Thoughtful Miscarriage Gifts 2023

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Looking to express love and offer solace to those who have undergone or are currently facing the pain of miscarriage? Discover these exceptionally heartfelt gifts designed for mothers and fathers in such difficult times.

Each individual’s encounter with loss is unique, as they navigate through it in their own distinct ways. You possess an intimate understanding of your loved ones, and I have faith in your ability to select a meaningful present that will hold a special place in their hearts for eternity.

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Miscarriage Gifts for Mom

Comfort Box

Miscarriage is a challenging experience, but you can offer solace and affection through this thoughtful miscarriage comfort package. Unveiling the contents, you’ll discover a tenderly written poem that evokes cherished memories, an exquisite amethyst bracelet, and a packet of butterfly-attracting flower seeds.

Whisper of Hope Blanket

Wrapped in an adorned gift box, this exquisite polyester blanket portrays a tender mother cradling her child, accompanied by a heartfelt poem that resonates, “Through each passing moment of your existence, I nurtured and cherished you; throughout the entirety of my being, I shall forever love you.” Measuring 66″ by 49″, this lightweight blanket is an ideal gesture for offering solace during a difficult time.

Healing Thoughts 5-Piece Gift Set

Embracing the emotions of loss, this compassionate gift set offers solace with a cozy blanket, soothing neck pillow, gentle eye mask, stylish carrying bag, and comforting warm socks. Enveloped in uplifting words, it aims to uplift and support mothers navigating the difficult journey of miscarriage.

Emma Lou Miscarriage Necklace

The Emma Lou Miscarriage Necklace, crafted from durable stainless steel, serves as a tender memento of a cherished life. With its adjustable length ranging from 14.5 inches to 18 inches, this necklace offers a versatile and meaningful accessory.

Personalized Pregnancy Loss Necklace

Experience the exquisite elegance of this personalized necklace crafted to honor the journey of pregnancy loss. Delight in the freedom to select either a delicate wing or a symbolically significant cross charm. Embrace the power of personalization as you choose the date that holds the most meaning for you, whether it be the original due date or the date of loss. Engrave a cherished name and adorn the pendant with a birthstone color that resonates with your heart. The meticulously crafted disc, measuring 1 inch in diameter, is expertly forged from stainless steel, while the accompanying chain is an 18-inch marvel of stainless steel craftsmanship. Every piece is meticulously created in the vibrant landscapes of Arizona, capturing the essence of strength and resilience.

Miscarriage Bangle Bracelet

Adorn your wrist with this exquisite bangle bracelet, measuring 2.55 inches in width, skillfully crafted from resilient stainless steel. Impeccably designed, it guarantees a nickel, lead, and cadmium-free experience, ensuring utmost hypoallergenic comfort. Gracefully embellished with angelic wings on its exterior, the inner inscription tenderly declares, “Throughout every precious moment of your existence, I cradled you, and through every fleeting second of my own, I shall cherish you dearly.”

Sterling Silver Remembrance Bracelet

This exquisite infant loss gift bracelet showcases a beautifully crafted sterling silver heart, concealing yet another heart within. Handcrafted in Franklin, Tennessee, each jewelry piece exudes elegance. The heart charm measures 0.5 inches, while the adjustable chain ranges from 6.5 inches to 7.25 inches in length.

Ultrasound Frame

The ultrasound frame serves as a poignant and cherished keepsake, allowing parents to preserve the memory of their precious little one. Measuring 5″ by 7″, this exquisite frame offers personalization options including a name, date, and a stunning selection of 20 background colors. Crafted with love in the sunny state of Florida, this frame embodies both beauty and sentimentality.

peace + tranquilty Candle

Discovering serenity often lies in the embrace of an exquisitely fragranced candle. CHESAPEAKE BAY’s candle of tranquility and harmony envelops the senses with a delicate fusion of cashmere and jasmine, radiating a soothing aura for around 50 hours. Countless other aromatic concoctions await your exploration.

Miscarriage Support Journal

Occasionally, the passage of time brings solace, yet there are instances where a deeper remedy is required. This exceptional miscarriage journal, adorned with 31 heartfelt devotions, serves as a guiding light for a mother navigating the painful journey of grieving her beloved child while seeking solace and restoration.

“Grieving the Child I Never Knew” book

When you find yourself at a loss for words or actions, or perhaps uncertain about selecting an appropriate gift for a miscarriage, consider presenting this profound miscarriage book. “Embracing the Unseen Loss”, penned by the talented author Kathe Wunnenberg, delves into her personal journey of enduring three heartbreaking miscarriages and the tragic loss of her infant son. Through heartfelt narratives, she compassionately shares her own inexplicable sorrow and guides fellow mothers towards the path of healing and discovering a way forward.

Infant Loss Keychain

A modest yet considerate token of remembrance, this keychain made of stainless steel conveys your empathy and support towards someone enduring the sorrow of a miscarriage.

Memorial Keychain Set

These stainless steel keychains serve as a heartfelt token for mothers and fathers navigating the pain of a miscarriage. Each parent will receive a keychain symbolizing their eternal bond and cherished memories of their child.

Christmas Ornament for Miscarriage

As I immersed myself in the words of this exquisitely crafted Christmas ornament dedicated to miscarriage, tears welled up in my eyes. “Baby is Heaven” gracefully weaves a poetic tribute to parents who have endured the painful loss of an infant. I must confess, this is truly one of the most captivating poems I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. The ornament itself measures 3.5 inches in width and includes a thoughtful space to showcase a cherished picture of the precious little one.

Memory Christmas Ornament for Miscarriage

During the festive season, numerous parents perceive their child as an integral part of their cherished family. They long to commemorate the precious child lost to miscarriage, and what better way than with this exquisite 3-inch round Christmas ornament? This thoughtful gift can be personalized with the baby’s name and the month/year of their birth. Moreover, you have the option to enhance its beauty by incorporating a gem or birthstone of your choice.

In the Palm of His Hand Garden Statue

A one-of-a-kind garden treasure, this resin sculpture features a serene slumbering infant cradled in the compassionate hands of Jesus. Standing proudly at a height of 11 inches, it serves as a heartfelt keepsake for solace and restoration, whether displayed indoors or nestled in a tranquil garden sanctuary.

Monthly Meal Subscription Box

A wonderful gesture for someone who has gone through a miscarriage is gifting them a delightful weekly or monthly meal subscription. This thoughtful present allows them to select their desired meals at their convenience.

A Miscarriage Gift for Dad

Remembrance Keychain

This stainless steel keychain is a wonderful gift for a father to cherish the memory of his child.

Baby footprint leather cuff

A sophisticated leather cuff adorned with a delicate footprint design serves as a remarkable present for a father who has endured the pain of a miscarriage. This heartfelt accessory provides a poignant reminder of the precious child he lost. The bracelet offers the option to personalize the name and even include a cherished image. With its adjustable holes spanning from 7.87 inches to 9.05 inches, it ensures a perfect fit. The bracelet, measuring 9.44 inches in length, exudes elegance and sentimentality.

What to Include in a Miscarriage Care Package

Something fuzzy and soft/warm

During times of loss, it provides solace to be accompanied by comforting objects like a cozy blanket, snug socks, or a plush toy. In the unfortunate event of a miscarriage or stillbirth, you might even contemplate creating a special baby blanket to honor the precious child.

Mom’s favorite flower

Discovering the cherished flower adored by the grieving mother allows you to present her with a vibrant bouquet of her beloved blossoms. Additionally, you might contemplate gifting a blooming flower, verdant plant, or majestic tree that she can lovingly nurture, serving as a perpetual reminder of her precious little one.

A book about miscarriage

I have curated a selection of books that serve as guiding companions for mothers embarking on the journey of navigating through the heartbreaking experience of miscarriage. While there may be other valuable resources available, the following books have proven to be exceptionally beneficial for mothers who have endured the pain of a miscarriage.

A yummy, sweet treat

Offering a helping hand to a mother who has experienced a miscarriage can involve the thoughtful gesture of crafting or dispatching her most cherished indulgences. In the event of uncertainty regarding her specific preferences, one can generously dispatch an assortment of delectable delights.

When to Send a Miscarriage Gift

Sending a gift to someone who has experienced a miscarriage is a beautiful gesture that transcends the constraints of timing. It serves as a heartfelt reminder that they are constantly in your thoughts during this challenging period. While certain individuals may not be prepared to discuss their loss immediately, they deeply appreciate the tangible expressions of love and support.

Things You Can Go Do for Someone Who Suffered a Miscarriage

Go with her to get a massage

If your friend or loved one is up for it, you can treat her to a pampering session with soothing massages. It provides a wonderful opportunity for her to prioritize self-care and aid in her recovery.

Go get manicures/pedicures together

Likewise, you both can indulge in the delightful pampering of manicures and/or pedicures. It presents a wonderful opportunity to engage in conversation about her journey through the challenging phase of miscarriage, if she feels inclined to share.

Go see a movie together

An alternative suggestion for spending time with someone who has experienced a miscarriage is to accompany them to a movie. Occasionally, it can be comforting to find solace in shedding tears or sharing laughter without any lingering sense of remorse.

Offer to clean her house

Perhaps, amidst emotional turmoil, she may not possess the inner strength, but occasionally, following a miscarriage or the heartbreak of losing an infant, a woman finds herself physically incapable of tending to her household chores. As an expression of love, you can extend your offer to tidy her abode.

Offer to make a meal

In my perspective, a lovingly prepared homemade feast symbolizes universality and heartfelt consideration. If one possesses the ability to whip up a delectable meal (or a series of them), it would serve as a remarkable means to extend support to a woman who has experienced the pain of a miscarriage.

Offer to help with her kids

Should your companion or cherished individual have additional offspring, it could prove advantageous to extend your assistance towards them. Whether it entails organizing a carpool for their transportation, taking charge of their care for a few hours, or even arranging a playdate between your children and theirs at her abode while she attends to her obligations, your support would undoubtedly be appreciated.

There exists a plethora of considerate presents for individuals who have undergone a miscarriage, however, the means to aid a family in such a situation are truly boundless. The anguish of losing a child, regardless of the circumstances, is unparalleled. May you find solace in your endeavors to provide support to your loved ones! For additional means of supporting those who have suffered a miscarriage, The Miscarriage Association serves as an excellent starting point.

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In addition to the previous helpful posts, here are some more informative and beneficial posts that you might find useful.

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