The 25 Best Pennsylvania Gift Ideas In 2023

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Are you in search of the ultimate Pennsylvania gift ideas for die-hard enthusiasts of the Keystone State? Or are you seeking out one-of-a-kind gifts sourced from Pennsylvania to present to your loved ones during the Christmas season? Maybe you have a dear friend or family member who has recently relocated from Pennsylvania and you desire to uplift their spirits with considerate gifts from the state.

In all of these instances and more, you have arrived at the correct location!

In this article, you will discover the top 25 Pennsylvania-inspired presents for both residents and visitors.

Save these gifts from Pennsylvania

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Save these gifts from Pennsylvania, as they hold significance and sentimental value, representing the rich history and culture of the state.

Pennsylvania gift ideas for large budgets

#1 A trip to the keystone state

Okay, let’s kick off this compilation with the ultimate present for Pennsylvania enthusiasts. (Although the subsequent items are not necessarily arranged in any particular order).

If you desire to bring absolute joy to the recipient, whisk them away to their personal happy haven and promptly secure a ticket bound for the enchanting land of Pennsylvania!

Skyscanner holds a special place in my heart when it comes to uncovering top-notch tickets. However, in the event that the recipient has already secured a ticket or resides in the magnificent state of Pennsylvania, a plethora of exciting alternatives await. Venture forth to Viator, where a simple search for “Pennsylvania” will unveil a treasure trove of delightful activities and captivating tours. And should uncertainty surround the optimal booking date or activity choice, I wholeheartedly suggest acquiring a Viator gift card, granting the recipient the delightful freedom to handpick their own date and embark on a splendid tour of their choosing.

Oh, and in case you believe that giving gift cards is unexciting, take a glance at these 29 ingenious approaches to present gift cards. I assure you, it will unquestionably alter your perspective.

#2 Candles that smell like Pennsylvania

Are you searching for presents from Pennsylvania for a resident who longs for their hometown?

Then this nostalgic candle is exactly what they require.

The scented candle exudes the essence of Pennsylvania, evoking a sensory journey through notes of caramel, maple, buttery rum, and malty molasses. Its delectable aroma transcends one’s personal affinity towards Pennsylvania, offering a delightful experience for all.

#3 Pennsylvania-themed mug

Indulge in the nostalgia of Pennsylvania with a charming Pennsylvania-themed mug, a delightful choice for those yearning for a touch of home. Every sip of morning coffee (or tea) will transport them back to their beloved state.

I am absolutely enamored by this adorable mug that features a delightful representation of the Pennsylvania map intertwined with delicate flowers. However, if you desire a distinct design, the extensive selection of mugs available on Amazon is bound to captivate your imagination.

#4 Hershey’s chocolate gift

Hershey’s chocolate box

Alright, I’ll be honest here. Hersey’s doesn’t quite hit the mark for me when it comes to chocolate. Nevertheless, being the chocoholic that I am, I wouldn’t hesitate to devour a whole bar. Besides, I’m well aware of its colossal fame across the States.

With its status as the pride and delight of the state, I simply couldn’t omit it from this compilation. Established by Milton S. Hershey in Pennsylvania way back in 1894, Hershey’s holds a special place. Therefore, if you’re seeking genuine Pennsylvania souvenirs, Hersey chocolate is undoubtedly the way to go.

#5 Pennsylvania-themed phone cases

Are you seeking Pennsylvania-themed presents for someone who is constantly glued to their phone?

Look no further, behold the perfect present – a phone case adorned with the enchanting essence of Pennsylvania. Take a glimpse at the captivating wooden case featuring an intricately detailed map, or explore the vast array of 800 additional choices on Zazzle.

#6 Unique Pennsylvania maps

I am an avid enthusiast of maps, and I am well aware that nearly every wanderer resonates with my sentiment. This notion is amplified when the map in question depicts their cherished destination (or their beloved homeland or state).

Instead of opting for typical Pennsylvania maps, why not consider these two exceptional maps as a distinctive gift? These maps feature perfectly-sized holes to accommodate wine corks or beer caps, allowing recipients to personalize their map with their preferred beverage caps!

Additionally, for those inclined to make their purchases on Amazon, both the wine cork map and the beer cap map are available for acquisition on the platform.

#7 Pennsylvania-themed puzzle

Are you searching for distinctive presents from Pennsylvania for enthusiasts of puzzles?

Looking for the perfect challenge? Well, look no further than this captivating Pennsylvania postcard puzzle! With just 144 pieces, it offers a delightful level of ease, making it ideal for puzzle enthusiasts of all levels. However, if you seek a more intricate Pennsylvania puzzle experience, be sure to explore the vast collection available on Amazon.

Pennsylvania gift ideas for mid-budgets

#8 Pennsylvania travel guide

Waterfalls of Pennsylvania

Waterfalls of Pennsylvania: A guide to more than 180 waterfalls in the Keystone State

Don’t be fooled into thinking that travel guides are solely for tourists! Brace yourself for a marvelous Pennsylvania gift concept, tailor-made for both locals and tourists with an insatiable appetite for the great outdoors. Rest assured, this captivating book is bursting at the seams with an abundance of mesmerizing waterfalls that will leave them spellbound, waiting to be discovered and cherished.

Hiking in Pennsylvania

Hiking in Pennsylvania: A guide to the state’s greatest hikes

Discover an extraordinary gift that captures the essence of Pennsylvania for both locals and visitors alike. Delve into a comprehensive guide showcasing breathtaking hikes throughout the Keystone State. Unearth hidden gems and embark on unforgettable adventures, allowing locals to uncover new wonders and visitors to immerse themselves in the authentic beauty of Pennsylvania.

Backroads & byways of Pennsylvania

Backroads & byways of Pennsylvania: Drives, day trips & weekend excursions

Once more, this travel guide presents itself as an excellent choice for both inhabitants and tourists alike. It encompasses not only the most renowned routes and expeditions within the state, but also ventures into the uncharted territories that only a handful of individuals dare to discover.

#9 Pennsylvania national parks map

Are you seeking one-of-a-kind gift ideas for nature enthusiasts in Pennsylvania?

This map showcasing an array of state parks makes for an impeccable gift notion. It is accompanied by delightful stickers that can be affixed to the parks they have journeyed to. A captivating substitute to a scratch map, this delightful offering provides nature enthusiasts with an entertaining means to chart their progress in exploring the yet-to-be-visited parks.

#10 University of Pennsylvania items

Penn shirt

When it comes to individuals who attend or have attended the University of Pennsylvania, anything associated with Penn (as it’s affectionately known by locals) makes for an excellent gift suggestion. Take, for instance, this uncomplicated Penn t-shirt. While you may explore Amazon for alternative options like hoodies, caps, spectacles, and so on.

#11 Pennsylvania gifts for sports fans

Phillies cap

If you are searching for Pennsylvania souvenirs for individuals who are passionate about sports, I have a couple of excellent choices for you.

The initial category is tailored towards baseball enthusiasts, encompassing all things Phillies, the esteemed baseball team hailing from the vibrant city of Philadelphia.

The second option is for people who prefer Pittsburgh over Philadelphia and who love ice hockey, check out the Pittsburgh Penguins merchandise.

And the final choice is for soccer enthusiasts, anything from the Philadelphia Eagles is a fantastic present for them.

#12 Pennsylvania-themed passport cover

Are you in need of souvenirs for individuals who frequently embark on trips?

Looking for the ideal passport case with a touch of Pennsylvania charm? Look no further! Zazzle offers an extensive collection of more than 50 captivating options to choose from. Moreover, if your recipient happens to adore Pittsburgh, this remarkable cover showcasing the stunning Pittsburgh skyline is the perfect gift to surprise them with.

#13 Philadelphia skyline glasses

Philadelphia skyline glasses

These spectacles make the ideal presents to celebrate a new chapter in the life of a Philadelphian, whether they are bidding farewell to the city or embarking on an exciting journey in Philadelphia, acquainting themselves with their new urban abode.

What more could whiskey enthusiasts desire than the ability to savor their beloved drink in glasses adorned with the iconic cityscape of their cherished metropolis?

#14 Books about Pennsylvania

The great book of Pennsylvania

The great book of Pennsylvania: The crazy history of Pennsylvania with amazing random facts and trivia

Are you in need of Pennsylvania souvenirs for individuals who have an affinity for history and fascinating trivia? If so, this is the ideal book for you.

Birds of Pennsylvania field guide

Birds of Pennsylvania field guide

Whether you’re a native Pennsylvanian or an adventurous traveler, prepare to be captivated by this exquisite guide that unveils the mesmerizing world of Pennsylvania’s avian wonders, leaving no stone unturned.

How to speak like a Pittsburger?

Sam McCool’s new Pittsburghese: How to speak like a Pittsburgher?

Discover a remarkable Pennsylvania treasure designed exclusively for Pittsburgh enthusiasts. Unveiling intriguing insights about their unique speech patterns, this hilarious book will surprise even the most seasoned locals. Moreover, this invaluable resource is an ideal companion for visitors seeking to effortlessly connect and engage with the vibrant community of Pittsburgh.

#15 Pennsylvania-themed travel mug

Does the receiver enjoy to-go coffee?

Discover the ultimate present – a travel mug adorned with Pennsylvania-inspired designs, allowing the recipient to savor their favorite beverage with flair while embracing an environmentally conscious lifestyle!

#16 Pennsylvania cookbooks

The Philadelphia chef’s table

The Philadelphia chef’s table: Extraordinary recipes from the city of brotherly love

Searching for PA presents for a culinary enthusiast? Or perhaps for someone with an affection for delectable Phillie cuisine, like the renowned cheesesteak? Well, look no further, as this exquisite offering is tailor-made for that special individual.

Amish friend farmhouse & favorites cookbook

Amish friend farmhouse & favorites cookbook

Pennsylvania, known for its thriving Amish community, offers a delightful array of delectable Amish cuisine. Embracing the desire to savor authentic Amish dishes, this exceptional cookbook is a treasure trove for food enthusiasts.

#17 Pennsylvania wall art

Philadelphia skyline poster

Are you in need of presents for someone’s residence?

Then this vibrant poster showcasing Philadelphia is a fantastic concept.

Unless the recipient has a fondness for Pittsburgh. In that scenario, a Pittsburgh-themed poster would be the ultimate gift.

#18 PA gifts for her: necklace

Pennsylvania map necklace

Are you in need of presents for her?

Then this pendant in the form of Pennsylvania is exactly what you require!

Pennsylvania gift ideas for small budgets

#19 Pennsylvania-themed luggage tag

This is one of the best Pennsylvania gift ideas for people who travel a lot; a luggage tag with a Pennsylvania theme.

Explore an expansive array of almost 400 distinct choices on Zazzle, or simply opt for this adorable bear-themed option if you prefer to skip the extensive browsing.

#20 Philadelphia architecture coloring book

Philadelphia coloring book

Were you aware that adult coloring books can alleviate stress and anxiety?

Indeed, I realized that while composing my meditation gift guide.

However, are you aware of what would enhance the tranquility of a Pennsylvania enthusiast even further?

Absolutely, a coloring book that showcases Pennsylvania, like this one featuring iconic Philadelphia buildings.

#21 Cutting board

Pennsylvania-themed cutting board

Are you in need of presents for someone who has a passion for culinary arts?

The Pennsylvania cookbook would be complemented perfectly by this exceptional cutting board. Picture the sheer delight of the recipient as they prepare a traditional Pennsylvania feast on an exquisite cutting board that embodies the essence of Pennsylvania.

#22 Pennsylvania-themed tote bag

Tote bags hold a special place in my heart when it comes to selecting presents for those who value the environment. Wondering why? They effortlessly diminish the consumption of plastic bags by providing a stylish alternative. Not only do they carry a functional purpose, but they also grant the recipient the joy of flaunting a captivating design. It’s an absolute triumph for both parties involved!

If you’re in search of a delightful Pennsylvania souvenir that guarantees mutual satisfaction, I would highly recommend perusing the vast collection of over 1,000 designs on Zazzle. And for those enchanted by the city of Philadelphia, this particular gift showcasing the iconic city skyline is an absolute must-have.

#23 Cute keychain

Pennsylvania keychain

This is one of the most delightful Pennsylvania gift suggestions on this compilation!

Nestled within a keychain, lies a charming map of Pennsylvania. Yet, it is not solely its visual appeal that makes it a delightful present. Rather, it is the heartfelt message accompanying it, whispering, “My love for you surpasses the vast expanse that separates us.”

This keychain is an ideal gift for those who are separated by distance. By possessing this keychain, the recipient will forever carry a cherished fragment of your affection.

#24 Socks

Pennsylvania-themed socks

Are you looking for PA gifts that are not only fun to gift, but that also make this world a better place?

These exceptional state mate socks are precisely what you require. With every purchase, the organization generously gifts a pair of socks to a local homeless shelter, directly benefiting the community.

#25 Pennsylvania travel journal

Pennsylvania travel journal

Attention, seekers of exquisite Pennsylvania-inspired presents for those embarking on a journey to the Keystone State in the near future, behold the ultimate offering! Presenting a meticulously crafted travel journal, tailor-made for wandering souls exploring the wonders of Pennsylvania. Within this literary masterpiece, they shall pen their escapades and anecdotes, a testament to their remarkable voyage, ensuring a cherished memoir to grace their shelves upon their triumphant return.

Save these gifts from Pennsylvania

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Save these gifts from Pennsylvania, as they hold significant cultural and historical value and should be preserved for future generations to appreciate and learn from.

FAQ about Pennsylvania gift ideas

  • What is a good gift from Pennsylvania?

    Among the myriad of delightful offerings that Pennsylvania graciously bestows upon the world, a token from the illustrious realm of Hersey’s holds a place of unrivaled distinction. It goes without saying that the universal adoration for chocolate transcends all boundaries. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the embodiment of a remarkable gift need not be exclusively crafted within the confines of Pennsylvania. Rather, a truly remarkable gift serves as a gentle yet poignant reminder of the grandeur and allure that Pennsylvania so graciously bestows upon its fortunate inhabitants.

  • So what is Pennsylvania known for?

    Pennsylvania, the keystone state, boasts a myriad of distinct characteristics that have earned it recognition. From the iconic Independence Hall and the resonating Liberty Bell to the vibrant cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, the state is a treasure trove of history and culture. Indulging in the delectable cheesesteaks and pretzels is a must, while exploring the sprawling Amish population offers a glimpse into a unique way of life. And let’s not forget the breathtaking beauty of the Appalachian mountain range and the serene Pocono Mountains that grace this splendid state.

  • Final note on Pennsylvania gifts

    Alright, these were the 25 Pennsylvania gift ideas. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, check out the editor’s top 3.

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