The 25 Best US Citizenship Gifts To Celebrate Your Faverite New American

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To make this remarkable milestone even more memorable, we have curated 25 remarkable presents for new citizens of the United States. These thoughtful gifts are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on even the most well-informed individuals who have recently taken their oath.

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#1 Necklace

New US citizen necklace

Searching for a nationality present concept that will make a new United States citizen feel even more exceptional?

What do you think of this exquisite necklace presented in an opulent box adorned with the heartfelt message, “Congratulations on attaining United States citizenship”? It serves as an exceptional means to demonstrate the immense pride you hold for their remarkable accomplishment.

#2 Patriot subscription box

The photo is courtesy of Cratejoy, a platform that offers subscription boxes for various interests and hobbies.
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

Look no further for the epitome of a patriotic gift for recently naturalized gentlemen in the United States. A treasure trove brimming with items crafted by diligent American individuals, right within the beloved confines of the good old USA. From nifty gadgets to comprehensive emergency readiness, these meticulously curated boxes serve as an impeccable vehicle for proudly showcasing their freshly discovered allegiance to their adopted homeland.

Fear not if receiving a monthly shipment of USA Pride seems a tad overwhelming. Alternatively, you may choose to indulge in a singular, limited-time opportunity of a Patriotic box.

#3 US snack basket

The photo is courtesy of Cratejoy.
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

As they have become official members of the club, it’s only fitting to reward them with a delightful surprise. Why not indulge them each month with a captivating American snack subscription box?

Each month, this box is filled with a delightful assortment of 35 carefully selected snacks that represent the essence of American flavors. From delectable sweetness to bold spiciness, there’s a delightful surprise waiting for everyone inside!

Indulging in the finest delicacies the USA has to offer won’t just fulfill their desires, it will also provide an opportunity to explore American culture through its culinary heritage.

However, do not fret if a monthly subscription exceeds your financial constraints. You can alternatively choose a single snack basket.

#4 US state basket

The photo courtesy of Cratejoy showcases their high-quality products and excellent packaging.
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

Are you searching for another exciting present for new American citizens to discover the United States one mouthful at a time?

Then a food basket themed according to a specific state is the ideal present!

It’s a gift that you can easily put together yourself with local products from your state, or go for Cratejoy’s state boxes.

Every basket brims with exquisite and delectable delights hailing from a distinct state. Opt for a single box or bestow a subscription box, allowing the fresh settler to relish the flavors of a different state each month. It’s an exceptional means to unearth novel regional delicacies and immerse oneself in the delectable diversity America has to proffer.

#5 Hot sauces from America basket

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Infuse excitement into a fresh inhabitant’s existence with a delightful assortment of scorching condiments sourced from all corners of the United States! This extraordinary gesture serves as an ideal means to warmly embrace them into the nation with an electrifying twist. Ranging from the vibrant landscapes of Florida to the captivating realms of Virginia, these zesty sauces are guaranteed to bestow a burst of delectable essence upon their novel abode. However, it is advisable to keep a supply of milk at the ready should they venture a tad too far into the realm of fiery indulgence!

#6 US beer cap map

US map with beer caps

Searching for exciting and one-of-a-kind presents for newly naturalized citizens? Seek no more than this incredible beer cap map of the United States!

This exceptional masterpiece not only serves as a captivating homage to their newfound abode but also serves as an enticing catalyst for exploring novel brews. Following the arduous journey to attain American citizenship, indulging in a well-deserved pint (or perhaps two) is unquestionably warranted.

#7 Sports merchandise

USA baseball jersey

Embracing the vibrant American culture and seamlessly blending in with the locals can be magnificently achieved through acquiring sports team merchandise. Given the unwavering adoration that Americans have for sports, it becomes imperative for new citizens to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of these games in order to effortlessly assimilate. Whether it’s a stylish jersey, a trendy hat, or even a whimsical foam finger, these items serve as remarkable catalysts for engaging conversations and serve as delightful expressions of communal pride, fostering a deep sense of connection with newfound companions.

#8 Iconic landmark scratch-off poster

The photo is courtesy of Uncommon Goods, an online retailer known for its unique and innovative products.
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This scratch-off poster is a fantastic present for newly naturalized American citizens because it’s similar to a treasure hunt for adults!

Embark on an exciting adventure to uncover the treasures of our nation, unveiling the magnificent 75 landmarks that define its essence. And let’s admit, the sheer satisfaction of crossing off items from a checklist is simply irresistible.

#9 State flower painting kit

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you searching for distinctive presents for an individual acquiring citizenship who has a passion for artistic creations and handicrafts?

Look no further than this captivating state flower painting kit! Unleash your inner artist and discover the beauty of your state flower, all without the hassle of searching it up online.

US citizenship gifts for mid budgets

#10 Constitution glasses

Constitution glasses

Indeed, while their minds might be brimming with an abundance of lectures on the Constitution, their thirst for celebrating the exceptional principles that set the United States apart will never wane. Thus, let us toast to the latest addition to the American family with these exquisite and profound whiskey vessels! These remarkable artifacts serve as impeccable presents for those embracing US citizenship, seamlessly blending the tapestry of American history with the pleasures of a fine libation.

#11 US-themed jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle of the US

Are you seeking distinct presents for new citizens of the United States who have a fondness for jigsaw puzzles?

Explore the depths of this captivating 1000-piece puzzle showcasing a mesmerizing map of the United States, beautifully embellished with the distinctive license plates from all fifty states. Delight in endless hours of amusement while unraveling this intricate masterpiece, simultaneously unraveling the mysteries of each state and its unique license plate design. Furthermore, bid farewell to tedious immigration exam preparations, as now you can effortlessly immerse yourself in the joyous endeavor of puzzle-solving during your evenings!

#12 Books about the US

America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful: A Story in Photographs

The National Geographics coffee table book is an exquisite collection of more than 200 breathtaking photographs capturing the essence of the United States. This remarkable masterpiece serves as an exceptional gift for individuals acquiring US citizenship, enabling them to embark on a captivating journey through their newfound homeland and proudly share their newfound wisdom with loved ones.

Speaking American

Speaking American: How y’all, youse, and you guys talk

Get ready to dive into a delightful realm of American linguistic diversity with this extraordinary present for US citizenship. Explore the intriguing world of various accents across the country through an engaging book. Unravel the mysteries behind phrases like “y’all” or “wicked” and witness the joy of comprehension unfold!

Collection of books by Mark Twain

Collection of books by Mark Twain

To ensure seamless integration of your newfound favorite citizen, bestow upon them the treasure trove of classic American literature! Mark Twain’s masterpieces effortlessly encapsulate the very essence of America and its inhabitants like no other. Embracing such literary wonders serves as an extraordinary conduit to forge a profound connection with the nation and its illustrious literary heritage.

#13 New citizen shirt

Bestow upon your newfound adored American the exquisite present of a bespoke emblem of distinction encapsulated within this exquisite garment. They have meritoriously attained the privilege to don it resolutely, thereby proclaiming their esteemed membership within the cherished realm of the venerable United States of America.

#14 US flag blanket

US flag blanket

Do you require presents for new American citizens who are still acclimating to the temperatures in the United States?

Then this blanket with the United States flag is perfect! They can literally envelop themselves in America.

#15 US flag-insulated water bottle

Water bottle with the US flag

Are you searching for gifts related to US citizenship that are both useful and demonstrate patriotism?

What do you think of a thermally insulated water bottle with the American flag etched on it?

It’s a fashionable method for them to remain hydrated and show their patriotism.

#16 US-themed cookbook

The Happy American Cookbook

A cookbook inspired by the United States makes for a splendid present for fresh American citizens as there’s nothing quite as symbolic of embracing America than gaining a delightful 10 pounds within the initial week!

From barbecued ribs to apple pie, visitors will have a delectable crash course in American food.

#17 US flag photo frame

Photo frame of the US flag

The ideal present for an individual attaining citizenship is a photo frame adorned with the emblematic US flag. This exquisite item serves as both a heartfelt showcase for their citizenship certificate and a splendid holder for a snapshot capturing the profound moment of their Naturalization Oath Ceremony, symbolizing their transformation into a genuine patriot.

#18 Local wine or liquor

The photo is courtesy of Drizly.
Photo courtesy of Drizly

Searching for a nationality present concept that’s certain to satisfy?

Surprise them with a delightful bottle of wine or spirits sourced from their freshly adopted state. It’s a splendid gesture to commemorate their newfound citizenship and embark on a tantalizing journey through the distinctive local tastes, exemplified by this exquisite Californian offering.

Additionally, once they have completed their preparation for the citizenship examination, it wouldn’t hurt to indulge in a refreshing beverage. Nevertheless, caution must be exercised to ensure that they refrain from consuming it prior to the momentous Naturalization Oath Ceremony, as it would be unfavorable for them to stumble over their words while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance!

#19 US-themed apron

Searching for exciting presents for newly naturalized American citizens?

This apron is absolutely ideal! It’ll enable them to fully embrace the essence of American culture, as nothing epitomizes ‘America’ quite like igniting the grill and proudly displaying those exceptional BBQ talents.

US citizenship gifts for small budgets

#20 US certificate holder

US certificate holder

Achieving U.S. Citizenship is no walk in the park – it demands immense effort, unwavering commitment, and a profound grasp of American heritage and customs. Yet, for those who have rightfully earned their citizenship document, it becomes a wellspring of immense pride and triumph. And what more splendid manner to showcase this precious certificate than within this exquisite holder?

This specially crafted case is tailor-made to accommodate all varieties of citizenship certificates, ensuring their utmost protection. Moreover, it proudly exhibits the illustrious gold American Great seal, making it an impeccable present for newly naturalized US citizens to flaunt their well-deserved accomplishments with an abundance of pride!

#21 American games

American trivia game

There is nothing more American than a fun-filled game evening, making games fantastic presents for newly naturalized citizens of the United States.

Explore the depths of their vast knowledge gained from studying for immigration tests by engaging in trivia games centered around the United States. For those who relish in the joy of board games, the American rendition of Ticket to Ride will surely captivate their hearts. And to truly immerse themselves in American culture and traditions alongside newfound companions, gifting them the exhilarating game of cornhole will guarantee an unforgettable experience.

#22 Passport holder

Passport holder

A splendid present for newly naturalized American citizens would be an exquisite passport holder adorned with captivating American motifs. Bearing witness to their arduous journey towards acquiring the prized passport, this fashionable accessory shall not only safeguard their legal document, but also serve as a perpetual symbol of their patriotic identity. Whether venturing to a local supermarket or embarking on grander adventures, the holder shall serve as a constant source of inspiration, commemorating their unwavering commitment and tremendous efforts.

#23 Funny socks

Murica socks

Celebrate the joy of acquiring US citizenship with these impeccable socks that not only provide warmth to the feet but also symbolize the wearer’s complete integration into their newfound American persona.

#24 Candle

Celebrate the triumph of new citizens with this remarkable candle! It encompasses the delightful essence of accomplishment, blended harmoniously with the subtle notes of apple pie and a touch of patriotism (although you have the freedom to select your preferred fragrance). Following the strenuous procedures and enduring long queues, a moment of tranquility is well-deserved.

#25 Funny mug

This humorous mug is the ideal present for avid coffee enthusiasts, offering them a daily dose of laughter and serving as a constant reminder of their pursuit of the American Dream as they savor their morning cup of joe.

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Final notes on gifts for new American citizens

Celebrate this significant milestone and express your immense pride to your loved ones with remarkable presents symbolizing US citizenship. Opt for a gift that resonates with the recipient and embodies the core values of American citizenship, be it practical or sentimental. To ignite your creativity, explore the editor’s curated selection of the finest offerings.

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