path and also grant him a well-deserved respite in an area he knows like the back of his hand.

    29. Board Book for Dad & Baby

    There are multiple fresh publications available in the market that are specifically designed to be read by fathers to their infants.

    Made for Me by Zach Bush is an incredibly heartwarming choice. For a touch of humor, give Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada by Jimmy Fallon a go.

    30. Fatherhood Book

    New parents are in for a whirlwind of learning experiences. They’ll surely appreciate books that not only offer helpful information but also add a delightful touch of humor to the world of fatherhood.

    Man vs Baby by Matt Coyne is a great resource to begin.

    31. Dad Joke Book

    Fathers are infamous for corny jokes, aren’t they?

    It’s never too early to gain some experience.

    The Dad Joke Book is a collection of humorous and light-hearted jokes that are perfect for fathers and anyone who appreciates dad humor.

    Dad is Definitely A Worthy Recipient of a “Push” Gift

    It’s quite typical for fathers to experience a sense of being disregarded throughout the journey of pregnancy and childbirth – as if their contribution is not of great importance. But this perception couldn’t be more distant from reality.

    We mothers are aware of this – but he needs to be aware of this.

    Celebrate the arrival of a new dad with a thoughtful push present, symbolizing his irreplaceable role in the family unit, cherished by both the new mom and the precious newborn.

    Delve into the depths of your man’s soul, unraveling the mysteries that ignite his spirit and nourish his heart. Unleash the power of these extraordinary offerings, ensuring that he comprehends his irreplaceable role in your life and the life of your precious bundle of joy.

    Any push present ideas for dads that aren’t on this list? Share them with us in the comments!

    Any push present ideas for dads that aren’t on this list? Share them with us in the comments!Output: Are there any alternative suggestions for push presents for fathers that are not included in this compilation? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section!

    Any push present ideas for dads that aren’t on this list? Share them with us in the comments!Output: Are there any alternative suggestions for push presents for fathers that are not included in this compilation? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section!

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