20 Valentine Gifts for Classmates!

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This year, I am thrilled to embark on a crafting adventure with Rosie, where we will create delightful Valentine gifts for her classmates. The dilemma lies in choosing between crafting with candy, engaging in playful games, or delving into something educational. Though my inclination is towards an educational endeavor, why not embrace the spirit of variety and incorporate all three into our creative mix?


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Rosie’s classroom embarks on an adventurous journey through the realm of letters, where every passing week demands the arrival of a captivating object commencing with the designated letter. In the realm of “F,” I summoned Rosie to present a magnificent stuffed animal flamingo. As a connoisseur of challenges, I take pleasure in transforming this task into an intriguing test, much to the delight of the educators who expressed their astonishment, as the rest of the children predictably arrived with an array of firetrucks.

Not this mama!

I enjoy being unique. My spouse and I turn it into a fun challenge to decide which item Rosie should bring in next.

Oh, the delights of being a parent….

As we embark on the journey of creating 16 delightful presents for her fellow classmates, I delved into the depths of Pinterest and stumbled upon a plethora of irresistibly cute Valentine’s Day gifts that would undoubtedly be an ideal fit for her peers.

BONUS: Most of them have free printables!

1. Valentine Donut Printable

valentine gifts

|source: Eighteen25|

Okay but honestly, who doesn’t adore donuts?

Imagine the joy of savoring an array of donut flavors, such as the lusciousness of a strawberry-infused donut, the decadence of a chocolate delight adorned with a blush pink frosting, or the timeless charm of a classic donut adorned with delightful pink sprinkles!

Even better, create your own donuts by using a heart-shaped mold and try out this adorable pink party donut recipe here.

You can get the free printable here: Valentine Donut Printable

2. Lego Valentine Card

valentine gifts

|source: The Resourceful Mama|

Wow, I must say this Valentine gift is absolutely adorable! Rosie received a whole bunch of these delightful items earlier today and she is completely captivated by them.

If you really want to immerse yourself in the Valentine’s Day spirit, you could do them all in shades of pink and red.

You can get the free printable here: Lego Valentine Card

3. Dinosaur Valentine Card

valentine gifts

|source: That’s What Che Said|

How adorable is this?!

Many of Rosie’s acquaintances have a strong fascination with dinosaurs.

I am a enthusiast of Valentine cards that have something other than sweets and this is the ideal plaything!

You can get the free printable here: Dinosaur Valentine Card

4. You Are the ‘Write’ Kind of Friend – Shuttle Pen Valentines

valentine gifts

|source: I Can Teach My Child|

In my opinion, among all the Valentine gifts mentioned here, this is one of my preferred choices.

I recall adoring these pens as a child, and I believe it’s a fantastic present to offer other young children.

They can engage in drawing, hone their color skills, and simply enjoy doodling for fun!

Amazon offers an excellent discount on the space pens at this location!

You can get the free printable here: You are the ‘Write’ Kind of Friend – Shuttle Pen Valentines

5. Valentine Hershey Kisses Labels

Valentine Hershey Kisses Labels are small stickers that can be attached to the bottom of Hershey Kisses chocolates, featuring romantic messages, cute designs, and festive colors, perfect for adding a touch of love to any Valentine's Day celebration.

|source: Makoodle|

Let’s be honest… There’s no candy that expresses “Happy Valentine’s Day” quite like Hershey kisses and Hershey hugs.

The stickers on the underside of these are extremely adorable as well!

You can get the free printable here: Valentine Hershey Kisses Labels

6. Color Your Heart Out – Printable Valentine Card

valentine gifts

|source: Craftaholics Anonomyous|

Coloring is Rosie’s preferred pastime. Well, that is in addition to playing outdoors, dancing, and bursting bubbles.

It’s an incredibly adorable activity for the little ones in her class! I suggest grabbing the jumbo pack of 64 crayons and distributing them among the students.

You can get the free printable here: Color Your Heart Out Printable

7. Starburst Candies Valentine Tag

Starburst Candies Valentine Tag is a fun and sweet way to personalize your Valentine's Day gifts, adding a touch of love and excitement to each treat.

|source: Starburst Candies Valentine Tag|

I think this would be a great success with her class. I mean, who doesn’t adore starbursts?

Pink starbursts are my absolute favorite… What is yours?

You can get the free printable here: Starburst Candies Valentine Tag

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8. Gem of a Friend

valentine gifts

|source: Bloom Designs|

Swapping the ring pop wrapper with a transparent one makes such a significant change!

These appear extremely adorable and vibrant. I am aware that Rosie would be completely infatuated with them.

She most likely wouldn’t have any remaining to distribute among her class.

You can get the free printable here: Gem of a Friend

9. You’re the “Balm” Valentine’s Day Card Printable

9. You are the

|source: Overstuffed Life|

The Valentine’s card appears to be custom-made for me, echoing my deep fascination for lip balm and my overwhelming obsession with EOS.

While this may be a more expensive present, it would be adorable for Rosie to give to her intimate companions.

You can get the free printable here: You’re the “Balm” Valentine’s Day Card Printable

10. You A-MAZE Me Valentine

20 valentine gifts for classmates 296314

|source: Lil Luna|

Oh, these labyrinths bring back memories from my youth.

These toys were an absolute delight, captivating me for a solid 20 minutes as I tirelessly attempted to navigate the ball through the intricate maze.

Sounds like a pleasant (peaceful) diversion for our children, right?

I couldn’t locate heart labyrinths but I believed these adorable smiley expressions were too charming to miss out on!

However, heart-shaped ones would be incredibly adorable with the Valentine’s Day theme.

You can get the free printable here: You A-MAZE Me Valentine

11. Valentine’s Day Bookmark

The Valentine's Day Bookmark is a thoughtful and romantic gift that can be personalized with messages or quotes to make it even more special. It is perfect for book lovers and is a great way to show someone you care on this special day of love.

|source: Joyful Derivatives|

These are not printable items, but a cute do-it-yourself present that you can create with your child.

Get a large number of these complimentary paint color samples and punch heart-shaped holes in them.

Add some adorable ribbon in Valentine’s Day colors to the top and voila… Bookmarks!

Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is an interesting destination for people of different ages.Output: The Oceanography Institute in Nha Trang is a fascinating place for individuals of various age groups.Input: I might combine this gift with one or two others. How can I pass up an easy gift like this?Output: I could potentially merge this present with one or two additional ones. How can I resist a straightforward gift such as this?

12. Unicorn Lollipop Valentine Printable

The Unicorn Lollipop Valentine Printable is a fun and creative way to celebrate Valentine's Day, featuring adorable unicorns and colorful lollipops that can be printed and shared with loved ones.

|source: Frugal Florida Mom|

While I was composing this blog entry, Rosie came to perch on my lap briefly before going to bed.

She immediately saw this picture and went, “OHHHHH!!! Mommy, what is THAT!?!” She was so excited about this unicorn. Specifially, the lollipop.

Therefore, it can be asserted with fairness that this particular gift has likely become her most cherished Valentine’s Day present among all those that were mentioned.

If only I had come across this earlier, as her inaugural birthday celebration was a wondrous fusion of unicorns and rainbows! I could have crafted invitations mirroring this magical theme.

P.S. Isn’t her colorful skirt from her party just the most adorable?

You can get the free printable here: Unicorn Lollipop Valentine Printable

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13. Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe Board & Bag Topper

13. Valentine's Day Noughts and Crosses Board & Bag Cover

|source: Passion for Savings|

Who doesn’t adore playing noughts and crosses? Particularly with M&M’s!

These are a bit too advanced for Rosie’s class but it’s a good one to keep in mind for future Valentine gifts.

You can get the free printable here: Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe Board & Bag Topper

14. Candy Love Bug Craft

Candy Love Bug Craft is a fun and creative activity that allows children to create adorable bugs using colorful candies, glue, and other craft materials. It's a great way to engage in hands-on play while also indulging in a sweet treat.

|source: My Home Based Life|

How adorable are these small butterflies!

You could have fun experimenting with various flavored M&M’s or even try other types of bagged candy like Skittles. Delicious!

You can get the free printable here: Candy Love Bug Craft

15. Valentines with Bubbles Printable

Celebrate Valentine's Day with these adorable Valentines with Bubbles Printable, perfect for spreading love and joy to your loved ones.

|source: Passion for Savings|

Do you recall Valentine gift #6 when I mentioned Rosie adores playing with soap bubbles?

I believe this would be her definitive present for her companions.

Additionally, all children adore bubbles. Am I correct?

You can get the free printable here: Valentines with Bubbles Printable

16. Printable Kitten Valentines

Printable Kitten Valentines are adorable cards that can be easily printed and shared with loved ones, featuring cute and lovable kittens in various heartwarming poses.

|source: Positively Splendid|

What a lovely Valentine’s card.

We own two felines and this would be extremely adorable for the children in her class!

You can get the free printable here: Printable Kitten Valentines

17. Cute Kids Valentine’s Day Treat Poppers Craft

17. Adorable Children Valentine's Day Surprise Poppers Project

|source: Happy Mothering|

Now, this is an ENJOYABLE present.

It includes toilet paper tubes, tissue paper, stickers, and most importantly, a small surprise inside!

You can get the free printable here: Cute Kids Valentine’s Day Treat Poppers Craft

18. Love You S’more Printable Valentine Printable

18. Adore You S’more Printable Valentine Printable

|source: Five Marigolds|

Oh my goodness, were you aware that Peeps produces marshmallows in the shape of hearts?!

Do I need to say anything else?

You can get the free printable here: Love You S’more Printable Valentine Printable

19. Simple Valentine’s Gift: Favorite Peeps

A simple Valentine's gift idea is to give your favorite peeps.

|source: Fun Squared|

When it comes to heart-shaped Peeps, what about Peeps on a stick?

I believe the quote on the card is simply charming.

You can get the free printable here: Simple Valentine’s Gift: Favorite Peeps

20. DIY Cereal Valentines

DIY Cereal Valentines are a fun and creative way to show your love and appreciation to friends and family. These homemade valentines are made with cereal, adding a playful and delicious twist to the traditional holiday cards. With endless possibilities for customization, you can create unique and personalized valentines that are sure to make everyone smile.

|source: Giggles Galore|

Did you all ever receive the small cereal boxes in the mail?

I always believed that was so unpredictable but I adored it.

Moreover, I believe the spoon with the engraved name adds a perfect (and personal) element to the present.

You can get the free printable here: DIY Cereal Valentines

After careful consideration, I believe I have made up my mind to go with the delightful Hershey Kisses (#5) and perhaps indulge in the charming bookmarks (#11). However, the plethora of adorable options has made it quite challenging to settle on just one.

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