The 39 Best Puzzle Gifts For Puzzle Lovers Across The Globe

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Are you fed up with searching for mundane presents for puzzle enthusiasts? Well, search no more! We have meticulously curated a collection of the top 39 puzzle gifts that are absolutely ideal for individuals who relish both globetrotting and mental stimulation. Ranging from jigsaw puzzles showcasing renowned architectural marvels to mind-boggling wooden puzzles, these extraordinary gifts are guaranteed to captivate your dear ones during extensive layovers or dreary days spent in their hotel chambers. Moreover, who can say? Perhaps, they will even acquire a thing or two about geography while embarking on this thrilling journey.

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Remember to reserve these presents for enthusiasts of puzzles on Pinterest (or wherever you archive your brilliant concepts). Hence, the next instance you seek out puzzle-themed gifts, you’ll promptly discern the optimal source for fascinating inspirations!

Puzzle gifts for large budgets

#1 Monthly puzzle subscription

Puzzle enthusiasts will be delighted by the remarkable puzzle subscriptions offered by Cratejoy. Each month, they can anticipate receiving a captivating and challenging puzzle that will stimulate their minds.

Cratejoy provides three categories of puzzle subscriptions.

  • The enigmatic culture chest. Every month, a fresh 500-piece enigma awaits the recipient, showcasing a unique theme. As your keen instincts may have already deduced (for there’s a touch of Sherlock Holmes within you as well!), This delightful offering is tailor-made for aficionados of jigsaw puzzles.
  • Enigma Society. This is ideal for individuals who enjoy unraveling criminal activities and engaging in enigmatic puzzle-solving.
  • Personalized puzzle mail. Every month, the lucky recipient will be treated to a delightful message handcrafted by you. But here’s the twist – to unveil the hidden meaning, they must embark on a thrilling code-cracking adventure. These mind-bending puzzles are intricately woven into an immersive narrative, perfect for those enchanted by the perplexing challenges of escape rooms.
  • #2 A 3D globe puzzle

    Wooden 3D globe puzzle

    This is one of the most fascinating presents for individuals who enjoy both puzzles and traveling: a 3D globe that they have to put together.

    The best part about this gift is its additional feature of illumination, making it a perfect night lamp once it is put together.

    #3 Puzzle roll-up mats

    Roll up puzzle mat

    Bid farewell to the impracticality of jigsaw puzzles as a hobby. Gone are the days of cumbersome space occupation and the incessant fear of pieces scattered haphazardly around your dwelling. Behold the ingenious roll-up mat, rendering such concerns a relic of the past!

    Puzzle enthusiasts can now effortlessly merge their love for puzzles with maintaining a well-ordered living space! Upon completing their puzzle-solving endeavors for the day, all they need to do is elegantly roll up the puzzle mat, ensuring that the pieces remain undisturbed, thus allowing them to free up valuable table space.

    And that is what makes it one of the top presents for enthusiasts of jigsaw puzzles!

    With the magic of the mat, they can piece their puzzles together anywhere their hearts desire, effortlessly rolling it up when it’s time to venture elsewhere. And behold, the pieces shall remain steadfast in their positions!

    #4 Jigsaw puzzle gifts for the home

    Celebrate the passion of jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts who have recently become homeowners with these magnificent puzzle piece photo frames. These delightful creations not only serve as perfect gifts but also add a touch of personal flair to their brand-new abode, allowing them to showcase their beloved pastime in a stylish and unique manner.

    One important thing to note is that each puzzle piece must be purchased individually.

    #5 Jigsaw puzzle of their favorite country or city

    Do you know which county, city, or national park they prefer the most?

    If you do, you might have discovered the ultimate gift for puzzle enthusiasts: a puzzle depicting their beloved nation.

    With a vast array of jigsaw puzzles at your disposal, Amazon presents an exciting opportunity to discover a puzzle that resonates with your preferred travel destination.

    Go for these stunning 1000-piece travel puzzles from Uncommon Goods.

    #6 National Parks puzzle

    National Park puzzle

    Are you searching for presents for individuals who have a passion for both puzzles and nature?

    Then this exquisite retro jigsaw puzzle showcasing the national parks of the United States is ideal for them!

    #7 Largest jigsaw puzzle in the world

    Kodak’s 51,300-piece puzzle

    This is unquestionably the ultimate present for puzzle enthusiasts: a mind-boggling 51,300-piece puzzle!

    Rest assured, this delightful treasure will captivate the receiver for countless moons (or perhaps even ages). Embark on a mesmerizing journey through splendid snapshots of 27 Enchanting Marvels from Every Corner of the Globe. With this exceptional puzzle, not only will they unravel a delightful challenge, but they will also delve into the captivating realms of awe-inspiring locales.

    And the greatest aspect?

    Behold, a champion of world records! Should you be willing to surrender your precious living room floor, behold the ultimate offering for enthusiasts of perplexing puzzles!

    #8 Personalised wooden heart Puzzle

    Is your significant other a passionate solver of puzzles? And do you want to astonish them with a distinctive gift for puzzle enthusiasts?

    Look no further than this customized cardiac puzzle!

    Discover the enchanting heart-shaped puzzles that promise an exhilarating journey of problem-solving, filled with delightful surprises at every turn. Unleash your imagination and infuse these puzzles with your very own witty quotes, hilarious jokes, and cherished milestones, culminating in a unique and extraordinary keepsake that commemorates the indestructible connection of love.

    #9 Challenging wooden puzzle

    Challenging wooden puzzle

    Do you desire presents for individuals who adore brain-teasing puzzles that will challenge their intellects?

    Search no more than these one-of-a-kind mind-altering wooden puzzles!

    They are offered in three distinct sizes (and levels of difficulty) that will stimulate their minds, offer hours of amusement, and alleviate stress!

    #10 Custom New York Times front page puzzle

    History enthusiasts and puzzle enthusiasts will adore this custom front-page jigsaw puzzle from the New York Times!

    Your loved one will not only be transported back to their cherished moment as they unravel the stories of yesteryears, but they will also engage their intellect as they connect the 500 intricate puzzle pieces.

    #11 Personalized family jigsaw puzzle

    Are you in need of puzzle gift suggestions for a family that enjoys both puzzles and the beach?

    Then take a look at Uncommon Goods’ customized wooden beach puzzle that will bring the seaside to their living space.

    #12 World’s largest crossword puzzle

    World’s largest crossword puzzle

    Searching for a puzzle present concept that’s sizable enough to make even the most enthusiastic puzzle solver perspire?

    Then explore the biggest crossword puzzle in the world!

    With an astounding size of 7 feet by 7 feet and an incredible amount of over 28,000 clues, this puzzle promises to captivate their attention for weeks on end. Its grand scale demands either a prominent spot on the wall or complete coverage of the entire floor! However, given the magnitude of this challenge, your dear one will surely appreciate any assistance they can get, and perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for you to finally join in (or they can simply rely on the clue book).

    #13 State-themed jigsaw puzzles

    Are you searching for distinctive presents for individuals who enjoy brain teasers and are relocating to different states?

    Explore these mesmerizing puzzles inspired by different US states, serving as a timeless reminder of their roots, or acquire one representing their newfound state to embark on a seamless transition.

    Puzzle gifts for mid-budgets

    #14 Stackable sorting tray

    Jigsaw sorting tray

    This sorting tray on Amazon or the one by Ravensburger is another excellent choice for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts.

    With the aid of these ingenious trays, their jigsaw puzzle-solving prowess will be amplified, allowing them to conquer the task with lightning speed and unrivaled efficiency. And when the sun sets on their sorting endeavors, the trays gracefully transform into compact storage units, banishing the age-old conundrum of space-hogging unfinished puzzles. Thanks to the inclusion of the remarkable sorting trays and the revolutionary roll-up mat (#3), this logistical nightmare is now but a distant memory!

    #15 World map jigsaw puzzle

    World map jigsaw puzzle

    Obviously, one of the most delightful presents for wanderers is a jigsaw puzzle featuring a captivating world map. I’ve already penned down an entire article on the finest wall art depicting world maps designed for globetrotters. There’s something truly enchanting about world maps that captivates travelers, be it adorning their walls, enhancing their accessories, gracing their notebooks, or challenging them as a puzzle!

    #16 Funny puzzle shirt

    This exquisite “puzzleologist” shirt serves as an impeccable present for devoted enthusiasts of brainteasers, or as we affectionately dub them, puzzleologists! (Perhaps not with official recognition, but let’s embrace the idea of introducing this charming term).

    If you favor an alternative layout, explore Zazzle for a wide range of puzzle-themed shirts.

    #17 Vintage travel poster jigsaw puzzle

    Looking for a gift that’s not your usual world map jigsaw puzzle? How about indulging in the charm of this vintage travel poster jigsaw puzzle?

    It’s a puzzle with 1000 pieces and it includes fascinating travel posters from various countries across the globe.

    #18 Wine bottle puzzle

    Wine bottle puzzle

    The puzzle wine bottle holder is an ideal choice for those who enjoy a good drink (and maybe need to cut back a bit).

    This clever contraption will test the recipient’s wit in order to unlock the pleasure of savoring a glass of wine. It’s an ideal choice for the enigmatic aficionado who relishes both a captivating puzzle and a delightful libation, or perhaps for the contemplative imbiber who yearns to exercise their intellectual faculties further!

    It’s also an entertaining method to make presenting a bottle of wine a bit more captivating.

    #19 Puzzle-themed water bottle

    This water bottle not only raises awareness for autism, but it also displays a fascinating design that appeals to puzzle enthusiasts.

    However, if you are interested in seeing more water bottles with puzzle themes, you should go to Zazzle.

    #20 Murder mystery jigsaw puzzle

    This is a one-of-a-kind present for individuals who enjoy brainteasers and unraveling enigmas!

    In this captivating jigsaw puzzle of a murder mystery, their detective prowess shall be truly tested. As they meticulously assemble the puzzle pieces, an exhilarating murder case unravels before their eyes, amplifying their enjoyment and suspenseful anticipation.

    #21 Puzzle-themed travel mug

    For those seeking crossword puzzle presents for coffee enthusiasts, this flawless travel mug that reads “I crave my crossword moments” is an ideal choice!

    Alternatively, you can explore all travel mug designs with puzzle themes available on Zazzle.

    #22 Completely white puzzle

    Devilish white jigsaw puzzle

    Are you seeking the ultimate teasing presents for puzzle enthusiasts?

    Then this pristine white winter puzzle is the present you require!

    Brace yourself for a mind-boggling puzzle that will push the boundaries of even the most seasoned puzzler, where each piece boasts an identical, pristine white hue. It serves as an ideal litmus test to gauge your puzzle buddy’s endurance and unwavering determination. However, a word of caution: prolonged hours of fixated contemplation on an empty slate may gradually erode their sanity. Yet, isn’t that what adds a thrilling twist to the equation?

    #23 Puzzle box for money and gift cards

    Enigma puzzle box for money

    If you’re seeking an entertaining approach to bestow cash upon an aficionado of puzzles, then behold this enigmatic box as the quintessential present for you!

    The receiver must embark on a mission to unravel the intricate sequence of actions required to unlock the box and unveil the concealed treasure or voucher that you have concealed within.

    Explore innovative approaches to present gift cards by exploring the intriguing plastic holder that offers a tantalizing glimpse of the present, leaving the recipient with the delightful challenge of discovering its secret entryway.

    #24 The Moscow puzzle book

    The Moscow puzzle book

    Delve into the captivating world of this one-of-a-kind puzzle book filled with enigmas, mind-boggling conundrums, and an array of captivating challenges. Originally crafted by the Soviets, this literary gem has undergone eight delightful transformations, breathing new life into its assortment of perplexing riddles. Unveiling a captivating glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of contemporary Russian culture and traditions, this exceptional masterpiece is a treasure trove for those seeking to unravel the mysteries of non-Russian readers.

    #25 Practical puzzle gifts: neck lights

    Neck lights

    Puzzlers rejoice, for neck lights are the ultimate gift of practicality. Those who have ventured into the enigmatic realms of puzzling during the nocturnal hours can attest to the vexation caused by their own heads obstructing the precious light illuminating their perplexing endeavors. Behold, the neck light, a marvel of practicality designed to vanquish this conundrum!

    #26 Personalized jigsaw puzzles

    If you’re in search of a one-of-a-kind present for puzzle enthusiasts, then undoubtedly, the finest choice is to acquire a customized jigsaw puzzle. Fortunately, Personalization Mall provides these unique gifts.

    Capture the essence of your cherished memories by opting for a captivating puzzle featuring the favorite photo of your intended recipient, or even a delightful snapshot capturing the beautiful bond you share. Alternatively, envision the warm glow of a breathtaking sunset, a visual memento of the magical moments you both experienced together.

    Puzzle gifts for small budgets

    #27 Riddles and brainteasers book

    Book with fun riddles

    For puzzle enthusiasts who embark on adventures, books make impeccable presents as they can be conveniently stowed away in a suitcase, unlike puzzles. “Of Course” is an enchanting read that guarantees hours of amusement, brimming with enigmas and mind-boggling challenges that unleash boundless creativity.

    #28 Puzzle scoop magnifying glass

    The puzzle scoop

    The Puzzle Scoop, a remarkable puzzle companion, ensures meticulous piece organization. Equipped with an illuminating LED magnifying lens, it unveils the minutest intricacies. Boasting a three-fold magnification power, this exceptional puzzle accessory serves as an ideal gift for seniors seeking enhanced visual clarity.

    #29 Fun book for puzzlers

    The puzzler book

    Delving into the depths of puzzlement, Jacobs, the acclaimed author of The Puzzler, embarks on an exhilarating journey to unravel the enigmatic allure of puzzles. What is it about these perplexing conundrums that captivate our hearts and minds? Do they possess the power to enhance our cognitive faculties, and if so, in what extraordinary ways do they do so?

    It is brimming with fascinating information that will absolutely delight puzzle enthusiasts!

    #30 Double-sided jigsaw puzzle

    Double-sided beach puzzle

    Double-sided equals double the enjoyment!

    Unleash the joy of everlasting perplexity with this dual-faced seaside puzzle, granting the receiver the power to unravel two distinct enigmas using the very same fragments!

    Additionally, it introduces an added layer of intricacy as they navigate the decision of which facet to employ. This delightful present is ideal for individuals who relish puzzles, seek a test of their skills, and adore the seaside.

    #31 Puzzle gifts for game lovers

    Black stories game

    Black Stories, a thrilling game, unveils intriguing tales of characters’ untimely demises through each card. With one designated reader, the remaining participants embark on a quest to unravel the mysterious cause of death. However, their only means of inquiry is restricted to posing binary questions that elicit a simple “yes” or “no” response from the reader.

    Don’t fret if, over time, you become acquainted with all the tales – fear not! With various editions at your disposal, each experience will bring forth fresh and exciting narratives.

    #32 Puzzle piece gifts: jewelry

    Personalized puzzle piece jewelry

    Searching for delightful and sentimental presents for aficionados of puzzles? Look no further than these enchanting necklaces. They consist of two puzzle pieces that interlock flawlessly (just like the bond between you and the lucky recipient). What’s more, you have the opportunity to customize the text on each piece, making it truly special.

    In addition to delighting puzzle enthusiasts, necklaces make excellent presents for wanderlust enthusiasts. Compact and space-saving, they are a perfect companion during travels.

    Searching for a magnificent Valentine’s Day surprise? Search no more! Discover my delightful Valentine’s Day present guide for some additional motivation.

    #33 More puzzle piece gifts: keyrings

    Puzzle pieces keychains

    These puzzle keychains are another one of the top jigsaw puzzle presents for Valentine’s Day and for enthusiasts of traveling.

    Perfect for the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day, as it allows you to infuse it with your own heartfelt message. Additionally, it serves as an ideal companion for wanderlust-filled souls, as these dainty and lightweight keyrings can be effortlessly carried along on any adventure, serving as a constant reminder of the cherished individual who gifted it.

    #34 Crossword puzzle gifts for travelers

    Lonely Planet’s crossword

    This is certainly one of the top crossword puzzle presents for enthusiasts of travel; a crossword all about journeys!

    As a renowned brand for its extraordinary travel guides, Lonely Planet has undoubtedly piqued my curiosity with their intriguing twist on a crossword puzzle in this special travel edition.

    #35 Small brain-teasing puzzle gifts

    Enigma brain-teasing puzzle

    This Hanayama cast puzzle is an excellent present for individuals who enjoy puzzles and mind-boggling challenges.

    The objective is to attempt dismantling the metallic components, presenting an initial challenge. However, once successfully disassembled, the subsequent challenge arises: reassembling them. This delightful little present serves as a captivating pastime for enthusiasts of puzzles, with the duration of engagement contingent upon the abilities of the individual.

    #36 Jigsaw puzzle logbook

    Jigsaw puzzle logbook

    If you are searching for jigsaw puzzle presents for a genuine jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, this jigsaw puzzle logbook is the perfect choice.

    For avid enthusiasts of jigsaw puzzles, the notebook serves as the perfect tool to meticulously document every aspect of their completed masterpieces. Granted, it’s fair to say that not everyone feels compelled to keep tabs on such details, but for those who truly adore the art of puzzling, this could very well be the dream they’ve longed for.

    #37 Puzzle-themed socks

    Puzzle-themed socks

    If you’re in search of puzzle-themed presents that exude a touch of impersonal charm, then perchance these puzzle pieces socks are precisely what you seek.

    #38 Sherlock Holmes brain games

    Sherlock Holmes puzzles

    Within the pages of the Sherlock Holmes puzzles book reside a collection of more than 100 intricate mind-benders, reserved solely for the cunning and discerning minds akin to the great detective himself. This remarkable literary gem is an ideal gift for those enamored with puzzles, eagerly seeking mental stimulation during extensive journeys by air or land.

    #39 More puzzle notebooks

    Grandma’s curse words

    In this post, I’ve only revealed a handful of puzzle gifts. However, apart from the classic jigsaw, crossword, and Sherlock Holmes puzzles, there exists an extensive array of diverse puzzle types. Ranging from engaging sudoku challenges to intriguing word searches, including the cheeky grandma’s curse words edition, and even captivating mazes and more. For a boundless supply of amusement during a flight, I urge you to explore the vast selection of exhilarating puzzle books on Amazon.

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    Final notes on puzzle lovers gifts

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