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Unveiling an extraordinary bunny with an array of captivating features, ranging from her distinct appearance to her charming moniker. Although donning an expressionless visage, Ruby exudes an exuberant aura, radiating warmth and vitality that is destined to infuse your tranquil island with a vibrant glow. Embark on an enlightening journey of acquaintance through this comprehensive Ruby Villager Guide!

Ruby, the energetic bunny resident, brings her vibrant personality to the charming world of Animal Crossing. Making her debut in the enchanting realm of Wild World, she has delighted players in every installment, including the latest installment, New Horizons. Let’s cross our fingers and eagerly await her return in the upcoming game as well!

Ruby’s Name

Ruby derives her English moniker from the crimson hue that graces her eyes and permeates her entire aesthetic. Being an albino rabbit, her ocular orbs shimmer with the vividness of precious ruby gemstones. She playfully alludes to this remarkable trait with her cherished catchphrase: “One can perpetually opt for the scarlet gaze.”

Ruby’s Name

Meanwhile, Luna, her original Japanese name, derives its roots from Latin, symbolizing the moon. This undoubtedly alludes to the captivating Asian folklore surrounding the moon rabbit—a mythical creature residing on the moon, diligently grinding either nourishing sustenance or a magical elixir in a mortar and pestle.

Both titles have fascinating beginnings, don’t you believe?

Ruby’s Looks

Ruby, the exceptional resident among the rabbit villagers, captivates attention with her captivating appearance and inquisitive gaze. As an albino rabbit, she sports a pristine white coat, accompanied by round crimson eyes and reddish-hued inner ears. Undoubtedly, her most remarkable attributes are her eyes, which sparkle akin to precious ruby gemstones, while her inner ears beautifully complement her crimson-inspired aesthetic.

Adorning her cheeks, she proudly wears three dots resembling freckles, reminiscent of the ethereal craters on the moon, effortlessly connecting to her moon rabbit persona.

Her blank expression is hard to miss, a constant poker face that rarely falters, except in moments of joy or distress. Her eyes become the gateway to her emotions, speaking volumes when words fail to suffice.

In every game, she dons a delightful iteration of her adorable rabbit-themed top. In the enchanting realms of Wild World and City Folk, this delightful garment was affectionately referred to as the Bunny Shirt. However, in the captivating world of New Leaf, it took on a charmingly refined persona, known simply as the Bunny Tee.

Presently, in the realm of New Horizons, behold the Rabbit Tee. Adorned in a delightful shade of mint, this apparel boasts a beaming rabbit motif, either printed or as an enchanting patch. Interestingly enough, the rabbit bears an uncanny resemblance to Ruby, lending an air of perfect harmony between her and the shirt.

Ruby’s Looks

Ruby, the intriguing bunny with a captivating appearance, unveils her diverse sides as you engage with her. She transcends the mere facade of a poker face!

Ruby’s Catchphrase

In the English version, Ruby concludes her sentence by affectionately calling the player “li’l ears.” This endearing nickname not only adds a touch of sweetness but also alludes to the adorable ears that bunnies possess.

Ruby, you’re totally rocking it with your catchphrase “futsuuni” in Japanese! This adorable slang has become quite a hit among the younger generation, serving as an awesome intensifier. Keep shining, Ruby!

Ruby’s Personality

Ruby is an essential member of the lively Peppy crew! The Peppy villagers are renowned for their vibrant and effervescent demeanor, and while Ruby may not initially emit that aura, she undoubtedly exudes an abundance of energy as a perky bunny!

Peppy villagers are known for their amiable nature and their ability to form connections with a wide variety of villagers. They engage in lively conversations about delicious snacks and dining with Lazy villagers, enthusiastically participate in energetic activities like dancing and running alongside Jocks, and enjoy spending peaceful and harmonious time with kind and agreeable Normal villagers.

Prepare to catch their contagious enthusiasm or brace yourself for an overwhelming experience. Their exaggerated actions may clash with Snooty’s sophisticated demeanor or Cranky’s grumpy disposition. When they mingle with other Peppy companions, be ready for an eruption of boundless energy! The outcome, whether it’s a burst of positivity or negativity, remains a delightful mystery to uncover.

Ruby’s House

Ruby’s House

Stepping into Ruby’s enchanting abode in Animal Crossing will leave you captivated. Despite its unassuming exterior adorned with subtle hues, such as the deep-green Thatch Roof, brick walls, and a charming pink Simple Door, the true marvel unfolds once you cross the threshold.

The concept of a moon rabbit is seamlessly woven into the interior theme of her house. The flooring mimics the lunar surface, while the walls are adorned with a mesmerizing starry-sky wallpaper. A magnificent moon takes center stage, capturing one’s attention. To guard her door, she has stationed astronaut suits, adding a touch of whimsy. Additionally, asteroids are tastefully arranged throughout the room, enhancing the celestial ambiance.

Ruby’s House

You definitely wouldn’t want to miss visiting her Animal Crossing abode, where the enchanting moon rabbit and space-themed elements persistently grace the entire series. In past iterations, she adorned her walls with a captivating display of stars, while the moon’s celestial surface served as her unique flooring. And to top it all off, she even had a whimsical mochi pestle.

Ruby’s Popularity

In Peppy or rabbit villager popularity lists and discussions, Ruby consistently gets ranked high by Animal Crossing communities, blogs, and news sites.

Her popularity stems from various aspects, with her character design and enchanting abode often cited as primary factors. Additionally, her presence in the earlier installments of the series further contributes to her widespread acclaim.

Chance To Get Ruby

From a compassionate individual’s keen observations on searching for villagers on Mystery Islands, it appears that the game randomly determines the species first, followed by the personality. With an abundance of energetic rabbits, encountering Ruby while island hopping requires an immense stroke of luck. Prepare your Nook Miles Tickets, ladies and gentlemen!

Fortunately, there’s a delightful surprise awaiting you in the form of Ruby’s Amiibo card. In case your efforts to discover her on the Mystery Island or at the Campsite prove fruitless, this card will serve as your ultimate solution.

There is a chance to get a beautiful ruby, a precious gemstone known for its vibrant red color and rarity.

What To Get Ruby in Animal Crossing?

Ruby adores the mesmerizing hues of aqua and pink, adorning herself in charming and vivacious ensembles. Consider gifting her a delightful Star Hairpin or a whimsical Magical Dress, both adorned in shades of lovely pink.

Ruby in the DLC

The moon rabbit motif persists throughout the New Horizon’s DLC, as she envisions her holiday abode as a sanctuary for moon gazing. Your creative arsenal includes a Telescope, Moon, and Lunar Rover to embellish her room with.

Ruby in the DLC is a precious gemstone that symbolizes passion, love, and courage, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any piece of jewelry.

Ruby Trivia

Ruby, along with Wolfgang, Gloria, Hans, and the legendary K.K. Himself, makes a captivating entrance in the swashbuckling, action-packed K.K. Adventure, a pirate-inspired anthem. High above a mesmerizing futuristic metropolis, Ruby strikes a pose that exudes both mystery and intrigue.

Ruby bids farewell! Fear not the absence of emotion in her gaze. This vivacious bunny brings a blast of excitement to your island!

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