Unsolved Armchair Treasure Hunt: The Money Hunt

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Following the triumph of Kit William’s “Masquerade,” the early to mid 1980s witnessed a surge in armchair treasure hunts. While some, such as “Treasure: In Search Of The Golden Horse,” remain etched in our memories, others like “The Golden Apple Tale” have a smaller but dedicated following, with a few individuals still actively pursuing its mysteries. Additionally, there are those hunts that have seemingly vanished from public consciousness or remain shrouded in obscurity. “The Money Hunt: Reward $1,000,000” falls into this category, forgotten over time, occasionally resurfacing on platforms like eBay, yet preserving its enigmatic secrets and unsolved puzzle.

The Money Hunt Jigsaw Puzzle is a challenging game that requires problem-solving skills and patience to find hidden clues and solve mysteries in order to discover hidden treasures.
The Money Hunt Jigsaw Puzzle

As a child, I was the proud owner of “The Money Hunt.” Fond memories of piecing together its jigsaw puzzle and flipping through the book still linger in my mind. Though its fate remains unknown, the imprint it left on me is indelible. Surprisingly, fate intervened years later when I stumbled upon an unopened game being sold on EBay, prompting me to make the purchase without hesitation.

There’s an enchanting aura when you become the pioneer to unveil something from a bygone era…It’s akin to unearthing your very own hidden treasure. After reassembling the puzzle, leafing through the book, and the wistful reminiscence subsided, I resolved to search the internet for the answer.

Only to discover…Nothing.

Scattered across websites are mere whispers of its existence, with a handful of individuals who dare to trade it. Yet, the abyss of information surrounding this enigma leaves one yearning for tales of triumph and nostalgia, yearning for the untold adventures and cherished memories woven within the realms of this game.

Recalling from my memory, that’s precisely the reason I initially reached out to Jenny from the Enigmatic Inscriptions (who happens to possess a duplicate of it). Subsequently, it surfaced multiple times on the platform lately, prompting us to deem it fitting to compose an enlightening piece regarding the matter.

Released in 1985 by Trivia Games, Inc., “The Money Hunt: Reward $1,000,000” came packed with a captivating assortment. Within its box, you would find a book, a jigsaw puzzle, and an expansive fold-up map of North America. The map was cleverly adorned with a diagram depicting a lengthy arrow meandering through the book’s pages, hinting at a sequential path to be followed. Solving the puzzle would unveil a precise location hidden somewhere in the vast expanse of North America. If your solution aligned with this secret spot, the grand prize of $1,000,000 would be yours to claim.

Money Hunt Image is an exciting and adventurous treasure hunt game where participants search for hidden clues and solve puzzles to find a hidden cash prize.
Money Hunt Image

Within its pages, the book unveils a delightful collection of 30 hand-drawn sketches, reminiscent of the enchanting illustrations found in “The Golden Apple Tale”. These intricate drawings depict a variety of mind-teasing challenges, ranging from a captivating crossword puzzle to perplexing cryptograms. Moreover, the pages are adorned with an assortment of intriguingly placed words, phrases, and numbers, enticing the reader to unravel their hidden meanings. As a testament to its authenticity, the book contains a registration card, embossed with a unique identification number, which one would duly provide upon purchasing the game. Additionally, it includes three separate cards, purposefully designated for players to pen down their ingenious solutions and eagerly submit them to the esteemed company.

The assembled jigsaw puzzle features an identical image as the book’s cover, intriguingly accompanied by a captivating poem believed by many to hold the key to unraveling the puzzle.

“A tragic tale was recounted, of someone not quite elderly.

Ascend to a great height, but not quite reaching the heavens.

With lives made to pay, discover the location where one used to play.

Written along the border of the jigsaw puzzle are the following words:

Having successfully completed the jigsaw puzzle, this poetic piece shall serve as your guide to uncovering the hidden treasure. We strongly advise revisiting the poem located at the bottom of the puzzle multiple times. With the commencement of your treasure-seeking journey on the correct path, direct your attention to page 11, the realm of the pool, where individuals engage in card games… Among the cards, lies the enigmatic queen of spades – What could this signify? Explore the page for additional hints, as well as all other illustrations. In the event of any difficulties, consult the provided instructions.

The online realm reveals a mysterious legal dispute that unfolded between Trivia Games, Inc and a peculiar entity known as World Wide Treasure Adventures, Inc. Regrettably, the trademark for Trivia Games, Inc was neglected, leading to the belief that the company has long vanished into oblivion. Remarkably, the esteemed accounting firm Touche Ross (now recognized as Deloitte & Touche) safeguarded the elusive solution and the accompanying funds, eagerly awaiting the submission of the correct solution in order to dispense the long-awaited reward. Throughout the passing years, countless individuals have endeavored to correspond with Deloitte & Touche, yearning for the solution or any shred of information. Yet, to the best of everyone’s knowledge, no response has ever graced their inquisitive inquiries.

The answer remains elusive, shrouded in mystery. According to certain reports, the elusive solution’s whereabouts were believed to lie within the enchanting realm of New Brunswick, situated in Canada. A clue that supports this theory is the peculiar inclusion of the enigmatic “N.B.” Within a sentence on the instruction page of the enigmatic jigsaw puzzle, potentially alluding to the enigmatic province of New Brunswick.

The puzzle remains an enigma, with limited information available. While I’ve dabbled with the crossword, its relevance to a solution remains unclear. In the year 1985, tackling the crossword would have posed a significant challenge, but thanks to the internet, it has become a breeze. Additionally, I’ve ventured into deciphering some cryptograms within the book, only to unravel their inherent insignificance.

With a glimmer of hope, I anticipate the day when the enigma’s solution will unravel before me, unveiling its intricate workings. However, deep down, I acknowledge that this elusive revelation may forever elude my grasp. Nevertheless, I derive pleasure from occasionally perusing the book, pondering the fate of its enigmatic creators, while nostalgically recalling my own younger self, eagerly leafing through the pages of this antiquated tome, envisioning a long-lost treasure of yesteryear.

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