30 Terrific Train Gifts For Train Lovers That Are On Track!

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Are you in search of the ultimate train-themed presents, tailored for both young and old? Look no further! Whether you’re seeking gifts for avid train admirers, dedicated train spotters, frequent train explorers, or even railway professionals, this post is specially crafted for you. Prepare to be astonished by our collection of not less than 30 extraordinary train-related gifts. Discover captivating literature showcasing the most awe-inspiring train expeditions across the globe, along with exquisite home decor pieces. Regardless of the kind of train aficionado you are, rest assured that the perfect gift awaits you here.

Save these gifts for train lovers

Remember to save these present concepts for enthusiasts of trains on Pinterest!

Save these gifts for train lovers who appreciate the beauty and history of locomotives and railways.

Train gifts for large budgets

#1 Wall art

Metal steam train wall art

Train enthusiasts who have recently purchased a new home or relocated can delight in the perfect present – captivating wall art that pays homage to their passion for trains.

One of my preferred choices was this metal wall artwork featuring a steam locomotive. However, consider browsing through Amazon for a wider range of alternatives.

And if the receiver is a travel enthusiast, take a look at these 25 housewarming gifts with a travel theme as well.

#2 Ticket to ride board game

Ticket to ride Europe

This gift is undoubtedly a top pick among train enthusiasts. And truthfully, it’s not solely beloved by train lovers, but by anyone who has a passion for board games, as Ticket to Ride happens to be my ultimate favorite!

This is precisely what makes it an exceptional present for train enthusiasts. It provides them with the opportunity to introduce their passion to individuals who may not be as captivated by trains. Nonetheless, they can discover a mutual fascination through this game.

#3 Train-themed phone case

Are you searching for railway presents for someone who is also obsessed with his or her mobile device?

Take a glimpse at the magnificent train-inspired phone cases available on Zazzle. Thus, whenever their phone becomes inseparable from their grasp, they will be clutching onto your extraordinary present.

#4 Pocket watch

Pocket watch

In my personal opinion, pocket watches exude a captivating charm that appeals to men. There’s an inexplicable allure that emanates from these timepieces, captivating my interest.

If you happen to be in search of unique train-inspired presents for gentlemen who also possess an eccentric fondness for pocket watches, then undoubtedly, this particular item adorned with a beautifully etched steam locomotive is absolutely ideal.

#5 Train piggy bank

This is one of the most fascinating train presents for individuals who enjoy traveling via train.


Because individuals can utilize this distinct train-shaped savings bank to accumulate funds for their upcoming remarkable train expedition!

However, it serves as an excellent present for individuals passionate about train spotting or indulging in train-related activities, as it grants them the freedom to save for their heart’s desires.

#6 Whiskey glasses

Are you searching for train presents for someone who also adores whiskey?

Enable them to merge their two preferred aspects with these fantastic train locomotive blueprint whiskey glasses.

#7 Train experience gifts

A grandiose railway journey in Sri Lanka.
An epic train ride in Sri Lanka

Experience gifts hold a special place in my heart, surpassing their physical counterparts. Astonishingly, numerous studies have substantiated the fact that the majority of recipients share this sentiment.

If you seek one-of-a-kind presents for enthusiasts of trains, venture into the realm of Virgen Experience and discover a magnificent locomotive journey in close proximity to the recipient’s abode or their upcoming voyage.

On the flip side, why not treat your loved one to an extraordinary train adventure that is bound to captivate their heart? And to present this delightful gift, seize the opportunity to utilize a charming do-it-yourself ticket voucher sourced from Etsy.

#8 Electric train set

Electric Bachmann train

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey with this exceptional train gift suggestion, perfect for both train enthusiasts of all ages, be it kids or adults! Indulge in the joy of having your very own train set right in the comfort of your own home.

Visit Amazon for the electric Bachmann train, or go to Etsy if you are searching for vintage trains.

#9 Train magazine subscription

Subscriptions make for incredible presents as they offer the recipient endless enjoyment. However, the duration of the subscription determines the extent of their delight.

Subscribing to Trains Magazine is truly a remarkable gift for any train aficionado. With the opportunity to relish a fresh publication centered around their beloved pastime on a monthly basis, it’s an absolute delight!

#10 Train-shaped clock

Locomotive-shaped clock

This amazing clock shaped like a locomotive is the perfect home decor gift for train enthusiasts.

It’s perfect for train enthusiasts who desire to adorn their entire house in a train-themed manner.

#11 Train-themed hoodie

Are you seeking train present suggestions for a regular train observer?

A hoodie adorned with a captivating train motif would be absolutely ideal. This way, during their future train-spotting adventures, they can stay cozy and snug in the embrace of your extraordinary present.

Train gifts for mid budgets

#12 Train-themed travel mug

Zazzle offers an impressive collection of around 4000 travel mugs with delightful train designs, making them the perfect presents for passionate train enthusiasts and avid train observers seeking a steaming cup of coffee to accompany their beloved pastime.

#13 Train poster

Poster of the history of trains

Are you searching for additional train-themed presents for someone’s residence?

Then check out this poster with the history of trains. It’s not just great for train enthusiasts, but for history buffs too.

#14 Train gift card

Contrary to popular belief, there are still individuals who hold onto the notion that gift cards lack personal touch and are unexciting. However, I respectfully disagree. In fact, they prove to be exceedingly practical and highly coveted by those who receive them. This is particularly true when the gift card is tailored to the recipient’s passions and interests, ensuring that it will be put to good use. For aficionados of locomotives, a gift card for an enchanting train expedition would be an absolute delight!

For those residing in England, the Bluebell Railway is a delightful choice, while Eurostar offers a splendid option for individuals voyaging by train to explore the enchanting realms of Europe.

#15 Travel pillow

Travel pillow

Are you in need of practical presents for individuals who have a fondness for trains and frequently embark on lengthy train journeys?

A slumber cushion presents itself as an exceptional gift notion, enabling individuals to indulge in their cherished mode of transportation while enjoying restful slumber with the aid of this ergonomic neck pillow.

#16 Steam train necklace

Necklace of a steam train

Are you in search of train presents for ladies?

Then accessories are always a secure choice. One illustration is this adorable steam locomotive pendant.

#17 Journal

Train-themed journal

For those embarking on a train expedition, as well as any wanderers preparing for a forthcoming adventure, I highly advocate the use of travel journals.

They can document all their experiences and thrilling rides in this exquisitely crafted journal.

#18 Water bottle

Being a seasoned train explorer, one must always be ready for the unexpected. The duration of the journey remains a mystery, as does the availability of refreshments, particularly in nations with less trustworthy railway networks. Therefore, to ensure optimal hydration during those lengthy train voyages, the exceptional train-inspired water bottles offered by Zazzle are absolutely ideal.

#19 Train journeys travel guide

Amazing train journeys guide by Lonely Planet

Undoubtedly, this ranks among the finest train presents for avid globetrotters. Not only does it offer an eco-friendly mode of transportation, but it also provides a distinctive perspective of our planet.

The Lonely Planet has curated an impressive collection of 60 extraordinary train journeys from across the globe. Believe me when I say that even the most passionate train lover has yet to embark on all of them.

What do you think of the Bulawayo to Victoria Falls journey in Zimbabwe or The Glacier Express in Switzerland?

#20 Passport covers

Are you searching for presents for individuals who are passionate about trains and frequently embark on journeys? Ideally, by train, without a doubt.

A remarkable gift suggestion for them would be a passport cover infused with a train motif! Zazzle offers a vast collection of more than 179 captivating designs to choose from. Alternatively, opt for the steam train illustration cover, perfect for those who hold an enthrallment for the wonders of steam trains.

Train gifts for small budgets

#21 Luggage tags

In addition to passport covers, train enthusiasts who embark on frequent journeys will find train-themed luggage tags to be delightful presents. With this stylish vintage train ticket tag, they can effortlessly identify their bags amidst a sea of luggage.

#22 Coloring book for adults

Famous trains coloring book

Before you express any opinions regarding coloring books being exclusively for children, allow me to present two facts to you.

Were you aware that adult coloring books aid in relaxation?

And were you aware that it also alleviates stress?

How is that for a kids’ pastime?

If you’re in search of the perfect present for a train lover who’s been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, be sure to explore this incredible coloring book that’s brimming with train-themed illustrations.

#23 Personalized mug

Personalized presents are an excellent choice as individuals cherish keeping unique gifts. If you are seeking train-themed gifts that will truly be utilized and cherished by the recipient, take a glance at this adorable mug available on Etsy. Resembling a train ticket, it can be entirely customized to suit the recipient’s preferences and the occasion for gifting.

#24 Socks

Train-themed socks

Socks always hit the mark. They are an absolute must-have, available in a vast array of vibrant hues, intriguing designs, and various sizes. Take, for instance, these adorable socks adorned with charming train motifs.

#25 Books about trains

The great railroad revolution book

The great railroad revolution by Christian Wolmar

Delve into the enchanting world of locomotives with this extraordinary offering, tailor-made for ardent railway enthusiasts captivated by America’s rich history, particularly its enthralling train-related tales. Immerse yourself in The Great Railroad Revolution, an all-encompassing journey that divulges every intricate detail of the American railway saga, spanning from its inaugural voyage in 1830 to its present-day prominence.

Adventures of a railway nomad book

Adventures of a railway nomad: How our journeys guide us home

As you may have deduced from the title, this exceptional book serves as an ideal present for train enthusiasts or those aspiring to embark on train adventures. Delightfully humorous, it chronicles the captivating train expedition of a charming couple through the captivating landscapes of Eastern Europe.

#26 Shirt

Are you seeking amusing train presents?

Whether it’s for men, women, or children, you can find a funny train-inspired shirt on Etsy. Such as this “one-track mind” shirt.

#27 Keychain

Keychain of a silver train

Should you happen to seek modest yet meaningful train-themed presents for an unfamiliar individual, a keychain serves as an exquisite remedy. Particularly when obtaining one that resonates with the recipient’s personal interests, much like this particular one.

It’s delightful, compact in size and cost-effective, and anyone can utilize it.

#28 Train spotting journal

Train spotting journal

Look no further for train gift ideas tailored to the avid train spotter. Behold, a meticulously designed journal, destined to keep their train spotting adventures in perfect harmony!

#29 Top trumps train game

Top trumps game

If given the choice, my preference would sway towards Ticket to Ride as opposed to Top Trumps. However, for those seeking petite train-themed presents for avid gamers, I would confidently recommend Top Trumps as the ultimate choice.

#30 Tote bags

Some individuals opt to embark on train journeys due to their passion for locomotives, while others choose this mode of transportation for its eco-friendly attributes. For those who fall into the latter group, behold the ideal present: a fashionable tote bag adorned with charming travel motifs!


Tote bags, crafted from eco-friendly materials, boast enhanced durability, making them a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. Additionally, these stylish accessories feature captivating prints showcasing one’s preferred mode of transportation.

Save these gifts for train lovers

Have you bookmarked these presents for the train lover on Pinterest already?

These gifts are perfect for train lovers and will surely bring them joy and excitement.

Final note on these gifts for train lovers

Great! Here are the top 30 gift suggestions to delight train enthusiasts. Have you already made your purchase? Or are you still contemplating? If so, why not explore the editor’s top three recommendations for some additional guidance?

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