21 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Classroom (Cheap & Unique!)

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21 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Classroom (Cheap & Unique!)

Excellent gift ideas for students in the classroom should fulfill some of the following criteria:

  • Easily fit into a stocking (worth mentioning!).
  • Are affordable.
  • Are parent-approved.
  • Are perceived as “cool” by your students.
  • Educate your students on a certain subject, or arouse their interest.
  • Are fun.
  • Let’s explore the discoveries I adore that your students will adore.

    Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Classrooms (Elementary)

    Oh, how I long to be a tiny insect, perched upon the wall, witnessing the sheer delight radiating from your young pupils as they uncover the treasures nestled within their festive classroom stockings!

    Hint: you could also introduce a new classroom reward system – here are examples of classroom reward systems from real teachers, plus small prize ideas for students.

    1. Jungle Rainbow Scratch Masks

    Children will be thrilled with these Rainbow scratch masks (I know my preschooler would!).

    It’s a pack of 27, so you can distribute a mask and scratch-off wooden stick to each student to take home and enjoy.

    2. Magnetic Space Moon Bookmarks

    This set of 12 space bookmarks is ideal for motivating young readers to open their books.

    3. Mini-Flashlight Keychains

    Here is a collection of 48 keychains that function as flashlights.

    4. Mochi Squishy Toys

    My son owns one of these…Can I confess that it’s one of my preferred belongings?

    5. Wikki Stix

    Have you ever heard of these? They are a fantastic opportunity for young individuals to express their creativity and bring their concepts into reality.

    No adhesive is necessary – these are self-adhesive. Each package in the set includes 12 Wikki Stix per child.

    6. Make-a-Face Reusable Sticker Set

    Every student has the opportunity to take home a reusable collection of stickers and a mask to affix them onto!

    Being a mother, I absolutely adore the fact that these stickers can be used again and again. In truth, I possess several collections of reusable sticker faces in my humble abode, and throughout the past three years, we have utilized them on numerous occasions.

    7. Finger Puppets

    Here is a collection of 20 finger puppets that are guaranteed to bring joy to your students!

    8. Mini-Fidget Puzzle Box

    These puzzles are an excellent method for children to remain seated…Plus exercise their mind! Comes in a package of 12.

    9. Doodle-Board Set

    These compact sketchpad collections are absolutely fantastic, and incredibly budget-friendly!

    10. Magnetic Wand

    I am acquainted with several young children who have a fervent fascination with magnets. These metallic rods offer endless possibilities for magnetic exploration.

    11. Mermaid Tail Coin Purse

    Unleash your strategic prowess by acquiring a collection of these enchanting mermaid tail coin purses for the lovely ladies in your classroom, while opting for a distinct choice for the charming gentlemen.

    12. Jumbo Magnifying Glass

    Venture into the immense marvels of the natural world with a magnifying glass, an irresistible enchantment for any young student.

    Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Classrooms (Middle School)

    Searching for small gift suggestions for middle school classrooms?

    Below, discover incredibly enjoyable stocking fillers that will excite your students!

    1. Invisible Ink Spy Pen

    I firmly believe that had my teacher possessed the coolness to include an invisible ink spy pen in my Christmas stocking, she would have undoubtedly gained an impressive 30 brownie points.

    Just saying (don’t worry Mrs. Wooten – I still adored you as a third-grade educator!).

    Students have the opportunity to compose a confidential message and subsequently employ the illuminating feature of the pen to unveil it.

    2. Rainbow Scratch Paper Bookmarks

    Allow your child to create their own bookmarks with this set of 36 Rainbow scratch bookmarks.

    3. Corner Creature Bookmarks

    Get your hands on these packs filled with 10 goodies each, ensuring you purchase just the right amount of boxes to meet your needs. Once acquired, go ahead and distribute them among the stockings of your beloved students.

    A super adorable method to encourage reading during the holidays and breaks from school!

    Pssst: if you can splurge a bit, then these 3-D creature cartoon bookmarks are absolutely hilarious and cute!

    4. Rubik’s Cube

    As a child, I lost count of the countless attempts I made to unravel the mysteries of the Rubik’s Cube. Whenever we visited my grandmother’s house, the allure of the colorful puzzle would captivate me for at least half an hour, if not longer.

    Here’s a set of 30 Rubik’s Cubes that you can give to your students to take home.

    5. Egyptian Papyrus Paper Bookmarks

    As a student in middle school, I vividly recall my visit to the Museum of History where I was captivated by the enchanting mummies and fascinating Egyptian relics.

    These extremely economical Papyrus-paper bookmarks are bound to be a success!

    6. Liquid Motion Toy

    The first time I got to play with one of these was when I was in middle school, myself, in a classroom.

    However, guess what? It wasn’t until I reached adulthood that I finally had the privilege of possessing one. Imagine the sheer delight your students would experience upon receiving their very own mesmerizing liquid motion toy/timer!

    7. Colorful Flash Drives

    Surprise your students with a vibrant collection of 10-pack flash drives, offering ample digital storage possibilities.

    8. Metal Wire Puzzle

    Provide each of your students with one of these metal wire puzzles to solve during the holidays (or… Into the following year).

    The individual wrapping of these puzzles adds an element of delight, complimented by an exciting $15 gift card challenge for students who dare to showcase their completed puzzle through a captivating video submission.

    9. Create Your Own Bouncy Ball Kits

    Get ready for an exciting adventure with this amazing 12-pack kit that allows children to unleash their creativity and craft their very own bouncy balls. This delightful home project is perfect for the holiday season, providing endless fun and entertainment. Within each kit, kids can create not just one, but two marvelous bouncy balls that will surely bring joy and laughter to their playtime.

    10. Glitter Slime Balls

    Children adore slime…Amiright?

    Moreover, they are excellent for relieving stress and engaging in sensory playtime.

    It is extremely useful that this comes in a pack of 36 as well.

    Pssst: got a bit more money to spend? Here’s a 24-pack of galaxy slime. I just looooovveee the colors!

    11. Washable Marker Stamps

    I only discovered market stamps a few months back, and I purchased a collection for myself. They’re incredibly adorable!

    One pack has 10 in them, so you can just buy a few packs and leave one or two in each stocking.

    Pssst: parents will love that they’re washable.

    12. Space and Galaxy Bookmarks

    Are you studying about space in your classroom this year? My son is really interested in it! These bookmarks are guaranteed to bring joy to your students.

    No matter the extent of what you can afford to bestow upon your students, I commend you for surpassing the ordinary duties of your profession and bestowing delight within the confines of your classroom. With any luck, these suggestions for classroom students’ stocking fillers will assist you in astonishing them even further!

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