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40 Brilliant Stocking Stuffers For College Girls (2023) – College Girl Smarts

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What are stocking stuffers?

Stocking fillers are small-sized gifts that you place inside a stocking.

From my own encounters, I’ve discovered that stocking stuffers provide a splendid opportunity for individuals to bestow everyday essentials such as a fresh toothbrush, deodorant, and shaving razors, all the while reserving the more substantial gifts for those beautifully wrapped treasures beneath the Christmas tree.

Nevertheless, the realm of stocking stuffers knows no bounds, encompassing both extravagant treasures and modest delights, as long as they snugly nestle within the confines of the stocking.

What is a Christmas stocking?

In simple terms, a Christmas stocking is a large, decorative sock that is used during the Christmas season.

Stockings, steeped in Christmas tradition, hold within their depths the prized treasures that eagerly await to be unveiled as the very first gifts of the magical Christmas morning.

Looking for a cute stocking for your college girl? Check out these trendy stockings:

If the university woman in your life requires a little bit of a stocking enhancement, here are two fashionable choices.

40 stocking stuffers ideas for college girls

1. Wrist key ring

Occasionally, handbags can be quite inconvenient to carry around while running errands.

That is where a wrist key ring becomes extremely useful!

A wrist keyring is a bracelet that securely holds all of your keys in one location.

Moreover, the sheer size of these wrist keyrings makes it incredibly convenient to locate your keys when you toss them into your purse.

This is an ideal, affordable gift for the university woman in your life.

2. Fuzzy socks

Who doesn’t adore a great duo (or duos) of soft socks to snuggle up in during the festive period?

Every university woman will appreciate a fresh set of soft socks and they will fit perfectly in a holiday stocking.

These soft socks from Target or these ones from Amazon are excellent, affordable gifts for young women in college.

3. Lip balm

Lip ointment is such a timeless, must-have stocking stuffer, but it is such a vital product for the winter season.

Nobody, particularly the busy college woman, desires parched, cracked lips!

The top lip salve is Vaseline. It’s uncomplicated, there are no unusual components, and it is adaptable.

With this miraculous Vaseline lip balm, she can quench the thirst of not just her lips but also those parched areas of her skin, such as the elbows and nail cuticles.

4. Phone ring

Every female college student desires to protect the screen of her smartphone from any potential damage.

One of the most effective methods is through a phone call.

A phone holder is fashionable, simplistic, and will make gripping her phone 100 times more convenient.

Discover the remarkable Casetify phone ring (as showcased on the right), an impeccable stocking stuffer for the tech-savvy college girl yearning for a stylish safeguard for her beloved smartphone.

5. Cardholder/wrist wallet

Occasionally, it is not feasible to bring a handbag with you wherever you go.

Just like the trendy wrist keyring (stocking stuffer idea #1), a sleek cardholder or a stylish wrist wallet offers the ideal solution for the busy college girl who prefers to ditch the added bulk of a purse or handbag while on the move.

6. Jewelry dish

Misplacing earrings or accessories is not enjoyable at all, particularly when it is a unique piece of jewelry.

One of the optimal methods to ensure the safety and accessibility of jewelry is by using a jewelry dish.

A jewelry tray is a fantastic decorative item that will consistently be utilized and cherished for numerous years.

7. Ornament

Do you want the college girl in your life to always have a small memento of you during every holiday season?

Giving her the most adorable ornament during Christmas ensures that she will always cherish a part of you, keeping the memories alive.

You can get an ornament to match her holiday decor or a personalized ornament with her name on it like this one.

8. Apple watch band

Enhance the festive spirit by gifting your college-going lady, who already possesses or is set to acquire an Apple Watch, with a stylish Apple watch band for her holiday stocking.

A flawless Apple Watch band has the power to infuse personality into a plain ensemble or serve as a delightful addition to her ever-growing assortment of Apple Watch bands.

9. Silk hair scrunchies

Each and every young lady should possess a hair accessory such as a hair tie or hair scrunchies readily available, just in case her locks become a hindrance during her study sessions or when she simply lacks the enthusiasm to style her hair on a particular day.

Silk hair scrunchies are a fantastic improvement from a standard elastic hair tie, which can snag or damage hair.

I absolutely adore the luxurious silk hair scrunchies by Kitsch. They possess the perfect blend of strength and grace, effortlessly securing my luscious Asian locks without causing any discomfort or distress.

10. Personalized necklace

Some girls prefer a specific kind of accessories.

Some girls adore earrings, some are fond of rings, and some are completely infatuated with necklaces.

This holiday season, surprise the necklace enthusiast in your world with a one-of-a-kind personalized necklace as a delightful addition to their Christmas stocking.

Adding a touch of uniqueness to her ensemble, a customized necklace serves as a constant reminder of your presence, ensuring she carries a piece of you wherever she goes.

11. Small makeup bag

You’d be amazed at how adaptable a compact cosmetics pouch can be.

A compact cosmetic pouch is an ideal gift for college girls as they can utilize it for storing:

  • Makeup.
  • School supplies such as pencils or pens.
  • Feminine products for women on the move.
  • Electronic cords.
  • &Amp; more!
  • 12. Phone charger

    Not having a phone charger is the absolute worst!

    And it can even be dangerous if you’re in a remote location with a nonfunctional mobile device.

    Ensure that your university gal is equipped with an extra phone charger at all times, ensuring she remains ever ready to stay connected with the world in a flash.

    13. Facial roller

    College equals pressure and pressure results in a swollen face and exhausted eyes, and no college woman desires that.

    During this holiday season, include a facial roller in her stocking and she will adore you indefinitely!

    Using a facial roller is an excellent method to reduce puffiness in the face, enhance circulation and blood flow, and experience a revitalizing sensation when chilled in the fridge beforehand.

    11. Coffee mug warmer

    Coffee is a college girl’s hidden tool for conquering the day. But ew… Chilled coffee? No thanks!

    Ensure that the young lady in your academic journey is always accompanied by a steaming cup of coffee, graciously kept warm by a magical electric mug cozy.

    If you desire to add a touch of sophistication and forego this small gift for something more elaborate, take a look at Ember mugs.

    12. Sheet masks

    Every university woman deserves some tender loving care, so why not assist a woman by purchasing her some facial masks?

    Sheet masks are an excellent method to nourish and indulge the skin without dehydrating it.

    Sheet masks are filled with hydrating components that will leave the university student in your life radiant afterward!

    13. Sleep mask

    Getting a restful night’s sleep in college can be quite challenging.

    That is where a sleeping mask can be beneficial.

    Pamper your college princess with a lavish silk sleep mask that will shield her eyes from any intrusive light, ensuring she experiences the most blissful slumber imaginable!

    14. Facial spray

    Every university woman requires a midday energy boost.

    After hours of continuous studying, a facial spray can do wonders in refreshing and indulging your tired face.

    Facial mists are also ideally sized to present as a stocking filler.

    15. Pillow case

    Who doesn’t ADORE a pristine, immaculate pillow cover?

    Pillow covers can also be an excellent method to incorporate character and vitality to a dull dormitory room of a college girl.

    This festive season, why not surprise her with a set of pillow covers to place in her Christmas stocking?

    We are aware that she will adore them!

    16. Apple Airpod case

    If your college girl uses Airpods, then an Airpod case is essential.

    And it fits seamlessly in a Christmas stocking!

    Naturally, she has the option to utilize the original packaging of the Airpods. However, if she possesses an embellished phone case, why not indulge in an equally adorned Airpod case?

    17. Mini smartphone printer

    In university, there are numerous experiences to be created.

    Nonetheless, on occasions, memories can be misplaced, whether it is in the memory or on an iPhone camera roll.

    This year, consider giving a miniature smartphone printer as a stocking stuffer to a college girl in your life.

    This magical device will grant her the ability to transform cherished moments into charming Polaroid snapshots, which she can store in a delightful album or proudly display in her dormitory.

    18. iPhone case

    A good phone case is not only sturdy, but also stylish. And trust me, no college girl wants a cracked phone screen.

    The best iPhone cases are the Casetify ones. They’re sleek, come in so many different designs, and fit great in a stocking.

    19. Selfie light

    For college girls, a selfie light possesses the potential to revolutionize their experiences, particularly if the young lady in question revels in nocturnal party ventures.

    Elevate your college girl’s late night photography game by surprising her with a magical selfie light nestled in her Christmas stocking. Watch as her once dim and pixelated captures transform into stunning Insta-worthy masterpieces.

    20. Mini essential oil diffuser

    Regrettably, numerous university residences do not permit the use of candles.

    Many college women are seeking alternative methods to make their dormitory rooms smell delightful.

    A fantastic option is a compact oil diffuser.

    This small essential oil diffuser is cute and will even fit in the smallest areas.

    21. Mini pill case

    For the constantly moving college girl who religiously takes her medication, it becomes crucial to equip her with a convenient on-the-move remedy for her daily dosage.

    A small pill container is a perfect and adorable solution. Plus, she can discreetly store her medications as well.

    22. Cable bite

    Assist your university female student in maintaining organized electronic cords with cable bites.

    Cable chomps are a cute method to maintain cords organized and recognizable.

    Personally, I own a cable accessory for both my laptop charger (which resembles a cat) and my iPhone cord (which resembles a panda).

    23. Scalp massager

    A scalp massager is the perfect solution for a college girl who has limited time to pamper herself with a weekly pedicure or an at-home facial.

    The scalp massager, a magical tool that stimulates hair growth while providing an extraordinary sensation, grants her the perfect alibi to luxuriate in the comforting embrace of the steamy shower a little longer.

    24. Heatable plushie

    From battling period cramps to enduring the discomfort of lugging around a burdensome book bag all day, a cuddly heatable plushie offers an adorable solution to alleviate your pain.

    These microwavable stuffed animals are simple to put in the microwave for immediate warmth or alleviation from discomfort and soreness.

    Additionally, they can also be placed in the refrigerator as a cooling pad after spending a hot summer day.

    25. Keychain

    Keyboards are much more enjoyable with a touch of individuality incorporated into them.

    The vibrant resin keychains (as displayed on the right) offer a delightful burst of color, ideal for accessorizing your keys. Meanwhile, this whimsical keychain is tailor-made for the indecisive college girl who struggles with decision-making.

    26. Mini Bluetooth speaker

    Whether your college girl craves a touch of melodic ambiance while immersed in her studies or finds herself at a bash where an aux cord is nowhere in sight, a pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker emerges as a splendid means for her to revel in her personal sanctuary while harmonizing with her cherished melodies.

    27. Hairbrush

    A brand new hairbrush is the ideal gift to put in a Christmas stocking.

    This delightful stocking filler will become a cherished companion for the collegiate lady, ensuring her locks remain effortlessly knot-free, with endless utility.

    28. Reusable makeup remover cloth

    Makeup. wipes are a lazy or tired college girl’s go-to method for wiping off her makeup at the end of a long day or after a night out with the girls.

    However, disposable makeup wipes are not the best for the environment, so why not consider gifting her a sustainable, reusable makeup wipe for her stocking this festive season?

    The reusable makeup wipe surpasses the softness of its disposable counterpart, and effortlessly finds its way into the laundry for a refreshing cleanse.

    29. Silicone loofah

    A silicone scrubber can be an affordable improvement to a regular loofah and a fantastic gift for your college girl.

    Silicone sponges are simpler to upkeep and keep hygienic even after multiple uses compared to regular ones.

    30. Earrings

    Any university woman with her ears pierced can’t refuse a new set of earrings.

    Donning the identical earrings on a daily basis may seem effortless, yet by presenting her with a meticulously selected pair that complements her unique style and personal flair, rest assured she will be reluctant to part with them.

    To ensure she loves the earrings you put in her stocking this holiday season, stick to minimalistic and dainty earrings like these.

    31. Ring holder

    Just like the sixth idea for a stocking stuffer, consider gifting a jewelry dish or a ring holder as a delightful surprise for the college girl who adores her precious rings.

    Ring organizers facilitate convenient access to everyday rings and securely store them during sleep.

    32. Bath bombs

    Taking care of oneself is extremely crucial during one’s college years.

    Assist the university woman in your life to feel relaxed and revitalized by presenting her bath fizzies in her stocking this year.

    The exquisite assortment of 5 bath bombs from Sauve (as depicted on the right) presents an enchanting and economical surprise for the holiday season. This delightful gift would allow the young woman in your life to indulge in a multitude of captivating fragrances, ensuring a fresh and exhilarating bathing experience with every use.

    33. Coaster set

    Coasters are a necessary addition to any living space, not just protecting furniture but also giving it personality.

    This year, surprise the college girl in your life with a fresh set of coasters, whether she’s residing in a cozy dorm room or her very own stylish apartment. It’s undoubtedly one of the most delightful stocking fillers to brighten up her holiday season.

    These agate monogram coasters from Anthropologie (as shown on the right) are chic, classy, and would look great in any living space.

    34. Passport holder

    This holiday season, surprise your wanderlust-filled college girl with a stylish passport holder to satisfy her travel bug and replace her worn-out companion from her countless adventures.

    35. Card game set

    Card games have become quite advanced in recent years.

    In addition to acquiring a standard deck of cards, individuals can now engage in card games that stimulate introspection, challenge their knowledge with trivia, and facilitate social interaction with unfamiliar acquaintances.

    The set of cards displayed on the right is The School of Life’s 100 Questions Cards, making them an excellent choice to include in a stocking for a young woman in university.

    These cards can assist her in initiating conversations with friends, aid in her self-reflection, and uncover her true essence.

    36. Set of pens

    For the college girl, pens are like bobby pins, they simply misplace them frequently.

    Help your college girl always be ready to take notes in class or on the go with a set of new pens.

    A set of pens makes a great stocking stuffer because they can actually be used and are always needed no matter what.

    37. To-do notepad

    The life of a college girl is a whirlwind of activity! Juggling lectures, job commitments, and various campus engagements, it becomes imperative for every college girl to find a method to maintain impeccable organization throughout her bustling schedule.

    One of the most effective methods to assist your college girl in staying organized is to provide her with a to-do notebook.

    The Etsy find I stumbled upon is an absolute gem – not only is it beautifully customized, but it also offers an abundance of writing room, catering to even the most occupied of college ladies.

    38. Stationary set

    It’s essential for every young woman attending college to always keep a charming collection of stationery within reach. This way, she can effortlessly pen heartfelt thank you notes, spontaneously send well wishes to someone in need, or simply brighten a friend’s day with an unexpected message.

    Furthermore, there is something incredibly delightful about handwritten letters and notes!

    This stationary set, on the right, from Anthropologie is sophisticated, ladylike, and a fantastic stocking filler (of course!).

    39. Popsocket

    No university student desires to even consider dropping her mobile phone and shattering her phone display.

    A Popsocket is one of the most effective ways to keep her phone safe and stylish at the same time.

    With the effortless attachment of a Popsocket to the rear of her phone, she gains a firm grip on her device, minimizing the risk of accidental slippage.

    Popsockets also come in a wide range of designs, which makes it convenient to complement her unique style.

    40. Waterbottle

    The Christmas stocking provides a perfect haven for unconventional treasures, such as the ultimate stocking stuffer suggestion for young women in college: a stylishly designed hydration vessel.

    A fresh and innovative water bottle serves as both a source of motivation for increased water consumption and a delightful desk accessory, enhancing her study experience.

    This monogram item from Anthropologie is an excellent option.

    Concluding thoughts on stocking stuffer ideas for college girls

    Selecting the perfect items to fill a Christmas stocking for the young ladies pursuing higher education in your life doesn’t need to be complex and can be quite enjoyable.

    In today’s blog post, I provided 40 gift suggestions for college girls to put in their stockings in 2023.

    I hope this list sparked a ton of inspiration and put you in the gift-giving spirit for this holiday season. Good luck!

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