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For those of you who are thinking, “Hold on… Am I actually supposed to give the Dance Teacher a present?” Well, it’s not a requirement. Interestingly enough, I once had a teacher confess that they have never been given a gift at the end of the year (shocking, right?)!

However, numerous students/families DO offer a small token to demonstrate their gratitude and affection towards their teacher after spending the academic year together!


I am a member of approximately 47 “Dance Mom” Facebook communities. It is a question that I have witnessed being asked numerous times lately!

BUT WHAT TO GET THEM?! Let's consider their interests, hobbies, and preferences to find the perfect gift that will show our thoughtfulness and appreciation for their uniqueness.

SO HAVE NO FEAR! I went straight to the source…..DANCE TEACHERS.

Yearning for unfiltered opinions, I approached a magnificent ensemble of our studios’ instructors, beseeching them to bestow upon me their candid and unadulterated visions of the ultimate present to receive from a student or family.

Allow me to inform you, we have all been excessively contemplating it!



Coffee is a popular beverage enjoyed by millions around the world, known for its rich aroma and bold flavor. Whether it's a morning pick-me-up or a cozy drink on a rainy day, coffee has become a beloved staple in many people's lives.

Did you grasp that? THEY DESIRE COFFEE.

Here in Eastern Washington, we have a wide selection of coffee companies to choose from. Starbucks, Dutch Bros, Roasters, and more are all available options.

Explore the realm of your instructor’s beloved coffee sanctuary and surprise them with a delightful $5 or $10 gift card. And even if you’re uncertain about their preference, fear not! Choose any coffee haven and rest assured, your gesture will be cherished beyond measure!

Coffee, the ultimate fuel! Instructors pour their heart and soul into their craft, dedicating countless hours to perfecting the music, curriculum, and choreography. This commitment extends beyond the classroom, as they invest their time and energy into teaching not only your children but also several others. Even with just two kids, I can vouch for how exhausting it can be. Imagine the fatigue experienced by our instructors, many of whom have their own children to care for. They deserve a well-deserved cup of coffee to keep them going.


Thank you cards and hugs are heartfelt gestures of gratitude and affection, expressing appreciation and warmth towards others.

Did I state that we have been overanalyzing this?

The response from nearly every instructor I approached was unanimous (along with a cup of coffee, of course). A sweet, heartfelt note of gratitude and an affectionate embrace.

The bond formed between these educators and your kids is truly special. They share laughter, tackle obstacles, and genuinely care for them. A simple gesture like saying “Hey, we love and appreciate you for all that you’ve done this year” carries immense weight. You may even consider including a photo of your little dancer with the instructor to create a lasting memory.

The $5 coffee gift card can be included, accompanied by a delicate flower. Present the card alone, adorned with your 3-year-old baby ballerinas’ whimsical and unreadable signature. Rest assured, it will be treasured indefinitely.


DANCEWEAR GIFT CARDS are the perfect present for any dancer, allowing them to choose their favorite dancewear and accessories from a wide selection.

Do you believe you purchase a considerable amount of dance attire and dance footwear? Your instructors do as well!

Although a warm embrace and heartfelt gratitude would suffice for any educator, if you find yourself grappling for gift ideas, this option is foolproof!

Discount Dance, Dancewear Solutions, and other similar stores have a delightful surprise waiting for you – a generous $10 towards a fresh pair of ballet shoes. It’s amazing how something so practical can bring a joyful smile to someone’s face. When you find yourself in a situation where you’re uncertain about what someone needs or desires, a gift card to a dancewear or dance supply company can be a perfect solution.

Trust me, they will find something they love.
DANCEWEAR GIFT CARDS are the perfect present for any dancer, allowing them to choose their favorite dancewear and accessories from a wide selection.


Something small and fun can bring joy and delight, providing a break from the routine and adding a touch of excitement to everyday life.

Generally, dance instructors are vibrant and charismatic, at least all of our teachers are.

Silly socks, glittery goblets, a plethora of cake pops (by the way, these goodies are all lovingly borrowed from our mentors 😉) something something petite and artisanal akin to a handcrafted masterpiece.

A few years ago, we created small sparkly paintings.

Something small and fun can bring joy and delight, providing a break from the routine and adding a touch of excitement to everyday life.

Not feeling crafty? Head over to Etsy and check out these awesome Dance Teacher gifts made by people who were.

Not feeling artistic? Go to Etsy and explore these fantastic Dance Teacher presents created by individuals who were.

Personalized Dance Teacher Keychain With Rhinestone Initial

Customized Dance Instructor Keychain With Sparkling Initial

Dance Teacher Candle – Choose from several scents

Dancing instructor Flame - Select from various aromas.

Coffee Before Choreography Mug

The Coffee Before Choreography Mug is a perfect gift for dance enthusiasts, featuring a fun design and a spacious capacity for your favorite hot beverage.

Dance Teacher Thank You Necklace

The Dance Teacher Thank You Necklace is a thoughtful gift to express gratitude towards a dance teacher for their dedication and guidance in the art of dance.

Worlds Best Dance Teacher Personalized Tote Bag

Worlds Best Dance Teacher Personalized Tote BagOutput: Top-notch Dance Instructor Customizable Carryall

Tap Teacher Water Bottle

The Tap Teacher Water Bottle is a convenient and reusable option for staying hydrated throughout the day.

Dance Teacher Notepad

The Dance Teacher Notepad is a helpful tool for dance instructors to record choreography, track progress, and take notes during dance lessons.

Dance Inspire Teach Necklace

The Dance Inspire Teach Necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry that symbolizes the power and passion of dance, inspiring others to learn and teach this art form.

Dance Teacher Printable Digital File

Keep in mind – your teacher will greatly appreciate the fact that you made an effort to consider them and do something unique for them.

It doesn’t need to be costly or extravagant. It doesn’t have to be something that would be deemed worthy of Pinterest or a showcase.

I understand it’s a cliché…But I’m quoting word for word from an instructor here, and ultimately, the most important aspect to remember is…


A simple act will demonstrate to your teacher that they are cherished and valued, and that you considered them.

Now go fluff those tutus, bust out your instructor gift, take a deep breath and get ready for recital!Output: Now go fluff those ballet skirts, bring out your teacher present, take a deep breath and prepare for the performance!


*Big shoutout to Marlie, Hannah, Morgan, Wendy, Danielle, Erin, and Christine for graciously responding to my inquiry and enabling the creation of this post. I am truly grateful for you amazing ladies (and all of Mads instructors!) Each and every day! <3*

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