The 25 Best Vodka Gifts For Vodka Lovers (2023 Edition)

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If you’ve ever found yourself contemplating the ideal present for vodka enthusiasts who are captivated by the charm of this extraordinary beverage, you’re in for a treat. We have undertaken a quest to discover the most extraordinary gifts for vodka lovers that will truly excite any connoisseur. Therefore, don your drinking hats and prepare to delve into an assortment of vodka-themed gifts that will leave them exclaiming, “Na zdorovye!” With more gusto than ever.

Whether you’re in pursuit of an unexpected birthday delight, a festive vodka-themed present, or simply a gesture of gratitude for your vodka aficionado pal, fear not! We have you completely sorted. Our extensive search across the realm has unearthed an array of ingenious contraptions and eccentric embellishments that are bound to thrill vodka enthusiasts, leaving them brimming with exhilaration (and perhaps a hint of intoxication)!

Save these gifts for vodka lovers

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Save these gifts for vodka lovers who appreciate the smooth taste and unique flavors of this popular alcoholic beverage.

Vodka gifts for large budgets

#1 Vodka infusion kit

Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the top gifts for vodka enthusiasts who enjoy flavored vodkas or who are fond of do-it-yourself projects.

Armed with this extraordinary kit, they possess the power to bestow upon a humble bottle of vodka an infusion of any flavor imaginable. However, let it be known that this is no mere fabrication. The kit boasts an impressive compilation of twelve distinct and tantalizing fragment spices, specifically curated for the purpose of enhancing their vodka. The true magic lies in their ability to artfully blend these flavors together, granting them the liberty to create limitless concoctions.

#2 Vodka serving set

Photo courtesy of Amazon

True vodka enthusiasts are aware that the optimal way to enjoy vodka is when it is extremely cold.

But how do you maintain the cold temperature of your vodka shots and present them in a stylish manner?

Well, that’s where this vodka serving kit comes into play.

The ice takes center stage, leaving ample space to surround it with six shot glasses filled with vodka. This ingenious setup ensures that the shots remain refreshingly chilled, allowing the recipient to savor them at their own pace. (Of course, downing all six in one go would undoubtedly kickstart an incredibly lively and intoxicated evening).

#3 Hilarious vodka dispenser

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Whether you’re searching for exceptional vodka gifts to delight a Belgium enthusiast or seeking out distinctive home decor pieces for someone with an affinity for the extraordinary, this gift is an ideal choice.

Allow me to introduce you to the enchanting essence of Belgian culture – a realm where a mischievous urinating cherub reigns supreme, embodying the very essence of Belgian identity.

Initially, allow me to address the most intriguing inquiry. No, it is not customary in Belgium for adolescent boys to urinate indiscriminately. I implore you to refrain from such actions, as it may result in receiving a penalty.

The inspiration for this dispenser stems from the renowned Belgian sculpture known as ‘Manneken Pis’ (a charming interpretation of a urinating young lad). This delightful miniature figure can be found in Brussels.

So if you are looking for unique gifts for vodka lovers, this dispenser to serve vodka is by far the best gift.

#4 Vodka shots chessboard

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you searching for the top presents for chess enthusiasts who also enjoy vodka?

This chessboard adorned with shot glasses makes for an impeccable present. Every glass embodies a distinct chess piece, ready to be filled with delightful shots of vodka. Thus, the recipient can seamlessly merge their passion for both games and the spirit of vodka.


This chessboard is not limited to vodka shots alone; it offers the opportunity to play with a wide variety of shots. (You can even use shots of lemonade if you’re not in the mood for alcohol). However, I couldn’t resist including it in my list of the most amusing and extraordinary gifts.

It’s actually also a fantastic present for enthusiasts of alcoholic beverages.

#5 Bottle of vodka

Well, after meticulous effort, I have curated an exquisite collection of 25 distinct vodka presents. However, it is inevitable that only a solitary gift shall truly satiate their desires.

And that is a bottle of vodka, undoubtedly!

As a discerning vodka connoisseur, it is crucial to discover your favorite vodka brand before buying a mediocre bottle.

When it comes to purchasing a bottle of vodka, let me share my second tip: steer clear of the cheapest option. These particular bottles often possess a distinct flavor reminiscent of pure ethanol. Now, I understand that if vodka isn’t your drink of choice, you might assume that all vodkas taste the same. However, allow me to assure you that aficionados of this spirit can, without a doubt, discern the contrasting nuances between various brands.

As a final suggestion, I recommend opting for an exquisitely distinct vodka bottle. For instance, consider selecting a bottle hailing from their cherished homeland or perhaps a rare edition.

A prime illustration would be the exquisite French Grey Goose vodka, a renowned brand adored globally. Alternatively, venture into the realm of flavored vodkas, like the classic Polish Bison grass vodka.

#6 Personalized decanter

If you are uncertain about what to purchase, a customized present is always a great suggestion.

Effortlessly showcasing your thoughtfulness, personalized gifts demonstrate your dedication in discovering an unparalleled treasure for the recipient. Among the splendid array of distinctive and personalized gifts designed for connoisseurs of vodka, behold this splendid decanter adorned with the recipient’s surname and initials, elegantly etched for an exquisite touch.

#7 Vodka tasting

This is one of the top presents for enthusiasts of vodka who also have a passion for journeying.

Taking them on a vodka sampling excursion!

Explore Viator, a treasure trove of delightful vodka-tasting expeditions across the globe. Unearth fascinating experiences in Poland or seek out an enchanting tour near the recipient’s abode.

#8 Moscow mule glasses

Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Moscow Mule, a beloved cocktail featuring vodka, reigns supreme among mixology enthusiasts. While purists may frown upon diluting vodka with other ingredients, countless vodka aficionados delight in the exquisite pleasure of a well-crafted Moscow Mule.

If you’re in search of vodka-inspired presents for someone who enjoys experimenting with vodka blends, this exquisite set featuring classic Moscow mule copper mugs makes for an impeccable gift choice.

To find additional Moscow mule presents, take a look at #14. Additionally, explore these 25 fantastic cocktail gifts for more options related to cocktails.

#9 Vodka birthday cake

This is undoubtedly the most distinctive vodka Christmas present or birthday present!

A vodka birthday/Christmas cake!

I mean, what else could they desire?

The package includes a delightful tray containing 10 petite Titos bottles, each with a volume of 50 ml. Additionally, it features a unique topper that allows you to personalize your message, ranging from festive greetings like ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy Birthday’ to words of celebration like ‘Congratulations’.

Please note that the bottles are not included, so you will need to purchase 10 mini bottles separately, perhaps through Drizly as an option.

Vodka gifts for mid budgets

#10 Vodka scratch-off poster

Are you seeking distinctive presents for individuals who enjoy experimenting with various kinds of vodkas and are fond of vodka drinking?

Then this peel-off poster is the perfect present!

Now, they have the perfect solution to monitor every single bottle they have savored and those that are eagerly awaiting their taste buds. And guess what?

They can keep tabs in a distinctive, artistic, and gratifying manner. Because there is nothing more fulfilling than crossing off items.

#11 Vodka-themed tumbler

Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of my preferred presents for individuals who enjoy vodka and have an affinity for coffee.

A thermos to maintain their coffee hot (or vodka chilled, depending on their preference, naturally).

#12 Vodka-themed flask

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you require presents for enthusiasts of vodka who constantly transport a flask of vodka with them?

Then assist them in smuggling vodka more efficiently and with greater flair using this humorous “living la vida vodka” flask.

#13 Best books for vodka lovers

Photo courtesy of Amazon

How to be a vodka snob

Are you looking for vodka-lover gifts for people who would love to become true connoisseurs? Then this is the book you need!

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Vodka: How a colorless, odorless, flavorless spirit conquered America

Delve into the intriguing world of vodka with this remarkable gift, perfect for history enthusiasts keen to unravel the captivating tale of vodka’s journey in the United States.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Vodka: The complete guide

At the bottom of this compilation lies an exceptional suggestion for a vodka present that will surely captivate anyone. Delve into the vodka compendium, which encompasses an abundance of knowledge on the extensive global history of vodka, renowned distilleries, and a myriad of intriguing facts.

#14 DIY Moscow mule travel kit

Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of my preferred presents for vodka enthusiasts who frequently travel; a compact Moscow mule set.

The compact size of this kit makes it ideal for travel, ensuring that one can enjoy a delightful Moscow mule while on a plane. With all the necessary ingredients, excluding vodka, conveniently included, this kit guarantees a swift preparation. Furthermore, it yields three servings of the classic cocktail, allowing the recipient the choice of indulging in solitary intoxication or extending the pleasure by sharing a Moscow mule with companions.

To find additional DIY cocktail kits, take a look at the cocktail gift guide.

#15 Funny candle

Are you searching for unique vodka presents for a housewarming party?

Then this candle is precisely what you require.

This label is sure to tickle the funny bone of vodka enthusiasts, while simultaneously filling the room with a delightful vodka-infused merriment.

#16 Vodka recipes book

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Hello! 365 Vodka drink recipes

Are you in search of unique vodka gift ideas for adventurous souls? Look no further than this extraordinary book, filled with 365 diverse vodka recipes. And for those seeking an even greater array of choices, the next book awaits your exploration!

Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Vodka 1000: The ultimate collection of vodka cocktails, recipes, facts, and resources

Indulge in the ultimate vodka treasure trove, perfect for vodka enthusiasts seeking to unravel the mysteries and embrace the endless possibilities. Within the pages of this exquisite compendium, you will discover a collection of 750 tantalizing vodka cocktails, accompanied by 50 delectable recipes infusing the spirit into culinary delights. Immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge with 50 fascinating vodka facts, uncover the finest vodka producers known to mankind, and embark on an extraordinary journey through an additional 100 online destinations, offering unparalleled insights into the world of this beloved libation.

Vodka gifts for small budgets

#17 Funny vodka-themed socks

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you searching for comical presents for enthusiasts of vodka?

Then these socks with the phrase “Vodka compelled me to do it” are ideal.

#18 Vodka-themed wall art

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need gifts for vodka lovers who love vodka so much, that they would decorate their entire home with vodka-related items?

Then explore Amazon for fantastic Vodka-themed presents for your household.

The metal tin in the shape of a cat, clasping a bottle of Tito’s vodka, caught my fancy. However, its charm relies heavily on Tito being the favored brand of vodka for the recipient.

#19 Funny mug

Photo courtesy of Amazon

This mug is arguably one of the best presents for vodka enthusiasts because it’s authentic.

At least they’re truthful with their coworkers when they’re drinking from this mug during another mundane morning gathering.

#20 Vodka tasting journal

Photo courtesy of Amazon

For those who consider themselves authentic vodka enthusiasts, or aspire to be one, this exquisite gift is an unmatched pleasure.

With this structured notebook, they can effortlessly catalog and chronicle their encounters with various vodkas. Embedded within its pages are thought-provoking cues that aid in capturing every intricate detail of each vodka they sample.

#21 Vodka keychain

This keychain possesses the power to delight recipients of all kinds, making it an ideal choice for those seeking amusing and petite vodka-inspired presents.

However, I must caution you that this peculiar item lacks actual vodka. It is merely a gel designed for visual appeal. Kindly ensure that the intended recipient refrains from attempting to consume it.

#22 Funny vodka-themed box

Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are searching for unique presents for vodka enthusiasts to decorate their dwelling, this box is an excellent gift suggestion.

It’s a small and amusing present for anyone who adores vodka (and for anyone who doesn’t have an affinity for vodka).

At my humble abode, we proudly display a vibrant poster adorned with identical words, whilst my personal appreciation for vodka remains lackluster. Nevertheless, an ardent affection is reserved for our captivating poster.

#23 Personalized label

No matter the event, now you have the ability to create your own vodka label to correspond with it!

Whether you’re in search of vodka Christmas presents or searching for unique gifts to celebrate graduations, new homes, or bachelor parties, look no further! You now have the opportunity to order a delightful collection of custom labels that will truly elevate any cherished occasion.

#24 Vodka-themed tote bag

Tote bags, the perfect little presents for vodka enthusiasts, are suitable for any recipient. (Provided you choose from the vast collection of 200+ vodka-inspired tote bags available on Zazzle, that is).

As I’ve previously mentioned, my adoration for the “Trust me you can dance” quote by Vodka knows no bounds. Naturally, it comes as no surprise that it became my cherished tote bag. Nevertheless, an abundance of diverse designs are readily available for one’s choosing.

#25 Vodka-themed shirt

Explore Etsy to discover the most amusing shirts with a vodka theme.

One of my favorites is this particular one with.

“Hakuna Ma-Vodka, It signifies no recollections for the remainder of your evening.”

They provide a wide variety of designs and colors, allowing you to discover a vodka-themed present for anyone.

Save these gifts for vodka lovers

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Final notes on gifts for vodka lovers

Here are 25 extraordinary and out-of-the-box gift suggestions tailored for passionate vodka enthusiasts. Require additional assistance? Explore the editor’s handpicked top three gift options for vodka lovers based on various budget ranges.

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