Sea Of Thieves Cooking Times, Best Fruits, And More

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In the vast oceanic realm of Sea of Thieves, maintaining a state of optimal health can be achieved through the delightful act of indulging in a succulent banana. However, if one desires to fully harness the potential of their culinary resources, it becomes imperative to delve into the intricacies of cooking and consuming various delectable edibles. These gustatory treasures possess the capability to restore vitality at varying rates, and in certain cases, even bestow beneficial enhancements upon the partaker. To embark upon this epicurean journey, allow our comprehensive guide to illuminate the precise duration required for each culinary masterpiece in Sea of Thieves, as well as the contrasting curative properties inherent in different food selections. Additionally, discover the ultimate source for all ingredients necessary to craft a truly satisfying repast. As the wise proclaim, perhaps a daily intake of mangoes will ward off the dreaded affliction known as scurvy. Or so they say.

Sea of Thieves fruits and healing tier list

Similar to your beloved hero shooters or MOBAs, the fruits in Sea of Thieves possess the intriguing quality of being divided into tiers. Nevertheless, in contrast to those games, the tiers of fruits in this realm are purely objective and remarkably discernible once you become acquainted with them. Behold, the comprehensive compilation of fruits, accompanied by the precise amount of restoration they bestow upon your health bar with every delectable bite.

Fruit HP Restored (Out of 100)
Banana 20
Coconut 30
Pomegranate 40




100 per bite; two bites per fruit

In order to optimize their food supply, pirates often choose to replace bananas and coconuts with pineapples and mangoes. Nevertheless, for enhanced healing benefits, it is advisable to incorporate animal-based proteins into their diet. In the world of Sea of Thieves, fish and meats reign supreme, provided one possesses the culinary skills to prepare them.

Sea of Thieves cook times and meat tier list

In real life, consuming raw meats can lead to illness. Similarly, in Sea of Thieves, your pirate will face consequences for making this mistake. However, there are alternative ways to obtain food such as fishing, exploring shipwrecks, gathering meats from defeated animals like chickens, pigs, sharks, Megalodons, and Krakens. Additionally, you can purchase a variety of meats at any Outpost if you’re sailing on a Captain’s ship. Nevertheless, it is crucial to cook these items before consuming them.

Every vessel is furnished with a stove situated beneath the upper deck, and numerous isles offer the opportunity to ignite campfires with your lantern and a wooden plank. As you find yourself positioned above a sizzling stove, preparing a delectable feast for your companions, consult the following cooking times chart to determine the ideal moment when your culinary creation reaches perfection. Bear in mind that consuming undercooked sustenance will induce bouts of nausea for your character, while overcooking your meals will greatly diminish their curative properties. Therefore, keeping these cooking durations in mind will ensure both the avoidance of food wastage and the prevention of any potential ailments.

Food Time Until Cooked Time Until Burnt
Fish 45 seconds 1 minute, 20 seconds
Trophy Fish 1 minute, 35 seconds 2 minutes
Chicken 1 minute, 5 seconds

2 minutes


1 minute, 5 seconds

2 minutes


1 minute, 5 seconds

2 minutes


1 minute, 5 seconds

2 minutes

Megalodon 2 minutes, 5 seconds

4 minutes


2 minutes, 5 seconds

4 minutes

In your culinary journey, behold the fleeting moments when food transitions from culinary excellence to utter charred ruin. Witness the mesmerizing transformation as undercooked morsels evolve into perfectly cooked delights, only to meet their demise as burnt offerings. These precious moments serve as a guide, allowing you to seize the opportune instant to extract a succulent meat item and make the most of your valuable time. For, in the vibrant realm of Sea of Thieves, cooked meats reign supreme, commanding higher prices than their raw counterparts, and standing leagues above the undesirable burnt remnants. Embrace the art of cooking, for it is a lucrative endeavor within the realms of this extraordinary game.

Nevertheless, these culinary delights derived from animals not only bestow a boost to your vitality but also bestow an additional reservoir of well-being, ready to be tapped into when the need arises. If you dare to experiment, consume a delectable cooked meat dish while your health gauge stands at a formidable 100 HP. Observe with awe as the ominous skull emblem accompanying your health bar gradually fills to differing extents, mirroring the potency of the consumed fare. With each incremental filling, a surplus of robustness awaits, serving as a safeguard for future perils.

Pirates lack a Health Department, thus we shall inform you that consuming undercooked meats is ill-advised.
Pirates don’t have a Health Department, so we’ll tell you that you should never eat undercooked meats.

Additionally, it is crucial to never abandon the stove unattended. Allowing a food item to be left cooking on the stove for merely five minutes has the potential to ignite a blazing fire on your vessel. Countless pirates can recount extraordinary adventures of venturing into the depths of The Sunken Grove, only to resurface and discover their ship engulfed in flames due to a neglected piece of shark meat.

Preparing yourself with a generous serving of animal proteins prior to engaging in challenging endeavors, like conquering Skeleton Forts or engaging in PvP ship battles, is a commendable practice. Such nourishment bestows upon you an array of health benefits that surpass the mere five food items you ought to carry in your inventory.

Considering these factors, the undisputed champions of nourishment in Sea of Thieves are the succulent meats of the mighty Kraken and fearsome Megalodon. To further fortify your seafaring endeavors, it is wise to store a selection of delectably cooked fish and meats on your vessel, followed closely by the vibrant assortment of fruits—with pineapples reigning supreme among their fruity brethren.

Maintain good health to acquire great wealth in Sea of Thieves with these culinary and curative suggestions!

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