Shipping Policy

by admin

‘You wil receive a notification as soon as the goods are on their way. As soon as the package is ready for dispatch, you will receive an email. Free shipping on
orders over 159. Orders under the 15$ shipping fee are 4$

The packages are ready for dispatch after 0-4 days (Handling time), depending on the availabiity of the items and the positive result of the credit check.
Delivery time 14 1o 21 days

Order cutoff me (2:00 PM) Eastern Standard Time (New York) (excludes national holidays)
We currently only ship to the United States.

Why would a package be returned?

We count on our shoppers to provide their correct address. if we make an error on your address a replacement will be sent free of charge. lí the shopper.
makes an error, we will send a replacement at cost.